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leaves flained, il 168

3094 White's Natural Hiftory of Selborne, plates, il 3095 Worfley's (Sir R.) History of the Isle of Wight, many plates, il 16s

3093 Willis's (Browne) History and Antiquities of Buckingham, some




3098 Wright's Louthiana, or Introduction to the Antiquities of Ireland, many plates, il is

3096 Worley's (Sir Richard) History of the Isle of Wight, plates, new and elegantly bound in ruffia, 21 10s 3097 Walsh's Narrative of the Expedition to Holland in 1799, map and 7 views, boards, il is


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3099 Another Copy, half bound, uncut, il is

1748 1748

3100 Another Copy, bound, 11 18


3101 Warrington's Hiftory of Wales, new and very neat, il 4s


3102 Walton's Lives of Donne, Wootton, Hooker, Herbert, and Sanderfon, with Notes, and the Life of Walton by Zouch, portraits,

boards, il 5s


3104 Another Copy, new and elegantly bound, il 10S


3105 Another, new and elegantly bound in ruffia, marbled leaves, &c. 21


3106 Whitelocke's Difquifitions on the Government of England, published by Dr. Morton, 2 vol. il is

1766 1766

3107 Another Copy, 2 vol. new and very neat, il 5s 3108 Whitelocke's Journal of the Swedish Ambaffy in 1653-4, from the Commonwealth of England, &c. 2 vol. boards, 18s.

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3109 Wood's Hiftory of the Colleges and Halls in the University of Oxford, continued by Gutch, very neat, 18s 3110 Warner's Hampshire, extracted from Domefday Book, with an English Translation and a Gloffary, large paper, boards, il ris 6d


3111 Wight on the Rife and Progress of Parliament, chiefly is Scotland, with Copies of the Election Statutes, boards, 18s

3112 Young's (Arthur) Tour in Ireland, plates, 148

178+ 1785

Perfian, by Gladwin, 3 vol. in 2, 61 6s

3113 A

Mifcellanies. QUARTO.

GRIPPA of the Vanitie of Sciences, tranflated by Sanford, 78 6d

3114 Another Copy, 4s

3115 Antoninus's Meditations, by Cafaubon, 28

3116 Ayeen Akbery; or the Inflitutes of the Emperor Akber, from the

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3117 Athenian Letters, wuh a Letter from Lord Hardwicke to Dr. Warton, half bound, ruffia, il 78


3118 Athenian Letters, 2 vol. published by Lord Hardwicke, boards, 21°28


3119 Another Copy, 2 vol. large paper, boards, 31 138 67 3120 Afcham's (Roger) Schole-Mafter, printed by Daye, 1571-Report of the Affaires of Germany and the Emperour Charles, by the fayd Roger. printed by Daye, in morocio, gilt leaves, 11 is


3121 Afcham's Toxophilus, pleafaunt for all Gentlemen and Yomen of Eng

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land for their Paftime to reade, and profitable for their Ufe to fol

low, both in Warre and Peace, very rare,

3122 Afhmole's Theatrum Chemicum, 158

3123 Addifon's Works, published by Tickell, 4 vol. zl 108




3124 Bryant's Analyfis of Ancient Mythology, firft impreffions of the plates,

by Bartolozzi, &c. very neat,


3125 Bentham on the Principles of Morals and Legislation, new, boards,


3126 Bedwell's Difcovery of the Forgeries, Falfhoods, and horrible Impieties of Mohammed, to which is added the Arabian Trudgman, 4s



3127 Another Copy, very neat, 58 3128 Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, 2 vol. very neat,

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3129 Boyle's Works, with his Life by Birch, 6 vol. 51 5s 3130 Bowyer's Mifcellaneous Tracts, by Nichols, ferved, 158 3131 Another Copy, very neat, il is

1783 1772 1785


3132 Bacon's Advancement of Learning, first edition, with MS. Note and

References by Dr. Warton, '78 6d


3133 Bacon of the Advancement of Learning, zs 6d 3134 Bolingbroke's Works, published by Mallett, 5 vol. beft edition, virg neat, 41 48



3135 Bibliotheca Literaria, a Collection of Inferiptions, Medals, Differtations, &c. half bound, 78 6d


3136 Bibliotheca Americana, a Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, &c. on

North and South America, boards


3137 Burgh's Dignity of Human Nature, 78 6d


3138 Burke's Works, 3 vol. new and very neat, 41 45


3139 Barrington's (Daines) Mifcellanies, portraits of Sir John Wynne,

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31,2 Caribbeana: Letters, Differtations, and Effays, written by feveral

Perfons in the Welt Indies, 2 vol. gs


3143 Cumberland's (Bishop) Laws of Nature, by Maxwell, 45 3144 Counter Blate to Tobacco, by King James, 58 3145 A Currie Combe for a Coxcombe, or Purgatories Knell, 4s 3146 Cyvillend Uncyvill Life, a Difcourfe very profitable, pleasant, and fit to be read of all Nobilitic and Gentlemen, morocco, gilt leaves,

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3:47 Certain Tragical Difcourfes, written out of Frenche and Latin by Geffraie Fenton, no lefs profitable than pleafaunt, il is 1567 49 Capel's Notes and various Readings to Shakefpeare, with the School of Shakespeare, 3 vol. portrait by Bartolozzi, boards, il 1s 1779, &c.

