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"Okay, you can accuse me of having a biased opinion in favor of Joaozinho Martins' book, Biblical Creation Truth. I am a Gap Theory proponent as well. Gap Theory defenders are often accused of being evolutionists. We are not! Gap Theory defenders are also accused of not being Christians. We are! And that is what I like most about Biblical Creation Truth. This book makes two things very clear: The Gap Theory destroys the Theory of Evolution and The Gap Theory reveals the Gospel of Christ. Joaozinho presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his book more than any other book about the Gap Theory I have ever read. He puts Christ squarely in the center of all he presents. There is another very interesting thing about his approach. He is from India. This means he does not suffer from the myopic viewpoint so many of us American creationists suffer. Too many Americans base their opinions about Biblical creation on their favorite English translation. We forget that God didn't speak to Moses in English. We forget that God can reveal truth to people from other nations, other cultures, and other languages. I can assure you of one thing: God has revealed truth to this man from India, and if you will read his book with an open mind, God will reveal that same truth to you as well."__ Dr. Steven S. Dill, DVM 

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