Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 23

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Priestley and Weale, 1863 - Astronomy
Includes lists of additions to the Society's library, usually separately paged.

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Page 115 - ... itself, no notch of any such dimensions (or, indeed, any notch at all) could possibly have appeared ; and though Prof. Selwyn believes that this lengthened exposure would have spoiled, in all probability, the middle portions of the photograph (where, for instance, in sheet 86, the group lettered a- in my record is situated), yet in such a case it would only be requisite of course to take other negatives more especially adapted to the central parts of the disk. Whilst on this part of my subject...
Page 273 - KIrchhoff (G.)— RESEARCHES ON THE SOLAR SPECTRUM, and the Spectra of the Chemical Elements.
Page 333 - Cheyne. — Works by CHH CHEYNE, MA, FRAS AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE PLANETARY THEORY. With a Collection of Problems.
Page 246 - ... for, as such have been detected by Mitchell and Dawes ; and it should be noted at the time of any conspicuous feebleness of the markings, whether the sharpness of the limb indicates the cause to be further distant than our own atmosphere : and in general the " daily — nay, hourly — changes in the detail and in the tones of the different parts of the planet, both light and dark...
Page 18 - One is reminded, in this connection, of the remark of Pond, that "we can hardly obtain a better test of our power of predicting the future positions of stars than by trying by the same formula, how accurately we can interpolate for the past. In a variety of papers which I have submitted to the Royal Society, I have endeavored to show, that, with us, the experiment entirely fails.
Page 46 - ... next, giving an alloy of excellent quality. The ordinary coppers of commerce generally fail, owing, it is said, to the presence of iron, which appears to be specially prejudicial. Further, the alloy must be melted two or three times, as that obtained from the first melting is excessively brittle. " Each successive melting, up to a certain point determined by the working, and particularly the forging properties of the metal, improves its tenacity and strength.
Page 155 - ... Selwyn. S. Sharpe, Esq. Capt. Shea. M. Simler. Messrs. Smith, Beck, and Beck. Admiral Smyth. John Stow, Esq. Sig. R. Tocani. . C. Todd, Esq. Capt. H. Toynbee. CA Twining, Esq. GV Vernon, Esq. C. Vignoles, Esq. MJ Villarceau. JJ Waterston, Esq. G. Whiting, Esq. Messrs. Willis and Sotheran. M. Winnecke. Dr. R. Wolf. H. Worms, Esq. J. Yates, Esq. Dr. A. Ziegler. Address delivered by the President, Dr. Lee, on presenting the Gold Medal of the Society to M. Argelander. Gentlemen, — The established...
Page 86 - ... by the edge of the ring to the extent of about onethird of its length, and so as to give the impression that it was the dusky ring, very much thicker than the bright rings, and, seen edgewise, projected on the sky.
Page 45 - Its hardness and comparative inoxidizability point it out as peculiarly adapted for pivots, axes, and bearings. If employed for receiving the graduation of circles, the necessity for inlaying another metal will be obviated, by which two advantages will be gained ; the hammering which forms part of the operation of inlaying, and which, more or less, must cause unequal density and tension in the circle subjected to such treatment, will be dispensed with ; and the effect of inequality of expansion in...
Page 344 - InstitutionReport for 1860, 8vo. Washington, 1861 Results of Meteorological Observations made under the direction of the US Patent Office and the Smithsonian Institution, from 1854 to 1859, inclusive, 4to. Washington, 1861 The Swedish Stockholm, Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens HandAcademy, lingar, Ny. Foljd Tredje Bandet Andra Haftet, 4to. Stockholm, 1862 Ofversigt af Vetenskaps-Akademiens Forhandlingar, 1861, 8vo. Stockholm, 1862 The Author. Stow, John, A Hermit's Idea that the Stars are...

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