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Harvard College Library

Nov. 10, 1914
Gift of

Luther S. Livingston,
of Cambridge

Parties who cannot attend the Sale, may have their orders attended

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CHARLES DE F. BURNS, 157 Mercer Street, New York.

JANSEN MCCLURG & Co., Chicago.

PORTER & COATES, Philadelphia.


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Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain. 12°

62 1 ABBOTT, J. S. C. half morocco. Boston, 1875 2,252 ABROTT. History of Maine, from the Earliest Discovery by the Northmen to the Present Time. Illustrations. 8° half morBoston, 1875


2.778 ABBOT Genealogy. Descendants of George Abbot of Andover;


George Abbot of Rowley; Thomas Abbot of Andover; Ar-
thur Abbot of Ipswich; Robert Abbot of Bradford, and Geo.
Abbot of Norwalk. 8° cloth.
Boston, 1847

2.50 4 ABINGTON, Mass. History of, from its First Settlement by Benjamin Hobart. Portrait and illustrations. 12° cloth. Bost., 1866 5 ABINGTON. Semi-Centennial Celebration, June 10th, 1862. 8° 187 6 ABNAKIS (The), and their History, by Rev. Eugene Vetromile. New York, 1866


Boston, 1862

Illustrations. 16° cloth.

2,757 ABNAKIS. Indian Good Book, made by Eugene Vetromile, Illus trations. 18° morocco. New York, 1857

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8 ACADIA. Me. Geographical View of the District of Maine, including the History of Acadia, Penobscot River and Bay, by Joseph Whipple. 8° stitched, uncut. Bangor, 1816 2.259 ACADIA. Remarks on the French Memorials, concerning the limits of Acadia; to which is added an Answer to the Summary Discussion, etc. Map. (One map wanting.) London, 1756 25 10 ACCOUNT of the Proceedings at the Dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans connected with the Great Exhibition. 8° cloth. Pickering: London, 1851 3.7511 ACCOUNT of the Proceedings of the British and other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Province of Quebeck, in North America. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1775 2./2 12 ACTON, Mass. Address. July 21, 1835, at the First Centennial Anniversary of the Organization of the Town, by Josiah Adams. Plate. 8° paper. Boston, 1835 2.713 ACTON, Me. History of, by Joseph Fullonton. 16° paper.

Dover, 1847

.0 14 ACTON; or, the Circle of Life. Collection of Thoughts and Observations designed to Delineate Life, Man, and the World. 12° cloth. New York, 1849 .40 15 ACTS passed at a Congress of the United States of America, held at the City of New York, March 4, 1789. 8° sheep.

New Haven, 1789

6.77 16 ACWORTH, N. H. History of, with Proceedings of the Centennial
Anniversary, Genealogical Records, and Register of Farms,
by J. L Merrill. Portraits. 8° cloth.
Acworth, 1869
4./2 17 ACWORTH. Cook's Sermon at the Dedication of the New Meet-
ing House, December 12, 1821; - Discourse and Farewell
Sermons, by Same, March 8, 1829;-Discourse on the Life of
Rev. P. Cooke, by Rev. E. S. Wright. 3 pamphlets.

25 18 ADAMS, F. C. Siege of Washington, D.C., written expressly for
Little People. Illustrations. Square 16° cloth. New York.
19 ADAMS, Hannah. Abridgment of the History of New England.
Map. 12° boards, uncut.
Boston, 1805
1.50 20 ADAMS-Morse Controversy. Narrative of the Controversy, by
Hannah Adams;-Remarks on, by John Lowell ;-Appeal to
the Public, by J. Morse. 3 pamphlets.
Boston, 1814
80 21 ADAMS, John Quincy. Poems of Religion and Society, with No-
tices of his Life and Character, by John Davis and T. H. Ben-
ton. Portrait. 16° cloth.
New York, 1853
50 22 ADAMS. Dermot MacDermot, on the Conquest of Ireland. 16°
Columbus, 1834
2523 ADAMS. The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe. Por-
traits. 12° cloth.
Buffalo, 1850
40 24 ADAMS. Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory. 2 vols. 8° boards,
Boston, 1810
50 25 ADAMS. Twelve Messages from the Spirit of John Quincy Ad-
ams, through Joseph D. Stiles, to Josiah Brigham. 8° cloth.
Boston, 1859



75 26 ADAMS. Memoir of the Life of, by Josiah Quincy.