3149 Dial of Princes, enhed by North, imprinted by Tottil, 10s 6d 1582 3150 Enfield's Initiates of Natural Philofophy, very neat, 18s 1785 45 Enfield's Uillory of Philofophy, 2 and very neat,

21 108


3152 EHjs's (Bihop) Trafts on Liberty Spiritual and Temporal, 2 vol. mi, very neat, 19s úd $

1965 3153. Frampton's

3153 Frampton's Joyfull Newes out of the New Found Worlde, cuts, 59



3154 Ferguson's Effay on Civil Society, neat, 10s 6d 3156 Ferguson's Principles of Moral and Political Science, 2 vol. nev and very neat, zlzs



3157 Gafcoigne's Droome of Droomefday, wherein the Frailties and Miferies of Man's Life are lively portrayed, 1 Is 3158 Glaffe of Man's Folly and Meanes to Amendment, 58 3159 Gisborne's Enquiry into the Duties of Men in the higher and middle Clafies of Society, boards, il s


3160 Godwin's Enquiry concerning Political Juftice, and its Influence on Virtue and Happiness, 2 vol. boards, il 4s


3161 Gibbon's Mifcellaneous Works, with his Life by Lord Sheffield, 2 vol. new and very neat, 3138

1796 3162 Halhed's Code of Gentoo Laws, tranflated from the Shanferit, haf

bound, uncut, 155


neat, 158

3163 Holdfworth's Remarks on Virgil, with Additions by Spence, vir


3164 Hume's Effays, with MS. References by Dr. Warton, 10s 6d 1758 3165 Howell's Dodona's Grove, or the Vocal Forreft, very neat, 10s 6d



3166 Huart's Examination of Men's Wits, 4s 3167 Hexham's Tongue Combat between two English Souldiers on the Warre in Spain, &c. 75 6d 1623 3168 Jones's (Sir William) Works, 6 vol. portrait and many plates, boards,

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3169 Another Copy, 6 vol. large paper, first impressions of the plates, boards,



3170 The Hiftories of Juftine, tranflated by Goldyng, a Worke conteynyng great Plentie of mofte delectable Hyftories, 58 1564 3171 King's Remarks on Stones fallen from the Clouds, fewed, 4s 1795 3172 Knight's (R. P.) Account of the Remains of the Worship of Priapus,

cats, half bound, uncut,


3173 Key to Unknowac Knowledge, or A Shop of five Windowes, 10s 6d

3174 Koran, (the), tranflated with Notes by Sale, il 78



3175 Another Copy, new and elegantly bound in green morocco, gilt leares,

21 25


3176 Literary Memoirs of Germany, &c. half bound, as



3177 Another Copy, 58


3178 Lyttelton's (Lord) Works, published by Ayfeough, 183 3179 Lawrence's Marriage by the Morall Law of God vindicated againit

Popes and Bihops, front jpiece, 158

16804 3180 Lilies Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit, 1631-Lilies Euphues, and his England, containing his Voyage and Adventures, with fundry pretty Difcourfes, 16313131 Lewis's Philofophical Commerce of Arts, half lound, uncut, il es 1763

312 Lavater of Ghoftes and Spirites walking by Night, of thange Noyles, Crackes, and Forewarnings, very neat, 14s


3183 Millar on the Diftinction of Ranks in Society, boards, 78 64 177! 314 Morgan's

3184 Morgan's Phoenix Britannicus, a Collection of fearce and curious

Tracts, 10s 6d


3185 Moore on Suicide, Duelling, and Gaming, very neatly bound, 2 vol. Il 11s 6d

1790 3186 Marvell's (Andrew) Works, published by Thompson, 3 vol. portrait, balf bound, ruffia, uncut, 11 16s

3187 Another Copy, 3 vol. boards, il is



3188 Melbancke's Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune, black letter, 58 1583 3189 Morritt's Vindication of Homer, and the Poets and Hiftorians who have recorded the Siege and Fall of Troy, plates, boards, 12s 1798 3190 Oufeley's Oriental Collections, illuftrating the Hiftory, Antiquities, Arts, &c. of Afia, for 1797 and 1798, 2 vol, plates, boards, 41 4s 3191 Priestley's Lectures on Oratory and Criticifm, boards, 10s 6d 1777 3192 Pafquine in a Traunce, with many pleafaunt Hyftories and moft ftraunge

News out of Heaven, Purgatorie, and Hell, 98 imprinted by Seres. 3193 Peacham's Compleat Gentleman, frontispiece by Delaram, 10s 6d 1661 3194 Prefident for Yong Penman, 4s



3195 Paley's Moral and Political Philofophy, 148 3196 Quinteffence of Wit, being a Corrant Comfort of Conceites, Maximes,

