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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - 117 pages
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most respected dr hegde,
dr hegde would have hard time beating the nexus between pharma companies and medical schools who produce their agents, like life insurance agents, and various governemnts
all over world.
i have read a few reviews about this book here. they have been written by such agents. they do not have even 1 percent knowledge about the human body as dr hedge has.
but i would ask dr hegde to write for the poor people of india also , about which he normally mentions in all his speeches. small , low priced paper backs for the indian masses.
it is a big war and dr hegde you should have peoples support to fight it.
most respected dr hegde,
i respect your knowledge and compassion you have for the humanity and whole world.
you have written so nice books. you have exposed the modern medicine's money game.
this is an unequal war, between you alone and the big empires of the world.
why not give a chance the poor public to join your war. write something which the persons across the world can read online, free and can benefit and join you.

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