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the Hydro-mania; but I apprehend that this is often done withoat be is mistaken, for I never knew producing the effect, I well know, a patient more attached to water but I must say, that, in general, when abroad, than when at home. where the disorder is of long con. There certainly, however, tinuance (a month or six weeks, symptoms, which indicate a mania for example) it seldom fails to im. of some kind or other; but sa im- part such a degree of its virulence, perfect is our knowledge of mamincal as to affect the father, and then, cases, that I can derive no infor. I observe, the cure is as good as mation from books. Arnold does performed. not mention it in his last edition, From the few remarks I have although probably he may in the thrown out, you will perceive, sir, next, for which I am cold he is that although we cannot refer this preparing materials. Besides, I disorder to any class bitherto men.

I confess, that I am not very partial tioned by nosologists, yet we may to increasing our catalogue of ma. rank it anong endemics, or those pias. So many things might be disorders which affect the inhabis brought under this title, that a tants of a certain district. This is general history of madness would, most prevalent in the city of Lon

am afraid, be as comprebensive as don, and extends a little way into she Annual Register, or any other the suburbs. I have met with work which professed to record che a fsw cases of the kind in the Bo, actions of man; but this is a di. rough of Southwark; but the small gression.

villages near town are, I think, geIt is peculiar to the disorder I am nerally pretty free from it. As 10 now speaking of, that the symp. the Borough, it is rather singular, toms of it never afpear, when the that some of the patients, after re. patients are by ihemselves: the turning from Margate or Brighton presence, however, of a stranger, apparently perfectly cured, take or a party of strangers, never fails lodgings nevertheless, in a large. to bring on the cough, dispnea, building in St. George's fields ; and other concomitants. But above whether this confirms the cure, I all other occasions, they are most know not, but I apprehend it exasperated in the presence of the may prevent a relapse, and I am bead of the family, whether a doubtful wherher any thing will father, an uncle, or a guardian. so cffectually answer this purpose, Now, as this is as much a dis.ase The tendency of the disorder to re. of the mind as of the body, it turn, is one of the worst circum. strikes me, that the passion of en. stances belonging to it, and suffi. vy or jealousy, is strongly excit. ciently convinces me, that there ed by the sight of persons who are is a radical error in the mode of not afflicted with the disorder, treatment. I am not ash.:med to which is generally the case with confess, that I have ofien failed. fathers, uncles, and guardians, If we physicians are not as free and that the patient, from a de. in acknowledging our errors, as sire of communicating the disease, proud in announcing our cures, the is impelled to throw out those medical art, as to praélical usemiasnaia, contagious, fulness, musi siand still. which will affcct all present. With r. spect to the causes of the Domiphebia, they may be divided, conceal it, probably from motives as in the case of other disorders, in- of delicacy, until it acquires to remote, proximate, and occa. strength which common remedies sional. On these I shall not be pro. will not oppose. The indications lix. Jt’is a great mistake, how. are likewise sometimes so compli. ever, to ascribe this disorder to cated, that one does not know how low living, or a poor diet. If that to obviate one system without inwere the

case, the poor would be creasing the violence of another. afflicted by it, particularly this sea. What can be done where there is son. But the fact is, it attacks an infiammatory tendency, accom. persons who live well, freely, upon panied by lowness and weakness, a a generous diet.

Excessive in. very common form of the disease? dulgence never fails to bring it on, I must, therefore, close the subject and it is remarkable, that those for the present, with observing, who have once indulged, are sure that an eminent physician of my to have a relapse the following acquaintance, Dr. Abrahain New. year. I scarce know an instance land, has a very elegant form of to the consraryThe mental af. prescription, which I never knew fections are also to be taken into any patient refuse to take; but it the account, and I have known is liable to the same objections I cases where it was brought on have already mentioned, namely, merely by talking about it; a won. that it will not prevent a relapse. derful proof of the intimate con.

