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1163 Johnston's Hiftory of Four-footed Beafts, many plates, 75 6d 1678 1164 Jacquin, Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Hiftoria, with the origi nal drawings of the plants, most exquifitely coloured after nature with the greatest beauty and fidelity by the Author-elegantly tound in ruffia, gilt leaves,

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1165 Jacquin, Obfervationes Botanica, 4 parts in 1 vol. many plates, boards, Vindob. 1764 1166 Aliud Exemplar, very neatly bound, il 168 ib. 1764 1167 Jacquin, Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Hiftoria, many plates, very neat, 21 25 ib. 1763 1168 Knorr, Delicia Nature. Selectæ, 2 vol. containing a great number of fine plates of curious butterflies, corallines, fbells, petrifactions, animals, birds, and fifbes, beautifully coloured, fine copy, best edition, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 151 158 Nuremb. 1766 1169 Knoop, Pomologie, ou Description des meilleures Sortes de Pommes et de Poires,. Amft. 1771-Knoop, Fructologie, ou Description des Arbres Fruitiers, Amft. 1771-2 vol. in 1, plates coloured, Il Is 1170 Lifteri Hiftoria Conchyliorum, the original edition, very rare, proof impreffions of the plates, Lond. 1685 1171 Lewin's Hiftory of the Birds of Great Britain, with their portraits and eggs accurately figured, beautifully coloured and shaded after nature by the author, (of this magnificent work only 60 copies were printed,) new and elegantly bound in green morocco, gilt leaves,

1794 1172 Miller's Gardener's and Botanift's Dictionary: to which are now first added, a complete Enumeration and Defcription of all Plants hitherto known the whole corrected and newly arranged, with large Additions of all the modern Improvements, by Martyn, vol. 1, new and neatly balf bund in 2 vol. 51


1798 1798

1173 Another Copy, in 1 vol. boards, 41 1cs 1174 Miller's Illuftration of the Sexual Syftem of Linnæus, 2 vol. with two fets of plates, the one plain, the other beautifully coloured after nature, new and very neatly balf bound, ruffia backs, 161 168 1777 1175 Another Copy, 2 vol. a fubfcriber's copy, half bound, 161 16s 1771 1176 Memoires pour fervir à l'Hiftoire Naturelle des Animaux, plates, elegantly bound in red morocco, with a border of gold, gilt leaves, 11 11s ád Par. de l'Imprim. Royale, 1671 1177 Martyn, Hiftoria Plantarum Rariorum, plates coloured, half bound, 41 45 Lond. 1728 1178 Martyn's Figures of Non-Defcript Shells, collected in the different Voyages to the South Seas, fyftematically arranged, 2 vol. quith Ɛo plates, beautifully coloured after nature by the Author, elegantly bound in rufia, gilt leaves, 121 128


1179 Marfilli, Hift. Phyfique de la Mer, fine copy, elegantly bound, cuts, Il 118 6d Amft. 1725 1180 Morandi Hiftoria Botanico-Practica Stirpium atque Herbarum quæ ad Ufum Medicinæ pertinent, 68 plates, ferved, 18s Mediol. 1761 1181 Matthioli Commentarii in Diofcoridem de Medica Materia, part of the plates coloured, 158 Ven. 1554 1182 Plumier, Traité des Fougeres de l'Amerique, with 172 plates, Par. de l'Imprim. Roy. 1705-Plumier, Defcription des Plantes de l'Amerique, with 108 plates, Par. de l'Imprim. Royale, 1693—2 vol. elegantly bond, 81'8s

1183 Plumier,

1183 Plumier, Defcription des Plantes de l'Amerique, fine copy, morocco, gilt leaves, 51 58 Par. de l'Imprim. Roy. 1593 1184 Poiffons, Ecrevifles et Crabes de diverfes Couleurs et Figures extraordinaires, que l'on trouve autour des Ifles Mouluques, et fur les Côtes des Terres Auftrales, 2 vol. in 1, with 90 plates coloured after nature, and atteftations to their exactnefs, very neat, gilt leaves, 41 4s Amft. 1185 Petiveri Opera Hiftoriam Naturalem fpectantia, 2 vol. containing feveral thousand figures of birds, beafs, fifb, reptiles, infects, jbells, corals, trees, fhrubs, moffes, &c. fine impressions of the plates, elegantly bound in ruffia, gilt leaves, 91 98

