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mentioned Account of

those at Lima and Cal. In lao, just now set down,

we have a very authen1 tick Account of it ; be

ing two Letters from an
* Eye-witness, who was

Minister of the Place,
though his Name is not
set down; the Reason of
which I do not know.
The most remarkable
Circumstances of it were
these: That the Place
had in it a moft ungodly
and debauched People,
at the Time when this
Earthquake happened ;
nay, he says, they were
desperately wicked, there
was not a more ungodly
People on the Face of the
Earth: That he was
himself very providentia
ally saved : That when
the Earthquake came,
the People cried out to
him to come and pray
with them; which he
did, when they had made

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a Ring for him, for near an Hour together, with serious Exhortations to Repentance for another Half Hour ; while yet some robb’d and plunder'd during the Earthquake itself; and those audacious Whores, who remained upon the Place, were as impudent and as drunken as ever. The Minister did not spare the Magistrates themselves, who had suffered Wickedness to grow to so great an Height.--He preached feasonably and plainly to them. In the last Sermon he delivered in the Church, [before it was demolished] he set before them what would be the Iflue of their Im. penitence and Wicked. ness, fo clearly, that they acknowledged afterward, that it was more like a Prophecy than a Sermon. And he confesses he had


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an Impulse upon himself
to do it, and that he had
many Times preached in
that Pulpit Things that
he had never premedi-
tated at Home; and that
he thought he could not
do otherwise. That the
Day when all this befel
them was very clear, and
afforded not the Suspi-
cion of the least Evil ;
but in the Space of three
Minutes, about Half an
Hour after Eleven in the
Morning, Port-Royal,
the faireft Town of all
the English Plantations,
was shaken and shattered
to Pieces ; funk into
and covered for the
greatest Part by the Sea.
That the People were
over-joyed when they

saw him among them,
' and wept bitterly, when
he preached to them in
a Tent. He hoped chac
by this terrible Judg:
ment God would make


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them reform their Lives. He guessed that 1500 Persons were loft. Dr. Morley thought 2000 in the whole Island. To which must be added, that an Account, dated September 23 following, informs us, that the Mortality which enfued the great Earthquake made greater Havock than the Earthquake itself; and that almost half the People who efcaped at Port Royal were fince dead of a malignant Fever, — It was thought to have swept away in many Parts of the Ifland 3000 Souls, and most of them from Kingstown only.

To all which Histories of Earthquakes at Land, give me leave to mention one upon the Sea, out of the EveningPoft already quoted, from Tuesday April 24,


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to Thursday April 26,
1750, in the Words
following: “Capt. Cowy,

who lately arrived in
< the River from Caro-

lina, as he was home-
6 ward bound, being in
· Latitude 45, on the
( 15th of March last was

surprized with a sud-
den and unusual Swell-
ing of the Waves of
the Sea, without any
apparent Cause; there
being but little Wind

stirring ; which occa-
(fioned his Ship to be
« tossed about prodigi-

ously, and did much
Damage to the Rig-

ging. Upon looking
« at the Sea Water, it

appeared to him as - thick and muddy as

Water of the Thames, after the hea• vieft Rains, when the « Freshes are most vioolent, and therefore he « concluded that this

• strange


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