I am, Sir, nexion betwixt the mind and the Your very humble servant, body. That there is an affection

C, of the head, cannot well be doubt. Warwick.lane, My gth. ed, from its being almost always attended with giddiness, wander. ings, vain fears, and sometimes. On Watering Places. From the same. downright raving, the patient perpetually talking of balls, dances, I AM a country gentleman, and breakfasts, raties, subscriptions, enjoy an estate in Northamptonand other things, which very sel. shire, which formerly enabled its dom much occupy the attention of possessors to assume soine degree of persons of sound minds and robust consequence in the country; but health.

which, for several generations, has I have now, sir, communicated been growing less, only because it the result of pretty accurate obser. has not grown bigger. I mean, varion, and som: praciice in this thai though I have not yet been disorder. I am aware, that, in obliged to mortgage my land, or the curative part, I have failed to fill my timber, its relative value impart much information. 7 he is every day diminishing by the fact is, and I honestly confess it, prodigious influx of wealth, real I have succeeded in very few cases, and artificial, which for some time and those were chiefly where the past has been pouring into this disorder was slight. Takon at the kingdom. Hitherto, however, I beginning, much may be done, have found my income equal to bue the patients are very apt 10. my wants.

It has enabled me to


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inhabit a good house in town for spirits, after a tedious confine. four months of the year, and to ment from a lying-in, we passed reside amongst my tenants and a season at Bath. In this manner · neighbours for the remaining eight therefore things went on very wiih credit and hospitality: I am

well in the main), till of late my fa. indeed myself so fond of the coun- mily have discovered that we lead try, and so averse in my nature to a very dull kind of life; and that every thing of hurry and busile, it is impossible to exist with com. that, if I consulted only my own fort, or indeed to enjoy a tolerable "taste, I should never feel å wish to share of health, without spending leave the shelter of my own oaks a good part of every summer at a in the drcariest season of the year; watering-place.

I held out but I looked upon our annual visit long as I could. One may be al. to I ondon as a proces compliance lowed to resist the plans of dissi. with the gayer disposition of my pation, but the plea of health wife, and the natural curiosity of carino: decently be withstcod. the younger part of the family; It was soon discovered that my besides, to say the truth, it had its eldest daughter wanted bracing, advantages in avoiding a round of and iny wile had a bilious comdinners and card parties, which plaifi, against which our famils we must viherwise have engaged physician declared, that sea bathin for the winter season, or hare ing would be particularly services been branded with the appellation able. Therefore, though it was of unsociable. Our journey gave my own private opinion that my me an opportunity of furnishing daughter's nerves might have becia my study with some new books and as well braced by morning rides prinis; and my wife of gratifying upon the Northamptonshire hills, her neighbours with some as by evening dances in the pub. mental trißes, before their value lic rooms, and that my wife's bile, was sunk by becoming common, would have been greatly lesyered or of producing at her table, or in by compliance with her husband, her furniture, some rew invented I acquiesced ; and preparations refinement of fashionable elegance. were made for our journey. These Our hall was the first that was light. indeed were but slighi, for the ed by the lamp d'Argand; and I chief gratification proposed in this still remeinber how we were gra. scheme was, an entire freedom cified by the astonishment of our from care and form. We should guests, when my wife with an au. find every thing requisite in our dible voice called to the fooiman lodgings; it was of no consequence for the tongs to help to the aspa

whether ihe rooms we should occu. ragus with. We found it pleasant py for a few months in the sumtoo to be enabled to talk of capital mer, were elegant or not; the artists and favourite actors; and I simplicity of a country life would made the better figure in my po. be the more enjoyed by the little litical debates, from having heard shifts we should be put to; and the most popular speakers in the all necessaries would be provided house.

in our lodgings. It was not there, Once too, to recruit my wife's fore till after we had :aken them,



that we discovered how far ready stead of the fine clumps of trees, furnished lodgings were from af. and waving fields of corn I have fording every article in the cata- been accustomed to have before my logue of necessaries. We did not eyes, I see nothing but a naked indeed give them a very scrupulous beach, almost without a tree, ex. examination, for the place was so posed by turns to the cutting east. full, that when we arrived late at ern blast, and the glare of a July night, and tired with our journey, sun, and covered with a sand all the beds at the inn were taken equally painful to the eyes and to up, and an easy chair and a carpet the feet. The ocean is indeed as were all the accommodations we object of unspeakable grandeur ; could obtain for our repose. The but when it has been contemplated next morning, therefore, we ea. in a storm and in a calm, when we gerly engaged the first lodgings we have seen the sun rise out of its found vacant, and have ever since bosom, and the moon silver its ex. been disputing about the terms, tended surface, its variety is ex. which from the hurry were not hausted, and the eye begins to resuficiently ascertained'; and it is quire the softer and more interest. not even yet setiled whether the ing scenes of cultivated nature. lirile blue gurret which serves us My family have indeed been per as a powdering room, is ours of suaded several tiines to enjoy the right or by favour. The want of sea still more, by engaging in a all sorts of convenience is a con. little sailing party ; but as, unstant excuse for the want of all fortunately, Northamptonshire has order and neatness, which is so not afforded them any opportunity visible in our apartinent; and of becoming seasoned sailors, these we are continually lamenting that parties of pleasure are always at. we are obliged to buy things of tended with the most dreadful sick. which we have such plenty at

