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A LIST of Names of the SUBSCRIBERS

to Mr. PICKERING's Edition of the Statutes, fent in since the Publication of the first Volume in November.

M R. George Andrews, attorney, at Felstead, Effex

V Reverend Ashby of Barwell, Leicestershire
John Tracy Atkins, Esquire, Curifitor Baron
Thomas Aylmer, of the Middle Temple, Efquire

Mr. William Baker, attorney, at Folkstone
Mr. Robert Ballyman, attorney, at Barnstaple
Mr. John Barrow, of Leominster, 2 Setts
Mr. John Barmby, jun.
Mr. John Bateman, attorney, at Derby
Mr. James Baxter, attorney, at Knighton
Mr. Robert Baynes
Peter Bell, of Éasingwould, Esquire
Mr. Joseph Bence, of Wooton Under-edge
William Dee Best, Esquire
Reverend Mr. Beadon
Charles Bill, Esquire
John Bindley, Esquire, one of the Commisioners of Excise
Mr. Simon Blomfield of Woodbridge
Mr. Francis Blakiston, attorney, at Sunderland
Mr. William Blennerhafset
Mr. Markham Brayham, attorney, at Newmarket
Mr. Thomas Brewster, attorney, at Kingston
Mr. Thomas Brookbank
Mr. Charles Browne, attorney, at Storrington, Sussex
Mr. John Browne, jun. attorney, at Steyning, Sussex
Mr. Henry Bruton, attorney, at Cullumpton
John Askell Bucknall, of Oxy-hall, Hertfordshire, Esquire
Henry Burrard, Esquire
Mr. Joseph Carles, attorney, at Birmingham
Robert Chambers, of the Middle Temple, Esquire
Awníham Churchill, Esquire
John Claxton, of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire
Mr. Peter Clarke, attorney, at Ipswich
Mr. John Clarke, bookseller
Thomas Cockayne, of Soham, Cambridgeshire, Esquire
Charles Nalson Cole, of the Inner Temple, Esquire
Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Esquire
Captain Frederick Cornwall
Mr. John Collin of Saffron Walden


omwall; Elquer Temdeethire,

Mr. Samuel Collet, attorney, at Worcester
Richard Combs, Esq;
John Cookson of the Middle Temple, Esquire
Mr. John Cotton, Bookseller, at Shrewsbury
Mr. Richard Crawfoot, attorney, at Yoxford

Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth
Right Honourable the Earl of Darlington
James Darling, of Mile End, Esquire
Mr. Richard Dann, attorney, at Hackney
Mr. William Dance
James Day, Gent. attorney, and Town-clerk of Cambridge.
Mr. George Dennis
Mr. Isaac Denton, of Seabraham, in Cumberland
Matthew Dodsworth, of Creek-Hall, Esquire

Right Honourable the Earl of Egremont, one of his Majesty's

principal Secretaries of State
Mr. Edward Easton, bookfeller, at Salisbury
Reverend Mr. Tucker Egerton
Mr. Charles Etherington, bookseller, at York
Mr. Iltid Evans, attorney, at Carmarthen

Mr. Sampson Farbrace, attorney, at Dover
William Fitzherbert, of Tislington, Derbyshire, Esquire
Mr. William Frederick, bookseller, at Bath '
Mr. John Freeman, attorney, at Combs
Mesffs. Franklin and Pattison, attornies, at Ashford

klin and Pammen, alles at Baththire, Elqui

Mr. Thomas Gabb, attorney, at Bristol
Mr. S. Gamidge, bookseller, at Worcester
Thomas Gilbert, of the great Wardrobe, Esquire
Mr. Thomas Goleborne, of Furnival's Inn
Jonathan Grundy, of Little Wigstan, Esquire

H .
John Harris, of Gray's Inn, Esquire
Mr. Edward Harvey, attorney, at Walton
Reverend Mr. Hall, treasurer of the church of Wells
George Heathcote, of Hereford, Esquire
Richard Heaton, of the Middle Temple, Esquire
Mr. Robert Heydon, bookseller, Plyinouth
Joseph Hickey, of St. Albans, Esquire
The Reverend Mr. Hotchkiss, of Shrewsbury
James Hubbald, Esquire
Mr. Edward Hughes, attorney, at Aberystwyth
John Hyde, of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire

Mr. Janson, attorney, at Leybourn, Yorkshire
Charles Jenkinson, Esquire


Mr. Thomas Johnson, attorney, at Clapham, Yorkshire
Mr. Ilderton, of Weftoe, near Shields.

