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"Jhi;" Qii. 4. who did (as you hive heard) m every' instance, What you are «xhorted 10 <!o; »nd by so doing, "left us an example, that we "sliould follow his steps1" Let us look up tt drim9 not only as the J«thor and Fihi/ber ts our saith, but as the persect rale and measure of our obedience; remembring and applying those sew, but emphatical words, with which he concludes the parable of the good Samaritan, from whence my text is taken; Go thou and do Mteivijie. Which God of his insinite aiercy grain, <Jrt^

A Sift.



Preached before the

Sons of the Clergy


Their Anivcrlary-Mecting,
Church of St. PAUL.
Dectmitr6, 1709.

To the Worshipful

Mr. John Tenison, Mr. John Markham,

Mr. John Scott, Mr. Benajah Barret,

Mr. Thomas Fulkes, Mr. John Bosville,

Dr. Humphry Colmer, Mr. George Plaxton,

Pr. John Freind, Mr. Joseph Sherwood,

Mr. Anthony Webster, Mr. Augustin Martin.





Sons of the Clergy.


YOU desired me to preach, and print thi* sermon: I complied with you in both these requests; though I had just obiections to both of them. Permit me now, in my turn, to ask one thing of you; against which, I think, there lies ■o objection: That, as you have, with some trouble and expence, supported our anniversaryiBeeting; so you would continue always to countenance it by your presence, and heartily to favour

the the honest and pious design of it. There are, I believe, two hundred persons now living, who have gone before you in the stewardship. If all these be as earnest and sollicitous to promote this charity, when out of that office, as they were, when in it, we need not doubt but that it will spread and enlarge itself every year, more and more; as, God be thanked, it hath lately done, notwithstanding the great discouragements under which it labours, by reason of the public taxesi and its many new rivals in the fame labour of love, but chiefly, by reason of the growing wickedness of those, who, being enemies to the clergy, and to the religion of Christ, must needs be enemies to this particular charity.

In composing this discourse, I purposely declined all offensive and displeasing truths, as unseasonable at a time peculiarly dedicated to the exercise of charity ; not as in themselves misbecoming the preachers of the gospel: For I have learnt from one, who well knew and practised every art of spiritual prudence, so as to become all things se all men, in order to save some; that there are also times, when we must " be instant in preaching the word," though " out of season;" and when they, who " please men are no longer the servants of ChristTimes, when that holy n^p,,TM*, fu much spoken of in scripture, is necessary; even that undaunted sirmness of mind and freedom of speech, by which the doctrine of the gospel was disseminated at sirst, and must still be maintained. When such opportunities offer themselves, God, I hope, will enable all those, who wait at his ali '.. tarj tar, to discharge a good conscience, with equal wisdom and courage.

I have addefl, here and there, in the marg'mi bf die following sheets, some passages from St. Chirystflime, 'because they are not only very apposite, but expressed also with great lise and beauty: Smd I had hopes, by the means of them, to excite those of my brethren, who are newly entered into ihe ministry, carefully to peruse that excellent treatise, from which there are taken; a treatise, Which next to the facred pages themselves, and the offices of ordination prescribed by our church, is, I am persuaded, of the greatest use to give us true impressions of the dignity and duties of the priesthood, and to warn us into resolutions of acting in every case, as becomes our facred character. I cannot but express my fatisfaction, that a learned hand * hath lately taken this useful piece out of St. Chryfjtom's works, and pubHshed it in a separate volume. -

Excuse me, gentlemen, for mixing things of this nature in an address to you; which was designed .Only to acquaint the world, who are answerable for the publication of this sermon; and to assure you, after the most proper manner, that I am

Your very affectionate

And most humble servant, Dec. *2> i7*9' Fr. Atterbury.

* Mr. Hughes os Jrfut Collt£e, Cambridge.


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