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8vo, sewn.


Another Edition. J. Watts, 1748.

Another Edition.

Frontispiece by Vander Gucht.


For the Harpsichord, Violin, or German Flute. J. Walsh (1732). Sm. 4to, songs and music engraved throughout, SCARCE. 12s 6d 1945 Another Edition. R. Butters, N.D. Portrait of Mrs. Jordan as Nell. Sm. 4to, sewn.



1946 The Coffee-House; or, FAIR FUGITIVE. A COMEDY of FIVE ACTS. Written by
TION, 8vo, sewn.

The Translator's Preface (5 pp.). The Scene, London.
This anonymous translation is unknown to Genest.



1947 The Scarlet Gown; or, THE HISTORY OF ALL THE PRESENT
CARDINALS OF ROME. Wherin is set forth the Life, Birth, Interest,
Possibility, rich Offices, Dignities, and charges of every Cardinal now
living. Also their Merits, Vertues, and Vices: Together with the
cariage of the Pope and Court of Rome. Written originally in Italian,
and translated into English by H. C., Gent. Humphrey Moseley, 1653.
Small 8vo, old calf, with a portrait of "a Cardinal in his Habit as hee
sitts in the Consistory."
£2 2s

See List of Books Printed for Humphrey Moseley, at end:—
No. 91, Poems written by Mr. William Shakespeare, Gent., in 8vo.

No. 80, is "The Two Noble Kinsmen," A Comedy written by FRANCIS BEAUMONT AND JOHN FLETCHER, Gent., in 4to. Shakespeare is not mentioned; we know no early edition without his name on title.


1948 John Buncle, Junior, GENTLEMAN.

vignette on title-page, 8vo. sewn.

See pp. 211-12 for SHAKESPEARE matter.

J. Johnson, 1776. FIRST EDITION,

10s 6d


1949 The C * * * * * * * * II Volunteer Corps. A FARCE, in Two Acts, by an Inhabitant of COGGLESHALL.

1804. 8vo, sewn.

A scarce local item.


3s 6d

The Third Edition.

Colchester, J. Marsden,

Unknown to Genest or Baker. Anonymous.

1950 A Speech made by Sir Robert Cotton, Kt. and Bt., before the Lds. of Privy-Council, at the Council-Table. Being thither called to deliver his Opinion, TOUCHING THE ALTERATION OF COIN. Tho. Horne, 1690. Small 4to, 12 pp., sewn.

£2 2s

COKE (ROGER). 1951 England's Improvements. In two Parts. In the former is discoursed How the Kingdom of England may be Improved, in STRENGTH, WEALTH, EMPLOYMENT, TRADE. By encreasing the Value of Lands, The Revenues of the Crown and Church, Peace and Amity with Foreign Nations, without any Charge to the Subject. In the latter is discoursed, HOW THE NAVIGATION OF ENGLAND may be Increased, and the Soveraignty of the British Seas more secured to the Crown of England. J. C. for Henry Brome, 1675. Small 4to, half calf, top gilt. £2 15s


1952 The Arbour; or, The Rural Philosopher. А РОЕМ. R. and J. Dodsley, 1756. FIRST EDITION, 4to, sewn.


10s 6d

1953 Rege Incolumi, Mens omnibus una! A LOYAL POETICAL GRATULATION presented to his Majesty AT A REVIEW OF THE KENTISH YEOMANRY AND VOLUNTEERS. AUG. 1, 1799, IN MOTE PARK, MAIDSTONE. By the Rev. W. COLE, MAIDSTONE. Maidstone: J. Blake, 1799. FIRST EDITION. 4to, sewn. 10s 6d


1954 The Piccolomini; or, The First Part of Wallenstein. A DRAMA, in Five Acts. Translated from the German of FREDERICK SCHILLER, by S. T. COLERIDGE. T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1800.-The Death of Wallenstein. A TRAGEDY, in Five Acts. Translated from the German of FREDERICK SCHILLER, By S. T. COLERIDGE, Ib. 1800. Two Parts, FIRST EDITION. Engraved oval portrait of Wallenstein by J. Chapman. 8vo, together, calf rebacked. £2 2s Preface, Dramatis Personæ (3 pp.).

1955 Remorse. A TRAGEDY, in Five Acts. By S. T. COLERIDGE. W. Pople, 1813. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.

This beautifully written tragedy was acted with success twenty times.


Another. Second Edition. 1813. 8vo, sewn.
Another. Third Edition. 1813. 8vo, sewn.

£1 10s

2s 6d


2s 6d

1958 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. By S. T. COLERIDGE. Illustrated. Sampson, Low, 1857. 4to, original cloth. 4s 6d

The illustrations are by E. H. Wehnert (18), Birket Foster (2), E. Duncan (6); and they are engraved by Horace Harral and Edmund Evans.

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1959 Lapolya: A CHRISTMAS TALE, in Two Parts. The Prelude entitled" THE USURPER'S FORTUNE, and the Sequel entitled "THE USURPER'S FATE." By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq. Rest. Fenner, 1817. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, orig. blue paper covers, UNCUT. £3 13s 6d

1959a- Another Copy. Ib., 1817. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Advertisement, Characters (2 pp.).



