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By the Rev. G. N. WRIGHT, M. A. P.A.R. H. A. &c.















NOV. 15, 1939




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L AN LANGWITH, tnshp. England, par. Whel LANSARGUES, tn. France, depart. Herault, drake, wapentake Ouse and Derwent, liberty St. prov. Languedoc; 10 m. W. from Montpellier. Peter, York, co. York, E. riding. Acres, 870. Pop. 1120. Real prop. £450. Pop. 44. York (P. T. 196). LANSERD, vil. Central Asia, prov. Mazan,

LANHYDROCK, par. England, hund. Pyder, deran, Persia; 11 m. W. from Fehrabad: on the co. Cornwall. Acres, 1680. Real prop. £1213. coast of the Caspian sea. Pop. 239. Bodmin (P. T. 235). Liv. a cur. in LANSING, tn. N. America, U. S., co. Tomkins, dioc. Exeter.

New York. Pop. 4620. LANIVET, par. England, hund. Pyder, co. of LANSINBURG, tn. N. America, U. S., co. Cornwall. Acres, 5540. Real prop. £4086. Pop. Reusselaer, New York; 4 m. above York, and 9:22. Bodmin (P. T. 235). Here are alms- 9 m. above Albany. Pop. 2663. On the e. houses with a charity school annexed, supported side of Hudson riv., near its confluence with the by lands formerly belonging to the Benedictine Mohawk river. monastery of St. Benet. Liv. a rect. dioc. Exeter. LANTA, or LENTA, tn. France, depart. Upper

LANJANG, or LANTCHANG, city, E. Asia, cap. Garonne, prov. Languedoc; 10 m. E. from Touof kingd. Laos. Lat. 18. 28. n. Long. 101. louse. Pop. 1535. 40. E. On the Menam Kong, or Mekon riv. It LANTAGHUR, tn. Hindostan, dist. Lamis an extensive and splendid city, with a mag- jungh, prov. Nepaul. Lat. 29. 7. N. Long 84. nificent royal palace.

21. E. Subject to the rajah of Nepaul. LANKAYT, island, S. Pacific ocean, off the LANTEGLOS, par. England, hund. Lescoast of island Celebes. Lat. 5. 1. s. Long. newth, co. Cornwall. Acres (with Camelford), 119, 10. E.

3750. Real prop. £4141. Pop. 1359. CamelLANKIHIEN, to. China, prov. Tchekiang ; 42 ford (P.T. 228.) Here is a copper mine. Liv. a m. E. from Kunchoofoo. Lat. 29. 15. N. Long. rect. in the dioc. of Exeter. 119. 30. B. or the third rank.

LANTEGLOS, par. England, hund. West, cc. LANLIVERY, par, England, hund. Powder, Cornwall. Acres, 3280. Real prop. £4146. E. div. co. Cornwall. Acres, 6670. Real prop. Pop. 1208. Fowey (P. T. 243). Liv. a vic. £5232. Pop. 1687. Lostwithiel (P. T. 234). in the dioc. of Exeter. Liv, a vic, dioc, Exeter.

LANTON, tnshp. England, par. Kirk Newton, LANMEUR, tn. France, depart. Finisterre, ward Glendale, w. div., co. Northumberland. prov. Brittany; 7 m. NB. from Morlaix. Pop. Wooler (P. T. 320). On the N. side of Glen (with par. same name), 2525. Lat. 48. 40. N. river. Long. 3. 42. w.

LANTOOR. See Banda, LÄNNEMEZAN, tn. France, depart. Upper LANTOSCA, tn. N. Italy, state Piedmont, Pyrenees, prov. Guienne ; 19 m. sk. from Tarbes, kingd. Sardinia ; 15 m. N. from Nice. Pop. Pop. 850. Lat. 43. 8. N. Long. 0. 21. E. On 1920. On the Vesubia. the Baize.

