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"THE humble Remonstrants and Addresse of severall the Adventurous free-holders and Inhabitants within the Citie of of Philadelphia in the said Province, Whose Names are hereunto subscribed in the behalf of themselves & others therein concern'd." "To William Penn Esq., Proprietary of the Province of Pennsilvania and the Territories thereunto belonging." Signed by Thos. Rudyard, with the AutographAnswer, signed by Wm. Penn, on the back. To the paper is attached a slip, upon which James Claypoole has written "This and ye other Papers must be returned to James Claypoole as soon as it is signed by the Inhabitants of ye front Lotts."

This is really a list of grievances of the owners of the city front lots on the Delaware, who, taking advantage of Penn's promise to settle all disputes prior to his voyage to England, make these complaints, as holders of deeds purchased of the Proprietor in England, and which seem to conflict with the Land Office in Pennsylvania. It is only signed by Thomas Rudyard, and was then handed to Penn, who has taken up every inch of space with his lengthy answers to the various complaints. It was never signed by the lot owners, as was the intention, and as indicated by James Claypoole's note attached.

PENN, WM. Autograph Letter, signed. 2 pp., folio. At Lewis, 16th, 6 mo., 1684. With address to "My Trusty, & Lov'd Fr'ds: Thomas Lloyd, President, & ye rest of ye Members of Provincial Councill." With fine seal in red wax.

Fine specimen, not published.

"I wish you well, & pray God the father of lights & spirits to give you light & wisdom to order all things to his glory & ye good of the King's people.

"I have one thing to communicate & referr to you, & yt. is yt an Instrument be drawn up by wch to confirm & make as valid all Patents & Commissions yt ought to be under the great seal as land, &c., &c.. which are for want of materials past lately under the smaller seal, & yt Thos. Lloyd by me make Keeper, do put the seal to it, in ye presence. "I have signed a blank parchm't for yt purpose so recommending to you the peace & prosperity of the whole & union within ye selves, I take leave & bid you all heartely farewell."


PENN, WM. Autograph Letter, signed. 3 pp., folio. Worminghust. 7th, 8 mo., 1684. To Thomas Lloyd.

Not published.

"The Lord hath brought us all safe to land after six weeks & 4 days passage, of wch time, we lay beating on ye north west side of ye Irish coast, about 18 days by cross winds. I found my dear wife & family well to my rejoyceing, I landed within 7 miles of my own home, but comeing to search & sett to rights my papers, To my astonishment I fiunde not one of ye York ones, no affidavit before ye Mayor about seating Delaware, River & Bay, the ground of my comeing & Strength of all my cause the Council fixing the point there, The Duke has putt it off till December, & if I can gett it off till March, 'twill be all I can do, wherefore instantly away to York, & gett affidavits of the 3 gt N. Byare says can speak to yt matter, both before the Mayor & the Governour renders the seal of town & Province. the Governour to be sure, for yt will be most outlandish, all depends on this, & if John White or Saml Laud can see it done, & swear the hand of Governour & Mayor, it will be the stronger. Philip Lemain can never while he lives repaire me this wrong, by his supine neglect, so often did I speak to thee where are ye York papers, & to him, be sure I have ye York Papers yt T. Lloyd has, put up & he said they were and not a scrap of them to be seen, this is a truble beyond measure to me & an injury to the whole, I have I have no news to send for I know little, East brought Sidneys & other tryalls, more expect when I see the K. & Q. & my friends at Court. Salute me to ye Gov'r of York, G. Lowry, his writt a most wicked about West Jersey business against me, what shall I say of such men. leave them to the just Judge & pray they may repent. Salute me dearly to Fds in ye town, particularly to J. Sim, C. Taylor, J. Har, W. Wood, T. Holmes."




4 PENN, WM. Autograph Letter, signed. 3 pp., folio. Chareing Cross, 17th Im., 168. With address. "To my trusty & well beloved Thos. Lloyd, President, & the Provinciall Council of Pennsilvania & Terretorys at Philadelphia.

