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dress, money, &c. than with good books and religious instruction. On the contrary, your friends have far nobler views : they are seeking to adorn and enrich your children with those substantial benefits, which can never be taken away from them.

You have already given good reason to hope that this also is your wish, from the great number of children who attend, and seem desirous of improvement in the best knowledge; and this hope will be greatly increased in proportion as you regard the following advice:

1. Shew them the nature and excellency of our design.

2. Strictly enjoin them to be exact in attending at the appointed times, and to be attentive to the instructions given them.

3. Give them admonitions and directions at home, as to their behaviour in church, and in

going thither and returning.

4. Encourage them to learn at home what they will be expected to repeat at church; and inquire at home what they have heard at church, and explain to them what may be too difficult for their present capacity.

5. Keep them, by all means in your power, from loose and vicious books and companions ; and endeavour to correct evil dispositions, before they take root, and resist all

efforts. 6. Frequently explain to them, and enforce


upon their consciences, their ruined state by nature and practice—their redemption through Jesus Christ-and the necessity of the Holy Spirit's influence to make them see and feel these truths.

7. Enjoin upon them regularity in private prayer, and in reading the Word of God.

8. Pray for a blessing on your and our endeavours: for neither is he that planteth any thing, nor he that watereth ; but God that giveth the increase.

9. Be watchful over your own conduct, that your example may not counteract our instructions,

10. Despair of nothing in a right way, and with the Divine blessing: Be not weary in welldoing ; for, in due season, ye shall reap, if ye faint not.

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i. THE Support of these Schools is by Annual Sermons only.

II. The Instruction of the scholars is com: mitted to such Gentlemen and Ladies, usually attending this Chapel, as are approved of by the Ministers, and are nominated by them to be Superintendants of the scholars; which Superintendants are assisted by a Master and Mistress. in the Ministers, Chapel Wardens, and Gentlemen Superintendants; who hold a Meeting at the Vestry, the last Tuesday evening in every month, to regulate all matters connected therewith.

III. The Government of the Schools is vested

* These Regulations are here added, for the information of such persons as may wish to establish similar schools: though they were not drawn up by Mr. Cecil, yet they were submitted to his revision, and received his sanction. The Schools at St. John's Chapel contain, on the average, from 120 to 150 children; for whose accommodation the congre

on erected two long galleries above the north and sonth ga ies of the Chapel, one for either sex.

J. P.

IV. The children who apply for admission must be able to read; and those are preferred, whose parents, or nearest relatives, usually attend this Chapel.

V. Children are admitted into the Schools at those Monthly Meetings held on the last Tuesday in March, June, September, and December.

VI. An Annual Sermon is preached to the scholars on May-day; after which a Meeting is held of the Ministers, Chapel Wardens, and Superintendants, when books are given to the scholars of a value proportioned to their good behaviour during the year, and adapted to their age and capacity.

VII. Besides these Annual Rewards, other Rewards in books are given in February, August, and November, to the most meritorious Scholar in each class, such Scholar to be ascertained by the Report of the Superintendant to the Committee, at their preceding Monthly Meeting. Cheap Repository, and other small Tracts, are also provided annually for each Superintendant, to be given discretionally, as occasional rewards, among the deserving scholars. As the Children pass through the schools, they are furnished with proper Catechisms, and a Prayer Book, and, if

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