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her neck ; she then became bewildered, and zigzagged the channel for some time; reached the opposite shore at length, for a helping Hand was beneath, a kind Providence guided her ; hastened on ; reached the settlement, and her brother and the whole community were safe !

She was returning one day from another settlement of Whigs, in the Spartanburg District, when a company of Tories met her and questioned her in regard to the neighborhood she had just left; but she refused to communicate the desired information. The leader of the band then held a pistol to her breast, and threatened to shoot her if she did not make the wished for disclosure.

Shoot me if you dare! I will not tell you !” was her dauntless reply, as she opened a long handkerchief that covered her neck and bosom, thus manifesting a willingness to receive the contents of the pistol, if the officer insisted on disclosures or life. The dastard, enraged at her defying movement, was in the act of firing, at which moment one of the soldiers threw up the hand holding the weapon, and the cowerless heart of the girl was permitted to beat on.

The brothers of Dicey were no less patriotic than she ; and they having, by their active services on the side of freedom, greatly displeased the loyalists, these latter were determined to be revenged. A desperate band accordingly went to the house of their father, and finding the sons absent, they were about to wreak their vengeance on the old man, whom they hated for the sons' sake. With this intent one of the party drew a pistol ; but just as it was aimed at the breast of her

aged and infirm father, Dicey rushed between the two, and though the ruffian bade her get out of his way, or receive in her own breast the contents of the pistol, she regarded not his threats, but flung her arms around her father's neck, and declared she would receive the ball first, if the weapon must be discharged. Such fearlessness and willingness to offer her own life for the sake of her parent, softened the heart of the "bloody scout,” and Mr. Langston lived to see his noble daughter perform other heroic deeds.

One time her brother James, in his absence, sent to the house for a gun which he had left in her care, with orders for her to deliver it to no one except by his directions. On reaching the house one of the company who were directed to call for it, made known their errand, whereupon she brought and was about to deliver the weapon. At this moment it occurred to her that she had not demanded the countersign agreed on between herself and brother. With the gun still in her hand, she looked the company sternly in the face, and remarking that they wore a suspicious look, called for the countersign. Hereupon one of them, in jest, told her she was too tardy in her requirements ; that both the gun and its holder were in their possession. “Do you think so ?” she boldly asked, as she cocked the disputed weapon and aimed it at the speaker. "If the gun is in your possession," she added, “ take charge of it !” Her appearance indicated that she was in earnest, and the countersign was given without further delay. A hearty laugh, on the part of the "liberty men," ended the ceremony.




In travel it has been


To meet with curious things ;
The flags which won a thousand fights

On battle-fields of kings;
The ancient flagon Wallace wore

On Falkirk's fatal field,
The iron casque of William Tell,

And Hermann's rusted shield;
The trusty blade of Bolivar,

A ring from Cromwell's hand,
And the covering of the Kaaba

In Yemen's happy land.
Yet prouder beats my heart to-day,

While gazing upon thee,
Thou monolith, whose silent voice

Records our destiny.
The Empire of the seas hath passed

Away from Albion's shore;
Columbia rules the ocean now

Britannia ruled of yore.

The Warwick Vase is wondrous rare, —

Its satyrs, wild with mirth,
Are types of all that's beautiful

And Bacchanal on earth.
The Portland Vase is rarer still,

For antiquarian lore
Hath never solved the legends strange

Its sculptured beauty bore.
The Hebe Vase, that gem of all,

A type of Grecian mould,
From whence ambrosial nectar flowed

For Jupiter of old.
But thou art the Victoria Vase,

Never Etruscan art
Produced an antique like to thee,

To stir a nation's heart.
For with thee passed the sea's domain

Away from Albion's shore; Columbia rules the ocean now

Britannia ruled of yore.

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The reader is doubtless already acquainted with the name of William Jasper—perhaps Sergeant Jasper is the better known. This brave man possessed remarkable talents for a scout. He could wear all disguises with admirable ease and dexterity. Garden styles him “a perfect Proteus.” He was equally remarkable for his cunning as for his bravery; and his nobleness and generosity were, quite as much as these, the distinguished traits of his character. Such was the confidence in his fidelity and skill that a roving commission was granted him, with liberty to pick his associates from the brigade. Of these he seldom chose more than six.

“He often went out,” says Moultrie," and returned with prisoners, before I knew that he was gone. I have known of his catching a party that was looking for him. He has told me that he could have killed single men several times, but he would not; he would rather let them get off. He went into the British lines at Savannah, as a deserter, complaining, at the same time, of our ill-usages of him ; he was gladly received (they having heard of his character) and caressed by them. He stayed eight days, and after informing himself

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