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LOT 994-continued.

Table], and the volume ends on reverse of fol. ccccXVI with the second column of the Life of Saint Polycarp; the first sign. wants cii (fol. XVIII); g 6, 7 (fol. LIV-LV); the second sign. wants S 6 (fol. CCCXLV); first leaf defective and mended, r 4 torn across and mended, R6 defective, 2 defective; some ll. scribbled on and several plain margins mended; cut of the Martyrdom of S. Thomas run through with pen-lines, and ll. stained (large painted capitals in red); otherwise good and genuine throughout (measuring 154 by 104 in.) but SOLD NOT SUBJECT TO RETURN, old russia, r. e. (from the Craven Ord and Fuller-Russell libraries) [Copinger 6473] [PRINTED AT WESTMINSTER BY WILLIAM CAXTON, 1484 & 1487?] *** This volume is made up from the first and second editions. Both are printed in the same form on paper of the same size, and have the same number of lines to a column; the only difference being between the type of the running headlines. The foliation is consecutive throughout, and the paper is the same. The FIRST EDITION wants 7 ff. in various parts, and the last 29 ll. in all 33 11. and 3 blanks. The SECOND EDITION has 229 ff. No perfect copy of the FIRST EDITION is known except the made-up one of the Spencer Library, and of the SECOND EDITION none of the other four known copies have more than 170 11. This copy (of the second edition) approaches nearest the Cambridge mixed copy, which has 244 11. An interesting autograph inscription of a London merchant (probably temp. Henry VIII) occurs on fol. CCCXLVII : from all evill and mischeef good Lord deliver us. John Levens citizen Draper of London JOHN LEVENS," and on the body of the woodcut horse on the first leaf the same hand apparently has written : This booke doth lye as fast as a horse can trott.”

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995 VORAGINE (JACOB DE) LEGENDA AUREA, THE GOLDEN LEGEND [CAXTON, 1493], black letter, double columns, 44 lines, with signs. (Copinger, 6474), woodcuts (IMPERFECT at beginning and end, contains 324 ll. beginning with fol. XIX and finishing with CCCXL ON Si; the signatures wanting between being c 4, f 4, q 7, v 7, Πi) ; all ll. very clean, sound and good, except a lower margin in m 5, which is slightly mended, and fols. CCCXXXII-III, which are soiled; sold not subject to return, modern thick boarded brown morocco plain, g. e. (measures 103 by 8 in.)

sm. folio. WESTMINSTER BY WILLIAM CAXTON, 1493 THE THIRD OF CAXTON'S EDITIONS OF THE GOLDEN LEGEND, and extremely rare. This copy wants altogether about 80 11. It comes through the libraries of F. H. Standish, King Louis Philippe of France, Duc d'Aumale, and W. Blades.

996 Wafer (Lionel) A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, giving an account of the Author's abode there.. with remarkable occurrences in the South Sea and elswhere, map and plates, old calf 8vo. Jas. Knapton in St. Paul's, 1699 997 Wagner (Herman) Dissertatio Historica de Friderici I Imp. Cognomento Aenobarbi Expeditione im Terram Sanctam (12 ll.) boards sm. 4to. Argent. typis pastorianis, 1696



Weever (John) Ancient Funeral Monuments within the United Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland and the Islands adjacent, with the dissolved monasteries therein contained, etc. ORIGINAL EDITION, fine engraved portrait and frontispiece by T. Cecil, woodcuts and copperplate vignettes in text, modern sprinkled calf gilt, r. e. good copy, signature of Sir Francis Palgrave on title

sm. folio. printed by Thos. Harper, 1631 Westmacott (Wm. of Newcastle, Staffs.) OEOAOBOTONOAOFIA, sive Historia Vegetabilium Sacra; or a Scripture Herbal, etc. half calf sm. 8vo. printed for T. Salusbury in Fleet-Street, 1694 1000 Wheatley (Chas.) The Church of England Man's Companion; with a Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer, etc. LARGE PAPER, Old English red morocco, full gilt floreate back, rich gilt ornamental frame sides with corner fleurons, g. e. (? Elliot and Chapman), VERY FINE COPY (from the Gosford Library)


roy. 8vo. Oxford, printed at the Theater (1710) PRESENTATION COPY from the author to his parents, with long and interesting signed inscription on fly-leaf.

