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Saint's Rest, The, by Richard Baxter,

Salisbury, death of Walton at, 123;

Fuller, Prebendary of, 150;
Henchman, Bishop of, 158;
Pearson made Prebend of, 168 ;
Pierce made Dean of, 169; Seth
Ward Bishop of, 177 ; Walton's

son Isaak Canon of, 188
Salmon and Sea Trout, by Sir H.

Maxwell, see note, 23
Salmonia ; or, Days of Fly Fishing,

by Sir Humphrey Davy, quotation

from, 38
Sancroft, Archbishop, his Miscellanea

containing Love and Truth, 115,

116, 179
Sanderson, Anne, daughter of Rev.

Henry Nelson and wife of Robert

Sanderson, 108
Sanderson, Robert, of Gilthwaite

Hall, 108
Sanderson, Life of Bishop, Walton

quotes Thucydides in his, see note,
4; quotation from, 9; Thomas
Barlow's letter on, 75; parentage
of, 108; marriage and ordination,
109 ; his living sequestered, 109 ;
his share in the additions to the
Prayer Book on the Restoration,
109; his writings, 110; his will,

110; his death, 111, 112
Sarpi, Peter Paul (Father Paul), his

views on Popery, 93
Savoy Conference, George Morley a

chief speaker at, 165; Pearson
prominent in the, 168 ; Sheldon at

the, 171
Scarronides; or, The First Book of

Virgil Travestie, burlesque poem

by Cotton, 56
Schism and Schismaticks, by John

Hales, 152
Schola Cordis, see note, 156
Scott, Sir Walter, preface to Northern

Memoirs by, 31; quoted on
Franck's criticism of The Complete

Angler, 47
Secrets of Angling, The, question of

authorship of, 85 and note
Shawford Brook, Walton's fishing

dedication to, 57; Walton writes
Life of Herbert at request of, 76 ;
biographical sketch of, 170-172
Sheldonian, founded by Archbishop

Sheldon, 172
Shirley, James, biograpbical sketch

of, 172
Sibbes, Richard, biographical

sketch of, 174
Smith, Sydney, quoted, 20
Soul's Conflict, The, by Sibbes, 174
St Bride's, Fleet Street, Fuller

lecturer at, 150
St Catherine's College, Cambridge,

Shirley took his degree at, 172 ;

Sibbes at, 174
St Clement's Church, wife of Donne

buried in, 81; her funeral sermon,

82 ; Pearson lecturer at, 168
St Dunstan's in the West, Fleet

Street, London, Rachel Walton
buried at, 2; memorial window
to Walton at, 6; Dr Donne vicar
of, 11; an evening lecture at,
19; an account of, 82 ; descrip-

tion of window to Walton in, 126
St Giles, Shirley buried at, 173
St John's College, Cambridge,

Holdsworth educated at, and dis-
pute about Mastership of, 158 ;
dispute about Holdsworth library,
159; Morton educated at, 166 ;
Morton's portrait at, 169; Sibbes

educated at, 174
St John's College, Oxford, Markland

Fellow of, 163
St Mary, parish of, Stafford,

Walton born in, 1; Walton's bust

in, 126
St Mildred's Church, Canterbury,

Walton to Rachel Floud at, 2
St Nicholas Olave, London, John

Donne born in parish of, 78
St Paul's Cathedral, see note, 11;

Donne made Dean of, 82; Donne
buried in, 84 ; Donne's epitaph in,
87, 90; monument to Sir Peter
Lely in, 139; Duport forbidden
to preach in, 144 and note; John

King buried in, 162
St Paul's Cross, see note, 162
St Paul's School, Woodward edu-

cated at, 178
St Peter's Poor Church, London,

Holdsworth buried in, 159
St Oswald Hospital, Worcester, 149

in, 24

Sheaf of Snakes, etc., by Donne, 230
Sheldon, Archbishop, Cotton's

Stafford, birthplace of Walton, 1;

