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tion, in my Lit. Accompt. of Propb. Pag. 8386.

The Beams of the Moon shall shine, and shall pleasantly come to the Earth with bloody Drops. I will tell you very clearly the Signs whereby you may know when the End of all these Things shall happen on the Earth: When Swords shall be seen in the Night, towards Sun-setting or Sun-rising, in the starry Heavens, and a Dust descends from Heaven suddenly upon all the Earth. Orac. Sibyll. III. v. 741, 742, v. 736 739.

The Sight of the Sun shall fail in the Midst of his Course in the Heavens, v. 739, 740.

The Sight of the Moon shall fail (perhaps. ]

The Rocks shall give a Sign. And in a Cloud ye shall see the Fight of Horsemen and Footmen, like the Croud niade in the Hunting of wild Beasts. This End God, who lives in Heaven, shall give to War, v. 740.

See 2 Maccabees v. 2, 3, 4.

2. And then it happened, that through all the City (Jerusalem,] for the Space of almost forty Days, there were seen Horfmen running in the Air, in Cloth of Gold, and armed with Lances, like a Band of Soldiers.

3. And Troops of Horsemen in Array, encountring and running one against another, with shaking of Shields, and Multitude of Pikes, and drawing of Swords, and cafting of Darts, and glittering of golden Ornaments, and Harness of all Sorts.

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4. Where


every Man prayed that that Apparition might turn to Good.

See also Jofephus's War of the Jews, as follows: A Star, in the Likeness of a Sword, stood over the City (Jerusalem,] as a Comet, that continued for a Year together. Chariots of armed Troops were, before Sun-setting, seen in the Air, running all over the Country in the Clouds, and encompassing the Cities. Jof. War, v. 13.

All the Paths of the Sea, and rough Shores, and high Mountains, and the raging Waves of the Sea, shall be easily passed over, and failed over in those Days: [Or after God has given an End to War.) Orac. Sibyll. III. 745, 746.

The particular Signals here are these, to go on with the former Numbers.

93. That the Beams of the Moon Jall soine, and come pleafantly to the Earth witb bloody Drops.

94. Swords Mall be seen in the Night, towards Sun-setting, or Sun rising ; as if they were among the Stars ; and a Duft fall descend upon the Earth, which seem to denote fome Species of Northern Lights.

95, 96. That there shall be great Eclipses in the Sun and Moon.

97. That the Rocks shall give a Sign, parallel perhaps to that in Efdras, Number 52 before, where the Stone, or Rock gave its Voice.

98. That the Conclusion of Wars should be sig. nified by such eminent Northern Lights, as looked like aerial Battles, or Hunting of wild Beasts.

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99. That

99. That Navigation, with the Direction by the Mariners Compass, &c. should be greatly improved; and Men now better guided in their Voyages, and Journeys over vast Seas and Deserts, and Mountainous Countries than formerly.

These are the several remarkable Tokens, Signs, or Signals, which the old Prophecies afford us, as belonging to the very last Times, and to the Restoration of the Jews ; not fewer in Number than ninety-nine, vastly the greatest Part of which have been already fulfilled, and are sure Pledges that the rest will be fulfilled in due Time hereafter. Nor can so great a Number, and generally such plain Signals, be other than abundantly sufficient Signs of the fe Times ; and what ought to be attended to, in the most serious Manner, by all that believe the Scriptures, and divine Revelation ; and a Disregard to which cannot but render Men open Scorners, and profane Contemners of God and Religion, to their deserved Condemnation, certainly at the last Day; and not improbably at a much nearer Day of Vengeance in this world.

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LECTURE II. March 8, the Day of

the second Earthquake at London.

An Account of the fulfilling of those Signals

whose Times are already paft.

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1. That 4 general 1. This seems now Curse should, in these to be fulfilling, by all very last Days, be on proper Symptoms of the Earth, and a Diffo- such a Curse and Diflolution of its former lution. State.

2. That the horrid 2. This horrid WickWickedness of Men edness of the present should precede these fore Age, is almost too eviJudgments.

dent to need any particular Proofs. However, fuch Proofs will be produc'd abundantly in my

my IIId Lecture. 3. That vaft Num 3. This is easily to be bers of Mankind will believed, if we consider be destroyed in this In- what very great Numterval.

bers have been already destroyed by this last War, both at Sea and Land; by the late terrible lofles of Seamen in


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the late violent Storms at Home and Abroad, in the East and Weft-Indies, by the very great Numbers that kill themselves every Year by Gin, and Spirituous Liquors, esteemed 1000000, and very probably will be most remarkable in the perishing of the Body of the Jewish Nation, who are wicked, jult before the Restoration of

the rest. Dan. xii, I. 4. That Mens Mirth

4. This begins to be and Jollicy shall be tum- fulfilled already, in the ed into Mourning. sad Damp that is put to

such Mirth, by the last Earthquakes at London: And will, without Question, be more throughly fulfilled by the other Earthquakes and Judg

ments now proceeding. 5. That the few good 5. This cannot be fulMen will be remarkably filled till the l'rincipal of preserved by Proyi- those Judgments come. dence, from the ap. Only the Preservation of proaching Calamities.


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