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first offence is punished by the forfeiture of all the tickets of approbation which the scholar may have then received, and for the second offence the punishment is expulsion.

V. Boys and girls are never to be seen walking together on a Sunday to or from the Chapel.

VI. They are expected to pay cheerful and constant obedience to the Superintendants, Master and Mistress, and such persons as the Master and Mistress may appoint to assist in keeping order and silence in their galleries.




The Children attending the Schools for Religious Instruction,




Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them
to babes.

Matt. xi. 25.

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YOUR friends lately set up a school for your religious instruction: and, as they would do you good in any way, and by every method they can think, of, they desire now to put another tract into your hands. It is a short account of one of your schoolfellows. It will shew you the benefit of religious instruction, as well as the blessing which God has already given to the endeavours of your friends. Above all, we publish it with a hope that it will encourage you to be followers of one of your number, who has lately through faith and patience inherited the promises.

This little boy (whom most of you knew) was the son of Mr. James Watt, of Eyre Street; whose office it is to go continually round the chapel, to see that strangers are seated whenever there is


Mr. Watt has been desired to give some account of his child, and he writes as follows.

“I became a hearer at St. John's Chapel about eight years ago, and took my son, then not five years old, with me.” Observe here, Dear Children, that a parent taking his child to God's house puts him in the way of God's blessing, for, them that honour him, he will honour; 1 Sam. ü. 30.

Mr. Watt goes on to say, "I was soon surprised at the quickness with which he found out the different parts of the Church Service: he would stand on a seat in the aisle by my side, and join me in singing praises to God.” Don't you see here, that, if some children are idle, inattentive, and disorderly at church, it is not because they CANNOT join in the worship with their parents, and profit by the service, but because they are wicked? Pray consider this, lest you provoke God on the very day, and in the very church which he hath appointed to prepare you for his church above,-and lest, in the Day of Judgment this child should be a witness against you.

But let us go on with Mr. Watt's account.

Some time after, several children who stood about the Chapel were collected together, among whom was my son: they used to attend at the house of Mr.

to repeat the Scriptures and Hymns which he set them. My son met with encouragement there, both from Mr. and Mrs.

who separately bestowed books

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