The 'Bab' ballads, with illustr. by the author, Issue 95

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Page 68 - Come here,' says he, with a proper pride, Which his smiling features tell, ' 'Twill soothing be if I let you see How extremely nice you'll smell.' "And he stirred it round and round and round, And he sniffed at the foaming froth; When I ups with his heels, and smothers his squeals In the scum of the boiling broth. "And...
Page 66 - Oh, elderly man, it's little I know Of the duties of men of the sea, And I'll eat my hand if I understand How you can possibly be "At once a cook, and a captain bold, And the mate of the Nancy brig, And a bo'sun tight, and a midshipmite, And the crew of the captain's gig.
Page 128 - ABERDEEN. It sorrowed poor PATTISON CORBY TORBAY To find them "take on" in this serious way, He pitied the poor little fluttering birds, And solaced their souls with the following words: — "Oh, maidens...
Page 67 - So we drawed a lot, and, accordin', shot The captain for our meal. "The next lot fell to the Nancy's mate, And a delicate dish he made; Then our appetite with the midshipmite We seven survivors stayed. "And then we murdered the bo'sun tight, And he much resembled pig; Then we wittled free, did the cook and me. On the crew of the captain's gig. "Then only the cook and me was left, And the delicate question, 'Which Of us two goes to the kettle?
Page 141 - The padre said, " Whatever have you been and gone and done ? " " I have helped mamma to steal a little kiddy from its dad, I've assisted dear papa in cutting up a little lad, I've planned a little burglary and forged a little cheque, And slain a little baby for the coral on its neck...
Page 139 - BROWN. IT was a robber's daughter, and her name was ALICE BROWN, Her father was the terror of a small Italian town; Her mother was a foolish, weak, but amiable old thing; But it isn't of her parents that I'm going for to sing. As ALICE was a-sitting at her window-sill one day, A beautiful young gentleman he chanced to pass that way; She cast her eyes upon him, and he looked so good and true, That she thought, "I could be happy with a gentleman like you!
Page 38 - ... Norway, Till at last I sank exhausted at a pastrycook his doorway. There were fuchsias and geraniums, and daffodils and myrtle, So I entered, and I ordered half a basin of mock turtle. He was plump and he was chubby, he was smooth and he was rosy, And his little wife was pretty, and particularly cozy.
Page 125 - No other could wake such detestable groans, With reed and with chaunter — with bag and with drones: All day and all night he delighted the chiels With sniggering pibrochs and jiggety reels. He'd clamber a mountain and squat on the ground, And the neighbouring maidens would gather around To list to his pipes and to gaze in his een, Especially Ellen McJones Aberdeen. All loved their McClan, save a Sassenach brute, Who came to the Highlands to fish and to shoot; He dressed himself up in a Highlander...
Page 142 - For shame," said Father Paul, " my erring daughter ! On my word This is the most distressing news that I have ever heard. Why, naughty girl, your excellent papa has pledged your hand To a promising young robber, the lieutenant of his band ! " This dreadful piece of news will pain your worthy parents...

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