1960 XPINTOAOFIA. Or a Metrical Paraphrase on the History of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. DEDICATED TO HIS UNIVERSAL CHURCH. Peter Parker, 1671. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, old calf,


£2 2s

1960a The Harmony of the Four Evangelists in a Metrical Paraphrase ON THE HISTORY OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST: Dedicated to His Universal Church. By ELISHA COLES, late of Magd. Coll., Oxon. Printed for Peter Parker. 1679. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original calf. £4 4s 1960b The History of the Life and Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A POEM. ILLUSTRATED WITH PROPER EMBLEMS. By ELISHA COLES, late of Madg. Coll. Oxon. Printed for Peter Parker. 1680. Portrait of Charles II. and numerous engraved plates. FIRST EDITION WITH ENGRAVINGS. 8vo, original calf.

£8 8$


1961 A Collection of Poems, viz., THE TEMPLE OF DEATH, by the Marquis of Normanby. An Epistle to the Earl of Dorset. By CHARLES MONTAGU, Lord Halifax. The Duel of the Stags, by Sir Robert Howard. With Several Original Poems, never before Printed. By the E. of Roscommon, Rochester, Orrery, Sir C. Sedley, Sir G. Etherege, Mr. Granville, Mr. Stepney, Mr. Dryden. SECOND EDITION. Ralph Smith, 1702. 8vo. £2 2s

In this volume is found the FIRST EDITION of Matthew Prior's Hans Carvel translated from La Fontaine.



1962 Selima and Azor. A PERSIAN TALE, in Three Parts, as performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. J. Bell, 1784. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Dedication to the Lady Hunloke of Wingeworth-Park, Derbyshire, Advertisement, Dramatis Personæ (3 pp.).

This is professedly taken from the French, and is quite as good as the generality of those Musical Entertainments. It was acted with great success and was revived.

1963 Songs, Duets, Trios, etc., in the DRAMATIC ROMANCE OF SELIMA AND AZOR, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. J. Wilkie, 1776 FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.



1964 An Essay upon Gaming, in a Dialogue between Callimachus and Dolomedes. J. Morphew, 1713. Sm. 8vo, 48 pp., a fine copy, sewn.

£1 1s

1965 The History of Passive Obedience SINCE THE REFORMATION. Amsterdam: Theodore Johnson, 1689. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, sewn, border of title-page shaved, scarce.

£1 1s 1966 A Moral Essay CONCERNING THE NATURE AND UNREASONABLENESS OF PRIDE: in the most plausible Pretences of this Vice are Examined. In a Conference between Philotimus and Philalethes. By JEREMY COLLIER, M.A. The Second Edition. Joseph Hindmarsh, 1693. Svc, sewn.

COLLIER (JOHN, Tim Bobbin ").


1967 The Passions Humorously Delineated [POEMS], by TIMOTHY BOBBIN, Esq., Author of The Lancashire Dialect; containing Twentyfive Plates, with his Portrait, Title-page, and POÉTICAL DESCRIPTIONS. E. Orme, 1810. FIRST EDITION, with fine engraved COLOURED PLATES and portrait of Tim Bobbin, 4to, half calf.


£4 15s

1968 Schiller (F.). The Fight with the Dragon. A ROMANCE. By F. SCHILLER, with a Translation by J. P. COLLIER, Esq., author of The Poetical Decameron. Illustrated with Sixteen Engravings in outline by Henry Moses from the designs of Retsch. Septimus Prowett, 1825. Fine Engravings. 4to, cloth.



1969 A Congratulatory Poem on His Majesty's Happy Return to England. J. Roberts, 1732. FIRST EDITION, folio, 12pp., sewn.


COLLINGES (JOHN, D.D.). 1970 A Reasonable Account, why some PIOUS, NONCONFORMING MINISTERS in England, judge it sinful for them to perform their Ministerial Acts in publick, solemn prayer by the PRESCRIBED FORMS of others against pretended answers, by Ireneus Freeman or Mr. Falconer in his book LIBERTAS ECCLESIASTICA. 1679. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, sheep.

To the Reader (10 pp.).

Anno 15S

1971 A Sober and Temperate Discourse, CONCERNING THE INTEREST OF WORDS IN PRAYER. The just Antiquity and PEDIGREE OF LITURGIES, OR FORMS OF PRAYER IN CHURCHES; With a View of THE STATE OF THE CHURCH, WHEN THEY WERE FIRST COMPOSED IS IMPOSED. Together with A Discovery of the weakness of the grounds upon which they were first brought in. By H. D., M.A. Printed for W. A., 1661. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, sewn.


1972 Alfred the Great. А РОЕМ. James Ridgway, 1836. 8vo, cloth, UNCUT. Preface (6 pp.).


10s 6d

3s 6d

1973 A Discourse CONCERNING RIDICULE AND IRONY IN WRITING, in a Letter to the Reverend Dr. Nathanael. Marshall. J. Brotnerton, Sold by T. Warner, 1729. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.



