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PREZEL, Dictionnaire Jconologique, ou Introduc- ; PUGH'S (E.) Cambria DEPICTA; a Tour through

tion à la connoissance des Peintures, Sculptures, North Wales, illustrated with Picturesque Estampes Médailles, Pierres Gravées, Em- Views of all the most remarkable Scenery, royal blêmes, Devises, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. hf. bd. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 71 coloured plates, (pub. at 7s 60

Paris, 1779

£10. 10s bds.) russia extra, marbled edges, PRICE'S (Edward - Artist) Norway: Views of

£2. 12s 6d

1816 Wild Scenery, and Journal, 4to. containing 21

the same, yellow morocco, gilt edges, £2. 15s

1816 extremely beautiful and highly finished mezzotinto PUGIN'S Views in Islington and Pentonville, with engravings by LUCAS, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) bds. £1. Is


Descriptions by Brayley, royal 4to. 32 plates,

India PROOFS, (pub. at £3. 3s ) ods. 18s 1819 Sketches in Norway, 4to: 7 fine etchings by

- SKETCHES OF SYston House, (near GRANTHAM, John Linnell, sd. 5s


The Seat of Sir John THOROLD, Bart.) 22 FINE PRICE'S (Wm. Secretary to Sir Gore Ouseley) Jour- LARGE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS of the Interior and

nal of the British Embassy to Persia ; with a Exterior, the Library, Drawing Room, ConserDissertation upon the Antiquities of Persepolis, vatory, Gardens, etc. mounted on card-boards, in 2 vols. in 1, oblong folio, embellished with up- a handsome portfolio, half morocco, £10. 10s wards of eighty views, plates of Antiquities, Inscrip

Views, ILLUSTRATIVE OF EXAMPLES OF GOTHIC tions, &c. (pub. at £2. 2s) bds. £l. 4s 1832

ARCHITECIURE, sketched from Nature, and PROMPTUARIUM Iconum insigniorum, 2 parts drawn on Stone, by Joseph Nash, with Letter

in 1 vol. 4to. 950 medullion wood-cut portraits, press Descriptions, by W. H. Leeds, impl. 4to. (many English) with biographical descriptions, vel- 22 plates, £1. 12s

1830 lum,7s 6d

Lugd. 1553 See Drawings - Paris. PRONTI (Dom.) Costumi Religiosi, Civili e Mili

- Designs for Iron and Brass Work, in tari degli Antichi Egiziani, Etruschi, Greci,

the Style of the XV. and XVI. Centuries, e Romani, per uso di Professori delle Belle

royal 4to. 27 plates, (pub. at £1. ls) cloth bds. Arti, oblong 4to. 49 plates of Ancient Furniture,

10s 6d

1836 Vuses, Lamps, Tripods, Armour, Musical Instru

Designs for Gold and Silver Ornaments, in ments, &c. hf. bd. calf, 9s Roma, (1800)

the Style of the 15th and 16th Centuries,

royal 4to. consisting of 28 plates of Cups, PROSSER'S (G. F.) Select Illustrations of the

Chargers, Flagons, Tankards, Candlesticks, COUNTY OF SURREY, containing Picturesque

Sconces, Chalices, Crosses, Reliquaries, CanViews of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, delabras, Monstrances, Feretras, &c. &c. (pub. Interesting Remains, &c. with descriptions, 4to.

at £1. ls) cloth, 10s 6d

1836 46 plates, and numerous vignettes, including several

Details of Ancient Timber House of the XVih fine line engravings by Lætitia Byrne, hf. bd.

and XVIth Centuries, selected from those exmorocco, uncut, £2. 2s


isting at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, Gisors, AhbePROUT'S Illustrations to the Tourist, in France, ville, Strasbourg, &c. 4to. 21 plates, cloth, 10s 6d Italy, and Switzerland, roy. folio, 130 beauti

1836 ful steel engravings, India PROOFS

Designs for Gothic Furniture of tbe Fifteenth LETTERS, (pub, at £21.) in 5 portfolios, £4. 4s Century, 4to. 25 plates, cloth, 10s 6d 1836


NAMENT AND COSTUME, setting forth folio, 50 fine lithographic plates, India PROOFS,

the Origin, History and Sigoification of the (pub. at £6. 6s) hf. bd. £3. 10s


various Emblems, Devices, and Symbolical

Colours peculiar to the Christian Design of CASTLES AND ABBEYS OF MONMOUTHSHIRE, the Middle Ages, with especial reference to impl. folio, 30 beautiful lithographic plates, the Decoration of the Sacred Vestments and tinted, hf. bd. morocco, 12. 12s 6d

