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NO Abolition; or an attempt to prove to the conviction of every rational British subject, that the abolition of the British trade with Africa for negroes, would be a meafure as unjust as impolitic, fatal to the interefts of this nation, ruinous to its fugar colonies, and more or lefs pernicious in its confequences to every defcription of the people, 71 Academy, Royal Swedish, new tranfactions of the, 56 Acidity, the compofition of water, and phlogifton, objections to the experiments and obfervations relating to the principle of, confidered; with farther experiments and obfervations on the fame fubject, by the rev. J. Priestley, LL. D. F. R. S. 414 Alla academiæ Cæs. reg. Jofephine Medico-Chirurgica Vindobonenfis: tom. I. 4to. 534


The Adularia, a new felt fpar, difcovered and defcr.bed, by M. Spini, 481

Agriculture, an effay on the prefervation of the health of perfons employed in, and on the cure of difeafes incident to that way of life, by W. Falconer, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo. 407 Fixible Air, obfervations on the nature and properties of, and on the falutary effects of the aqua falubris,. in preferving health, and preventing difeafes, by J. Melville, M. D. 406 Albertina, a novel, 2 vols. 12mo. 494 Alfred, an hiftorical tragedy, to which

is added, a collection of mifcellaneous poems, by the fame author, 159 's apology, fecond edition, 8vo.

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Mary, from the year 1547 to 1558, 8vo. 383 An Anfwer, to the Letter of Theoph. Swift, efq. on the fubject of the royal duel, 8vo. 331 Antigua, a brief account of the island of, in letters to a friend; written in the years 1786, 87, 88, by J. Luff



496 Antiquities of Italy, &c. 401 Apoftolical conceptions of God, being the fecond part of an antecedent publication, 8vo. 404 Falfe Appearances, a comedy, altered from the French, by the right hon. gen. Conway, Appel au bon fens, &c. An appeal to good fenfe, in which M. de la Tour fubmits to that infallible judge, the details of his conduct, relative to an affair that has made fome noife in the world, 497 Appendix to thoughts on fubfcription, by William Frend, M. A. 252 Architecture, ancient, the rudiments of, in two parts, with a dictionary of terms. Illuftrated with ten plates, 8vo. 309 Ariftophanes, fome curious literary information, concerning, 395 Ariftotle's treatise on poetry, tranflated: with notes, on the tranflation, and on the original. And two differtations on poetical and musical imitation, by Thomas Twining, M. A. 4to.- -And

The Poetic of Ariftotle, tranflated from the Greek, with notes, by Henry James Pye, efq. fmall 8vo. 348

's treatife on poetry, tranflated, &c. by T. Twining.-Aud the Poetic of Aristotle, translated &c. by H. J. Pye, efq. [concluded],

501 The Art of war at fea: or, naval tactics reduced to new principles: with a new order of battle, illuftrated with copper-plates, tranflated from the French of the viscount de Grenier, by the chevalier de Soufeil, 457 Arthur; or, the northern enchantment, a poetical romance, in feven books, by Richard Hole, LL. B. 86 As it fhould be; a dramatic entertainment, in one act,

245 Tha

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The Winter Affembly; or, provincial ball, a poem, inicribed to the ladies of the Weft, 4to. 325 Atkinfon, Mr. a linen-draper of Cheapfide, the trial of, for crim. con. with Mrs. Conner, wife of Mr. Conner, late of the Mitre, Barnet, 498 Atmosphere of London, a lecture on the; as read before a public fociety, June 14th, 1788, with plates, iliuftrative of the phenomena, and a preface, by B. Taylor, 4to. 330


Aptift circular letter, dated at

vations on fome of Mr. Thomas's remarks on Mr. Bradford's reflections upon the by J. Tomkies, 12mo. 406 Baptifts in the Weft of England, a re

view of the debates, now in agitatation among the, on the fubje& of unfcriptural prayers and doxologies, 8vo. ibid.

Calviniftic, of the Weftern affociation, a vindication of a printed jetter, addrefied to the, from the remarks of a member of the Western affociation, by a Baptift, 8vo. ibid. Baftile, hiftorical remarks on the caftle of the, with curious and entertaining anecdotes of that fortrefs, &c. &c. from the French, 8vo. 313 a true and mitute account of the deftruction of the, by Jean Jaques Calet. Tranflated from the French, by an English gentleman, Svo. 323 Belinda; or, the fair fugitive, a novel, by Mrs. C. 2 vols. rzmo. The Belle Widows, with characteristic fketches of real perfonages and living characters, a novel. Infcribed to the beau monde, with a preface, by the editor of the letters of Charlotte, during her connexion with Werter, 2 vols. 12mo. 495 407


