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1024 Year Book. Anno Regni Regis E. III, XLV, black letter, fols. XXIIII, signs. A-D, Pynson's device on last leaf, purple morocco gilt by F. Bedford, FINE COPY, RARE Impressum per Richardum Pynson Regis impressorem, n. d. [c. 1520] 1025 Year Book. Anno Regni Regis Edw. III, XLVII, black letter, fols. XXX, signs. A-E, with Pynson's large device on reverse of last leaf, purple morocco gilt, by F. Bedford, FINE COPY, RARE sm. folio impressus. . in aedibus Richardi Pynsonis regii impressoris, 1520 Year Book. Anno XXXII Henrici Octavi (1540), in the Parlyamente begon at Westin the XXVIII of Apryll. . and dissolved the XXIIII daye of Julye in the said XXXII yeare, anno M.D.XL, black letter (72 ll. one torn), ORIGINAL EDITION, half bound (from Cornelius Paine's library) sm. folio. In aedibus Thomae Bertheleti (1540) 1027 Year Book. Anno secundo et tertio Edovardi Sexti. Actes made in the session of this present Parliament holden uppon prorogation at Westminster the fourthe day of November in the seconde yeare .. of Edwarde the VI. . . and there continued to the XIIII daye of Marche in the III yere of our said Sovereigne Lorde, black letter (68.) ORIGINAL EDITION, title within a fine woodcut border of the King in council, and woodcut initials, half calf, FINE COPY sm. folio. Richardus Graftonus Typographus Regius excudebat 1552 1028 Year Book. Anno III and IIII Edwardi Sexti. Actes made in the Session of this Present Parliament holden upon prorogation at Westmynster, IIII Nov. third yere of Edward VI to 1 Febr. . . in the IIII yere of his reygne, black letter (32 W.) ORIGINAL EDITION, title within a fine border of the King in Council, woodcut initials, half calf, FINE COPY sm. folio imprynted.. by Richard Grafton printer to the Kynges Majestie, 1553 1029 Zieglerus (Jacobus) Terrae Sanctae, quam Palaestinam nominant Syriae, Arabiae, Ægypti & Schondiae doctissima descriptio . . . Terrae Sanctae altera descriptio juxta ordinem alphabeti ex scriptura, . . authore Vuolffgango Vueissenburgio, etc. 8 double-page woodcut maps, contemporary German binding of oak boards, and stamped vellum in ornamental panels, clasps

sm. folio. Argent. apud Vuendelinum Rihelium, 1536 1030 Zuallardo (Giov.) Il Devotissimo Viaggio di Gierusalemme fatto e descritto in sei Libri l'anno M.D.LXXXVI; di nuovo ristampato & corretto, terza editione Italiana, engravings and woodcuts, limp vellum (Röhricht, no. 797)

Svo. in Roma appresso Domenico Basa, 1595

1031 Zuallardo (Giov.) Le Tres-Devot Voyage de Jerusalem, avec les figures des lieux Sainctes & plusieurs autres tirées au naturel, copperplate vignettes, old calf, r. e. scarce (Röhrich, no. 797)

sm. 4to. En Anvers, on les Vend chez Guillaume van Tongheren, 1626



Immediately after the conclusion of this

Sale, in March, 1909, a List of the Prices and
Purchasers' Names will be published, price
Four Shillings each.

At the same time will be published
Fifty Copies of the Catalogue, on Japanese
Vellum, with a Portrait of Lord Amherst of
Hackney, Plates in Colours of Rare Bindings,
and a List of the Prices and Purchasers'
Names, price One Guinea each.


13, Wellington Street,

Strand, London.


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