1838 Altar Furniture formerly used in the English Sketches in France, Switzerland, and Italy, Church, illustrated by neurly 80 plates, splenimpl. folio, 26 fine lithographic plates, tinted, didly printed in gold and colours by the new (pub. at £4.48) hf. bd. £2. 12s 6d 1839 Lithochromotographic process, containing Exthe same, FINELY COLOURED, mounted on card

amples of the Ecclesiastical Costume of the board, (pub, at £10. 10s) in a portfolio, £8. 8s

Roman, English, French and German Bisbops,

Priests and Deacons ; Altar Furniture; Em1839

broidery; Diaperings ; Bordures; Powder-Microcosm, or Artist's Sketch Book, folio, 24 ings ; Floriated Crosses ; Holy Emblems; tinted plutes, (pub. at £1, 4s) ht: bd. morocco, Holy Monograms; Examples of the Nimbus; 165

Conventional Forms of Animals and Flowers PUCKLE'S (James) Club, a Dialogue between a

for Heraldic and Church Decoration ; Funeral Father and his Son, a curious and excellent Palls, &c. &c. &c. also a variety of Ornamental moral work, first printed in 1711, and repub

Alphabets of Church Text of various dates. the lished in a splendid manner, by Ed. Walmsley,

details of many of the Ornaments are given of Esq. royal 8vo. portrait and 25 beautiful wood

the full size ; the whole drawn, coloured, adapted, cuts, (pub. at £1. 1s) bds. 7s 6d


and described from Ancient Authorities, by A. LARGEST PAPER, impi. 8vo. BOTA

Welby Putin, Architect, Professor of Ecclesias

tical Antiquities at St. Maries College, Oscott, one LETTBR-PRESS AND PLATES PRINTED On India PAPER, of which but 18 copies were tuken off, (pub.

magnificent vol. royal 4to, top edges gilt, the back

and sides ornamented with appropriate devices in at £5. 58) bds. £1

gold, £7.75

1844 For Pugin's other Works, see Architecture.


the same,

PYNE'S(W.H.) MICROCOSM; or, a Picturesque RACZINSKI Geschichte der Neueren Deutschen

Delineation of the Arts, Agriculture, Manufac- Kunst; vol I. Düsseldorf und das Rheinland ; tures, &c. of Great Britain, in a Series of above mit einem Anhange, Ausflug nach Paris ; royal 600 Groups of small Figures for the embellish- 4to. 3 plates, and upwards of 100 fine wood-cuts, ment of Landscape, with descriptive Letter- representing Pictures of the Düsseldorf and Rhenish press, 2 vols. oblong folio, original impressions, Schools, (pub. at £6. 13s) bds. £1.5s Berlin, 1836 (pub. at £5. 5s) bds. £2. 2s

1803-6 RADCLIFFE'S (Ann) Journey through Holland the same, original impressions, 2 vols. in 1, and the Western Frontier of Germany, with a oblong folio, calf gilt, marbled edges, £2. 188 return down the Rhine, to which is added a HISTORY OF THE ROYAL RESIDENCES of Wind- Tour to the Lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, sor, St. James's, Carlton House, Kensington and Cumberland, 4to. ILLUSTRATED with upPalace, Hampton Court, Buckingham House, wards of 60 fine engravings, Portraits and Views, and Frogmore, 3 vols. impl. 4to. containing 100 russia extra, gilt edges, by Staggemeier, £2. 15s beautifully coloured plates, an original copy, (pub.

1795 at £25. 4s) bds. £7.78


A very well written work-we are strongly in. the same, 3 vols. impl. 4to. an original copy, clined to suppose that the Mysteries of Udolpo were

maroon morocco, borders, gilt edges, £10. 10s 1819 written after this journey."-SiR WALTER SCOTT. QUAGLIO'S Merkwürdige Gebaüde des Teutschen RADEMAKER-See Holland

Mittelalters, atlas folio, 24 plates of German RAMSAY'S (Allan) Poetical Works, Illustrations Castles, Cathedrals, and Ecclesiastical Buildings of

to, 4to. 15 engravings by Scott, (pub. at £1. 1s)

bds 7s the Middle Ages, with historical descriptions in

1823 German, and 5 additional plates of the same cha- RAOUL-ROCHETTĖ, Monumens Inédits D'AN


Romaine, 6 parts, impl. folio, (all published), PIEN, ou l'Art de la Sculpture Antique con

with 93 plates, (some coloured) sd. £3. 3s sidéré sous un nouveau point de vue; avec

Paris, 1833 l'Histoire de la Statuaire en Or et Ivoire chez

the same, in one thick volume, boards, £3. 5s les Grecs et les Romains, et la Restitution des

- Peintures Antiques inédites, précédées de Recherches

Peinture principaux Monuments de cet Art, royal folio,

sur l'emploi de la 31 fine plates, (some coloured), (pub. at £10.)