&c. 10s td


3197 Reid on the Intellectual Powers of Man, 18s 3198 Rutherforth's Effay on Virtue, 4s 3199 Smith's (Dr. Adam) Philofophical Effays, with his Life by Dugald


Camb. 1744

Stewart, boards, 145


3200 Another Copy, new and very neat, 188


3201 Scot on Witchcraft, with the lewde Dealings of Witches and Witchmongers, black letter, 128


3202 The Spanish Mandevile of Myracles, or the Garden of curious Flowers, very neat, il Is



3203 Treatife of Specters or ftraunge Sights, Vilions and Apparitions, Witches, Sorcerers, Enchanters, &c. 6s 3204 Translations from the French, containing Mably's Obfervations on the Greeks, and St. Foix's Hiftory of the City of Paris, beards, 48 1770 3205 A True Narration of the grevous Vexation by the Devil, of 7 Perfons in Lancashire, and Wm. Somers of Nottingham, by John Darrell, 78 6d

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32c6 Wilton's Art of Rhetorike now newly fet forthe, very neat, 12s 1567 3207 Walpole Earl of Orford's Works, 5 vol. plates, new and elegantly

bound, 131


3208 Wood's Ellay on the Genius and Writings of Homer, plates, half

bund, it is 6d


3209 Another Copy, very neat, 21 25


3210 Youth's Intruction, by W. Martyn, Recorder of Exeter, 10s 6d 1613.

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Auctores Claffici, Græci et Romani, cum Verfionibus Quorundam. QUARTO.

3211 3212

in ufum vol. Par. &c

A Auctores Claffici Poetici, fcilicet, Horatius, Virgilius, Teren

tius, et Catullus, Tib, et Propertius, 4 vol. eleg. bound in ruffia, gilt leaves, 31 38 Cantab. 1699, &c. 3213 Eadem, 4 vol. bound in morocco, gilt on the fides and leaves, 31138 6d

ib. 1697

3214 Sapphus, Poetriarum Oo, Mulierum Graecarum Carmina, Gr. & Lat. cura Wolfii, 3 vol. in vellum, 2l 128 6d

Hamb. 1733-34-35 H. Stephani, 1560

3215 Anthologia, Græcè, 18s 3216 Eadem, interleaved with MS. notes and tranflations, bound in 2 vol. 11 165

3217 Anthologia, Gr. & Lat. Lubini, very fair in vellum, 188

ib. 1565

Commelin. 160 $

3218 Anthologia Græca, cum Verfione Latina Hugonis Grotii, edita à De Bofch, 3 vol. very neatly printed, boards, 31 158

Ultraj. 1795, &c. 3219 Aliud Exemplar, 3 vol. bound, 41 48 ib. 1795, &c. 3220 Anthologia Veterum Latinorum Epigrammatum et Poematum, cum Notis perpetuis Variorum et Burmanni, 2 vol, new and elegantly bound, marbled leaves, al 10s

Amft. 1759 ib. 1759

ib. 1759

3221 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol. large paper, elegantly bound, 31 105 3222 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol. large paper, in ruffia, 31 10s 3223 Anacreontis Opera, Gr. & Lat. edente Maittaire, Lond. 1725-Mi cellanea Græcorum aliquot Scriptorum Carmina, Gr. & Lat. à Maittaire, Lond. 1722-2 vol, elegantly bound in ruffia, gilt leapes,

21 12s 6d

3224 Anacreon, Gr. & Lat. a De Pauw, 98

Trajeci, 1732

3225 Anacreon, cum variis Lectionibus, printed with types fimilar to those used

by the Stephens's, fine copy, very rare,

3226 Anacreontis Oda, Gr. præfixo Commentario, capital letters by Bodoni, boards, 21 28

Parma, Bodoni, 1784 beautifully printed in Parma, 185 ib. 1785

3227 Aliud Exemplar, elegantly bound, 21 28 3228 Apollonius Rhodius, Gr. & Lat edidit Shaw, 2 vol. 11 75 Oxen. 1777 3229 Apollonii Argonautica, Gr. a Brunck, large paper, very neat, 11 59. Argentorali, 1780

3230 Idem, new and elegantly bound in yellow morocco, gilt leaves, ruled with red lines, 21 10s ib. 1780 231 Apollonius Rhodius, Gr. & Italice, con illuftrat. e figure, 2 vol. very neat in vellum, 2l 2s

3232 Ariftotelis Opera, Gr. 10 vol. in morocco, gilt leaves,

Roma, 1791

Francof. Wechel, 1584, &c.

3233 Ariftoteles de Poetica, Gr. & Lat. edente Tyrwhitt, beautifully printed, boards, 21 28

ib. 1794

ih. 1794

3234 Aliud Exemplar, elegantly bound, marbled leaves, 21 58 3235 Ariftotle's Art of Poetry, with Notes and Differtations by Twining,

beards, 1 18

3236 Another Copy, new and very neat, 11 58

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