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Par. 1694

1186 Pomet, Hiftoire Generale des Drogues, cuts, il is 1187 Pallas, Flora Roffica, 2 vol. in 1, plates coloured after nature, boards, Petrop. 1784 1188 Plenck, Icones Plantarum Medicinalium fecundum Syftema Linnæi digeftarum, cum Enumeratione Verium et Ulus Medici, 3 vol. with 300 plates, very beautifully coloured, fewed, 181 18s Vien. 1788, &c. 1189 Pennant, Zoologia Britannica, plates coloured, very neatly bound, gl 9s Augsb. 1771 1190 Parkinson's Univerfal and Complete Herbal, with frontispiece, fine. copy, 21.10s 1640 1191 Roxburgh's Hiftory of the Plants of Coromandel, 3 numbers, beau tifully printed by Bulmer, with plates most exquifitely coloured after nature, boards, 10l 10s

1795, &c. 1192 Ruffell's Account of Indian Serpents collected on the Coast of Coromandel, with Experiments and Remarks on their several Poifons, finely printed by Bulmer, beautifully coloured, boards, 3l 135 6d

1796 Amft. 1741 ib. 1705

1193 Rumphius's Hiftory of the Rarities of Amboyna, written in the Dutch Language, 60 plates, half bound, 18s



1194 Another Copy, very neatly bound, 11 5s 1195 Another Copy, elegantly bound, gilt leaves, il 10s 1196 Rumphii Thefaurus Cochlearum, Concharum, Conchylior. & Mine

ralium, 12s

L. Bat. 171I
Lond. 1686

1197 Raii Hiftoria Plantarum, 2 vol. 15s 1198 Ruysch, Theatrum Univerfale omnium Animalium, Pifcium, Avium, Quadrupedum, Exanguium Aquaticorum, Infectorum et Anguium, 2 vol with 260 plates, very neat, il 16s.

Amft. 1718 Lugd. 1554

1199 Rondeletius de Pifcibus Marinis, plates, ys 1200 Robert, Variæ ac Multiformes Florum Species-Robert, Diverfes Oifeaux deffinées et gravées d'après le Naturel-many plates, il is 1201 Sheldrake's Herbal of Medicinal Plants, large paper, with 120 plates coloured, half bound, 41 14s 6d

1202 Scopoli Delicia Flore et Faune Infubricæ, 3 vol. many plates, half bound, 41 14s 6d

Ticen. 1786

1203 Salviani Hiftoria Aquatilium Animalium, many plates, 41 48

1204 Scheuchzeri Herbarium Diluvianum, 98

Roma, 1554 L. Bat. 1723

1205 Sloane's Natural History of Jamaica, 2 vol. very fine copy in morocco,


1206 Swammerdammii Biblia Naturæ, five Hiftoria Infectorum, 2 vol. large paper, plates, very neat, in vellum, 41 48

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Leyda, 1737 1207 Swam


1207 Swammerdam's Book of Nature, or Hiftory of Infects, with Notes by Hill, plates, elegantly bound in ruffia, gilt leaves, 31'138 6d 1208 Sebee Thefaurus Rerum Naturalium, vol. 3, containing the natural biflory of zoopbites, crabs, fifb, fbells, petrifallions and corals, many plates, 31 35

Amft. 1758 Edinb. 1684

morocco, gilt Franc. 1612

Lond. 1789

1209 Sibbaldi Scotia Illuftrata, cuts, 15s 1210 Sweertii Florilegium, tractans de variis Floribus et aliis Indicis Plantis, 2 parts in 1 vol. many plates, elegantly bound in blue leaves, il is 6d 1211 Smith, Icones Plantarum hactenus ineditæ, 25 plates, new and very neat, il 6s N 1212 Scaligeri Animadverfiones in Theophraftum de Caufis Plantarum, Lugd. 1566 1213 Weinmanni Phytanthoza-Iconographia, five Confpectus aliquot millium Plantarum, Arborum et Florum, quorum Denominationes, Characteres et Genera in Germanico et Latino Idiomate à Dieterico explicantur, 8 vol. in 6, large paper, with 1025 plates, beautifully coloured from nature, beft edition, fine copy, elegantly bound, gilt leaves, 161 16s Ratisbon, 1737-45


1214 Willughbeii Hiftoria Pifcium, edidit Raius, many plates, fine copy, 21 28

Qxon. 1686 1215 Zanoni, Iftoria Botannica, 80 plates, fine copy, elegantly bound, gilt

leaves, il 7s

Bologn. 1675

Mathematics, Arts and Sciences. FOLIO.