(murale) dans la Décoration des Edifices French bds. £4. 48

Sacrés et Publics chez les Grecs et chez les

Paris, Didot, 1815 Monuments et Ouvrages d'Art antiques

Romains, 4to. LARGE PAPER, 15 plates, hf. bd. restitués d'après les Descriptions des Ecrivains morocco, top edges gilt, by Mackenzie, £l. ils6d Grecs et Latins, et accompagnés de Dissertations RAPHÆLIS PICTURÆ VATICANÆ, (ex aula et con

1836 Archæologiques, 2 vols. impl. 4to, 13 plates, (some coloured), (pub. at £2. 16s) sd. £1.8s Paris, 1829

clavibus), impl. folio, 19 fine large folding

plates, representing the Battles of Constantine, 8c. Histoire de la Vie et des Ouvrages de Raphael, engraved by Dom. de Rossi, (one 6 feet long), in 8vo. portrait on India paper, hf. bd. calf, 9s old vellum, with the autograph of "Joseph Nol

ib. 1824 Histoire de la Vie et des Ouvrages des plus RAPHAEL'S ORNAMENTS OF THE VATICAN,

LEKENS, Rome, 1770.” £2. 12s 6d. Romæ, 1722 célèbres Architectes du Xle. Siècle jusqu'à la fin du XVIlle. 2 vols. royal 8vo. with 47

engraved by Bartoli.-1. Parerga atque Ornaplates, examples of their principal works, sewed,

menta ex Raphaelis prototypis, a Nannio in

Vaticani Palatii Xystis expressa, 43 plates£1.55

ib. 1830

2. Imagines, ab Hetruriæ Legatione ad PontiAmong architects the author includes Giotto, Raphael, Julio Romano, Michael Angelo, and other

ficatum a Raphaele expressæ, in Aulæis Vaticelebrated painters.

canis textili monocromate elaboratæ, 14 plates - Considérations sur les Arts du Dessin en

-3. Raphaelis Icones Biblicæ, 14 plates ;-toge

ther 71 plates, in 1 vol. oblong folio, calf, France, 3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, 58

£i, lls 60

Roma. Paris, 1791 - Essai sur le Nature, le But et les Moyens de

the same, 3 parts, containing 71 plates. Also l'Imitation dans les Beaux-Arts, 8vo. calf extra,

Giove che Fulmina li Giganti, rappresentato in marbled edges, 148

ib. 1823

Pittura da Giulio Romano, in Mantova nel Essay on the Nature, End, and Means of Palazzo Ducale, 9 plates ; together 80 plates Imitation in the Fine Arts, translated from the

by Bartoli, in 1 vol. oblong folio, neat in old calf, £2. 2s

Roma. French by J. C. Kent, 8vo. (pub, at 14s) bds. 7s LOGGIE DEL VATICANO, 3 vols. alas folio,

1837 RACE-HORSES.-89 old Pencil Sketches of cele

comprehending the Arabesques, Stuccos, and brated Race-Horses, by a Professional Artist,

Ceilings, in 45 fine engravings, chiefly by Volpato, (Semoure,) with measurements and names of

and the 8 large pieces, (not bent), viz. School of proprietors, among whom are Lord Cornbury,

Athens, Parnassus, Theological Assembly, HelioEarls of Eglinton, Portmore, &c. : also dresses

dorus, Attila, the Conflagration, Deliverance of St. of the Jockeys, folio, (from the collec

Peter, and the Miracle of the Mass, hf. bd. russin, £12. 12s

ih. 1772-77 tion of Sir John St. Autryn) 158 (1750) See Pictorial Gallery.

LOGGIE: the Pilasters and ARABESQUES, RACZINSKY (Comte A.) Histoire de l'Art Mo- 35 tine engravings of the Arubesques, Stuccos, and

derne en Allemagne, 3 vols, royal 4to. with Ceilings, by VOLPATO, (numbered A. B. and Nos. numerous fine wood-cuts, and 3 Atlasses, con

1-14. in double plutes) olul bds. uncut, tavning 38 plates, bds. £14. 14s Berlin, 1836-41 £2. 12s 6d

ib. 1772


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RAPHAEL, LOGES ou VATICAN, 14 plutes of the RAPHAEL'S CARTOONS. Célèbres Tapisseries,

PILASTERS, engraved by Choffard, Paris, 1787– connues sous le nom d'Arazzi, qui sont au Icones Biblicæ, the Ceilings, 13 large folding Vatican à Rome, impl, folio, 21 plates of the plates, engraved by Ottaviani-Ann. Carracci, Tapestry in the Lodges of the Vatican, (including Galleria Farnese in Roma, 6 plutes by Volpato- the subjects at Hampton Court), engraved by together 33 plates, in 1 vol. oblong atlas folio, Sommerau, sd. £1. 10s

