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6383 MARTIN (Benj. N.). Choice Specimens of American Literature. 8vo.,
New York (1871)
6384 MARTIN (John). Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books.
8vo., with frontispiece and vignettes; cloth


O 2


O 12


another copy, in 2 vols., 8vo., interleaved, with autograph letter of
the author, and the bookplates of J. W. K. Eyton and Geo. Allan; maroon
morocco, leather joints, gilt edges, with Eyton's arms on back
the same. Second Edition. 8vo., cloth


1 5

0 15


6387 [MASKELL (W.)]. Selected Centuries of Books from the Library of a
Priest in the Diocese of Salisbury. Sm. 8vo., autograph letter of the
author inserted; half morocco, gilt top, uncut; scarce
Only a few copies were printed for presents.

6388 MASON (T.). Public and Private Libraries of Glasgow. Svo., 448 pp.;
cloth Glasgow, printed for subscribers and for private circulation, 1885
6389 MCDEVITT. Tributes to the Memory of Charles McDevitt, who was for
nearly sixty years a Member of the New York Typographical Society.
Roy. 4to., with portrait; half calf
New York, 1877
6390 MEDLICOTT. Catalogue of a Collection formed by William G. Medlicott,
of Longmeadow, Mass. Roy. 8vo., sd.
Boston, 1878

Selected with reference to studying or illustrating Anglo-Saxon language and literature; English ballads; early English and French literature; English Bibles, catechisms, and liturgies; bibliography, palæography, Shakesperiana, etc.

6391 MENDHAM (Rev. Joseph). The Literary Policy of the Church of Rome exhibited, in an Account of her Damnatory Catalogues or Indexes both prohibitory and expurgatory. Second Edition, much enlarged. 8vo., half calf

1830 6392 MIDLETON. A Catalogue of the Library of the Lord Viscount Midleton. 2 vols., sm. folio, MS. of about 300 neatly written pages, arranged alphabetically and in classes; old calf 1761 6393 MILLER. Specimen of a proposed Catalogue of a portion of the Library at Britwell House, Buckinghamshire; collected by the late William Henry Miller. 4to., 24 pp., with a portrait of Sir D. Murray from a private plate, and an autograph inscription of D. Laing; sd.

Edinburgh, 1852

Only 30 copies printed for private circulation. D. Laing's copy sold for £5. 10s. 6394 MOXON'S MECHANICK EXERCISES or the Doctrine of Handy-Works applied to the Arts of Printing. With Preface and Notes by THEO. L. DE VINNE. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., with numerous plates in facsimile; half 1896


A literal reprint by the Typothetæ of the City of New York of the very scarce first edition. Only 450 copies were produced, all on handmade Holland paper. 6395 NEW SOUTH WALES. Current Supplement to the Catalogue of the Public Library of New South Wales, Sydney, for 1896-97. 4to., sd.

Sydney, 1898

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2 12 6


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6396 NICHOLS (John). The Rise and Progress of the Gentleman's Magazine. Svo., with portrait of Edward Cave; bds.

It is a thousand pities the old, venerable and useful Gentleman's Magazine has been turned into a cheap popular shilling Journal. 6397 NICHOLS (John Gough). Historical Notices of the Worshipful Company of Stationers of London. 4to., with 4 plates; cloth 1881 6398 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.). A LIST of EDITIONS of the HOLY SCRIPTURES, and parts thereof, printed in AMERICA, previous to 1860: with Introduction and Bibliographical Notes. Impl. 8vo., LARGE PAPER; half morocco, uncut Albany, 1861

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Impl. 8vo., presentation copy to Archdeacon Cotton by James Lenox, Esq.; with an interesting bibliographical letter from the author to Mr. Lenox; half morocco, uncut

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6400 OLD PLAYS. Catalogue of a small but highly interesting Collection of the
rarest Old Plays in the English Drama. 8vo., with prices and pur-
chasers' names; half calf
Sotheby's, 1826
Among them are to be found almost all the quarto editions of Shakespeare.
6401 [OLDYS (J.)]. The British Librarian: exhibiting a compendious.
Review or Abstract of our most Scarce, Useful and Valuable Books
8vo., very clean UNCUT copy, often called in this state "Large
Very rare in the uncut state.

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The work contains many very valuable details respecting early printed ENGLISH works.


6402 OSBORNE. A Catalogue of a farther Part of the Stock of T. Osborne,
bookseller, in Gray's Inn. Vol. IIId, for the year 1766. 8vo., over
500 pp.; bds.
In this catalogue more than 20,000 books were offered for sale.
6403 OTTLEY (William Young). An Inquiry concerning the Invention of
PRINTING including also Notices of the Early Use of Wood Engraving
in Europe, the Block-Books, etc. With an Introduction by J. Ph.
Berjeau. 4to., with 37 plates and numerous wood engravings; half

morocco, uncut



1 1 0


0 5

0 2

6404 PALMER (S.). A General History of Printing; from the first Invention
of it in the City of Mentz. 4to., old calf
the same. Vol. I, nos. 1-2, 4to., sd.