LAN-TSAN. See Mecon. LANNILIS, vil. France, depart. Finisterre, LANTWIT-FAYRDRE, or LLANTWIT-VAIRprov. Brittany. Pop. 2920. Lesneven (P. T.). DRE, par. Great Britain, hund. Miskin, co. GlaManufacture, pottery.

morgan, S. Wales. Real prop. £3838. Pop. LANNION, vil. France, depart. Cotes du Nord, 811. Llantrissant (P. T. 171.) Intersected by the prov. Brittany; 40 m. nw. from St. Brieux. Pop. high road, from Cowbridge to Merthyr-Tydvil. 3820. Lat. 48. 44. N. Long. 3. 27. W. On the Liv, a cur. in dioc. of Llandaff. Ann. val. £32. Guer. Near the coast, with a good trade in but LANTWIT, Lower, par. Great Britain, hund. ter and hemp. In the adjoining country are Neath, co. Glamorgan, 's. Wales. Neath (r. T. mines of silver and iron.

197). On the Neath river, and adjoining the LANNOI, tn. France, depart. the North, prov. Neath canal. In the neighbourhood are extenof Flanders; 9 m. NE. from Lille. Pop. 1010. sive mines. Here are a chapel and a meeting

LANO, tn. S. America, intendancy Maule, house. Liv. a chap. in the dioc. of Llandaff. repub.Chili: on the Mataquita, at its debouchure. LANTWIT MAJOR, anc. ti. Great Britain, The pop. are chiefly Promaucian Indians. par. Lantwit-Major, or Llan Iltyd, hund. Cowa

LANRETH, par. England, hund. West, co. bridge, co. Glamorgan, S. Wales. Acres, 4516. Cornwall. Acres, 4750. Real prop. £3110. Pop. Real prop. £6325. Pop. 1076. Cowbridge 651. West Looe (P. T. 234). 'Liv, a rect. in the (P. T. 173). Situated in the great vale of Gladioc. of Exeter.

morgan, within one mile and a half of the BrisLANSALLAS, or LANSALLOBS, par. England, tol Channel. One fair is annually held here. hund. West, co. Cornwall. Acres, 2930. Real Liv. a vic. in the dioc. Llandaff. Here are the prop. £3218. Pop. 884. West Looe (P. T. 234). ruins of a monastery and hall built by St. Iltatus, Liv. a rect. in the dioc, of Exeter.

in the year 508. In the latter it is said there VOL IV.

were 400 houses and seven halls for the accom now also belongs to Sweden. The population modation of the students, and here Gildus, the is estimated at about 65,000: Swedish Lapland historian: Paulinus, bishop of Leon ; Sampson, containing 19,000 inhabitants ; Norwegian, 5000 ; archbishop of Dol, in Brittany; Talheim, the and Russian, 8800 ; besides which there are sebard; and the famous Talicou received their edu- veral colonies of Swedes, Norwegians, and Finns. cation.

The general character of the country is mounLANVOLLON, tn. France, depart. Cotes du tainous. The principal rivers, the Yana and the Nord, prov. Brittany; 5 m. from Chatelaudren Alten, both which fall into the Frozeu Ocean, and (P. T.). Pop. 1000.

the Torneo, which issues from a lake of the same LANZA, riv. N. Italy, Piedmont, kingd. Sar. name, and after a course of 300 m., discharges divia, has its source in the Alps, runs s. and dis. itself into the Gulf of Bothnia. The lakes are charges itself into Lake Maggiore.

numerous, many of them very extensive; the LANZO, tn. N. Italy, Piedmont, kingd. Sardi- largest is called Enare, or Indiager, situated in via ; 12 m. Nw. from "Turin. Pop. 2:225. On the Russian Lapland. The maritime districts are of riv. Stura, over which is a handsome bridge. unitorm and rather mild temperature, but in the There is here a considerable trade in cattle and interior the winter is intensely cold. In the most butter, and manufactures of silk.

northern parts the sun remains below the horizon LAO, or Leao, city, China, prov. of Shensee. from about November the 20th, to the 10th of Lat. 37.5. N. Long. 113. 2. E. Of the second January, and the whole country is covered with rank.

snow and ice from the beginning of September to LAO, tn. W. Indies, island Cuba ; 27 m. w. the middle of March. In summer the sun confrom Havannah.

tinues two months above the horizon; in the valleys LAON, tn. France, cap. depart. Aisne, prov. and plains the heat is at this season excessive, Isle of France ; 22 m. Ne, from Soissons, and 80 and the air insested with numerous insects, parm. NE. from Paris. Lat. 49. 34. N. Long. 3. ticularly musquitoes. Barley is the grain most 38, E.

