Health Benefits of Fennel For Cooking and Healing

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JD-Biz Corp Publishing, May 15, 2013 - Cooking - 42 pages

Health Benefits of Fennel For Cooking and Healing

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Chapter # 1: Intro
Chapter # 2: How is fennel commonly used?
Chapter # 3: Types of fennel
Chapter # 4: General tips about fennel
Chapter # 5: Let no part go to waste!
Chapter # 6: Fun ways to cook fennel
Benefits of fennel to the brain
Chapter # 1: Protects against brain degeneration
Benefits of fennel to the body
Chapter # 1: Fights cancer
Chapter # 2: Boosts eyesight
Chapter # 3: Helps in digestion
Chapter # 4: Alleviates menstrual pain
Chapter # 5: Fights inflammation
Chapter # 6: Good for the skin
Chapter # 7: Eases respiratory problems
Chapter # 8: Counters anemia
Chapter # 9: Acts as a diuretic
Chapter # 10: Improves lactation

Spices are consumed throughout the world by culturally diverse populaces and in cuisines both Easter and Western. Aside from lending unique and delicious flavor to our food, these spices have some incredibly powerful health benefits that make their consumption ideal for boosting our health too. This ability of spices to make our food both tasty and healthy is the reason why they are found in all kinds of cuisine.
There are dozens of spices that work wonders for one’s health; this book discusses in detail a truly beneficial little spice called fennel. This crispy and sweet tasting herb is used to enhance Mediterranean cooking and is frequently linked to Italian cuisine. It comes highly recommended as a part of your stock of fresh vegetables for the days between autumn and spring.
The great thing is that the usefulness of this herb does not lie in its use as a spice alone, it has amazing health benefits that have been compounded by scientific research which has shown that this unordinary herb has extraordinary medical applications that range from mental to bodily. In fact, what is being proven by research today was already known in South Eastern cultures where it has been used as a digestive for centuries.
This book aims to completely school you in the many health benefits of this herb and in ways to use it effectively to make it a part of your diet. Upon reaching the end, you will find that this apparently trivial herb can be extremely good for your health and doesn't disrupt you routine at all.


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Boosts eyesight
Helps in digestion
Alleviates menstrual pain
Fights inflammation
Good for the skin
Eases respiratory problems
Counters anemia
Acts as a diuretic
Improves lactation
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