This likewise I am told is hom?.

very good for the constitution; it It is my misfortune that I can may be so for aught I know, but I do nothing without all my little confess I am apt to imagine that conveniences about me; and in taking an emeric at home would be order to write a common letter, I equally salutary, and I ara sure it muse have iny study table to lean would be more decent. Nor can I uby elbows on in scdcniary luxury; belp imagining that my youngest you will judge therefore bow little daughter's lover has been less I am able to employ my leisure, assiduous, since he has contemplat. when I tell you, that the only ed her in the indelicate situation of toom they have been able to allet a ship cabin. I have endeavoured for my use is so alled and crowded amuse myself with the com. with my daughter's har-boxes, bande pany, but without much success; boxes, wig-boxes, &c. that I can it consists of a few very great peo. scarcely move about in it, and ain ple, who make a set by themselves, this moment writing upon a spare and think they are entitled, by the trunk for want of a table. Im freedom of a watering place, to therefore driven so saunter about indulge themselves in all mannes wiih ide rest of the party; but in of perjes: and the rest is a







motiey group of sharpers, mer. h26 upon servants 'is most perni. chants' clerks, kept mistresses, idle cious. Our family used to be remen, and

I markable for having its domestics have been accustomed to be nice grow grey in its service, but this in my choice of acquaintance, esa expedition has already corrupted pecially for my family; but the them; two we have this evening greater part of our connexions parted with, and the rest have here, are such as we should be learned so much of the tricks of ashamed to acknowledge any where their station, that we shall be else, and the few we have seen obliged to discharge them as soon above ourselves will equally dis, as we return home. In the country, claim us when we meet in town I had been accustomed to do good next winter. As to the settled to the poor ; there are charities inhabitants of the place, all who bere too; we have joined in a subdo not get by us view us with scription for a crazy poetress, a dislike, because we raise the price raffle for the support of a sharper, of provisions ; and those who do, who passes under the title of a which, in one way or other, com- German Count, and a benefit play prehends all the lower class, have for a gentleman on board the lost every trace of rural simplicity, hulks. Unfortunately, to balance and are versed in all the arts of low these various expences, this place, cunning and chicane. The spirit which happens to be a great resort of greediness and rapacity is no of smugglers, affords daily opporwhere so conspicuous as in the tunities of making bargains. We lodging-houses. At our seat in drink spoiled teas, under the idea. the country, our domestic con. of their being cheap, and the little cerns went on as by clock-work; room we have is made less by the a quarter of an hour in a weck reception of cargoes of India setiled the bills, and few trades. tafferies, shawl-muslins, and real men wished, and none dared, to chintzes. All my authority here

, practise any imposition where all would be exerted'in vain; for, I were known, and the consequence do not know whether you know it of their different behaviour must or no, the buying of a bargain is have been their being marked, a templation which it is not in the for life, for encouragement or for nature of any woman to resist. I distrust. But here the continual am in hopes however, the business Auctuation of company takes away may receive some little check from all regard to character; the most an incident which happened a little respectable and ancient families time since: an acquaintance of have no influence any farther than our's returning from Margate, had as they scatter their ready cash, and his carriage seized by the Custom. neither gratitude nor respect are house officers, on account of a felt where there is no bound of mu. piece of silk, which one of his tual attachment, besides the ne. female cousins, without his know. cessities of the present day. I ledge, had stowed in it; and it should be happy if we had, only to was only released by its being contend with this spirit during our proved that what she had bought present excursion, but the effect it with so much satisfaction as conVOL. XXXVIII,


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