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Elbridge Smith of the Cambridge High School, was chosen
Chairman, and J. W. Hunt of Newton, Secretary.

Whereupon it was moved, by Charles Hammond, Principal of
Lawrence Academy, Groton, “ That measures be taken for
forming a Middlesex County Teachers' Association.”

This being seconded, gave rise to an interesting discussion,
in which it was settled,

1st. That there is no Teachers' Association now existing in
the County, and

2d. That there is great need of such an Association for the
mutual benefit of the Teachers, and the furtherance of Edu-
cation throughout the various towns. Messrs. Hammond of
Groton, Smith of Cambridge, Frost of Waltham, Gale of Mal-
den, Hovey of Framingham, Chase of Lowell, Peirce of Wal-
tham, and several others, participated in the discussion. All
expressing their warm approval of the proposition, and pledging
their hearty co-operation in carrying it out. The motion passed

C. C. Chase, of the Lowell High School, moved " That a
Committee of five be appointed to issue a Circular calling upon
the Teachers of Middlesex to assemble in Convention, at some
convenient place and time, for the purpose of forming a County

Pursuant to this motion, Messrs. C. C. Chase, E. Smith, J.
W. Hunt, C. Hammond and A. M. Gay, of Charlestown, were

It was voted that a condensed report of the meeting be fur-
nished for publication in the “ Teacher.”

The meeting then adjourned to meet at the call of the Com-

J. W. HUNT, Secretary.


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