Walton's legacies to, 182-184
Stanhope, Sir John, of Elvaston,

Cotton's father-in-law, 54
Stanhope, Olivia or Olive, daughter

and heiress of Edward Beresford,

Stanley, Dean, on origin of Walton's

name of Izaak, 1; quotation from
his Memorials of Westminster

Abbey, 49
Stanley, Thomas, his kindness to

Shirley, 173
Stanton, birthplace of Sheldon, 170

and note
Stephen, Sir James, his opinion on

Chilling worth's writings, 143
Stephen, Leslie, his description of

Walton's listening to Donne's
preaching, 20; his article on

Donne in the National Review, 89
Stillingfleet, Edward, Bishop of

Worcester, author of Irenicum, see

note, 114
Stock, Elliot, published an edition

of The Treatyse of Pysshynge, 29
Stone, Nicholas, his statue of Donne,

Sunday, verses by Herbert, 237
Synagogue, The, by Harvey, 156

Tissington Hall, 72
To my Reverend Priend the Author

of "The Synagogue," verses by

Walton, quoted, 200
To the Author upon the Light of

the First Sheet of his Book, verses

by Walton, quoted, 196.
Tower of London, Venables and

Penn committed to, 65 ; Bishop

Ken sent to, 160
Travers, Walter, his theological

controversy with Hooker, 104
Treatyse of Pysshynge wyth an Angle,

The, supposed to have been written
by Dame Juliana Barnes
Berners, 29; new edition of, 29;

extract from, 37
Trcatise on the Nature of God, A,

Walton borrows from, in his

Complete Angler, 40
Trinity College, Cambridge, George

Herbert educated at, 97; two


Herbert in, 99;
William Chillingworth Fellow of,
142; James Duport educated at,
143; Pearson Master of, 169;

Seth Ward President of, 177
Trinity College, Dublin, Ussher

educated at, 175; Ussher's portrait


at, 176

Turner, Francis, his pamphlet in

reply to The Naked Truth, 114



Tans well, John, see note 147
Tate, N., his preface to The Innocent

Epicure, 33
Taylor, Dr Jeremy, the prayers of,

14, quotation from his Holy Dying,

see note, 19
Taylor, W., Walton bequeaths a

ring to, 186
Temple, The; Sacred Poems and

Private Ejaculations, by George

Herbert, 98; prose sequel to, 98
Temple Church, controversy between

Hooker and Travers at, 104; bust

to Hooker in, 107
Tegg, his edition of The Complete

Angler, 52
Thealma and Clearchus, discussion as

to its author, 118-121
Thoms, William John, 52
Thorington, Pearson Rector of, 168
Tilt, C., his edition of The Complete

Angler, 53

Undevil, Mrs, Walton bequeaths a

ring to, 187
Universal Angler, The, being The

Complete Angler and Parts I. and

III., 43
Ussher, Henry, Archbishop of

Armagh, 175
Ussher, James, Archbishop of

Armagh, biographical sketch of,


Valediction forbidding Mourning, by

Donne, 228
Vaughan, Dean, see note, 49
Venables, Colonel Robert, author of

The Experienced Angler ; or,
Angling Improved, 43; reference
to, in The Innocent Epicure, 44 ;
an account of, 64 ; sent by Crom-
well at the head of the army
against the Spanish, 64; failure of
the expedition and displeasure of
Cromwell, 65, 66 ; made Governor
of Chester, 66 ; publication of his
Experienced Angler, 66, 67 ; his

marriage and close of life, 68
Venice, Walton's manner of living

at, 92
Vernon, George, Walton bequeaths

ring to, 186
Verses to Walton, Cotton's, quoted,

202, 213


Wadham College, Oxford, Wood-

ward at, 179
Waller, Edmund, Cotton's verses to,

quoted, 223
“Walton and Cotton Clubs," 131-

Walton and the Earlier Fishing

Writers, by R. B. Marston, 30
Walton, Anne, second wife to Walton,

her parentage and death, 2 ; her
dower coffer, with inscription, 125;

