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I. The highest bidder to be the buyer; and if any dispute arise between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, pro

vided the Auctioneer cannot decide the said dispute. II. No person to advance less than 18.; above five pounds 28. 6d. ; and

so on in proportion. III. In the case of lots upon which there is a reserve, the Auctioneer shall

have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller. IV. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay ,

down 108. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchasemoney, in default of which the lot or lots purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold. V. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer's expense, immediately after the conclusion of the sale; in default of which Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & HODGE will not hold themselves responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If, at the expiration of ONE WEEK after the conclusion of the sale, the books or other property are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the expenses, the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which the books were bought. Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & Hodge will have the option of re-selling the lots uncleared, either by public or

private sale, without any notice being given to the defaulter. VI. All the books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise expressed;

but if, upon collating, any should prove defective, the purchaser will be at liberty to take or reject them, provided they are returned within ONE WEEK after the conclusion of the sale, when the purchase-money

will be returned. VII. The sale of any book or books is not to be set aside on account of any

worm holes, stained or short leaves of text or plates, want of list of plates or blank leaves, or on account of the publication of any subsequent volume, supplement, appendix, or plates. All the manuscripts, autographs; all magazines and reviews, all books in lots, and all tracts in lots or volumes, will be sold with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. The sale of any illustrated book, lot of prints or drawings, is not to be set aside on account of any error in

the enumeration of the numbers stated, or error of description. VIII. No Imperfect Book will be taken back, unless a note accompanies

each book, stating its imperfections, with the number of lot and date

of the sale at which the same was purchased. IX. To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the

settlement of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed during the time of sale. X. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the money

required and deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited ; and if any loss is sustained in the re-selling of such lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re-sale shall be made good by the defaulters at this sale.

Gentlemen who cannot attend the Sale may have their Commissions

faithfully executed by their humble Servants,

13, Wellington Street, Strand, London.

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HIS magnificent Collection of choice and rare printed

Books and Manuscripts was formed in the course of many years by Lord Amherst of Hackney, by purchases

both private and from the sales of the many famous libraries which have occurred during the last half century.

Sad circumstances, well known to the public, have compelled the noble owner to part with his collection, formed with so much knowledge, skill, acumen and expense.

It comprises, as will be seen, very many excessively rare and some unique items from the earliest presses to those at the end of the seventeenth century. It is especially remarkable for the extraordinary number of books printed by CAXTON, of which there are no less than fifteen; besides many from the presses of the direct successors of Caxton, as well as those of the very first printers in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich, and other English localities.

There is also a grand series of First and Early English Bibles, New Testaments, Prayer Books, Psalters, Primers and other Service Books of the XVth and XVIth centuries; as well as many very rare Treatises by the English reformers and their opponents.

It contains also many English MSS. by writers of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, including Wicliffe versions of the New Testament.

Other sections comprise rare books by the Church Fathers, writers on Jurisprudence, the Sciences and Arts, Gardening, the Occult Sciences, General Literature, Geography, Voyages and Travels in America, Travels to the Holy Land, History, Heraldry, Biography, etc. (iv)

Many of the books are in beautiful bindings, and comprise specimens from the Libraries of King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine I of Aragon, King Edward VI, Queen Elizabeth, King James I, Henry Prince of Wales, King Charles I and II, King James II, Queen Anne, King George I, Henry II of France and Diane de Poitiers, Louis XIII and Louis Philippe; besides those of Commoners like De Thou, Marguerite d'Ailly, Archbishop Laud, Archbishop Parker, Lomenie de Brienne, Guillaume du Choul, Jean Grolier, Sir K. Digby, Mme. Adelaide of France, T. Maioli, Card. Julio de Medicis, Mirabeau l'Ainé, Card. de Richelieu, Thomas Wotton and others.

The productions of the Continental Presses are of the rarest character, comprising several unique and many excessively rare specimens of prototypographers.

But to call attention to a tenth part of the noteworthy books, would make the preface of an inordinate length. Every detail has been given in the catalogue, and neither time nor trouble has been spared in its compilation.

A difference may be noticed between the number of lots in this catalogue and the number of items separately described by Mr. Seymour de Ricci in the hand-list of the library compiled by him at the request of Lord Amherst. This is caused by every piece having been separately numbered by Mr. Seymour de Ricci, whereas in this catalogue, where two or more works have been bound together in one volume, they have not been divided but catalogued together as one lot, and numbered as such (see lots 20, 29, 179, 180, 469, 507 and others).

Though the Library has been catalogued for a sale by auction, on the dates indicated, Lord Amherst has authorised us to state that, if we receive meanwhile a satisfactory offer for it en bloc, it may be accepted.