The man of Benevolence, 12mo.
Biddle, the rev. John, M. A. a review

of the life, character, and writings of the, who was banished to the isle of Scilly, in the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell: by Joshua Toulmin, A. M, 12mo. 409 Binous difeafes, and fome particular affections of the liver, and the gallbladder, confiderations on, by John Andree, M. D. 69 Bituminous lake or plain in the island

of Trinidad, an account of a, by Mr. Alexander Anderfon, 417 Blagden, Dr. fingular obfervation by, on the production of nitrous air from alkaline and pure air, after paffing through a red-hot tube, 477 Blenheim, the feat of his grace the duke of Marlborough, new defcription of, to which is perfixed, Blenheim, a poem : a new and much improved edition,

155 The Botanic garden, part II. containing the loves of the plants, a poem, with philofophical notes, volume the fecond, 4to. 375 Boutau and Thibet, an account of the vegetable and mineral productions of: by Mr. Robert Saunders, furgeon at Boylepoor in Bengal, 418 Great Britain, the aggrandifement and natural perfection of; being an humble propofal, comprehending under one fimple and practicable undertaking, without laying additional burdens upon the fubje&ts, the means of paying off the public debt, within the space of thirty years, by George Edwards, elq. 527 The Bufy Body, a collection of periodical effays, moral, whimfical, comic, and fentimental, by Mr. Oulton, 2 vols. 12mo. 83

M. D.



Alista, a novel, by Mrs. Johnfon, author of Retribution, Gamefters, &c. 2 vols. 12mo.


Calonne, miniftre d'etat; extrait de la requête addreffée au roi par M. de, 484.-La lettre, addreffée au rei par M. de Calonne: la reponse critique à la lettre, addreffée au roi par M. de Calonne, le 9 Fevrier, 1789. Par M. de Soyres, 485 Campaign in Sweden, in 1788, me

moirs relative to the, by his ferene highness prince Charles of Heffe, commander in chief of the Danish auxiliary army. Tranflated from the French, with thirty-three vouchers, 476 The Caftles of Athlin and Dunblayne, an Highland story 251

A Caution to gentlemen who ufe Sheridan's dictionary; to which are added, for the afflistance of foreigners and natives, felect rules for pronouncing English with precifion and elegance, Scripture Characters; or, a practical improvement


chant of many years refidence in the Weft Indies,


improvement of the principal liftorics in the Old Teftament, fron Adam to Joshua inclufive: by T. Robinfon, M. A. 1 mo. 405 Characters of the age, further remarks on two of the moft fingular: by the author of the critique, on the conduct of the rev. John Croffe, vicar of Bradford, and the rev. W. Atkinfon, fellow of Jetus College, Cambridge, Svo. 411 Chatterton, Thomas, the life of, with criticifms on his genius and writings, and a concile view of the controverly, concerning Rowley's poems: by G. Gregory, D. D. F. A. S. Chemistry, fome new objects of, let forth by M. Crell, in letters to M. D'Arcet, and M. de la Matherie, 463 Chefs, vol. II. 8vo. 283 Chrift, the Unitarian, Arian and Trinitarian opinion refpecting, examined and tried by fcripture-evidence alone, in a method hitherto unattempted: by W. Afhdowne, 493 Chriftian Religion, remarks on the internal evidence of the; by Gilbert Wakefield, B. A. Church of Rome, a furvey of the modern ftate of the; with additional obfervations on the doctrine of the pope's Supremacy, by William Hales, D. D. 55 Nero Church, which is meant by the new Jerufalem, in the Apocalypfe, a brief expofition of the doctrine of the tranflated from the Latin of the hon. Eman. Swedenborg, 492 Circle of Franconia, and particularly of Bayrut, effay on the ancient history of the, by M. Henze, 232 Clergy, from their importance to


fociety, a fermon, preached on the confideration due to the; at the anniversary meeting of the fons of the clergy of Pembrokeshire: by Charles Symmons, B. D. 489 Coal-trade, a treatife on the by Charles Beaumont, 4to. 331 Coinage of England, remarks on the, from the earliest to the prefent times, to which is added an appendix, containing obfervations on the ancient coinage, &c. by Walter Merrey, 121 Cold of the winter of 1788 and 1789, defcribed in a very correct and elaborate memoir, by father Cotte, &c. 144-149 Commercial reafons for the non-abolition of the flave-trade, in the West India islands, by a planter and mer


A Companion in a tour round Lymington, comprehending a brief account of that place and its envis rons; by Richard Warner, junior, fmall 8vo. See Tour.


A Companion to the Leafowes, Hagley, and Enville: with a fetch of Fisherwick, the feat of the right hon. earl Donegall; to which is perfixed, the prefent ftate of Birmingham, 8vo.



