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296 BECK (Cave). The Universal Character, by which all the Nations in the
World may understand one anothers Conceptions, reading out of one
Common Writing their own Mother Tongues Which Character

is so contrived that it may be spoken as well as written . . . 12mo.,
with engraved front., calf
A curious work. It is one of the earliest books to advocate the use of a universal
language. The frontispiece contains four figures which represent the four quarters of
the world; the figure representing a European is supposed to be a portrait of the

297 FERGUSON (R.). The River-Names of Europe. Post 8vo., cloth 1862
The Teutonic Name System applied to the Family Names of
France, England and Germany. 8vo., pp. xv and 606; autograph
letter of the author inserted; cloth


Surnames as a Science. Post 8vo., cloth



300 FINLAYSON (J.). Surnames and Sirenames. The Origin and History of certain Family and Historical Names. 8vo., sd.

n. d. With remarks on the ancient right of the Crown to sanction and veto the assumption of names and an historical account of the names Buggey and Bugg. 301 INMAN (Thomas). On the Origin of certain Christian and other names : Deductions as to the Spread of Nations.. by a Comparison of Names. Impl. 8vo., sd. full of Phallus and fallacy

Liverpool, privately printed, 1866 302 KING (W. F. H.). Classical and Foreign Quotations, Law Terms and Maxims, Proverbs, Mottoes, Phrases and Expressions in French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Portuguese. Cr. 8vo., cloth 1887 303 ROWLEY (Alexander). . The Schollers Companion, or a little Library, containing all the interpretations of the Hebrew and Greek Bible, by all Authors, first into the Latine. And now (with the English of every Latine word added thereunto) brought into a pocket Book. 12mo., bds. 1648 304 SALVERTE (Eusebius)." History of the Names of Men, Nations, and Places in their connection with the Progress of Civilization. 2 vols., Svo., cloth (pub. 248) 1864 305 [YONGE (C. M.)]. History of Christian Names. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., pp. xviii and 446, xiii and 504; (pub. 21s), cloth 1863 306


the same. New Edition, revised. Cr. 8vo., pp. exliii and 476;


d. Home Languages

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307 MARCH (F. A.). A Comparative Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language.
8vo., cloth
New York, 1871
308 ANGLIA. Zeitschrift für Englische Philologie; enthaltend Beiträge zur
Geschichte der Englischen Sprache und Literatur; herausgegeben
von R. P. Wülcker und E. Einenkel. Bände I-XVI, 1878-94—
Mitteilungen aus dem gesammte Gebiete der Englischen Sprache und
Litteratur (Beiblatt zur "Anglia "); herausgegeben von E. Flügel.
Bände I-IV, 1891-94;-together 20 vols. 8vo. uniformly and neatly
bound in half brown morocco gilt, gilt edges, A VERY FINE SET



Halle, 1878-94 15 0 0 309 A. (S. W.). Most easie instructions for reading, specially penned for the good of those who are come to yeares: by S. W. A. Oblong 8vo., in a parchment wrapper; VERY RARE n.d. [about 1610] A very curious A B C book of which perhaps only a couple of copies are now extant. It consists of two leaves, chiefly in black letter, the pages being numbered 1-4. It is without regular title, place, and printer's name; and there are no signatures, the only catchword being at the foot of page 2.

"A curious relic not belonging to any larger work with which I am acquainted ; nor is the authorship assignable to any known writer of the time.”—Hazlitt.



Roxburghe Club Publications-continued.

1549 LIBER REGALIS; seu, Ordo con-
secrandi Regem solum, Ordo con-
secrandi Reginam cum Rege, Ordo
consecrandi Reginam solam, Rubrica
de Regis Exequiis. . e Codice West-
monasteriensi editus, £1. 48 1870
1550 MYSTÈRE (le) de Saint Louis, Roi
de France, publié pour la première
fois par Francisque-Michel, pp. 413,
with 4 pp. of facsimiles of the orig-
inal, £2. 4s

1551 PARTONOPE OF BLOIS, a fragment
of, from a MS. at Vale Royal in the
possession of Lord Delamere, with
facsimile, 58

most noble Knyght PLASIDAS, and
other rare pieces collected by Samuel
Pepys, chromo-lithographic front.and
numerous coloured facsimiles of the
original woodcuts, £2. 108


