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rot, ib.

gue, 334.

Brasil, 61. Diamond Mines, 62. Traffick Hue, Francis, his last years of Louis the
in them, 63. Remarkable Diamonds, 64. Sixteenth, 83.

Earliest discoveries of them, 133. Hughes, Victor, anecdotes of, 346.
Dogs, instinct of, 273.

Husband and Lover, reviewed, 382.
Drake, Nathan, Essays by, reviewed, 561.
Druidical practices, 105.

I. J.
Dwarfs, account of, 296.

Ink, improvement in making, 285.
Dumourier, letter from, to Brissot, 35. Intelligence, Literary, 71, 144, 214, 285,

358, 430.

Intelligence, Philosophical and Economi.
Fagles nest, account of an, 275.

cal, 141, 284, 357, 428.
Ellis, Governour, account of, 66.

Jackson, James Grey, his account of Mo-
Edgeworth, Miss, her tales of fashionable

rocco, 318.
life, 373.

Jena, battle of, 372.
Edward and Ellen, a modern Sonnet, 428. Jerusalem, destruction of the Holy Se.
Elsineur, 289

pulchre of, by fire, 135.
Essay on light reading, reviewed, 114. Job, an African Priest, Memoirs of, 189..
English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, re.
viewed, 397.

Essays, by Nathan Drake, 361. The Spec- Languet, the friend of Sir Philip Sydney

tator, 362. Steele, 363. Addison, ib. Lay 75.
Monastery, Free Thinker, Terræ filius, Law report, 198.
Plain Dealer, Common Sense, 365. The Laws of England, compendium of, re-
Champion, Female Spectator, The Par. viewed, 406.

Lettre aux Espagnols’ Americains, 27.

The author of it, 23. Left with Mr.
Feast of the Rose, 329.

King, ib. Sketch of it, ib. S. America, 29.
Fielding, Henry, and Lady M. W. Monta- Ligne, Marshal Prince de, Letters and

Thoughts of, reviewed, 217. His journey,
Fir, American, compared with European, with the Empress of Russia and Empe.

rour of Austria, 218.
Fisher, J. B. his pathetick tales, 188. Literary intelligence, 71, 144, 214, 285,
Fordyce's Sermons to young ladies, re 358,430.
ceived, 331.

Louis the Sixteenth, The last years of the
Fragments in prose and verse, 106.

reign of, reviewed, 83. Account of the
France, travels in, 312.

6th October, 1784, 84.
Frederick William, King of Prussia, anec- Lutgendorf, bis machine for existing un-
dotes of, 262, 370.

der water, 357.

Lynch, J. Poetry by, 356.
Game of War, reviewed, 330.

Gas, application of, from coal to economi. Mansfield, Amelia, a novel, by Madame
cal purposes, 98.

Cottin, reviewed, 390.
Genlis, Madame de, her siege of Rochelle, Maria Antoinetta, Queen of France, Me-

moirs of, reviewed, 91, 92, 93, 94.
Gertrude of Wyoming, by Thomas Camp Improves the Musick of Frar.ce, 95.
bell, 225.

Morocco, account of, reviewed, 318 to 327.
Gipsies, dissertations on, 96. Originally Mary, Queen of Scots, her hunting match,
from India, 97.

Grass, Fiorin, Memoir on, reviewed, 401. Merino Sheep, account of, 416.
Description of, 402.

Meteorick Stones, 424.
Gustavus Vasa, anecdotes of, 299.

Milton, Anecdotes of, 69. Sonnet by, 70.
Gunpowder, mode of drying, 148.

Translation of his poems by Cowper,


Minstrel, the continuation of, reviewed,
Halls' Travels in Scotland, 68, 69.

Hamlet, 289.

Midnight Storm, a Sonnet, 408.
llamilton, General, letter from Miranda Miranda, General, his scheme to emanci.

pate South America, 33 to 41. Suferings
Hawk, Dwarf, account of, 425.

of the Crew of two of his Schooners, 44.
Herbster, Madame St. her novel, review. Mitchell's, Miss, Tales of Instruction, re-
ed, 383.

viewed, 406.
IIilaire, Geoffry Saint, his observations Monjouick, Attack of Fort, 183,

on Crocodiles, 335.

to, 37.

Montague, Lady M. W.and Fielding, 334. Sheep, Anecdote of a, 275, Merino, account
Moore, Anacreon, his novel, 332.

of, 416.
Moscow, City of, 294.