The Conduct, to be observed by dif
fenters, in order to procure the
repeal of the corporation and tek
acts; recommended in a formon,
preached before the congregations
of the old and new meetings of Bir-
mingham, Nov. 5, 1789, by Jofeph
Priestley, LL. D. F. R. S.
A Congratulatory epiftle, to his grace
the duke of Portland on his ma
jefty's recovery,
Conway Castle, a poem; to which
are added verfes to the memory of
the late earl of Chatham; and the
moon, a fimile for the fashionable
world by James White, efq.
Coromandel Coaft, a narrative of the
military operations on the; againft
the combined forces of the French,
Dutch, and Hyder Ally Cawn, frona
the year 1780, to the peace in 1784;
in a feries of letters; by Innes
Munro, eiq. 4to.
Correfpondence, the authentic, be
tween the duke of Richmond and
lord Rawdon; with an appendix,
containing the authentic papers re-
fpe&ing the affair between the duke
of York and lieut. col. Lenox,
Correfpondents of the critical re-
viewers, anfwers to, 82, 331, 412,





The Critic philofopher; or truth difcovered: by A. G. Sinclair, M. D. 496 Du Coledic á fa patrie, expatrié en Angle terre, demandant la liberté de la prefe par la néceffité des loix pour Liberté du peuple François,






a novel, by Mrs. Bonhote, author of the parental monitor, &c. 3 vols. 407 Wisdom's Dictates: or, a collection of maxims and obfervations concerning divine and fpiritual truths, extracted from

from the works of various fpiritual writers, and particularly from those of Emanuel Swedenborg, 8vo. 403 Dictionary, a complete, of the English language, both with regard to found and meaning; to which is prefixed a profodical grammar, by T. Sheridan, M. A. fecond edition, 469 Two Difcourfes, addreffed to the guardians and children of the Afyium, preached in the chapel, March 8, 1789, by the rev. Samuel Hopkinfon, A. M. 4to. 403 Difcours d'un membre de l'assemblée nationale a fes co-deputes, 1789, 486 Difeafes of children, a treatife on the, with general directions for the management of infants from the birth: by Michael Underwood, M. D. a new edition, revifed and enlarged, 2 vols. 12mo. 246


Diffenters, the rights of from the eftablifhed church. In relation principally to English catholics, by the rev. Jofeph Berington, 78 -an addrefs to the, on claffical literature, by E. Cogan, ibid. --the conduct, to be obferved by, in order to procure the repeal of the corporation and teft acts; recommended in a fermon, preached before the corporations of the old and new meetings of Birmingham, Nov. 5. 1789, by Jofeph Priestley, LL. D.

F. R. S.


Differtation, see Mcffage. Divine revelation; a fermon on the progrefs of, preached on Sunday April 13, 1788, 489 Doctors, a dofe for the; or, the Efcula pian labyrinth explored; infcribed to the college of wigs, by Gregory Glyfter, an old practitioner, Doncader races; or, the hiftory of Mifs Maitland; a tale of truth, in a feries of letters, publifhed from the original with interesting additions, by Alexander Bicknell, 2 vols. 12mo. 75


Royal Duel, an answer to the letter of Theophilus Swift, efq. on the fubject of the, 8vo. 331 Dutch republic, history of the late revolution in the,



epi cope, commentarius: ex autographo is bibliotheca Thoma Aflæi, arm. affervais, edidit et præfatus eft Grimus Jobannis Thorkelin, LL. D. 4to. 516 Effufions of the heart; or, heavenly meditations, and devotional exerci162 fes, by Sophronia, Eleonora, a novel, in a series of letters, written by a female inhabitant of Leeds in Yorkshire, 2 vols. 12mo. 163 Emma Dorville, by a lady, 12mo. 328 The field Engineer; or, inftructious upon every branch of ficid-fortification, (concluded) Episode of Dido and Æneas, a differtation by the abbé Andres, to defend Virgil from the anachronism which he has been fo frequently fuppofed to be guilty of, in making these two perfonages contemporaries, 393 An Epifle in verfe; written from Somersetshire, A congratulatory Epistle to his grace the duke of Portland, on his majesty's recovery, 155



L'Ecole de fcandale, ou les mœurs du jour, comedie par monfieur Sheridan ; traduite en François, par Mr. Bune! Delille, Edwardi Rowei Morefi, A. M. & foc. Ani, Soc. de Elfrico, Dorobernienfi archi


Epistle, poetic, from Gabrelle d'Eftrees to Henry the Fourth, by Anthony Pafquin, efq. 243 Eryfipelatous fore throat, an essay the; to which is fubjoined an account of a cafe of hemiplegia : by Thomas Reeve, furgeon, Effai fur l'hiftoire naturelle de Chili, par M. l'abbé Molina, traduit de l'Italien enrichi de notes, par M.l'abbé Gruvd, Paris,



Effay on fenfibility, a poem, in fix



Eflays, civil, moral, literary, and political, written after the manner of M. de Montagne; interfperfed with chara&ers, portraits, anecdotes, &c. by the celebrated marquis d'Argenfon, 8vo.