1553 KERR (Sir Robert) CORRESPOND-
ENCE of Sir Robert Kerr, first Earl of
Ancram, and his son William, third
Earl of Lothian (1616-67), 2 vols.
11 fine portraits, also plates and
numerous facsimiles of signatures,
£8.88 Marquess of Lothian, 1875
1554 HISTORY OF GRISILD the Second, a

narrative in verse of the Divorce of
Queen Katherine of Arragon, written
by William Forrest, edited from the
Author's MS. by the Rev. W. D.
Macray, 30s J. B. Heath, 1875
1555 BARNFIELD (Richard) Complete
Poems, with introduction and notes
by A. B. Grosart, front. and fac-
similes of the original MS. and of the
titles of original editions, £2. 1876
1556 APOCALYPSE of S. John the
Divine, edited from a MS. in the
Bodleian Library (by the Rev. H. O).
Coxe), 4to. xxviii pp. of Preface,
and 46 pages of coloured Facsimile,

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1559 HARINGTON (Sir John) Tract on the
Succession to the Crown (1602),
printed for the first time, with notes,
etc., by Clements R. Markham, with
portrait, 30s

1560 LAMPORT GARLAND (A) from the

Library of Sir C, E. Isham, com-
prising four unique works hitherto
unknown, plates of arms, £4. 10s 1881

Containing: Emaricdulfe, by E. C. 1595;
Celestial Elegies, by Thomas Rogers, 1598;
Vertues Due, by T. P. Gentleman, 1603;
Commemoration on Sir Christopher Hatton,
by John Phillips, 1591.

1561 EDWARDS (Thomas) Cephalus and Procris (and) Narcissus, from the unique copy (with preface and notes), by the Rev. W. E. Buckley, £2.10s 1882 1562 HALL. The Kings Prophecie: or Weeping Ioy... By Ios. Hall, with frontispiece representing the old Rectory at Halstead, Suffolk, 18s 1882


A poem on the accession of James I. The author, who was afterwards Bishop of Norwich, built the above-mentioned Rectory. 1563 QUATUOR Sermones, reprinted from the first edition, printed by William Caxton at Westminster, with a facsimile of a page of the original, 21s


1464 LIFE and Martyrdom of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, now first printed from a MS. of the Early part of the fifteenth century in the possession of Henry Hucks Gibbs, with preface, glossary, etc. £2. 108

Alban George Henry Gibbs, 1884 1565 BEAUMONT PAPERS. Letters relating to the Family of Beaumont of Whitby, Yorkshire, 15th to 17th cent., edited by Rev. W. D. Macray, 12s 6d 1884 1566 PETRARCH. The Triumphs of Petrarch, translated by Henry Parker Lord Morley, 1554, 308

Sir Stafford Henry, Earl of
Iddesleigh, 1887

1567 STUART PAPERS relating chiefly to
Queen Mary of Modena and the
exiled Court of King James II:
printed under the superintendence of
Falconer Madan. 2 vols. with fac-
similes, £2. 16s
1568 MANDEVILLE. The Buke of John
Maundeuill, being the Travels of
Sir John Mandeville, 1322-1356; a
hitherto unpublished English version
from the unique copy (Egerton MS.
1982) in the British Museum; edited
together with the French text, notes
and introduction, by George F.
Warner. Folio, with 28 miniatures
reproduced in facsimile, £24. 1889
1569 AILESBURY. Memoirs of Thomas
Earl of Ailesbury, written by
himself. 2 vols. with front. giving
a coloured view of Houghton House,
Beds. £3. Ernest, Third Marquis
of Ailesbury, 1890
1570 CLERK. Memoirs of the Life of
Sir John Clerk of Penecuik, Baron
of the Exchequer, extracted by him-
self from his own journals, 1676-
1755. Edited, with an introduction
and notes by John M. Gray. To
which is appended: Memoirs of the
Secret Services of John Macky, Esq.,
in the reigns of William, Anne,
George I, London, 1733. In 1 vol.
410. xxxi, 278, and 168 pages, with 7
portraits of members of the Clerk
family; and views of old Penecuik
House and Mavisbank House; hf.
morocco, £5. 58


310 BAILEY (Noah). An Universal Etymological English Dictionary.
8vo. including numerous PROVERBS, with explanations; hf. calf
COBBET (W.) English Grammar-see in ENGLISH ALPHABET, post
311 COCKERAM (Henry) The English Dictionarie: or, an Interpreter of hard
English Words, the second edition, revised and enlarged by H. C.
12mo. a very fine copy, olive morocco extra


312 COWELL (John). The Interpreter: or Booke containing the Signification of such Words and Termes, as are mentioned in the Law Writers, or Statutes.. Sm. 4to., old calf 1637

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313 HORN-BOOK, black letter, the horn covering secured to a piece of oak,

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18th Cent. 15 0 0

Described and illustrated in Tuer's "History of the Horn-Book," p. 119, vol. II.

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