Shenstone's Pastorals parodied, 335.

Shrike, account of, 425.
Nelson, Lord, Anecdote of, 290.

Sydney, Sir Philip, Memoirs of his life
Nubilia in search of a husband, reviewed, and writings, reviewed, 73. His travels,

75 to 77. Favourite of Queen Elizabeth,

78. Plans his Arcadia, 79. His death, 81.
Oil, use of in burns, 429.

Smith, Miss, her fragments in prose and
Opie, Mrs. Poetry by, 355.

verse, 106.
Owenson, Miss, her“Woman, or Ida of Soapsuds, experiments on, 284.
Athens," reviewed, 8.

Sonnet of the Fifteenth Century, imitated,

Paley, William, D. D. Memoirs of, re Socivisca, a famous Robber, 350.
viewed, 386.

Souworow, biographical anecdotes of, 407.
Paoli, General, Memoirs of, 122. His ac Spider, observations on the, 348.

quaintance with Boswell, 126. Flies to Staël Madame de, herletters of the Prince
England, 129. Returns to Corsica, 130. de Ligne, 217.
Goes back to England, 132. His death, Stanzas addressed to Mr. Pratt, 427.

Steele and Addison, 416.
Paradisea Tristis, account of, 426. Steele, Mrs. Ann, her works reviewedy
Pen, to promote facility in writing, 285.

Petersburgh, St. description of the Church Steele, Sir Richard, anecdotes of, 363.
in, 291.

Steenkirk, battle of, 180.
Pinckney, Lieutenant Colonel, his travels Stockholm, account of, 297.
in France, reviewed, 312 to 317.

Sweden, King and Queen of, 297.
Pitt's Negotiation with Miranda, to eman-

cipate South America, 33.

Tales of Instruction and amusement, by
Plants, mode of copying, 284.

Miss Mitchell, reviewed, 406.
Pointer Pig, 174.

Tales of Fashionable Life, by Miss Edge.
Poetry, 70, 139, 281, 355, 427.

worth, reviewed, 373, 381.
Polar Winter, pleasures of a, 118.

Taming the Shrew, origin of, 115.
Porter, Robert Ker, his travels in Rus. Tar Mineral, mode of manufacturing, 429.

sia, and Sweden, reviewed, 289. Temple, Laura Sophia, Poetry by, 282.
Potemkin, Prince, portrait of, 219. Theatres, Performers on the London, 301.
Premature erudition, 207.

Tombuctoo, City of, 326.
Press, improvement in its construction, Toulmin, Joshua, his memoirs of Job, an

African Priest, 189.
Prussia, A cursory view of, reviewed, 370. Trefusis, Miss, Poetry by, 282, 283.
Battle of Jena, 372.

Turkish Warfare, Mode of, 220.
Publick Characters of 1809-10. Reviewed,

-Women, 222.

Pyle, James, his death, 138.

“ Under the Rose," origin of the phrases

Quadrupeds, Memoirs of British, review United States, Miranda's proposal to, 38.
ed, 171. Hares, domesticated by Cow-

per, 172. Pointer Pig, 174.

War, game of, 330.

horrours of, 372.
Reliques of Burn's, reviewed, 10. Ta Weber's memoirs of Maria Antoinetta,

lents, education and peculiarities of queen of France, 91.
Burns, 11, 12. His Poetry, 15. Origin of Wedding in Wales, 423.
his “ Mary in Heaven," 18, 19. Gene Wedding among the flowers, reviewed,
ral Remarks, -3.

Revolution, French, reflections on, 237. Whitfield, character of, 45.
Rifle barrel guns and muskets, compared, Wine, sour, restored by charcoal, 429.

Woman, or Ida of Athens, by Miss Owen.
Russia, Emperour and Empress of, 218, son, reviewed, 8. Story of it, 9. Foolish,
293. Porter's Travels in, 289.

19. Language and sentiments exception-

able, ib.
Scloppetaria, reviewed, 145. Muskets and

rifles compared, 147. Mode of drying Zouch, Thomas, his memoirs of the life
Gunpowder, 148.

and writings of Sir Philip Sydney, re.
Seward, Anna, Memoirs of, 136.

viewed, 73.
Seneff, battle of, 178

Zoology, Shaw's, extracts from, 425,

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