Portrait. 8° half calf. Boston, 1858 1/2 27 ADAMS, John. Eulogies on, by Waterston, Hague, Allen, Hosmer, Sharp, Everett, Parker, Lunt. 9 pamphlets.

328 ADAMS and Jefferson. Selection of Eulogies pronounced in the
several States in Honor of John Adams and Thomas Jeffer-
son. 8° boards, uncut.

Hartford, 1826
29 ADAMS, Mrs. Letters of, with an Introductory Memoir, by C. F.
Adams. Portrait. 2 vols. 18° cloth.
Boston, 1840


30 AGASSIZ, Louis. Lake Superior; its Physical Character, Vegeta-
tion, and Animals compared with those of other and similar
Illustrations. 8° cloth.
Boston, 1850

06 31 AIKEN, John F. History of Liberty. 12° cloth. New York, 1877
15 32 AINSWORTH, C. W. Indiana Editorial Excursions.

12° cloth. Indianapolis. 1875 70 33 ALABAMA Claims. Case of the United States. Royal 8° cloth. Washington, 1871 34 ALABAMA. Official Correspondence on the Claims of the United States in respect to the "Alabama." 8° cloth. London, 1867 3.25 35 ALBACH, James R. Annals of the West, embracing a Concise Account of the Principal Events, which have occurred in the Western States and Territories, from the Discovery of the Mississippi Valley to 1856. 8° cloth. Pittsburgh, 1858


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6.15 36 ALBANY, N. Y. Collections on the History of, from its Discovery to the Present Time, with Notices of its Public Institutions and Biographical Sketches of Citizens Deceased. Portraits and plates. Vols. 2-4. 3 vols. royal 8° cloth. Albany, 1867-71 37 ALBANY. Annals of, by Joel Munsell. Vols. I, VII, VIII, X. _4 Albany, 1869 5038 ALBANY. Inauguration of the Dudley Observatory;— Statement of the Trustees; - Key to the Trustees' Statement ;- Letter to the Majority of the Trustees ;-Gould's Reply to the Statement ;-Defence of Dr. Gould. 5 vols. 8° paper.

vols. 12° cloth.

Albany, 1858-9


7.50 39 ALDEN, Rev. Timothy. Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions, with Occasional Notes. 5 vols. 18° boards, unNew York, 1814 /3740 ALDEN Genealogy. Descendants of Hon. John Alden, by E. Alden. 8° paper. Randolph, 1867 18° Phila., 1872 3742 ALLAN, Col. John. Memoir of, with a Genealogy, by G. H. Allan. 8° paper, uncut. Albany, 1867 13743 ALLEN, Col. Ethan. Memoir of, by Hugh Moore.

75 41 ALFRED, Me. Centennial History of, by Dr. M.



16° roan. Plattsburgh, N. Y., 1834

40044 ALLEN, Ira. Narrative of the Transactions, relative to the Capture of the Ship Olive Branch. (No title-page.) pp. (2) 368. 8° half calf. n. p., 1804


The unfinished second volume of the "Particulars of the Capture of the
Ship Olive Branch," etc. (London, 1798.)

45 ALLEN. Natural and Political History of the State of Vermont.
Map. 8° boards, uncut.
London, 1798
Salem, 1801

46 ALLEN, Paul. Original Poems. 12° sheep.

047 ALLEN, R. H. New England Tragedies, in Prose.

12° cloth. Boston, 1869

8 sheep. Boston, 1832

/048 ALLEN, William. American Biographical Dictionary.

6549 ALLEN, Z. Defence of the Rhode Island System of Treatment

of the Indians. 8° cloth.