It contains two hospitals and a theatre. commonly cultivated, but rye, oats, and a few cuManufactures, linen, stockings, hats, leather, linary vegetables are also raised in some places. and nails, but not extensively. A severe battle There are vast, but no thick forests of fir, birch, was fought here between the Prussians and larch, and small beach trees. Metals and mineFrench, in March, 1814.

rals are found in abundance. Gold has been disLAOS, kingd. E. Asia, bounded on the N. by covered at Suappavara ; copper, iron, lead, Tunquin and Laktho, E. by Tunquin and Cochin- zinc, and plumbago, in various places. Several China, s. by Cambodia, and w. by Siam. It lies mines are wrought in the southern parts of Swebetween Lat. 12, and 18. n. Mean Long.100. 3. E. dish Lapland. Limestone, marble, gypsum, rock is enclosed by mountains, covered with forests, is crystal, jasper, amethysts, and garnets, are also generally flat and fertile, and watered by nume found. The animals of this country are idenrous mountain streams and canals from the Mecon tical with those of Norway, but the reindeer river, which traverses the whole country from x. may more properly be said to belong to Lapto s. It produces in abundance rice, fruit, land. This animal is of singular utility, and honey,wax, and cotton ; also, amongst other drugs, in a great measure compensates for the privation lac and benzoin. Gold and silver are found in of many other comforts of life. The reindeer in various parts of the river. There are in some summer lives upon leaves and grass, and in winplaces mines of lead, iron, and tin. It is thinly tér, with its feet peculiarly adapted for the purinhabited, chiefly by migratory tribes, who wage pose, digs up moss from the snow, and feeds upon almost a continued internal warfare, but acknow- it. Yet upon this scanty food they will draw the ledge subjection to Cochin-China. The religion, natives, on a sledze, almost incredible distances, language, and manners are similar to those of the with astonishing speed. Their milk and cheese Siamese. Lanjan is the capital.

are nutritive and agreeable, and their flesh well LAOUR, tn. Hindostan, dist. Silhet, prov. of tasted and wholesome. Their skins form excelBengal; 110 m, Ne. from Dacca. Lat. 25.5. N. lent clothing and bedding, and their tendons supLong. 91. 15. E. On a small tributary to the ply thread and cordage. The poorer inhabitants Ganges.

have generally from 50 to 100 of these animals, LAPA, island, S. Pacific ocean, Sooloo archic and some of the richer 1000. The natives call pelago, due s. from island Sooloo. Lat. 5.40, n. themselves Same Laplander, or Lappe, being Long. 120. 50. E.

only a soubriquet. They are of lower stature than LAPFORD, par. England, hund. North Taw- the more southern Europeans, the men are of ton, co. Devon. Acres, 2260. Real prop. £2557. a swarthy complexion, with hair black and Pop. 700. Chumleigh (P. T. 182). "Liv. a rect. short, mouth wide, cheeks hollow, and a longish in the dioc. of Exeter.

pointed chin. The women are in general well LAPLAND, country, Northern Europe, boun- made, complaisant, chaste, but extremely nerded on the N. by the Arctic ocean, E. by the vous. The Laplanders are, with respect to their White Sea, s. by Sweden, and w. by Norway and manner of life, divided into fishers and mounthe Atlantic ocean. It belongs to Russia and taineers. The former, in summer, fix their resiSweden. Mean Lat. 68. 0. N. Long. 33. 0. E. dence in the neighbourhood of some lake, whence It is divided first into the modern Russian gov. they deive their subsistence, and in winter live in Kola, which includes the three ancient dists. the woods. The latter seek their support on the Bellamoreskoi, Maremanskoi, and Terskoi, with mountains, and possess herds of rein-deer, more the tract E. from the Torneu, called Kemi Lap- or less numerous. They are active and expert in mark, which last was ceded by Sweden, in 1809; the chase, and excellent marksmen with the gun, second, the Swedish gov. Umea, which com which has now almost entirely superseded the prises Lapland, Swedish or proper, and is subdi- bow and arrow. The men are employed in tendvided into six provs.; and third, Norwegian Lap- ing the rein-deer, fishing, hunting, and in makland, or Finmark, the most northern of all, which ing canoes, sledges, harness, cups, bowls, &c.,

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