1216 1217


UCLIDIS Opera, Gregorii, Gr. & Lat. l 4s
Oxonii, 1703
Euclides, ex recentione Gregorii, fine copy, large paper, 21 28
Oxonii, 1703

1218 Euclidis Opera, Gregorii, Gr. & Lat. large paper, very fair, il 16s

Oxon. 1703

1219 Euclidis Elementa, Libri xv. cum Scholiis Antiquis, a Commandino in Latinum converfi, fine copy, gilt leaves, formerly with bis autograph, il 118 64

Sir K. Digly's,
Pifaur. 1572

Pifaur. 1619
Roma, 1594
Tolof. 1670

1220 Euclidis Elementa, Lat. a Commandino, 5s 1221 Euclidis Elementa, Arabice, a Tufino, il is 6d 1222 Diophanti Alex. Arithmetica, Gr. Lat. Bacheti, 158 1223 Archimedes, Gr. the first edition, very fair, 15s 1224 Aftronomici Veteres, damaged by worm boles, il is 1225 Veteres Mathematici, Gr. et Lat. pleraque nunc primum edita ex Biblioth. Regia, 21 125 6d Par. Typogr. Regia, 1693

Bafil. 1544

Aldus, 1499

ib. 1693

1226 Eadem, very fine copy, leaves uncut, 1227 Dechales, Curfus Mathematicus, cura Varcini, 4 vol. in 2, very neat,

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1228 Apollonii Pergai Conica, Gr. & Lat. fine copy, 11 Is

Lugd. 1699 Oxonii, 1710

1229 Bochleri Theatrum Machinarum Novum, fine copy in yellow morocco,

cuts, 2128

Narib. 1662 1230 Flamftedit

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1230 Flamftedii Hiftoria Cæleftis Britannica, portrait, fine copy, 3 vol. 41 4s Lond. 1725

1231 Hevelii Selenographia, five Lunæ Defcriptio, many plates, very neat, 114s Gedani, 1647 1232 Gregorii Elementa Aftronomiæ et Geometriæ, neat, 155 Oxon. 1702 1233 Delahire, Sectiones Conicæ, 58 Paris, 1685 1234 Wallifii Opera Mathematica, 3 vol. [These three volumes have been very carefully corrected, and many additions are inferted, from a copy which

Dr. Wallis kept for his own ufe, and in which they were all written with his own band. Fof. Harris, Tower of London.] 6 6s Oxon. 1699, &c. 1235 Neperi Arithmetica Logarithmica, ab Ulacq, 158 Gouda, 1628 1236 Kircheri Mufurgia Univerfalis, five Ars Magna Confoni et Diffoni, 2 vol. in 1, very neat, 11 Is

1237 Gefneri Meditationes Phyficæ, Annotat. et Scholia, 58
1238 Chauvini Lexicon Philofophicum, cuts, 10s 6d
1239 Divers Ouvrages de Mathematique et de Phyfique,
l'Academie Royale des Sciences, 55

Roma, 1650 Tigur. 1586 Leov. 1713 par Meff. de Paris, 1693

1240 Natter, Traité de la Methode Antique de graver en Pierres Fines, expliquée en diverfes planches, il 78 Lond. 1754 1241 Saggi Naturali Esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento, 75 6d Firenze, 667

1242 Saunier, la Parfaite Connoiffance des Chevaux, plates, 98 Haye, 1734 1243 Eifenberg, Defcription du Manege Moderne dans fa Perfection, plates by Picart, 158


1244 La Foffe, Cours d'Hippiatrique, ou Traité complet de la Medecine des Chevaux, imperial folio, with 65 large plates, elegantly bound, 5158 Par. 1772 1245 Chambers's Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, by Rees, 5 vol. plates, very neat, 1ol Ios



1246 Another Copy, 5 vol. in boards, 61 6s 1247 Bion's Conftruction and Ufes of Mathematical Inftruments, by Stone, with Supplement, plates, 11 is

