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1891 English Readings. A COMIC PIECE, in One Act. Inscribed to GEORGE

COLMAN, Esq. C. Dilly, 1787. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


This piece is designed to ridicule the craze for Readings of Choice English passages, which had been continued by persons inadequate to the task. It is conducted with some humour.


Another Edition. Dublin. W. Porter, 1788. Sm. 8vo, sewn.




1893 The First Floor. A FARCE. In Two Acts. At the Theatre Royal in DRURY
LANE. C. Dilly, 1787. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.
Dedication to Thomas King (advertisement), Prologue spoken by Mr. Bannister,
Dramatis Personæ (5 pp.).

A successful farce.

Another. Third Edition. C. Dilly, 1787. 8vo, sewn.

Another Edition.

12mo, sewn.

2s 6d



Fourth Edition. C. Dilly, 1789. 8vo, sewn.

1897 The Haunted Tower. A COMIC OPERA, in Three Acts, at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. J. Sellers, Wapping (1796). 16mo, sewn.

Dramatis Personæ (1 p.).

Signora Storace was introduced to the English Stage in this piece. It was a very successful Opera, and was acted eighty times successively, and season passed for many years without a revival.

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Another Edition. Dublin. P. Burne (1789). 12mo, sewn.


2s 6d

2s 6d Another Edition. J. Lowndes, 1819. Fine portrait of Hunt as Lord William. Sm. 8vo, sewn, UNCUT. 1900 Songs, Duets, Trios, and Chorusses, IN THE HAUNTED TOWER. A COMIC OPERA. In Three Acts. At the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. J. Jarvis, 1789. FIRST EDITION, 8no, sewn. 7s 6d Dramatis Personæ (1 p.).

2s 6d

Dublin: G. Perrin. 1787. FIRST DUBLIN EDITION, 2s 6d

2s 6d





Another Edition. ib. 1791. 8vo, sewn.

1902 A House to be Sold. A MUSICAL PIECE, in Two Acts, at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. The Music by MICHAEL KELLY. G. and J. Robinson, 1802. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d


An alteration and enlargement of the French piece, Maison à Vendre. It was well received and has been frequently revived.


Another. Second Edition. 1802. 8vo, sewn.


1904 Love in the East; or, Adventures of Twelve Hours. A COMIC OPERA, in Three Acts. At the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. W. Lowndes, 1788. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


Dedication to Thomas Linley, Preface, Dramatis Personæ (4 pp.).
It was acted with success.

Another. The Second Edition.

1788. 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d Another Edition. Dublin, 1788. FIRST DUBLIN EDITION, 12mo, sewn. 2s 6d 1907 Songs and Chorusses in the COMIC OPERA OF LOVE IN THE EAST; or, Adventures of Twelve Hours. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. J. Jarvis, 1788. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.



1908 Paul and Virginia. A MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, in Two Acts, at the Theatres Royal, London and Dublin. Dublin: P. Byrne (c. 1800). FIRST EDITION (PIRATED), 12mo, sewn.


Baker says the book was never printed; he evidently was unaware of the above pirated edition.

Founded on the French of St. Pierre. Baker says, "by the interesting simplicity of its story has insured a lasting popularity to the piece, which has been performed, we believe, in every season since that in which it first appeared. 1909 Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses, etc., in PAUL AND VIRGINIA. A MUSICAL FARCE, in Two Acts. At the Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden. The Music by Mr. Mazzinghi and Mr. Reeve. T. Rickaby, 1800. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


1910 Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses, etc., in THE PIRATES. AN OPERA, in Three Acts. At the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. E. Cox, 1795. FIRST EDITION, 8vo,


7s 6d

Dramatis Personæ (1 p.).

This was acted with great success while the Opera Company was performing at Drury Lane. The play book was not printed.

1911 Ramah Droog. A COMIC OPERA, in Three Acts, at the Theatre-Royal, CoventGarden. T. N. Longman, 1800. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Acted with success.


1912 Songs, Duets, Trios, and Finales in RAMAH DROOG; or, Wine Does Wonders. A COMIC OPERA, in Three Acts. At the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. The Music by Mazzinghi and Reeve. T. Kickaby, 1798. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


1913 Songs, Duets, etc., in THE SIEGE OF BELGRADE. An OPERA. J. Jarvis, 1791. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, swen. 6s

A successful opera, acted forty-seven times. An Authorised Edition of Songs only was published.


Another Edition. C. Lowndes, N.D. 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d 1915 The Strangers at Home. A COMIC OPERA, in Three Acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Harrison & Co., 1786. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, engraving on title-page, sewn. 7s 6d Dedication to the Prince of Wales, Advertisement, Dramatis Personæ (4 pp.). An interesting piece, as it introduced Mrs. Jordan as a singer on the stage, it being the first musical character she ever attempted.