Whiston (Wm.) A New Theory of the Earth, FIRST EDITION, plates, R. Roberts for B. Tooke, 1696; A Vindication of the New Theory of the Earth from the Exceptions of Mr. Keith and others, B. Tooke, 1698; in 1 vol. old calf, with coronetted monogram (cover broken)


1002 White (Dr. Fr. Ld. Bishop of Ely) A Treatise of the Sabbath-Day, containing a Defence of the Orthodoxall Doctrine of the Church of England, against Sabbatarian-Novelty, LARGE PAPER, contemporary citron morocco, with gilt stamped flame ornaments, g. e. bound for ARCHBISHOP LAUD, with his arms stamped in gold in centres, FINE COPY [See PLATE]

sm. 4to. printed by R. Badger, 1635 1003 Whitgift (John, D.D. Archbp. of Canterbury) An Answere to a Certen Libell intituled, An Admonition to the Parliament, black letter, ORIGINAL EDITION, title within woodcut border, woodcut initials and ornaments (stained, otherwise good), modern boarded brown morocco antique, r. e.

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1004 Whitinton (Robert) Grammatices, Primae Partis liber Primus Roberti VV. L.L. nuperrime recognitus (ad Henricum [Octavum] Regem), lit. goth. et rom. title within woodcut border (15 ll. with signs.) somewhat stained but good and sound, modern calf, VERY RARE sm. 4to. impressum per me Petrum Treveris in Suburbio Londoniensi Vulgariter (SOUTHWARKE) nuncupato, s. a. (1522-32)

1005 WHITTINTON (ROBERT) SINTAXIS. Opusculum de Syntaxi sive constructione recensitū XXII supra sesquimillesimu nrãe salutis anno Idi Februa. lit. goth. and rom. title within woodcut ornamental border with Caxton's small device above and below (33 ll.) stained but large and good with intact margins, old calf (17th cent.) with

LOT 1005-continued.

40 contemporary blank fly-leaves bound in at end, from Arthur Dalrymple's library, EXTREMELY RARE

sm. 4to.

in aedibus Winandi Wordensis Christi ab incarnatiōe anno XXIIII supra sesquimillesimu idibus Novē (1524) 1006 WHITTINTON (R.) L. Secunda Grammaticae pars de Syllaborû quantitate, accētu, & variiso metrorü generibus, nuPrime recēsita, limatius polita, adjectis Cōplusculis, & nōnullis Chalcographorum elimatis erratis, etc. lit. goth. et rom. (76 ll.) long lines, title within woodcut border with Caxton's small device above and below, half calf, with ex-libris of Bulkeley Bandinel

sm. 4to.

"Lodini in edibus Winandi de Worden, Vicesimo quarto

supra sesquimillesimum nostre salutis anno," 1524 EXTREMELY RARE, and an unusually fine and PERFECT COPY, with the marginal notes intact.

1007 Whittinton (R.) Lucubrationes; De Synonymis; De Epithetis; De Variandi Formulis; Experientia de Virtutis Immortalitate; De Veterum Romanorum Magistratibus, etc. lit. goth. et rom. (28 ll.) Wynkyn's large Caxton device at end, modern vellum gilt, an excellent copy (from the collections of Ph. Bliss and Arthur Dalrymple), EXTREMELY RARE

sm. 4to. in edibus Winandi de Worde anno domini MCCCCCXXV mense Februario 1008 Whittinton (R.) Vulgaria; et de Institutione Grammaticulorum Opusculum (English and Latin), black letter (48 l.) wanting title and next 3 ll. stained, margins scribbled on, margins of 2 ll. mended, sold not subject to return, Treveris's large device on reverse of last leaf, unbound (no colophon)

