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Peabody, William Bourne Oliver, D.D., 17991847, twin-brother of Oliver William Bourne Peabody, graduated at Harvard College, 1816; was assistant instructor at Exeter Academy, 1817, and a theological student for the next two years ; licensed as a preacher, 1819, and ordained as pastor of the Unitarian church at Springfield, Mass., Oct. 1820. This connection was maintained for the rest of his life. He was the author of the follow

153 Alliverie's drist von 70. inz Lives in Sparks's Library of American Biography: Alexander Wilson, First Series, ii. 1-169; Cotton Malher, First Series, vi. 161-350, (reviewed in N. Amer. Rev., li. 1-231 ;) David Brainerd, First Series, viii. 257-373; James Oglethorpe, New Series, ii. 201–105. To the North American Review he contributed forty-eight articles, (commencing with Memoirs of Nathaniel Appleton Haven, July, 1828, and concluding with Campbell's Lives of the Chancellors, July, 1847;) pub. single sermons and addresses, and was the author of prose and poetical pieces in the Christian Examiner and other periodicals. In discharge of his duties as one of the Commissioners on the Zoological Survey, he drew up the Report on the Birds of Massachusetts, pub. with D. H. Storer's Report on the Fishes and Reptiles, Bost., 1839, 8vo. (See, also, the Report of the Commissioners, &c., 1838, 8vo.) 6 Ilis

port fully justiffed the selection, and, in addition to its scientific accuracy, is intensely interesting for the lifelike description of the habits of the birds, and for the spirit of tender humanity in which they are commended to the protection and even gratitude of the agricultural community. He also prepared for the young people of his parish a series of lectures on birds and plants, illustrated by drawings made and coloured by his own hand.”—A. P. PEABODY, D.D.: N. Amer. Rev., lxix. 168.

See, also, Edward Everett's Orations and Speeches, 1850, ii. 372. After his death appeared: 1. Serms. by the late William B. 0. Peabody, D.D., with a Memoir by his Brother, (see PEABODY, OLIVER WILLIAM BOURNE, ante ;) 2d ed., Bost., 1819, 12mo. Reviewed by A. P. Peabody in N. Amer. Rev., lxix. 162, (Life and Writings of Dr. Peabody;) by J. Walker in Chris. Esam., xlvi. 129; and by E. B. Hall in Chris. Exam., xlvi. 129. 2. The Literary Remains of the late W. B. 0. Peabody, D.D.; edited by Everett Peabody, with Portrait, 1850, 12mo. Among the best-known of Dr. Peabody's poems are the Hymn of Nature, Monadnock, Death, The Autumn Evening, and The Winter Night. In the article from which we have just quoted (N. Amer. Rev., lxix. 168–175) will be found a glowing tribute to the character and accomplishments of the twin-brothers, 0. W. B. and W. B. 0. Peabody:

“Men,” says the reviewer, “who consecrated the noblest endowments and ripest attainments of intellect to the cause of truth, progress, humanity, and religion.”

See, also, Sprague's Annals, viii., Unitarian, 1865, 493 ; Chris. Exam., xxxiv. 250, (Familiar Address ;) Amer. Month. Rev., iii. 313, (Election Sermon;) N. Amer. Rev., xxxiii. 321, (by Edward Everett.)


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