Some of the incidents are very improbable; it was acted with success.


Another Edition. Dublin: Gilbert, 1786. FIRST DUBLIN EDITION, 12mo, sewn. 2s 6d

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1917 The Wife of Two Husbands. A MUSICAL DRAMA, in Three Acts, at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. The Music by J. Mazzinghi. G. and J. Robinson, 1803. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Adapted from the French of Pixerécourt; it met with success. On the whole this is a good play; the serious part is really interesting.


Another. Second Edition.

1803. Svo, sewn.

Another. Third Edition. 1803. 8vo, sewn.



1920 Songs, Duets, Trios, Chorusses, etc., in THE WIFE OF TWO HUSBANDS. MUSICAL DRAMA, in Three Acts. At the Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane. Music by Mr. Mazzinghi. C. Rickaby, 1803. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.



The 6s




1921 The Female Reign, AN ODE, alluding to Horace, Book IV, attempted in the style of Pindar, occasioned by the wonderful successes of the Arms of Her Majesty and Her Allies. With a Letter to a Gentleman in the University. By SAMUEL COBB, M.A. J. Woodward, 1709. FIRST EDITION, folio, sewn, UNCUT. Preface, "A Letter to a Gentleman in the University (2 pp.). This Ode was reproduced in "A Collection of the Best English Poetry," 1717; the Gentleman's Magazine for 1755 (when it was slightly altered by Dr. Watts, and styled the truest and best Pindaric that he had ever read); in Dodsley's Collection of Poems; whereupon Joseph Warton, in a letter in Nichol's "Literary Anecdotes,' wrote: "Cobb's ode in Dodsley's is most excellent "; and with other poems by Cobb in Nichol's Collection of Poems.

1922 Honour Retriev'd. A POEM.

Occasion'd by the late Victories obtain'd over the French and Bavarians by the Forces of the Allies, under the Command of his Grace the DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH. William Turner, 1705. FIRST EDITION, folio, 28 pp., sewn.


1923 A Pindarique Ode: HUMBLY OFFER'D TO THE EVER-BLESSED MEMORY OF OUR LATE GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN LADY QUEEN MARY. Written by J. D., Gent. John Whitlock, 1694. FIRST EDITION. Folio, sewn. £1 1s Cobb's earliest production which was published under the disguise of J. D. Gent. very soon after his Matriculation at Cambridge.


1924 A Poem on the DEATH OF THE RT. HON. JOSEPH ADDISON, Esq. A. Bettesworth, 1720. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d



1925 Poems on Several Occasions. BY EDWARD COBDEN, D.D., Archdeacon of London, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. Printed for the Benefit of a Clergyman's Widow, and sold by W. Innys, 1748. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, old calf. £1 5s



A New Comedy
Never formerly Published.
The Scene LONDON.

Written by Sir ASTON COCKAYN,


Printed by W. Godbid for Isaac Pridmore, and are to be sold at his Shop at the sign of the Falcon beyond the New Exchange in the Strand, 1657.

FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, sewn, A VERY FINE COPY, preserved in a cloth case, VERY RARE.


Dramatis Personæ, Prologue (3 pp.).

Said to have been written in imitation of Massinger's "Very Woman." There is a tradition that one of the characters-the serving man Jacques-was a study from life in the Ashburne district.


1927 A Specimen of Some Free and Impartial Remarks on Publick Affairs, and Particular Persons, especially RELATING TO SCOTLAND, Occasioned by Dr. BURNET'S HISTORY OF HIS OWN TIMES. T. Warner (1724). FIRST EDITION, 8vo, `sewn. 7s 6d

Advertisement (to the Reader) (2 pp.).

Cockburn was at one time intimate with Burnet, who had succeeded Patrick Scougall at Salton; he gives an account of Burnet's antecedents and early training, and traverses Burnet's statement of the proceedings against him (Burnet) in 1665.


1928 Cocker's Morals; or, The Muses Spring-Garden, Adorned with many Sententious Disticks and POEMS, in Alphabetical Order, Fitted for the Use of all Publick and Private GRAMMAR AND WRITING SCHOOLS, for the Scholars of the first to turn into Latin, and for those of the other to Transcribe into all their various and curious Hands. By EDWARD COCKER, Practitioner in the Arts of Writing, Arithmetic and Engrav·ing, and published for the benefit of Learners. Thomas Drant, 1675. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, sewn, VERY RARE. £6 16s 6d Dedication to Mr. Eleazar Wigan, To the Reader (2 pp.).