sm. 4to. (Southwark, Peter Treveris, c. 1530) 1009 Whole Duty of Man (Author of). The Ladies Calling in Two Parts, the Third Impression, frontispiece (some ll. stained), finely bound in contemporary English blue morocco inlaid in mosaics of red and slate, with rich and elaborate gilt line scrolls and other ornaments au pointillé, g.e. 8vo. at the Theater in Oxford, 1675 1010 WHYTFORD (RYCHARD) Priest, and Professed broder of Syon. MARTILOGE in Englysshe (after the Use of the Church of Salisbury), with the Addicyons, ORIGINAL EDITION, black letter (should have 154 ll. wants title, last 4 ll. wormed, the colophon with Wynkyn's large Caxton device on reverse damaged, otherwise perfect and good), original English calf, with stamped ornamental panel sides, original fly-leaf of a Wynkyn de Worde grammar book of Whittinton's



sm. 4to. imprynted.. in Flete Strete at the Sygne of the Sonne by Wynkyn de Worde, 1526 *EXCESSIVELY RARE. No copy is recorded as occurring for sale by auction.

WHYTFORDE (RICHARD) HERE BEGYNNETH THE BOKE CALLED THE PYPE, OR TONNE OF THE LYFE OF PERFECTION. The reason or cause wherof dothe playneley appere in the processe, black letter, spirited cut on title, woodcut initials and ornaments, contains

LOT 1011-continued.



CCXXXVII numbered folios including title, with separate leaf at end with a cut of the Crucifixion on recto and Redman's large device on reverse (a small defect on fol. ccxxIII), signature of ANNE" on title, original English binding of oaken boards, leather, STAMPED WITH THE ROYAL ARMS OF KING HENRY VIII ON UPPER COVER AND THOSE OF HIS FIRST QUEEN CATHERINE OF ARRAGON ON THE UNDER COVER, top and bottom of back and joints repaired, otherwise in a very excellent state of preservation, with clasp catches, y. e. enclosed in a new brown morocco slip case

sm. 4to. Imprynted.. in Fletestrete by me Robert Redman dwellynge in Saynt Dunstones Parysshe next the Churche. In the yere . . . 1532, xxш daye of Marche AX EXTREMELY RARE BOOK, AND A FINE AND INTERESTING COPY. Books from the library of Katherine of Arragon very rarely occur in such excellent state. [Fuller-Russell copy].

1012 Wicliffe (John) Jo. Wiclefi viri undiquaque Piis, Dialogorum libri quattuor; quorum primus divinitate & Idaeas tractat, secundus universarum Creationem complectitur; tertius de Vertute et Viciis, quarta Ro. Ecclesiae Sacramenta, etc. title within fine woodcut border, s. l. excusum anno a Christo nato [Basil. A. Petri?], 1525 -Joannis Huss, De Anatomia Antichristi (et alia Opuscula); Appendix Othonis Brunnfelsii Ratio editionis & Condemnationis Joannis Huss, etc. cuts, s. a. et l. [ib. ?]; in 1 vol. old calf sm. 4to * * This edition of the Wicliffe Dialogues was rigorously suppressed; as was also Huss's Treatise on Antichrist.

1013 Withals (M.) A Dictionary in English and Latine; devised for the Capacitie of Children and Young Beginners; now in this last impression enlarged, original calf, large copy

1014 [Wits Recreation].


