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No. 228 The Book Lovers' Leaflet.

No. 228


Old and Rare Books

of (with some exceptions)

English Literature

Part III. (Cam-Col)

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A Collection of Old and Rare Books of

(with some exceptions)

English Literature.


1329 A Particular Declaration or Testimony, OF THE UNDUTIFULL AND TRAITEROUS AFFECTION BORNE AGAINST HER MAJESTIE, BY EDMOND CAMPION, Jesuite, and other condemned Priestes, witnessed by their owne Confessions: in reproofe of those slaunderous bookes and libels delivered out to the contrary by such as are malitiously affected towards her Maiestie and the state. Christopher Barker, 1582. (See Reproduction of Title-page.) Black Letter. Small 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges. Dedication to Her Majestie's good and faithfull subjects.


1330 A true report of the Disputation or rather private Conference had in the Tower of London, with Ed. Campion Jesuite, THE LAST OF AUGUST, 1581. SET DOWNE BY THE REVEREND LEARNED MEN THEMSELVES THAT DEALT THEREIN. Whereunto is joyned also a true report of the other three dayes conferences had there with the same Jesuite. Which nowe are thought meete to be published in print by authoritie. Christopher Barker, Januarii 1, 1583. Black Letter. Small 4to, original vellum.


£8 8s

1332 The Golden Rule; or, Justice Advanced. WHEREIN IS SHEWED, THAT THE REPRESENTATIVE KINGDOM, OR CMNS ASMBLD IN PRLMNT, HAVE A LAWFULL POWER TO ARRAIGN, AND ADJUDGE TO DEATH THE KING, for Tyranny, Treason, Murder, and other high Misdemeanors: And whatsoever is objected to the contrary from Scripture, Law, Reason, or Inconveniences, is satisfactorily answered and refuted. By JOHN CANNE. Peter Cole, 1649. Sm. 4to, *36 pp., sewn. 10s 6d

CANNON (R., D.D.).

1333 An Account of Two Motions MADE IN THE LOWER HOUSE OF CONVOCATION. By R. CANNON, D.D., Archdeacon of Norfolk. E. Sanger, 1712. 8vo,






Aparticular declara

tion oz testimony, ofthe vndutifull and traiterous affection borne against her Maieftie by Edmond Campion Jefuite, and other condemned Priestes,witnessed by their owne confefsions:in reproofe of those flaunderous bookes & libels deliuered out to

the contrary by fuch as are malitiously af-
fected towards her Maieftie
and the state.

Published by authoritie.

Imprinted at Lon

don by Christopher Barker,
Printer to the Queenes moft
excellent Maiestie.

AN, DO, 1582.


(See No. 1329).


1334 Cantus Monastici formula nouiter impressa: ac in melius redacta: sui que deerant adiuncta: que vero superflua videbantur, adempta sunt: cuz tono lamentationis Hieremie prophete & aliquibus aliis cantibvs mensuratis ipsi tempori cogruis (colophon), Cantorinus & processionarius per totu annu in divinis officiis celebrandis in ritu congregationis cassinesis alias sancte Justine ordinis sancti benedicti diligentissime copositus & ordinatus cum multis in eo de novo appositis studiosissime revisus & in officina Luceantonij Junte florentini Venetiis, excusus Anno domini MDXXXV. mense ferbruario (1535). Full-page woodcut and initials, Gothic Letter, in red and black, musical notations throughout, 12mo, old Italian morocco, with small crucifixion in gilt on sides, metal clasps. £9 9s

CAPEL (ARTHUR, Earl of Essex).

1335 An Account How the Earl of Essex killed himself IN THE TOWER OF LONDON. July 13, 1683. As it appears by the Coroners Inquest, and the several Informations following. John Bill, 1683. Folio, 8 pp., sewn.



1336 Animadversions on a Late Paper Entituled, A LETTER TO A DISSENTER, upon occasion of his Majesties late Gracious Declaration of Indulgence. By H. C. J. Harris, 1687. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, 40 pp., sewn.

10s 6d 1337 Draconica; or, An Abstract of all the Penal Laws touching Matters of Religion; AND THE SEVERAL OATHS AND TESTS THEREBY ENJOYNED, Now so much Controverted. With brief Observations Thereupon. Published for more General Information and Satisfaction. By H. C. George Larkin, 1687. FIRST EDITION. Folio, fore-edges shaved, 20 pp., sewn.


1338 A Modest Enquiry Whether St. Peter were ever at Rome, AND BISHOP OF THAT CHURCH? Wherein I. The Arguments of Cardinal Bellarmine and others, for the Affirmative, are Considered. II. Some Considerations taken notice of, that render the Negative highly Probable. R. Taylor, 1687. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, 120 pp., sewn.


10s 6d

1339 To the High Court of Parliament. A VINDICATION OF THE PROTESTANT RELIGION, OR OF THE INNOCENCY OF THE MARTYRS, against the Pope's Supremacy, and against the Errors of the Church of Rome (6 pp.). To the Honourable, the Commons of England in Parliament Assembled. THE HUMBLE PETITION OF ABEL CAREW, an Excluded Door-Keeper from This Honourable House. (c. 1689). FOLIO BROADSIDE. Folio together, sewn.



1341 The Poems and Masque of Thomas Carew, Gentleman of the Privy-Chamber to King Charles I., and Cup-Bearer to His Majesty. With an Introductory Memoir, an Appendix of Unauthenticated Poems from MS. Notes, and a Table of First Lines. Edited by JOSEPH WOODFALL EBS WORTH, M.A., F.S.A., etc. Reeves and Turner, 1893. LARGE PAPER. 8vo, half boards, UNCUT. 10s 6d

CAREY (HENRY, Earl of Monmouth).

1342 The Use of Passions. Written in French by J. F. SENAULT, and Put into English by HENRY, EARL OF MONMOUTH. W. G. for John Sims, 1671. 8vo, fine engraved title-page, portrait bust of Monmouth, calf.


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