Kafka Streams - Real-time Stream Processing

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Prashant Kumar Pandey, Mar 26, 2019 - 348 pages
The book Kafka Streams: Real-time Stream Processing helps you understand the stream processing in general and apply that skill to Kafka streams programming. This book is focusing mainly on the new generation of the Kafka Streams library available in the Apache Kafka 2.x. The primary focus of this book is on Kafka Streams. However, the book also touches on the other Kafka capabilities and concepts that are necessary to grasp the Kafka Streams programming.Who should read this book?Kafka Streams: Real-time Stream Processing is written for software engineers willing to develop a stream processing application using Kafka Streams library. I am also writing this book for data architects and data engineers who are responsible for designing and building the organization's data-centric infrastructure. Another group of people is the managers and architects who do not directly work with Kafka implementation, but they work with the people who implement Kafka Streams at the ground level.What should you already know?This book assumes that the reader is familiar with the basics of Java programming language. The source code and examples in this book are using Java 8, and I will be using Java 8 lambda syntax, so experience with lambda will be helpful.Kafka Streams is a library that runs on Kafka. Having a good fundamental knowledge of Kafka is essential to get the most out of Kafka Streams. I will touch base on the mandatory Kafka concepts for those who are new to Kafka. The book also assumes that you have some familiarity and experience in running and working on the Linux operating system.Kafka Version?This book is based on Kafka Streams library available in Apache Kafka 2.x. All the source code and examples in this book are tested on Apache Kafka 2.1 open source distribution. Some chapters of this book also make use of Confluent community version to explain and demonstrate functionalities that are only available in Confluent Platform such as Schema Registry and Avro Serializer/Deserializer. This book is not a replacement for the Kafka documentation. I recommend you to frequently refer Java docs for Apache Kafka Client API as well as Kafka Streams API. You can also leverage Confluent Platform documentation for more details. Source Code Repository?All the examples and source code listings in different chapters of the book are trimmed in a readable format. The code snippet in the book is not expected to be executed independently. However, a working version of the source code for all the examples are available in the GitHub repository. You can access the GitHub repository at the below URL.https: //github.com/LearningJournal/Kafka-Streams-Real-time-Stream-Processing

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