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WELL, why not? Is there another country under the sun, that does not belong to its own, native-born people? Is there another country where the alien by birth, and often by openly boasted sympathy, is permitted to fill the most responsible offices, and preside over the most sacred trusts of the land ? Is there another country that would place its secret archives and its diplomacy with foreign states, in other than native hands—with tried and trusty native hearts to back them? Is there another country that would even permit the foreigner to become a citizen, shielded by its laws and its flag, on terms such as we exact, leaving the political franchise out of sight? More than all else, is there a country, other than ours, that would acknowledge as a citizen, a patriot, a republican, or a safe man, one who stood bound by a religious oath or obligation, in political conflict with, and which he deemed temporarily higher than, the Constitution and Civil Government of that country—to which he also professes to swear fealty?

America for the Americans, we say. And why not? Didn't they plant it, and battle for it through bloody revolution and haven't they developed it, as only Americans could, into a nation of a century, and yet mightier than the oldest

empire on earth? Why shouldn't they shape and rule the destinies of their own land—the land of their birth, their love, their altars, and their graves ; the land red and rich with the blood and ashes, and hallowed by the memories of their fathers ? Why not rule their own, particularly when the alien betrays the trust that should never have been given him, and the liberties of the land are thereby imperilled ?

Lacks the American numbers, that he may not rule by the right of majority, to which is constitutionally given the political sovereignty of this land ? Did he not, at the last numbering of the people, count seventeen and a half millions, native to the soil, against less than two and a half millions of actually foreign born, and those born of foreigners coming among us for the last three quarters of a century ? Has he not tried the mixed rule, with a tolerance unexampled, until it has plagued him worse than the lice and locust plagued the Egyptian ? Has he not shared the trust of office and council, until foreign-born pauperism, vice and crime, stain the whole land—until a sheltered alien fraction have become rampant in their ingratitude and insolence ? Has he not suffered burdens of tax, and reproach, and shame, by his ill-bestowed division of political power ?

America for the Americans ! That is the watchword that should ring through the length and breadth of the land, from the lips of the whole people. America for the Americans to shape and to govern ; to make great, and to keep great, strong and free, from home foes and foreign demagogues and hierarchs. In the hour of Revolutionary peril, Washington said, “Put none but Americans on guard to-night.” At a later time, Jefferson wished “ an ocean of fire rolled between the Old World and the New.” To their children, the Ame rican people, the fathers and builders of the Republic, bequeathed it. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty !"let the American be vigilant that the alien seize not his birth. right.

America for the Americans ! Shelter and welcome let them give to the emigrant and the exile, and make them citizens in so far as civil privileges are concerned. But let it be looked to that paupers and criminals are no longer shipped on us by foreign states. Let it be looked to that foreign nationalities in our midst are rooted out ; that foreign regiments and battalions are disarmed ; that the public laws and schools of the country are printed and taught in the language of the land ; that no more charters for foreign titled or foreign charactered associations—benevolent, social or other-are granted by our Legislatures; that all National and State support given to Education, have not the shadow of sectarianism about it. There is work for Americans to do. They have slept on guard—if, indeed, they have been on guard—and the enemy have grown strong and riotous in their midst.

America for the Americans! We have had enough of "Young Irelands," "Young Germanys,” and “Young Italys." We have had enough of insolent alien threat to suppress our “Puritan Sabbath,” and amend our Constitution. We have been a patient camel, and borne foreign burden even to the back-breaking pound. But the time is come to right the wrong ; the occasion is ripe for reform in whatever we have failed. The politico-religious foe is fully discovered—he must be squarely met, and put down. We want in this free land none of this political dictation. We want none of his religious mummeries—let him keep his "holy shirt of Treves," his "winking (pictorial) damsel of Rimini,” his “toe-nails of the Apostle Peter," and his travail about the “Immaculacy of the Virgin Mary,” in those lands that have been desolated with persecution, and repeopled with serfs and lazzaroni by the hierarchy to which he owes supreme religious and temporal obedience. Our feeling is earnest, not bitter. The matters of which we have written are great and grave ones, and we shall not be silent until we have aided in wholly securing America for the Americans !



Long hast thou slept unnoted. Nature stole In her soft ministry, around thy bed, And spread her vernal coverings, violet-gemm’d, And pearld with dews. She bade bright Summer bring Gifts of frankincense, with sweet song of birds, And Autumn cast his yellow coronet Down at thy feet, and stormy Winter speak Hoarsely of man's neglect. But now we come To do thee homage, Mother of our Chief, Fit homage, such as honoreth him who pays ! Methinks we see thee, as in olden time, Simple in garb—majestic and serene Unaw'd by "pomp and circumstance"-in truth Inflexible—and with Spartan zeal Repressing vice, and making folly grave. Thou didst not deem it woman's part to waste Life in inglorious sloth, to sport awhile Amid the flowers, or on the summer wave, Then fleet like the ephemeron away, Building no temple in her children's hearts, Save to the vanity and pride of life Which she had worshipp'd.

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