1440 to 1462.

Comprises Book I: Of its Origin, Improvement and Progress by John Faust from 6406 PATENTS for Inventions. Abridgments of Specifications relating to Printing. Sm. 8vo., 631 pages; bds. 1859 6407 PÈNE DU BOIS (Henri). Four Private Libraries of New York; a Contribution to the History of Bibliophilism in America. First Series. Preface by Octave UZANNE. 8vo., printed on Holland paper, with 13 plates, chiefly facsimiles of fine bindings, in colours or gold and colours; fancy cloth New York, 1892 6408 PERKINS. A Catalogue of the Library of Henry Perkins [sold at Hanworth Park, June 3rd-6th, 1873]. Impl. Svo., numerous facsimiles; with prices; half morocco gilt, uncut 6409 PINELLI. A Catalogue of the magnificent and celebrated Library of Maffei Pinelli, comprehending an unparalleled Collection of the Greek, Roman, and Italian Authors from the origin of printing. 8vo., 60 days' sale, with prices in MS.; hf. bd., binding broken

One of the best small libraries of modern times.


1789 6410 POWER (John). A Handy-Book about Books, for Book-Lovers, BookBuyers, and Book-Sellers. 8vo., with 8 plates of facsimiles; fancy boards


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1870 0 5 0

6411 PRICE. Catalogue of the valuable Library of the late Sir Charles Rugge,
Bart. Catalogue of the select Library of Joseph Marryat, Esq.-
Catalogue of the Collection of Works of Art, formed by Joseph
Marryat.-3 vols. in 1, 8vo., half calf Sotheby's and Christie's, 1866-67
With this volume are bound, 5 pages of closely printed matter of the Price
6412 PRINTING TIMES AND LITHOGRAPHER, an Illustrated Journal of
Typography, Lithography, Paper-making, and the Auxiliary Trades.
New Series, vols. I to XII, containing Bigmore and Wyman's Biblio-
graphy of Printing. 12 vols., 4to., cloth

6413 6414


the same. Vols. I-XI, 4to., cloth
another copy, from Jan. 1875 to Nov. 1884 (excepting the Sept.
number of 1884), being NEW SERIES, vols. I-IX and 9 nos. of vol. X
-4to., with woodcuts; nine vols. in half calf very neat, the nos. sd.



These volumes comprise Bigmore and Wyman's "Bibliography of Printing,"
Waldow, now entirely out of print.

06 0

4 0 0 3 0


6415 PRYMER (The) or Prayer Book of the Lay People in the Middle Ages in
English dating about 1400 A.D. Edited from the Manuscript in St.
John's College, Cambridge, by Henry Littlehales. Part I. Text.
Roy. 8vo., with frontispiece; cloth


6416 QUANTIN (A.). Les Origines de l'Imprimerie et son Introduction en
Angleterre. 4to., half morocco
Paris, 1877

6417 QUARITCH (Bernard). A General Catalogue of Books, arranged in
classes. 8vo., 1130 pp.; half morocco




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1868 0 5 0


7 vols., impl. 8vo., half red morocco, by Zaehnsdorf
SUPPLEMENTS, I—X, impl. 8vo., with coloured facsimiles of Bookbindings;
half morocco

together, 17 vols., impl. 8vo., LARGE PAPER, SCARCE


1887-97 12 12 O

Only 120 copies were printed on Large Paper; the work is now out of print and


A COLLECTION of FACSIMILES from EXAMPLES of HISTORIC or ARTISTIC BOOKBINDING, illustrating the History of Binding as a Branch of the Decorative Arts. Impl. Svo., with 103 superb plates in GOLD and COLOURS by Griggs; half green morocco, gilt top, uncut 1889

EXAMPLES of the ART of BOOK-ILLUMINATION during the MIDDLE AGES. Reproduced in Facsimile. Impl. 8vo., with 113 superb plates in GOLD and COLOURS by Griggs; half green morocco, gilt top, uncut 1889 6421 REED and Fox (late Robert Besley and Co.). A General Specimen of Printing Types. 4to., cloth (1873) 6422 RHODES. Bibliotheca Dramatica. A Catalogue of the entire Dramatic Library of William Barnes Rhodes. 8vo., 10 days' sale, with prices and purchasers' names; half calf


4 4 0

07 6

Sotheby, 1825



0 10 0


0 15 0

6423 RIANO (Juan F.). Critical and Bibliographical Notes on Early Spanish
Music. 8vo., with 62 plates of facsimiles etc.; hf. bd.

the same. Roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER; Roxburghe binding
6425 ROGERS. A Description of the magnificent private Library belonging
to Chas. H. Rogers-A Description of the magnificent Collection of
Extra-Illustrated Books all sumptuously bound belonging to the
Library of Chas. H. Rogers-2 parts, 8vo., 2 days' sale; sd.