Seeing how many of the finest and rarest printed books and manuscripts are of peculiarly English interest, it is to be hoped that means may yet be found for securing the collection for the Nation:


April, 1908.

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Lot 1.

BBOT (Geo. Esquire, deceased and Member of this present

Parliament) The Whole Book of Psalms Paraphrased, or made
Easier for any to Understand, blank leaf with a device for Aj,
old English citron morocco, line tooled, with the Chetwynd-
Haselrigge arms in centres, g. e. FINE COPY

sm. 4to. Wm. Bentley, 1650 2 Abela (Fra Gio. Fr.) Della Descrittione di Malta, Isola nel mare

Siciliano, con le sue antichità, etc. engraved title, map and plates, vellum gilt, g. e. (dated ex-libris of the Earl of Ailesbury, 1712)

sm. fol. In Malta per P. Bonacota, 1647

The first book printed in Malta. 3 ACHILLES Tatius. [Clitophon). Narrationis Amatoriae Fragmentum

e Graeco in Latinum conversum L. Annibale Cruceio interprete (Lib. V-VIII), EDITIO PRIMA, contemporary French black morocco, fleuron on back, quadrupleline sides, with NARRATIOES AMATORIAE and “T. MAOLI ET AMICORUM on upper cover, g. e. enclosed in purple morocco lettered slip case

8vo. Lugduni apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544 SPECIMENS OF MAIOLI'S WORKING BINDINGS ARE EXTREMELY RARE. Ex-libris of the Abbé Fauvel in cover.


* *

* *

4 Acosta (Joseph de) Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias; en que se

tratan las Cosas Notables de los ritos y ceremonias, leyes y Govierno, y Guerras de los Indios, limp vellum, r. . FINE LARGE COPY

sm. 4to. Sevilla, Juan de Leon, 1590 5 Adelphus (Johannes) Die Türckisch Chronica von irem Ursprung anefang

und regiment bisz uff dise zeit sampt yrem Kriegen und streyten mit den Christen begangen, etc. lit. goth. double columns, large spirited German woodcuts (48 U.), Getrucht Straszburg durch Martin Flach (with device), MCCCCXII (sic pro MCCCCCXIII); Historia Von Rhodis wie ritterlich sie sich gehalten mit dem Tyrannischen Kaiser Machomet usz Turckyen, etc. lit. goth. double columns (68 ll. the last mended), large spirited German woodcuts, ib. (1513)

Das Bayrisch Lantrechtpüch (Kaysers Ludwig IV), lit. goth. title, with large cut (mounted), Registerand text (35 l.), double columns, Gedruckt inn der Statt München durch Hanssen Schobffer, 1516 (date tampered with); all RARE PIECES with remarkable woodcuts, in 1 vol. half calf

8m. folio 6 Adrianssen Van Dordrecht (B. Cornelis) Het tweede boeck Vande

Sermoenen des wel vermaerden Predicants, etc. lit. goth. long lines, 33 to a full-page, cut of the author preaching from a pulpit on title, boards

thick sm. 8vo. Nu eerstmael in Druck Vuyt gegeven buyten Noirduitz, 1578 (ANTHONY DE SOLEMNE) EXCESSIVELY RARE; and one of the few books PRINTED IN NORWICH BY ANTHONY DE SOLESMNE, the introducer of Printing into that Cathedral city. The only other copy of this edition known is in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. (see Cotton Typ. Gaz.] (for other Norwich Books by the same printer, see lots 61, 207, and "Psalmen ").

”] 7 Adrichomius (Christianus) Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum

Historiarum cum tabulis Geographicis aere expressus (editio secunda), engraved title and numerous maps, old English calf, with arms of Sir Chr. Hatton on sides (Sunderland copy)

fol. Col. Agr. In Off. Birckmanniae sumpt. A. Mylii, 1593 8 Adrichomius (Chr.) Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum

cum tabulis Geographicis aere expressus, engraved title and numerous maps, old stamped ornamental German calf, blue edges,

fol. ib. 1628 9 Æneas Sylvius Piccolomini Papa Pius II. Abbreviatio Pii Pont. Max.

Supra Decades Blondi ab inclinatione Imperii usque ad Tempora Johannis XXIII, Pont. Max. lit. rom. long lines, 32 to a full-page, without signatures (Hain *259), a few II. wormed, oak boards, half leather, from Dr. Kloss's library (binding loose), RARE

sm. fol. Absque nota (Romae Oliverius Servius), 1481 10 Agrippa (H. C.) Three Books of Occult Philosophy, translated into

English by J. F.(reake) (with the Fourth Book translated by
Robert Turner), 2 fine impressions of the rare portrait, diagrams,

etc. in 1 vol. old calf, scarce
sm. 4to. R. W. for G. Moule, 1651–J. G. for John Harrison, 1655

large copy


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