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"Broken Genius," is a gripping biography of the 20th. century's most influential men. I met him, very briefly.
Shurkin attributes only one book to Bill Shockley, "Electrons and holes in
semiconductors," of 1956. Walter Gong, my mentor in the late 50's and early 60's, co-authored a science education book with Shockley. "Mechanics," copyrighted in 1966, is still available and details how Shockley thought to make scientific breakthroughs. (See the Wikipedia entry, which does not list Walter Gong as a co-author.)
"Broken Genius" tells about what was happening in Shockley's life. In "Mechanics" Walter tells how Shockley thought about science.
The Quonset hut, "at 391 South San Antonio, Palo Alto, CA." (Shurkin; page 168,) I remember as being a bit north, up by Charleston Rd. where Fairchild/Intel's first began manufacturing. The first week 72, "200 the second week." Sold to IBM for $150 a piece!
Walter took me to meet a man who "was trying to make transistors smaller, and having trouble." At the time, I wanted to go camping in the high country above the Hetch Hetchy, and was not too interested in a better job. I was making almost $1.00/hour cleaning carpets...
Did Walter Gong, then an engineer studying for a PhD in education at Stanford, invite me to visit his coloaborator at the transistor lab on the day after the "traitorous eight," Noyce, Moore, et al, left?

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