—-on several religious fubjects, by Jofeph Milner, A. M. 8vo. 404 philofophical, historical, and li459 Etats généraux de France, lettre aux, 485 The Eternity of the universe, by G. Hoggart Toulmin, M. D. 493 Evangelical writers, the modes of quotation ufed by the, explained and vindicated, by the rev. Dr. Henry 311 Owen, F. R. S. 4to. Exercifes in Latin compofition, by the 164 rev. J. Adams, 12mo. An Exhortation to all Chriftian people, to refrain from Trinitarian worship,

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The Expoftulation, an epiftle, to the right hon. William Pitt, &c. 154 Expoftulatory odes to a great duke and a little lord, by Peter Pindar, efq. 156 Extrait de la requête, addreffée au roi, par M. de Calonne, minifire d'etat, 484


Acts, a statement of, occafional


banees at the theatre royal, Edinburgh, by James Fennel, Faith, reflections on, 8vo. The Family party, a comic piece, in two acts,


Timbury, 2 vols, 12mo. 231 Froft, cold, lightning, and thunder, obfervations on,

143 The innocent Fugitive; or, memoirs of a lady of quality, by the author of the Platonic guardian, 2 vols 12mo. 164 Fugitive poetry, Bell's clafical arrangement of, vols. V. VI. and VII. 244 Fungus of the joints, commonly called a white fwelling, defcribed, and plan of cure of, propofed by à Brambilla, prefident of the Cæfarean and Royal Academy of Surgery, at Vienna, 535


memoir of, the

of whitening copper or brafs, by means of tin, hitherto little underflood, either in the practice or its theory, 478,479 Galena, experiments upon, for produ cing gold, by M. Sage, 478-Other experiments by him, 486 Geography, political; an introduction to the ftatistical tables of the principal empires, kingdoms, and ftates of Europe, 454 God, the favour and protection of, an infinite fource of national gratitude and joy; a fermon preached in the chapel of Gofport, on Thursday the 23d of April, 1789, being the day appointed for a general thanksgiving on his majesty's recovery, by Richard Bingham, B. A. 8vo. 324 Gonorrhoea, a practical treatife on the, and on the fuperior efficacy of the cure by injection; by Peter Clare, furgeon, 246 The four Gofpels, tranflated from the Greek; with preliminary differtations, and notes critical and explanatory, by George Campbell, D. D. F. R. S. Edinburgh, 2 vols. (concluded from vol. Ixvi. 409) 268 Four Golpels, and AAs of the Apoftles; obfervations upon the expediency of revifing the prefent English vertion of the, by J. Symonds, LL. D. 348. Greek minor poets, with the Greek New Teftament, &c. lately published in Germany, 396 John Gregory, M. D. the works of the late; to which is prefixed an account of the life of the author, 204 The Guinea voyage, a poem, in three books, by James Field Stanfield, 155


The Fane of the Druids, a poem, book
the fecond, by the author of the first
The Farm-houfe, a comedy, in three
acts, as altered by J. P. Kemble, 157
The Female parliament; or, the regen-
cy confidered, by Theophilus Swift,
Female-fex in general, particularly
thofe in a state of pregnancy and
lying-in, advice to the; to which is
added an appendix, containing fome
directions relative to the manage-
ment of children, in the first part of
life, by John Grigg, practitioner in
Ferdofi, fee Poems.
The Field engineer; or, inftructions
upon every branch of field fortifica-
tion, (concluded from vol. lxvii. p.
Forefts, the culture of; with an appen




dix, in which the ftate of the royal forefts is confidered, and a fyftem propofed for their improvement, by lieut. col. A Emmerich, 8vo. Fortitude, the triumphs of, a novel, in a feries of letters, 2 vols. 407 The young lady of Fortune; or, her lover gained by ftratagem, a novel, by a lady, 2 vols. 12m10. 328 A Fragment, which dropped from the pocket of a certain lord, on Thursday the 23d of April, 1789, on his way to St. Paul's with the grand proceffion,


Frederic II. king of Prufia, the pofthumous works of, tranflated from the French, by Tho. Holcroft, according to the Berlin Edition, 15 vols. 49

——, king of Pruffia, a view of the reign of; with a parallel between that prince, and Philip H. of Marcedon, by John Gillies, LL. D. F. R. S and S. A. 524

Friendship, the triumph of; or, the history of Charles Courtney and Mifs Julia Melville, a novel, by Jane




Alf an hour after fupper, an interlude in one act, Hampshire, extracted from Doomsday Book; to which is added a gloffary explanatory of the obfcure and obfolete

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