Walton's epitaph on, 127
Walton, Anne, daughter of Isaak

Walton, her father's legacies to,
182-186; married William Haw-
kins, 189; buried in Winchester

Cathedral, 189
Walton, Jervis, father of Izaak

Walton, 1
Walton, Izaak, birth and parentage

of, 1; his two marriages, 2 ; his
early life, 3; his love of knowledge
and imperfect education, 4; con-
jectures as to his business employ-
ment, 5, 6; his attitude towards
the political events of the reign of
Charles I., 8; entrusted with the
deliverance of the George to
Colonel Blague, 10 ; his eclogue on
the Restoration, 10; his friendship
for Churchmen and Royalists, 11;
his views of the Prayer Book, 13;
quotes Christopher Hervie's verses
in The Complete Angler, 14 ; his
worldly prosperity and departure
from London, 15; his religious
character and love of literature,
16; influenced by Donne's preach-
ing, 18; his Elegy on Donne's

death, 19; his views of Noncon.
formity, 21 ; as an angler, 22-25 ;
his knowledge of fishing, 25; ho
insists that angling is an art, 28 ;
his various authorities on fishing,
29; his Complete Angler caused
many other books to be written on
fishing, 30, 31 ; John Williamson's
appreciation of The Complete
Angler, 32 ;i his godly life, 34 ; a
keen sportsman, 35; his dislike of
swearing, 37; his frequent use of
the word primitive, 37; publica-
tion of his Complete Angler, 40;
the sources from which he bor-
rowed, 40, 41; its various editions
and additions, 41-44; its universal
appreciation, 44-46 ; Franck's ad-
verse criticism of, 46, 47; his
pleasure in writing, 49; scratched
his monogram on Casaubon's tomb
in Westminster Abbey, 49; his
autographs, 50; an account of his
friend Cotton, 54-63; account of
his friend Venables, 64-68; an
account of Cotton's fishing-house
often visited by, 69-73; compila-
tion and various editions of his
Lives, 73-78; life of John Donne,
78-91 ; life of Wotton, 91-96 ; life
of George Herbert, 97-103 ; life of
Hooker, 103-107 ; life of Sander-
son, 108-112 ; probable author of
Love and Truth, controversy there-
on, 114-118; discussion on Thealma
and Clearchus, 118-121 ; death of,
at Salisbury, 123; buried in Win-
chester Cathedral, 124; two
cabinets with dates of his mar-
riages inscribed, 125; memorials
to, 126 ; supposed fishing rod,
clock and Prayer-book, 127 ; the
spelling of his name, 128 ; his
seals, 131 ; various clubs named
after, 131-134 ; his habits, etc.,
134-136; his portrait, 138; his
opinion on Fuller's Church History,
151 ; his bequest of Dr Hall's
works to his daughter, 154 ; his
verses in The Synagogue, 156 ; Dr
Henchman gave information on
George Herbert to, 158; King's
letter to, 162; Sheldon great
friend of, 171 ; his bequest to
Sibbes, 174; Woodford's verses
to, 179; copy of his will, 181-187;

his Elegie upon Dr Donne quoted,
190 ; On a Portrait of Donne taken
in his Eighteenth Year, quoted,
194 ; In Praise of my Priend the
Author and his Book, quoted, 194 ;
On the Death of my dear Friend,
Mr William Cartwright, 195 ; To
the Author upon the sight of the
Pirst Sheet of his Book, 196; An
Humble Eglog, 197 ; To my
Reverend Friend the Author of " The
Synagogue," 200; Epitaph on David

Hookham, 201
Walton, Canon Isaak, 130; Norington

Farm left to, 130; his father's
legacies, 135; chaplain to Ward,
177 ; Walton's legacies to, 182,
185 ; biographical sketch of, 188
Walton, Rachel, first wife to Walton,

her parentage and death, 2; their
marriage chest, with inscription,

Walton, Richard, 186
Ward, Seth, Bishop of Salisbury,

biographical sketch of, 176-178;

