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our heaviest censure.
1 Lord. Bear from hence his body,
And mourn you for him. Let him be regarded
As the most noble Coarse, that ever Herald
Did follow to his urn.

z Lord. His own impatience
Takes from Aufidius a great part of blame:
Let's make the best of it.

Auf. My Rage is gone,
And I am struck with sorrow: take him up:
Help, three o'th' chiefest soldiers ; I'll be one.
Beat thou the drum, that it fpeak mournfully:
Trail your steel pikes. Though in this city he
Hath widowed and unchilded many a one,
Which to this hour bewail the injury,
Yet be Thall have a noble memory.

[Exeunt, bearing the body of Marcius. A dead

March founded.

The End of the Sixth Volume.

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