Fine specimen, not published.

"The Salutation of my love is to you-deserveing God, the father of lights, & giver of all good & perfect gifts, to advise Councel & Keep you in ye duty & capacity both publick & privat, to gods Glory, the King's honour & our mutuall Comfort. By this you will heare of the death of King Charles the Second, who was taken ill the first of feb'e (so call'd) & dyed the sixth, of an Apoplexy, as some call it-The same day he dyed, his Brother, James Duke of York, was proclaimed at whithall temple-bar, & ye Royall exchange; King James ye second, &c., with all ye usual Solementye, which has been since followed in other places, The Inclosed I had from the Lords of the Councill & transmitt to you, In obedience to which, I do hereby require you forthwith to proclame King James the Second over the Province and Terretorys in the Province and terretorys, viz., at Philadelphia & Newcastle, whether you only order the publication of this & so make it yours by yt orders, or publish a new one including this, I do order the doeing of it, forthwith-My

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farewell. Daten

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meanings is gt within one hour after ye receipt hereof, or as soon as possibly you can, he be proclamed & that you keep an account of ye time of doeing it from ye time of its arriveing your hands; that when you transmitt yt account of ye care therein it may appear you were not remiss therein, especially at Philadelphia. Pray be carefull in ye places, that all due reverence be yeilded on all occasions to the King, & his Authority, who is Sovereign, for by our dutifulness we are safe.

"Likewise be watchfull to have the laws of Navigation preserved, & all ships to give bond, yt gave none here to goe for england, & pay dutys, & thos bonds to be in the Kings name, & if they gave bonds here, & & have only -, to have coppys of them, kept & yearly sent hither to P. Lord to give to ye Com'rs of ye Customes ; & only thos bonds to be taken in my name yt are for good abareing in the county for our affaires here, he under whom we claym, is King, power is now added to Right, & I have his positive word since of well as before he was King, So I must be easy, that which delay'd it all this while, is ye talk of a suo warrants yt has been threatened ag'st ye Ld Baltimore's Patents, no need of deciding ye controversy, if his whol be in question, I am sorry for it, but fear he will hardly avoide it.

"I beseech you to take care of Strangers, suppress vice & quarrels, & remember my publick capacity for ye publick, The benefit will be to all, ye expence it yet but myn, & it will not always hold out so. God almighty bless you with his wisdome & preserve & order all things to his glory to whom belongs all honour & praise forever, I am with much truth & affection able to say, I long to be with you. Shall make all the hast I can to you, and in the meantime wish you all true & sollid happiness."



PENN, WM. Autograph Letters, signed. Folio. London 18th first month, 168. With address. "To my Trusty & well beloved fr'ds Thomas Loyd, President & ye Provinciall Council of Pennsilvania at Philadelphia."

Fine specimen, not in print.

"I greet you with much love; wishing you health & prosperty. Know ye, yt reposeing confidence in my cosen William Markham. I do hereby authorise you to commission him Secretary of ye Province & Terretorys & my Secretary as Proprietary, to ye end he may be ye better provided for & encouraged to be carefull & industreous in ye Service of ye publick, to receive that respect & thos fees & perquesits that belong to those Stations, Revoaking all former commissions if any be, And so I bid you farewell, dated at London ye 18th, first month, 168."

6 PENN, WM. Autograph Letter, signed. Folio, 13th, 1 mo., 168. With address. "For my esteemed friend, Tho. Lloyd, President of ye Counsell of Pennsylvania."

Fine specimen, not published.

"The bearer is a sober friend's son, that has been unsober, his father prays me to recommend him that an eye be over him, to employ in w't may be usefull, an excellent baker & a good clark & navigator, I know ye largeness of thy temper wch makes me easy sometimes thinking of my haveing thee there, my love & wife's to thee and thyn."

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