1929 The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox, THE VENTRILOQUIST. By HENRY COCKTON. Robert Tyas, 1840. FIRST EDITION. Amusing etchings by F. Onwhyn. 8vo, original cloth, VERY FINE COPY OF THIS SCARCE BOOK. £8 18s 6d


1930 The History of Queen Margaret of Valoys, DAUGHTER OF HENRY THE SECOND, Sister to Henry the Third, and wife to Henry the Fourth of France. Truly representing the growth and fury of the most unnaturall War in that Kingdome, occasioned partly by some of the Catholick Nobility, and partly by the pernicious Counsell of some Bishops. London: Printed in the Yeare 1652. 8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges, with the original elaborately gilt sides bound in as a doublée.

£6 6s

Dedication to John Heale, Esq., Advertisement to the Reader (5 pp.).

1931 The Troublesome and Hard Adventures in Love. LIVELY SETTING FORTH, THE FEAVERS, THE DANGERS, AND THE JEALOUSIES OF LOVERS; and the Labyrinths and Wildernesses of Fears and Hopes through which they dayly passe. Illustrated by many admirable Patterns of Heroical Resolutions in some persons of Chivalry and Honour; and by the Examples of incomparable Perfections in some Ladies. A Work very Delightfull and Acceptable to All. Written in Spanish, by the Excellent and Famous Gentleman, MICHAEL CERVANTES; And exactly Translated into English, By R. C., Gent. B. Alsop, 1652. Black Letter. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges. £18 18s Dedication to James, Earl of Northampton, Printer to the Reader (4 pp.).


CODRINGTON (SAMUEL). 1932 The Beatific Vision. A POEM. R. Hett, 1735.

FIRST EDITION, 4to, 16 pp.. 10s 6d


Dedication to "Mrs. Stephens of L. Sodbury in the County of Gloucester " (2 pp.).

1933 Codrus. A TRAGEDY. J. Johnson, 1774. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.

7s 6d

Dedication, Advertisement, Prologue, Dramatis Personæ (6 pp.). Scene, Athens. This anonymous play was refused by the London managers, but it was supposed to have been acted at Manchester. It is scarce, being unknown to Genest.


1934 The Beggar's Wedding. A NEW OPERA. As it is Acted at the Theatre in Dublin, with great Applause. James and John Knapton, 1729. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn, RARE. £2 2s

Dedication to Trinity College, Dublin, Dramatic Personæ (2 pp.). Actors: Vanderbank, Elrington, Layfield, Sheridan, Paget, Watson, Alcorn, Norris, Dash, Nelson, Mrs. Sterling, Mrs. Liddle, Mrs. Vanderbank. Scene, Dublin.


Another. To which is added The New Prologue and Epilogue. The Second Edition. ib. 1729. 8vo, sewn.




8vo, sewn.

Small 8vo, sewn. 8vo, sewn.


7s 6d 5S 3s 6d 1939 The Boarding School; or, The Sham-Captain. AN OPERA. As it is Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. With the MUSICK PREFIX'D TO EACH SONG. J. Watts, 1733. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Dedication to the Duchess of Queensbury, Table of Songs, Dramatis Personæ (3 pp.). Founded on Durfey's Love for Money.


Another Edition. N. Rich (1729).
Another. Fifth Edition. J. D., 1733.
Another Edition. R. Horsfield, 1763.

1940 The Female Parson: or, Beau in the Sudds. An OPERA, As it is Acted at the New Theatre in the Haymarket. By CHARLES COFFEY, Author of The Beggar's Wedding. Lawton Gilliver, 1730. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, VERY RARE.

£3 3s Dedication to William, Earl of Inchiquin, Prologue, Dramatis Personæ, Epilogue (7 pp.).

This piece was damned on the first night. The play book, apparently, had little success also, as it is now a rare book.


1941 The Devil to Pay; or, The Wives Metamorphos'd. An OPERA. As it is Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. With the MUSICK PREFIX'D TO EACH SONG. J. Watts, 1732. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


Dedication to the Duke of Dorset, Table of Songs, Prologue spoken by Theoph. Cibber, Dramatis Personæ (6 pp.).

In 1731 this Opera, founded on Jevon's Devil of a Wife, was brought out at Drury Lane. There seems to have been some objection to parts of it, and Theophilus Cibber took it in hand and revised it, shortened it to one act, adding the second title. Colley Cibber contributed one song, and included was a song by the Earl of Rochester, written fifty years before. It does no discredit to the many compilers, and constantly gave pleasure whenever performed. It was the means of bringing the great talents of Mrs. Clive to the notice of the managers; her great success in the character of Nell was the foundation of her fortune.

On p. 13 will be found Air IX. The Spirit's Song in Macbeth.


Another Edition, J. Watts, 1738. Engraved front., 8vo, sewn. 7s 6d

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