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A general Collection of Voyages, an-
dertaken either for Discovery, Con-
queft, Settlement, or the opening of
Trade, from the Commencement of
the Portuguese Difcoveries to the
prefent Time, Vol. I 4to.

On the Confideration due to the Clergy,

from their Importance in Society;

a Sermon preached at the annive-

fary Meeting of the Sons of the
Clergy, of Pembrokeshire, by Charles
Symmons, B. D.

Conway Cafle. a Poem; to which

are added, Verfes to the Memory

of the late Earl of Chatham; and

the Moon, a Simik for the fashion-

able World, by James White,Efq. 73

The authentic Correfpondence between

the Duke of Richmond and Lord

Rawdon; with an Appendix, con-

taining authentic Papers refpecting

the Affair between the Duke of

York and Lieut. Col. Lenox, 76

The Critic Philofopher; or, Truth

difcovered, by A. G. Sinclair M. D.


Du Comedic a la Patrie, Expatrié en

Angleterre demandant la Liberté de la

Preffe par la Neceffité des Loix pour la

Liberté du Peuple François, 485

DARNLEY Vale; or, Emilia Fitzroy,


a Novel, by Mrs. Bonhote, Author

of the Parental Monitor, &c. 3 Vols.


New Defcription of Blenheim, the

Seat of his Grace the Duke of

Marlborough; to which is perfixed,

Blenheim a Poem, a new and much

improved Edition,


Wijdom's Dictates; or, a Collection of

Maxims and Obfervations concern-

ing divine and fpiritual Truths, ex-

tracted from the Works of various

fpiritual Writers, and particularly

from thofe of Emanuel Sweden-

burg, 8vo.


A complete Dictionary of the English

Language, both with regard to

Sound and Meaning, to which is

perfixed, a profodical Grammar, by

T. Sheridan, A. M. fecond Edition,


Difcours d'un Membre de l'Aemblie

Nationale a jes Co-d-putés, 1789, 486

Two Difcourfes, addreffed to the Guar-

dians and Children of the Afyluir,

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on the Prefervation of the
Health of Perfons employed in Agri-
culture, and on the Cure of Difeafes
incident to that way of Life, by W.
Falconer, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo, 407

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Hampshire, extracted from Domesday-
Book; to which is added a Gloffary,
explanatory of the obscure and obfo-
lete Words, by R. Warner, Jun. 440
The Harp, a Legendary Tale, in two
Harriot and Sophia; or, the Teft of
Love, including feveral entertain-
ing and affecting Narratives, never
before made public, written by a
Lady of Distinction, 2 Vols. 12mo.


Hartley-houfe, Calcutta, 3 Vols. 164

Heerfort and Clara, from the German,

3 Vols. 12mo.


The Countess of Hennebon, an hiftorical
Novel, in 3 Vols. by the Author of
the Priory of St. Bernard, 12mo. 408

The Hermit of Snowden; or Memoirs

of Albert and Lavinia, taken from a

faithful Copy of the original Manu-

fcript, which was found in the Her-

mitage, by the late Rev. Dr. L. and

Mr., in the Year 17**, 163

Obfervations on the Herring Fisheries

upon the North and East Coasts of

Scotland, &c. by Lewis Mac Culloch.


Hints, &c. fubmitted to the serious

Attention of the Clergy, Nobility,

and Gentry, newly affociated, by

a Layman, fecond Edition, 192

Hiftoire du Governement François, depuis

l'Affemblée des Notables tenue le 22

Fevrier, 1787, jufqu'a la Fin de De-

cembre de la même Année 8vo. Londres,



Hiftoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences,
Année 1785, avec les Memoires de
Phyfique et Mathmatique de la même
Année, 4to. Paris, 1788,

The Hiftory of Sandford and Merton,

a Work intended for the Ufe of

Children, Vol. III. 12mo. 328

The interefling and affecting History of
Prince Lee Boo, a Native of the
Pelew Iflands, brought to England
by Capt. Wilfon; to which is per-
fixed, a fhort Account of thofe
Inlands, with a Sketch of the Man-
ners, and Cuftoms of the Inhabi-

Hiftory of the late Revolution in the

Dutch Republic,


The Modern Hufband, a Novel, in a

Series of Letters, by the Author of

Lucinda Ofborn, 2 Vols. 12mo. 408

Efay on the Rupture, called Hydrocele,
by Benjamin Humpage, Surgcon, 63

A Letter to the Rt. Rev. Samuel,
Lord Bishop of St. David's, occafion-
ed by his Sermon on the Principle
of Vitality in Man, &c.
to the Rev. Elhanan Win-
chefter; in which his Theological
Tenets and Opinions are fairly and
candidly examined and confuted, as
inconclufive and fophiftical, by Dr.
to Dr. Priestley; or a Volly
of Random Shot, difcharged at him,
from the oid Fortrefs, called the
Church of England, by a Volunteer,
Letters of a Friend to the Rockingham
Party, and of an Englishman,


of the late Thomas Rundle,

LL. D. Lord Bishop of Derry in Ire-

land, to Mrs. Barbara Şandys of

Miferden, Gloucestershire; with in-

troductory Memoirs, by James Dal-

laway, M. A.


Original, written during the

Reigns of Henry VI.Edward IV, and

Richard III, by various Perfons of

Rank or Confequence; digested in

chronological Order, with Notes

hiftorical and explanatory, and au-

thenticated by Engravings of Auto-

graphs, Fac Similies, Paper Marks,

and Seals, by Sir John Fenn, Kuight,

M. A. and F. A. S. Vols. III, and

IV. 4to,


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