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These Proceedings of the Czar to stifle the Rumours of the Publick, and his going so far as to infringe the Law of Nations on that Ace count, was not quite agreeable to that Greatness of Mind which he had for the most part shewn on other Occasions ; but we are to consider how tender an Affair this was, and how much more it concerned him to justify his Conduct with regard to a Son and Heir to his Crown than any other Subject. It will not be absolutely necessary to enter into a particular Detail of all the Proceedings against every Accomplice in this Conspiracy; but the Discovery being made by Steps from one to the other, at length appeared a large and frightful List of those who had engaged in the horrid Design of destroying the great Peter, and in an Instant overthrowing the glorious Labours of his whole Reign. Persons were embarked in it of all Degrees, of every Age and Sex; and the Czar gave them all up to the Severity of the Law; some were rack'd, some beheaded, others hanged, and many were impaled alive. Those who were not condemned to Death, received the Knout, and the Batoags ; and not a few were banished into Siberia for the miserable Remainder of their Days. The Prince and General Dolgoruki having been deprived of the Order of the Elephant, it was remitted back to the Court of Denmark, and he himself fent into Exile to Calan ; but before he departed, he obtained an Audience from the Czarina to take his Leave of her, and endeavoured, in a very moving Speech, to justify himself from the Crimes luid to his Charge; and at the same Time told her, he had nothing left in the World but the



Clothes upon his Back. Her Majesty gave him
a favourable Hearing, and afterwards sent him
a Present of two hundred Ducats. He left
Petersburgh in a shabby Black Coat, with a
long Beard, and every Way in a mean Condi-
tion, to end his Days on the Estate of the
rich Stroginof near Casan, from which Province,
about the same Time, returned Count Renchild,
the Swedish General, after having been nine
Years a Prisoner of War, being taken at the
famous Battle of Pultowa. He was conducted
to Abo in Finland, there to be exchanged for
the two Russian Generals, Gollowin and Trubets-
koy, taken Prisoners in the Battle of Narva, in

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the Year 1702.

As to the divorced Czarina, Mother of the unhappy Czarewitz, and the Princess Mary Alexowna, his Majesty's half Sister, they were both closely confined; the first in the Castle of Sleutelbourg, formerly Notebourg, where no one was permitted to speak to her, and even her Food was conveyed to her throʻ a Hole in the Wall. And the other was shut up in a Monastery on the Banks of the Lake Ladoga.

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The End of the First Book.


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Ρ Ε Τ Ε R Ι.




The Negotiations of the Congress of Aland. The

Death of the King of Sweden. The Execution of Baron Gortz. The Czar expostulates with 2 the King of Poland for entering into a Treaty with the Emperor and the King of Great-Britain. King Auguftus's Answer.

The Alterations made in the Affairs of the North by the Death of the King of Sweden. The Lord Carteret's Memorial delivered to the Queen of Sweden. Sir John Norris arrives in the Baltick. The Vol. III.



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Commits great

Sets up

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Czar's Descent into Sweden.
Hostilities there. His Minister's Memorial to

the King of Great Britain. The Answer to it.
: Banishes the Jesuits bis Dominions.

Afjemblies at Petersburgh. Falls dangerously
ill, and recovers.

HE Grand Inquisition being finished,
which related to the Disorders within
his own Dominions, his Czarish Ma-

jesty had now Leisure to pursue what
was proper to be done with regard to his foreign
Affairs, and to attend to the Conferences which
his Ministers and those of Sweden had begun at
Abo, but which, as was said before, had been
transferred to the Inand of Aland, where the
King of Sweden had ordered commodious Apart-
ments to be built for the Plenipotentiaries.
Baron Gortz, leaving Count Gyllembourg here,
went to the King of Sweden to know his last
Intentions, and returned to Aland, in the Month
of August.

His Czarish Majesty was then with his Fleet at Hangoe, from whence he went to Abo, to be nearer to the Negotiations, and to inAuence them the more. The Ministers of the Northern Allies, who had followed the Czar to Revel, were obliged to remain there'; only Baron Mardefeld, his Prufian Majesty's Envoy, was permitted to go to Abo. All the Inftances made by their Britannick, Danish, and Polish Majesties Ministers, for obtaining the same Permifiion, were in vain.

It was agreed that Baron Gortz, should return once more to the King of Sweden, to procure his Approbation of the Plans of Peace pre


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