Philadelphia, 1898

6426 ROXBURGHE. A Catalogue of the Library of John, Duke of Rox-
burghe. 8vo., with portrait inserted, and with prices and names in MS.;
calf, binding broken, or half calf, uncut
Robert Evans, 1812
the same. 8vo., LARGE PAPER, with the prices; russia, gilt edges,
binding broken


Forty-five days' sale produced £23,585. 3s 6d.

6428 RUSSELL. Catalogue of the Library of the Rev. John Fuller Russell.
2 parts, 8vo., with prices and names; sd.
Sotheby's, 1885-86
Including fine MSS. and early printed books by Caxton, Gutenberg, etc.
6429 SALE CATALOGUES. 12 in 1 vol., 8vo., hf. bd.; with the bookplate of Charles
Viscount Bruce of Ampthill
Including those of Sir Cyrill Wich, Sir John and Sir Theodore Calladon, Thomas
Goodwin, Tho. Parkhurst, Sir Thomas Brown, Mr. Streeter, Sir John Chardin, Mr. de
la Motte.

6430 SALE CATALOGUES. Catalogue of the Bibliographical and other Col-
lections of eminent Literary Men, forming a Series of Catalogues of
Literary Property, from the commencement of the last century to the
present time; collected with the greatest difficulty. Small 4to., LARGE
PAPER, interleaved, with prices and purchasers' names in neat MS.; full
morocco, gilt edges
Sotheby, 1831


0 15 0

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0 10 0


1 12 0

6431 SAVAGE (William). Practical Hints on Decorative Printing, with Illustrations engraved on Wood and printed in colours at the Type Press. Folio, with numerous plain and coloured plates; half


morocco, g. t. uncut


A Dictionary of the Art of Printing. 8vo., viii and 815 pp., with numerous woodcuts; calf gilt 1841 6433 SENEFELDER (Alois) Inventor of Lithography. A COMPLETE COUrse of LITHOGRAPHY. To which is prefixed a History of Lithography from its origin to the present time. 4to., with portrait and specimens of the art; half calf

1819 6434 SEWALL. Catalogue of the large and valuable Library of Henry F. Sewall. 3 parts, 8vo., 13 days' sale; sd. Bangs, New York, 1896-97 6435 SIMONIDES (Constantine). A large Collection of Letters, Publications, Secret Papers, etc. written by the notorious Forger; with many AUTOGRAPH LETTERS from Joseph Mayer (of Liverpool), John Eliot Hodgkin, J. Sams, etc. In a roy. 4to. portfolio, half calf; AN INTER


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1849-64 12 12 0

The publications include: The Panegyric of Constantine the Great, 1853; A brief
Dissertation on Hieroglyphic Letters, 1860; The Periplus of Hannon, with facsimiles,

1864; etc.

6436 SINGER (Samuel Weller). RESEARCHES into the History of PLAYING
CARDS; with illustrations of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on
Wood. 4to., with numerous woodcut reproductions and plates (some
coloured); a fine copy in the original bds., uncut; SCARCE
Only 250 copies were printed.


6437 SION COLLEGE. Catalogus Universalis Librorvm omnium in Bibliotheca Collegii Sionii, apud Londinenses per J. S. . . . disposita

Sm. 4to., bd.


6438 SMITH (Adam). A Catalogue of the Library of Adam Smith author of 'The Wealth of Nations.' Edited with an Introduction by James Bonar. 8vo., with 2 facsimiles; buckram 1894 6439 SMITH. Catalogue of the extensive and very valuable Library formed by George Smith. Roy. 8vo., with prices and purchasers' names in MS.; Roxburghe binding Sotheby's, 1867 6440 SOTHEBY. A List of the Original Catalogues of the principal Libraries, sold by Baker, Leigh and Sotheby from 1744 (the date of the foundation of the firm) to 1818. 8vo., bds.