thick sm. 8vo. Printed by Thos. Purfoot, 1634 Recreation for Ingenious Head-Pieces; or a Pleasant Grove for their Wits to Walke in of Epigrams 700, Epitaphs 200, Fancies a number, Fantasticks abundance, etc. woodcut of Death before the Epitaphs, and cuts to the "Fancies and Fantasticks," no engraved title, printed title mounted, some margins cut into, otherwise good, sold not subject to return, half calf, back broken, VERY RARE

sm. 8vo. Printed by M. Simmons and sold by John Hancock in Popes-Head Alley, 1650 Wittie (Robert, Dr. in Physick) Scarbrough Spaw; or a Description of the Nature and Vertues of the Spaw at Scarbrough in Yorkshire, etc. old calf, scarce

sm. 8vo. Lond. printed for and sold by Charles Tyas at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, and by Richard Lambert in York, near the Minster, 1660

1016 Wittie (Dr. Rob.) Scarbrough-Spaw; a Description of the Nature. and Vertues of the Spaw at Scarbrough, Yorkshire, etc. corrected and augmented throughout the whole, original calf sm. 8vo. YORK, printed by A. Broad for Tho. Passenger at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, etc. 1667

1017 [Wittie]. Tonstall (Geo. Dr. of Physick) Scarbrough Spaw spagyrically anatomized, printed by J. M. for the Author, 1670-A New-Years-Gift for Doctor Witty, a reply to the Discourse intituled An Answer to all that Dr. Tonstall has writ. . against Scarbrough Spa, ib. 1672; in 1 vol. original calf (from John Rhodes's library) sm. 8vo


WOOLTON or WOLTON (John, D.D. Bp. of Exeter) A Treatise of the Immortalitie of the Soule, roman letter, title within woodcut border, imprinted. . in Paules Churchyarde at the Brazen Serpent by John Shepperd, 1576; The Castell of Christians and Fortresse of the Faithfull beseeged and defended, now almost sixe thousand yeares, black letter, title within fine woodcut border, imprinted.. by J. C. for Thomas Sturrup in Paules Churchyarde, 1577; The Christian Manuall, or of the life and maners of true Christians, black letter, title within woodcut border, ib. 1576; A Newe Anatomie of Whole Man, as well of his body as of his soule, roman letter, title within woodcut border, printer's device of Lucretia on reverse, imprinted by Thomas Purfoote in Paules Churchyarde, 1576; in 1 vol. original calf, stamped blind lines and corner fleurs-de-lis, Tudor rose in centres, with the name "ELIZABETH" running through each thick sm. 8vo UNDOUBTEDLY FROM Q. ELIZABETH'S LIBRARY. The four Treatises rarely occur, and the last two especially are excessively rare. The volume is enclosed in a modern purple morocco slip case. 1019 Worlidge (John) Systema Horti-culturae; or the Art of Gardening, engraved frontispiece (mended) and plates, old calf


8vo. Printed for T. Burrel, etc. 1677 1020 Worlidge (John) Systema Agriculturae; The Mystery of Husbandry Discovered.. to which is added Kalendarium Rusticum & Dictionarium Rusticum, etc. fourth edition, with large Additions, frontispiece and plate, old calf

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1021 Wotton (Sir Henry) The State of Christendom; or a most exact and curious Discovery of many secret Passages and Hidden Mysteries of the Times (with a Supplement), ORIGINAL EDITION, fine portrait of the author aetatis suae 72, polished calf gilt, r. e. (from the libraries of C. Rugge Price and Henry White)

sm. folio. Printed for H. Moseley in Pauls, 1657

1022 Wyrley (William) The True Use of Armorie, shewed by Historie and plainly proved by example; the necessitie thereof also discovered, etc. (in prose and verse), ORIGINAL EDITION, roman letter, title within elegant woodcut border, and shields of arms, old panelled calf, m. e. good copy, RARE

sm. 4to. Imprinted.. by J. Jackson for G. Cawood, 1592 1023 Xenophon. Treatise of Householde [ryght counnynly tralated out of the Greke tonge into Englysshe by Gentian Hervett at the desyre of mayster Geffrey Pole [second edition], black letter, title within woodcut border bearing date 1534, old blue morocco gilt, g. e. sm. 8vo. Imprinted.. in Flete-strete by Thomas Berthelet, 1537

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