Catalogue of Books on the Useful Arts (class 600 of Dewey's Decimal Classification) in the Central Library

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Page 151 - Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval; with technical terms in French, German, Italian, and Spanish, 3100 pp., and nearly 8000 engravings, in super-royal 8vo, in 8 divisions, 5/.
Page 234 - A MANUAL OF THE ALKALI TRADE, including the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, Sulphate of Soda, and Bleaching Powder. By JOHN LOMAS, Alkali Manufacturer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London. With 232 Illustrations and Working Drawings, and containing 390 pages of Text.
Page 210 - DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT OF A NEW METHOD of PLANTING and MANAGING the ROOTS of GRAPE VINES. By CLEMENT HOARE, Author of " A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls.
Page 195 - GC Hydraulic Power Engineering. A Practical Manual on the Concentration and Transmission of Power by Hydraulic Machinery. With over 200 diagrams and tables 8vo, cloth, illustrated $3 . 50 MARSH, CF Reinforced Concrete.
Page 156 - TEXT-BOOK ON THE STEAM ENGINE. With a Supplement on GAS ENGINES, and PART II. ON HEAT ENGINES. By TM GOODEVE, MA, Barrister-at-Law, Professor of Mechanics at the Royal College of Science, London; Author of " The Principles of Mechanics," "The Elements of Mechanism,
Page 54 - LOW (DAVID). The Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the British Islands.
Page 226 - Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. ".* The attention of all interested in our Merchant Navy is requested to this exceedingly useful and valuable work.
Page 187 - The Principles of Bridges ; containing the mathematical demonstrations of the properties of the arches, the thickness of the piers, the force of the water against them, &c. together with practical observations and directions drawn from the whole.
Page 207 - JOHNSON, SW, HOW Crops Feed : a Treatise on the Atmosphere and the Soil as related to Nutrition of Plants.

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