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Page 8 - The THEATRE of the GREEKS. A series of Papers relating to the History and Criticism of the Greek Drama.
Page 7 - English Synonymes Explained in Alphabetical Order. With copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the Best Writers.
Page 7 - ROMAN ANTIQUITIES : or an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans.
Page 8 - Classical and Archaeological Dictionary of the Manners, Customs, Laws, Institutions, Arts, &c., of the celebrated Nations of Antiquity and of the Middle Ages ; to which is prefixed, a Synoptical and Chronological View of Ancient History.
Page 7 - Volume of a Course of Mathematics. Composed for the use of the Royal Military Academy, by order of his Lordship the Master General of the Ordnance.
Page 3 - Edwards' Latin Delectus ; Or, First Lessons in Construing : adapted throughout to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Latin Grammar, Rule by Rule ; with a Directrix, a Clavis Verborum, and Clavis of Proper Names. 8th Edition, 12mo. 2s. Gd. cloth lettered. All the accents and quantities are marked, precisely as in Edwards
Page 3 - Minora ; Or, First Series of Examples to be turned from English into Greek : forming easy and progressive Exercises, illustrative of the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Greek Grammar, Rule by Rule. To which is added, in English ami Greek, a Lexicon of all the Words.
Page 1 - This little work is intended to teach, practically, the use of the Latin Grammar and Dictionary ; and while every care has been taken to remove obstacles, this Introduction is intended to call forth the latent energies of the mind by leaving sufficient cause for the pupil's own exertion.
Page 1 - Rudiments of Greek Grammar, As used in the College of Eton ; with the quantity of the Latin and Greek Penultimate Vowels, on which the Pronunciation depends ; and Explanatory Notes in English, intended to combine the advantages of modern Grammars with the justly-esteemed and well-established Eton Plan.
Page 1 - It is the object of this book to point out to those who have a competent knowledge of Grammar, a general method of construing Latin without the debilitating aid of English translations. After attending to the rules, illustrated as they are by copious examples from the easiest and best Roman classics, the pupil will have no difficulty in taking up any Latin author, and construing it with judgment and precision.

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