1723 & 58. 1717

1250 Kerfey's Algebra, by Halley, portrait by Faithorne, 48 1251 Pryce's Mineralogy of Cornewall, many plates and portrait, boards, 21 128 6d 1252 Herschell's Catalogue of Stars, published by the Royal Society, fewed, 73 бd



Amft. Elz. 1649 ib. 1649

1253 Vitruvii Achitectura, a Delaet, il 118 6d 1254 Idem, fine copy in yellow morocco, 21 128 бd 1255 Vitruvio, L'Architettura, colla Traduzione Italiana e Comente del

Marchefe Galiani, Carta grande, Figure, 21 28

1256 Aliud Exemplar, 11 108

Napoli, 1751 ib. 1758 Patav. 1739

1257 Poleni Comment. Crit. in Vitruvium, cuts, 10s 6d 1258 Vitruvius, tranflated by Newton, 2 vol. plates, boards, 41 14s 6d 1791 1259 Campbell's Vitruvius Britannicus, vol. 1, 2, large paper, old impreffions

of the plates, 31 38


126c Perrault's Five Orders of Architecture, by James, cuts, 5s 1708 1261 Freart's Parallel of Antient and Modern Architecture, by Evelyn, 58

1262 Le Cinque Ordini dell' Architettura Civile di San

5's 1263 Scamozzi, Idea della Architettura Univerfale, 10s 6d

1707 Micheli, Jewed, Verona, Ven. 1615 1264 Gal

1264 Gallaccini, degli Errori degli Architetti, 75 6d

Ven. 1767

1265 Ware's Complete Body of Architecture, 2 vol. many plates, very neat,

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1266 Another Copy, 2 vol. in 1, very neat, il 55 1267 Garret's Defigns and Eftimates of Farm Houfes, &c. fewed, 5s


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1268 Landmann's Five Orders of Architecture, with Elevations of Town Gates, boards, 5s 1785 1269 Swan's Collection of Defigns in Architecture, 2 vol. in 1, 1l is


1270 Swan's Builder's Treasury of Stair Cafes, 60 plates, 98 1271 Gibbs's Rules of Drawing the feveral Parts of Architecture, 10s 6d


1732 1738

1272 Another Copy, very neat, 128 1273 Riou's Delineation and Explanation of the Grecian Orders of Architecture, 15s

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1274 Kirby's Defcription and Ufe of the Architectonic Sector, by which any Part of Architecture may be drawn with Facility and Exactnefs, balf bound, il 5s

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1751 1275 Defgodetz, les Edifices Antiques de Rome deffinés & mefurés exactement, very neat, 41 4s Par. 1682 1276 Defgodetz's Antient Buildings of Rome, in French and English, by Marshall, 137 plates, finely engraved, 2 vol. balf bound, 51 55

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1277 Inigo Jones's and Kent's Defigns, by Vardy, half bound. 7s 6d 1744 1278 Inigo Jones's Defigns, by Kent, 31 38 7727 1279 Inigo Jones's Defigns, by Kent, 2 vol. in 1, printed in a royal folio fixe, very neatly balf bound, 31138 6d


1770 1770

1280 Another Copy, very neatly bound, 4! 4s 1281 Murphy's Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Views of the Church of Batalha in Portugal, new and elegantly balf bound, ruffia, 41 48

1795 1282 Chambers's Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Perspective Views of the Gardens and Buildings at Kew, many plates, 1763-Chambers, Deffeins des Edifices, Meubles, Habits, Machines, et Uftenciles des Chinois, plates, Lond. 1757-balf bound, 21 28

1283 Chambers's Treatife on Civil Architecture, in which the Principles of that Art are laid down, and illustrated by a great number of plates, balf bound, 21 zs


1284 Chambers's Principles of Civil Architecture, many cuts, very neat, Il IIs 6d 1755 1285 Chambers's Defigns of Chinefe Buildings, Furniture, Dreffes, Machines, and Utensils, cuts, 158

1757 1286 Defcription of the Library at Merly, the Seat of R. Willett, Efq. with plates engraved by Sharp, Pouncy, &c. very neatly half bound, 31 38 1785 1287 Paine's Pians, Elevations, and Sections of Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Houses, and alfo of Stabling, Bridges, Public and Private Temples, and other Garden-Buildings, 2 vol. illuftrated by 175 plates, new and very neatly balf bound, 7178

1288 Palladio's Architecture, by Leoni, 2 vol. cuts by Gutch, il is



1289 Palladio

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