£1 1s

An important treatise which brought a host of replies on the subject, including one by Swift. The author, considered the most conspicuous of the deist writers, who took the line of historical criticism, was the object of innumerable attacks. His work is interesting both for the history of contemporary speculation and for the application of Locke's principles which he advocates.

1975 Free Thoughts upon the Discourse of Free-Thinking. John Pemberton, 1713. 8vo, sewn.


1976 Priestcraft in Perfection; or, A DETECTION OF THE FRAUD OF INSERTING AND CONTINUING THIS CLAUSE (The Church hath Power to Decree Rites and Ceremonies, and Authority in Controversys of Faith). In the Twentieth Article of The Articles of the Church of England. B. Bragg, 1710. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d


1977 Mr. Wray's Cash-Box; or, THE MASK AND THE MYSTERY. A Christmas Sketch. By W. WILKIE COLLINS, Author of "Antonina," etc., etc. Richard Bentley, 1852. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, etched frontispiece by J. E. MILLAIS, original cloth, scarce.


10s 6d

1978 Airs, Trios, Chorusses, etc., etc., in the COMICK OPERA, in Two Acts, called THE BARBER OF SEVILLE (founded on the Opera of that name). At the Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden. E. Macleish, 1818. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


This Comic Opera has considerable merit; it is founded on The Spanish Barber, with the addition of a new scene and many songs.

1979 Bonduce. A TRAGEDY. Written by BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER, with ALTERATIONS, at the Theatre-Royal, in the Haymarket. T. Cadell, 1778. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.

Advertisement, Dramatis Personæ (2 pp.).
This is a very good adaptation.




Another. The Third Edition. 1778. 8vo, sewn.
Another Edition. Appleyards, 1808. 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d

2s 6d


1982 Comus. A Masque. ALTERED FROM MILTON. As performed at the TheatreRoyal in the Hay-Market. The Musick composed by Dr. Arne. T. Cadell, 1780. 8vo, cloth. 1983

Another Edition. J. Miller, 1815. 8vo, sewn.


7s 6d

1984 Critical Reflections on the Old English Dramatick Writers: Intended as a Preface to the Works of Massinger, ADDRESSED TO DAVID GARRICK. T. Davies, 1761. 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d

1985 The Deuce is in Him. A FARCE of Two Acts, at the Theatre-Royal in DruryLane. T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1763. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d Preface, Prologue (2 pp.).

Reference to Shakespeare in a footnote to the Prologue. This Comedy is founded on two tales of Marmontel. Prattle in the piece, played by King, appears to have been the first of the so-called "Patter Parts," in which, in days comparatively recent, Charles Matthews won much reputation.



1986 The English Merchant. A COMEDY, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. GEORGE COLMAN. T. Becket, 1767. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. Dedication to Voltaire, Prologue spoken by Mr. King, Epilogue (in form of scene) written by DAVID GARRICK (6 pp.). This is founded on 66 L'Eccosaise" of Voltaire. Colman has not made any material alterations in the plot, but has improved the play in many points. It brought Colman, in subsequent years, a letter from Voltaire, behind the polite phraseology of which lurks more than a suspicion of satire.


Another. The Second Edition. T. Becket, 1767. 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d 1988 Epicone; or, The Silent Woman. A COMEDY, written by Ben Jonson, at the the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. WITH ALTÉRATIONS BY GEORGE COLMAN. T. Becket, 1776. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.


Advertisement, Prologue by George Colman, spoken by Palmer, Dramatis Personæ

(3 pp.).

Ben Jonson's play had not been performed for twenty years. This is a most judicious alteration by Colman; in the advertisement prefixed he speaks of the excellence of the Comedy and the cold reception it met with, adding that he cannot pay the modern Critics so high a compliment as to suppose it incumbent on him to defend Ben Jonson and his admirers; or to make an apology for having with the kind assistance of Mr. Garrick promoted the revival of Epicone, the perusal of which he recommends in the closet to those acute spirits who thought it unworthy of the stage.

1989 The Fairy Prince: A MASQUE, as it is performed at the TheatreRoyal in Covent Garden. T. Becket, 1771. FIRST EDITION, 8vo,



Acted with success more than twenty three times.

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£1 1s

The greater part is borrowed from Jonson's Masque of Oberon," with passages from SHAKESPEARE, DRYDEN, and Gilbert West.

1990 Songs, Airs, etc., in the ENTERTAINMENT OF HARLEQUIN TEAGUE; or, The Giant's Causeway [PANTOMIME]. At the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket. T. Cadell, 1782. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.

Dramatis Persone (1 p.).

The play book was not printed. This piece was very successful.


1991 The Jealous Wife. A COMEDY, as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. By GEORGE COLMAN, Esq. J. Newbery, 1761. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d

Dedication to the Earl of Bath, Prologue written by Mr. Lloyd, spoken by Mr. GARRICK, Advertisement, Epilogue spoken by Mrs. Clive (9 pp.).

Shakespeare is referred to in the Dedication, the Prologue, and on the last leaf. The groundwork of the piece is derived from Fielding's Tom Jones. The play was popular and frequently revived.

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