This fine collection realised £9817. 12s 6d.

the same, continued to the year 1828. 8vo., bds.
See ante LEIGH





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6442 SOUTHWARD (John). Practical Printing. A Handbook of the Art of Typography. Cr. 8vo., with numerous woodcuts and tables; cloth 1882 0 4 6 6443 STANLEY. Bibliotheca Stanleiana. A Selection of Rare and Fine Books from the Library of Colonel Stanley. 8vo., with prices and purchasers' names in MS.; hf. bd. R. H. Evans, 1813 0 2 6


Eight days' sale realised £7733. 15s.
the same. Catalogue of the Library of Stanesby Alchorne-
Catalogue of the Library of John Horne Tooke-3 in 1 vol., roy. 8vo.,
LARGE PAPER, with prices and purchasers' names in MS.; calf, binding

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6445 [STIRLING-MAXWELL (Sir W.)]. An ESSAY towards a COLLECTION of Books relating to PROVERBS, EMBLEMS, APOPHTHEGMS, EPITAPHS and ANA, being a Catalogue of those at Keir. Svo., Roxburghe binding; privately printed, 1860 the same-An ESSAY towards a COLLECTION of Books relating to the ARTS of DESIGN, being a Catalogue of those at Keir-together 2 vols., 8vo., half morocco, gilt tops, uncut



Only 75 and 25 copies were privately printed, respectively.


1860 6 6 0

6449 STONE. [Catalogue of] the valuable Historical Library and Collection of
Engravings of Frederick D. Stone. Roy. Svo., with portrait and
numerous facsimiles; sd.
Philadelphia, 1897
Particularly rich in Pennsylvania history, biography and genealogy.
6450 STONYHURST COLLEGE. A Catalogue of Books printed either in Gothic
Letter or before the year 1551, forming part of the Library of Stony-
hurst College; compiled and arranged by C. Boardman. 8vo., cloth

[blocks in formation]

1882 0 2 6

6451 STOWER (C.). The Printer's Grammar; or, Introduction to the Art of Printing. Svo., with plates and woodcuts; calf 1808

6452 SUSSEX LIBRARY. BIBLIOTHECA SUSSEXIANA. A Descriptive Catalogue with Historical and Biographical Notices, of the Manuscripts and Printed Books contained in the Library of the Duke of Sussex in Kensington Palace. By THOMAS JOSEPH PETTIGREW. 3 vols., impl. 8vo., with portrait and 25 plates of facsimiles; bds. ( pub. at £5. 58)



the same. 3 vols., impl. 8vo., half purple morocco gilt, gilt tops, uncut, from the Benzon library


Coloured facsimiles of some of the finest MSS. form the illustrations to Westwood's
Palæographia Sacra Pictoria.

This catalogue is valuable for the extensive collection of Bibles, very accurately
catalogued the collection was, however, especially rich in Biblical MSS. as it contained
many of the finest examples extant in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Italian.


6454 SYKES. Sale Catalogues of the Collections of Prints, Books, Coins and
Medals, Pictures, Sculptures and Bronzes, formed by Sir Mark
Masterman Sykes, Bart. Uniformly bound in 2 vols., 4to., with the
prices fetched by, and the purchasers' names to, every item; green
morocco extra, joints, gilt edges, lettered "Literary Collections"
Sotheby, Evans, and Christie, 1824
The enormous collection of prints was sold in five portions and realised nearly
£18,000, a very large sum for those days. Prefixed are portraits and an autograph
note of Sir Mark Sykes, and a pencil drawing of his country seat, "S. L. S. fecit


Catalogue of the Library of Sir Mark Masterman Sykes. 3 parts
in 1 vol., impl. 8vo., complete, LARGE PAPER; half russia_(repaired),
Evans, 1824
6456 SYSTON PARK. Catalogue of an important Portion of the Library of Sir

John Hayford Thorold. Impl. 8vo., LARGE PAPER, eight days' sale;
with prices and purchasers' names in MS.; sd.
Sotheby's, 1884


1 0 0

1 16 0



0 12 6

Early printed books, Aldines, Elzevirs, the Mazarin Bible, the famous Psalter of 1459; Bibles, Liturgies, etc.

the same. Impl. 8vo., without prices and names; sd.
Only 25 copies printed on large paper.


05 0

6458 TEGGART (Frederick J.). Catalogue of the Hopkins Railway Library.
4to., sd.
Paolo Alto, California, 1895
A catalogue of literature relating to the railways of the world, which comprises
9245 books and pamphlets.
6459 THIMM (Carl A.). A Complete Bibliography of Fencing and Duelling
as practised by all European Nations from the Middle Ages to the
Present Day. Sm. 4to., xvi and 538 pp., with numerous portraits of
ancient and modern masters of the art, facsimiles of title-pages, etc.;


6460 TITE. Catalogue of the Collection of Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, and Engravings, of Sir William Tite. Roy. 8vo., 16 days' sale; hf. bd., uncut Sotheby's, 1874 6461 TOWNSHEND. A Catalogue of the magnificent Library of George, Marquis of Townshend. 16 days' sale, 1812-A Catalogue of the Library of Ralph Willett. 17 days' sale, 1813-and others-in 1 vol., 8vo., with prices in MS. calf


0 18 0

0 10 0

1812-18 0 3 6

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