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To me Today at 2:39 PM
Hi I'm Daysha. In my opinion, I'm not even one of Chris Brown's biggest fans because I consider myself TeamBreezy! When I was younger, my parents would only allow me to listen
to gospel music so I didn't know much about any R&B or Hip-Hop artists. As I got older, my parents became more lenient and I was allowed more things. I started listening to the radio and started getting a feel for R&B music. Around the age of 12 I fell in love with Christopher. I began to start listening to him and him only. I began to catch up on everything I've missed on him and learned more about him. If you ask me when his birthday is, how old he is, his zodiac sign, his ethnicity or anything else I could tell you. My parents think it's something I'm going to grow out of but I'm 16 still feeling the same way but instead now it's worse or as my mom describes it, I'm obsessed. For a long time I have been wanting to go see Chris in person but our location and his majority of the time is way too far. If he's close to me then it's the money, there's always something stopping me from meeting my first love. When I was doing my daily search on Chris, I found out he was going on tour! I was even more happier to find out he was coming to New Jersey near my home! Words can't describe how fast I ran to my mother to tell her and the joy it gave me. My Aunt on my father's side has been planning to throw me a sweet 16 since I was about 5 but I kept telling my mom I rather go to the Chris Brown concert with good seats rather than a sweet 16. So after all my begging, my mom finally started working on getting the tickets. Once my aunt found out I wasn't having a sweet 16 she was very mad but she began to support my mom with tickets. About 2-3 weeks before the concert my aunt just totally stopped calling and stopped informing me about getting the tickets. So now I began to give up and began to think that I'm not ever going to meet him. The day before February 21st, my mom told me I was going to the concert and that my grandma bought me tickets! Words can't describe how overjoyed I was. Then come to find out, my father bought me tickets too! Since my dad bought tickets, my dad gave them to my brother and step-brother so they don't go to waste. So now the original plan was for my brother, step-brother, aunt and I to go see Chris Brown! It was amazing like a dream come true, it was almost unreal. My grandma lives in Delaware and she couldn't take off of work that day so straight after work she picked up my aunt and started making her way down to New Jersey. The weather that day was horrible, it was snowing heavy but my grandma was still coming down. As time went on, I started getting a little worried that she wasn't going to make it on time. Once my grandmother arrived at my house it was already around 10:00pm but she said that we could still make at least a little bit of the concert. So we decided to rush down to the Izod Center to see everyone coming out. My grandma immediately started to cry but I'm still filled with hope. I told her that maybe we could find his tour bus or maybe those people are coming out from another concert. So since my aunt knows my brother went to the concert, she called him to ask if it was over. Once he said yes, everyone's heart was broken but not as much as mine. It hurt to get so close to something you've been waiting for since almost forever to get it destroyed. What hurt the most was to see all the people who were probably not even fans of Chris Brown come out and people who probably didn't even go for the love and dedication they should have for Chris Brown but just for the simple fact that he's sexy. Some probably didn't even go to the concert to see Chris, they probably went for Trey or Tyga! But me, I have that love and dedication for him and not only the love of a fan but the love a family member would have for him. Once my grandma started driving off, I began crying harder. Anyone who knows 

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