Woodford's sonnet to, 179
Warwick Castle, Walton's marriage

chest in, 125
Watch, Walton's, in the possession

of Rev. A. S. Wyndham, 135
Watkins, Rev. Morgan George,

quotation from his preface to The

Treatyse of Fysshynge, 38
Weaver, Rev. Thomas, friend to

Walton, 179
Wells Cathedral, memorial window

to Kon in, 161
Westcott, Bishop, on vivisection, 27
Westminster Abbey, Duppa buried

in, 145; Casaubon's tomb in, 49,

166 ; Ussher buried in, 176
Westminster School, George Herbert

educated at, 97; James Duport
educated at, 143 ; Duppa educated
at, 145; Henry King educated
at, 161 ; George Morley educated

at, 164


Westwood, death of Hammond at, 156
Westwood, Thomas, quoted

White, Peter, Walton bequeaths a

ring to, 187
Whole Art of Pishing, The, 43
Whole Duty of Man, The, doubt as

to the author, 155, 157
Will, copy of Walton's, 181-187
Williamson, John, The British Angler,

by, 32
Wilmot, Lord, Charles II. committed

his watch to, 9
Wilson, John,“ Christopher North,"

quoted, 124
Wincham estate parchased by

Venables, 67
Winchester, Ken's house in, 161
Winchester Cathedral, Wotton

educated at, 91; George Morley
Bishop of, 110; Walton buried in
Prior Silkstead's Chapel in, 124;
statue of Walton placed in Great
Screen of, 126; statue of Ken
placed in Great Screen of, 161;
Markland made Prebend of, 163;
Morley buried in, 166 ; Morton
made Dean of, 167; Woodford
made Canon of, 179; William and

Anne Hawkins buried in, 189
Winchester College, Thomas Ken

educated at, 159
Winton, Bishop of, Walton's legacy

of a ring to, 184
Wollop, Mrs Dorothy, Walton be-

queaths a ring to, 187
Wonders of the Peak, The, by Cotton,

Woodford, Samuel, biographical

sketch of, 178
Worcester, Hall made Dean of,

Worcester Cathedral, Anne Walton

buried in, 2
Worde, Wynkyn de, The Book of St

Albans printed by, 29
Wordsworth, Christopher, Bishop

of Lincoln, quoted on prayers, 15.
Works of Alexander Pope, with

Memoirs of His Life, by William
Bowles, 45
Worthies of England, by Thomas

Fuller, 150
Wotton, Sir Henry, extract from his

letter to Lord Zouch, see note, 2;
friend of Milton, 13; Walton
visits, at Eton, 24; his intention
of writing the life of Donne, 76;
parentage and education of, 91;

Walton's birthplace, 1; his esti.
mate of The Complete Angler, 45 ;

his sonnet on the fishing-house, 73
White, Mr, his description of Cotton's

fishing-house, 70; his opinion on
the various editions of Walton's
Lives, 77 ; quoted, 78

Wyndham, Rev. A. S., in possession

of Walton's watch, 135


Yelverton Chapel, Morton buried in

the, 167
York, Morton made Dean of, 167


his appointments as ambassador,
92; his service to James, 92; his
godly life and influence, 92, 93;
his ill-health, 94; his writings,
94; made Provost of Eton, 95;
his death, burial and legacies, 96 ;
his fondness for tobacco, 134; A
Hymn to my God, by, quoted, 239 ;
The Character of a Happy Life,
by, 240; Elizabeth of Bohemia,

by, 241
Wotton, Elionora, wife of Henry

Wotton, see Morton, 96
Wotton, Thomas, of Bocton, father

to Sir Henry Wotton, 91
Wrangham, Francis, his translation

of Donne's epitaph quoted, 87
Wren, Sir Christopher, Architect of

St Paul's Cathedral, see note, 11

Zouch, Dr, see note, 2 ; his opinion

as to Walton being the author of
Love and Truth, 114-118; his as-
sertion on Thealma and Clearchus,

Colston & Coy. Limited, Printers, Edinburgh

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