Providence, 1876

87 50 ALLEN. Genealogical Sketches of the Allen Family of Medfield, by Joseph Allen. Portrait. 12° cloth. Boston, 1869 80 History of the Allen Township Presbyterian Church, and the Community which has Sustained it, by Rev. J. C. Clyde. 16° stitched. Phila., 1876

51 ALLEN Township, Pa.


52 ALLIX, Rev. Peter. Some Remarks upon the Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont. 8° calf.

2.6254 AMARANTH; or Masonic Garland.

Oxford, 1821 ♫ 53 ALSTEAD, N. H. Sermon, January, 1826, with Historical Sketches of the Town, by S. S. Arnold. 8° boards. Alstea.l, 1826 Vol. 1, in parts, uncut. Boston, 1828


40 55 AMBLER, Sergeant I. W. 4.

Life of. Illustrations. 8° cloth.
Boston, 1873

56 AMERICAN Academy of Arts and Sciences, Memoirs. Vols. 1, 3, and 4, old Series, and Vols. 2, 3, 4, (Part 2) 5, (Part 1) and 6. 8 vols. 4° boards and paper, uncut. Boston, 1785-1857 73 57 AMERICAN Education Society. Brief View of, with the 11th, 12th, and 13th Annual Reports of the Directors. 8° boards. Andover, 1827-29 7558 AMERICAN Jest Book; being a Chaste Collection of Anecdotes, Bon Mots and Epigrams. 24° cloth.

Phila., 1833 4559 AMERICAN Naval Battles; being a Complete History of the Battles fought by the Navy of the United States, from 1794-1840. Illustrated. 12° sheep. Boston, 1840 2/ 60 AMERICAN Novels. Herbert Wendell, a Tale of the Revolution; -Tales of the Puritans ;-Tales of the Good Woman, by a Doubtful Gentleman;-Christian Indian, Foresters, etc. 7 vols.. 4.50 61 AMERICAN Remembrancer; an Impartial Collection of Essays, Resolves, Speeches, etc., relative to the Treaty with Great Britain. 3 vols. 8° boards, uncut. Phila., 1795 2.80 62 AMERICAN Review of History and Politics, Jan., 1811 to July, 1812. 7 parts, 8° paper. 2.8763 AMERICAN Statistical Association Collections, Vol. 1. lished.) 8° cloth.


64 AMES, Fisher. Works of. Portrait. 8° boards, uncut. 565 AMES, Nathan. Pirate's Glen and Dungeon Rock. 18° cloth. Boston, 1853 2,66 AMESBURY and Merrimac, Mass. History of, by Joseph Merrill. Portraits and map. 8° cloth. Haverhill, 1880 3,/2 67 AMHERST, N. H. Historical Sketch of, by John Farmer. 8° paper. Concord, 1837 1.56 68 AMHERST.

Historical Discourse on the rooth Anniversary of the Congregational Meeting House, by J. C. Davis;-Historical Address, by W. B. Towne. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° paper and cloth. Concord, 1874 1.50 69 AMHERST College. Reminiscences, Historical, Scientific, Biographical and Autobiographical, by Edward Hitchcock. Portrait and map. 8° cloth. Northampton, 1863 15 70 AMHERST College. Opening of Walker Hall, Oct. 20th, 1870. 8° cloth. Boston, 1871 7571 AMHERST College. The Sprite from the Elves of Ginnistian. Frontispiece. 8° boards. Amherst, 1831-2

(All pub

Boston, 1843
Bost., 180

72 AMMIDOWN, Holmes. Historical Collections, Containing: I. The
Reformation in France; II. The History of Seven Towns,
Oxford, Dudley, Webster, Sturbridge, Charlton, Southbridge,
and Woodstock. Portraits on India paper. 2 vols. 8 cloth,
uncut, gilt tops.
New York, 1877

73 AMIDOWN Genealogy, and a partial Record of some other Fam-
ilies of Southbridge, Mass., by Holmes Ammidown. 8° paper,
New York, 1877


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