K :
Anthony Keck, of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, Esquire
Mr. Richard Kelsall
Mr. William King, paper-maker
Thomas Knight, of the Middle Temple, Esquire


Theophilus Lane, of Hereford, Esquire
Stephen Martin Leake, Esquire
George Leith, of Deal, Esquire
Mr. R. Lewis, bookseller, Worcester
Thomas Lockhart, of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire
Mr. Henry Lowes
Mr. John Lloyd, attorney, Carmarthen
William Lutwyche, of Lutwyche, Esquire

John Maire, of Grays Inn, Esquire
Mr. Thomas Marson, keeper of the marshalsea
Sir William Milner, Baronet
John More, Esquire
Reverend Sir John Mosley, of Rolleston, Staffordshire, Baronet
Mr. Nathaniel Morgan, attorney, Carmarthen
Mr. Thomas Moore, attorney, at Newmarket
Mr. George Morgan, of Brecknock

William Negus, of Dallinghoe, Esquire
Mr. John Nicholson
John Nicoll, of Lincolns Inn, Esquire

Richard Ward Offley, of Hinton, Esquire
Charles Owen, of Gray's Inn, Esquire


- Palmer, Esquire
Mr. Thomas Parker, attorney, at Worcester
Mr. Thomas Payne, Bookseller
John Pechell, Esquire
Andrew Pemberton, of the Inner Temple, Esquire
William Weller Pepys, of Christ Church, Oxon. Esquire
Mr. Pemberton, of Durham
Mr. John Pepper, attorney, Grange Court
Mr. John Poole, of Hinkley, Leicestershire
Mr. John Ponsonby attorney, at Egremont, Cumberland
James Plunket, Esquire

Mr. John Raincock, of Hatton Garden
Mr. Ridsdale, attorney, Sunderland



Mr. John Ridley, of Woodbridge
Reverend Mr. Robert Richardson
Mr. John Riyett, of Brandefton-Hall, Suffolk
Mr. William Roberts, attorney, at Carmarthen

Abney Parker Sankey, of Dublin, Esquire
Mr. Thomas N. Scott, attorney, at Ipswich
Mr. Nicholas Shuttleworth, of Durham
Mr. John Sidney, of the Inner Temple
Joseph Sikes, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, Esquire
John Skipp, of Ledbury, Esquire
Mr. Thomas Slap, attorney, at Botesdale
John Smith, of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire
Mr. Richard Socket, attorney, at Worcester
Thomas Steele, of Chichester, Esquire

Edward Taylor, of the Inner Temple, Esquire
Stephen Terry, Esquire
Mr. Thornley, attorney, at Chesterfield
Mr. John Toovey, attorney, at Wallingford
Sir John Turner, Baronet
Colonel Turner, of Clint
Charles Tudway, of Wells, Esquire
Mr. William Twopenny, attorney, at Rochester
Rev. Mr. Robert Tyrwhitt, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge

Sir Philip Vavasor, Baronet

W .
Right Honourable the Lord Willoughby, of Parham
Mr. Ward, attorney, in Elm Court
Mr. Pen. Watkins, attorney, at Breeknock
Mr. Thomas Weaver.
William Whitaker, Esq;
Reverend Mr. John Wibbersey
George Wingfield; of the Inner Temple, Esquire
Mr. Wilson, attorney, at Sunderland
Mr. Edward Wise, attorney, at Harlow
Mr. Robert Woodgate, attorney, at Dedham .
Mr. James Woodgate, bookseller, at Lewes
Mr. Woolferstan, attorney, at Tamworth
Mr. John Worral, bookseller
John Wright, of Long Acre, Esquire

Mr. Francis Yerbury, of Bradford, Wiltshire
Thomas Yorke, Esquire.

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Containing the Titles of all the

Paffed Anno fecundó
Being the First Session of the Twelfth Parliament of



for these Majesty or

A N act for enabling his Majesty to make provifion for supA porting the royal dignity of the Queen, in case the shall furvive his Majesty.

II. An act to repeal so much of an act passed in the first year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, An ati for the relief of insolvent debtors, as relates to creditors compelling prisoners charged in execution to deliver up their estates, and to such prisoners being thereupon discharged.

III. An act for granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fixty two.

IV. An act for continuing and granting to his Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fixty two.

V. An act for more effectually preventing the excessive use of. fpirituous liquors for home consumption, by laying additional duties upon spirits made in Great Britain, or imported into the fame ; and for better regulating and encouraging the exportation of Britif made spirits; and for securing the payment of the duties upon spirituous liquors.

VI. An act for the importation of salted beef, pork, and but-, ter into this kingdom from Ireland, for a limited time, for the

Vol. XXV,

dred and


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