Rome, 1780 hf. bd. £3. 138 6d

-¡PSYCHES ET AMORIS NUPTIÆ, 9 exLOGGIE, (the series called Raphael's Bible,) QUISITELY BEAUTIFUL COLOURED PLATES, finished PICIURÆ PERISTYLII VATICANI, in Tabulis in opaque colours, as highly as miniatures, bordered æreis nova cura expressæ, a P. P. Montagnano, with gold lines, and mounted on thick drawing large oblong folio, 52 plates, finely engraved by paper, elephant folio, splendidly bound in crimson Cunego and others, sd. €2. 2s Romæ, 1790 Turkey morocco, £15. 15s

ib. 1693 · LODGES, (Raphael's Bible) Fifty-two fine - PSYCHES ET AMORIS Nuptiæ, ac Fabulæ, lithographic prints from the celebrated Frescoes a Rapbaele Sanctio, Romæ, in Farnesianis on the Vatican, representing the principal Hortis trans Tyberim expressæ, a J.P. Bellorio, subjects of the Old and New Testaments, notis illustratæ, oblong atlas folio, fine plates by drawn under the direction of Messrs. Read and Dorigny, sd. 18s

ib. 1693 De Courval, complete in 13 parts, royal oblong

LA FAVOLA DI PSICHE, secondo la defolio, containing 52 lithographic engravings by scrizione d’Apulejo, 32 plates by Marc Antonio Weber, Aubrey-Le-Comle, and other eminent and his disciples and contemporaries, mounted in artists, lithographed by G. Engelmann, (pub. a folio volume, old calf, £2. 2s at £6. 108) in u portfolin, £1. 16s 1825 “Ce qni est très précieux, c'est l'Histoire de Psyché, See also Bible Prints, page 74.

d'après Raphael, suite de 32 planches, gravée par les

élèves ou au moins les contemporains de Marc An. CARTOONS, (BOOK OF) by R. CATTERMOLE,

toine, et que l'on a même attribuée à ce grand artiste." 8vo. with an exquisite portrait of Raphael, a View

Brunet, of Hampton Court, and seven very highly finished

- L'Amour de Cupido et de Psiché (d’Apuleius) steel engravings of the celebrated Cortoons at Hamp- consisting of 32 exceedingly beautiful engravings ton Court; (pub. at 15s), bound in red turkey by Gaultier, after the designs of Raphael, cloth, full gilt back and sides, 7s 6d


brilliant impressions, rare, 1580— Also 23 pleathe same, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, PROOFS, (pub.

sing Landscapes by Merian and others, mounted at £1. 1s) red turkey cloth, richly gilt, 12s

in one volume, oblong 4to. £2. 10s the same, printed in folio, ENGRAVER's Proof - AMOURS DE Psyche ET DE CUPIDON, LithoUN INDIA PAPER, of which only a small number graphies d'après les Dessins de Raphael, et were printed, a very choice volume, (pub. at

orné du Poëme de la Fontaine, royal folio, 32 £2. 28 ) cloth, bds. 158

fine lithographic plates by Fragonard and others, " This is a beautiful book; and as something tending

INDIA PROOFs. hf. bd. uncut, £1, 16s Paris, 1825 to elevate the taste of our country, we cordially recom

PLANETARIUM, Opere musivo elaboratum mend it, and hope that it will find its way into every Romæ in Sacello Chisiorum Templi B. V. corner of the land."-- Metropolitan Mag. “The engravings, by Warren, are gems of them

Mariæ de Populo, folio, 9 fine engravings by selves; and when wedded to Mr. Cattermole's letter- Dorigny, old calf, 10s 6d Roma, 1695 press, complete a work, which, while indispensable to -TESTĚ SCELTE di Personaggi illustri dipinte the student of art, will create or improve in every nel Vaticano da Rafaello d'Urbano, incise sebosom a jnst tasie for the highest order of beasty and refining sentiment."- Monthly Review.

condo la loro grandezza de Paolo Fidanza, “ The author of this elegant volame has produced

4 vols. in 2, impl. folio, 144 large engravings of the best and completest critical description of the Car. Portraits of ancient and modern Poets, Painters, toons that bas ever appeared. He sets the picture at once before us, and he points out every beauty in suc

Philosophers and Heroes, and allegorical Heads, cession. His criticisms and descriptions are written

from Raphael's paintings in the Vatican, hf. bd. with as much force as elegance; they equally show bis russia, (from Horace Walpole's collection), £5. 5s knowledge, judgment, enthusiasm, and sense of truth.

1757-62 The eugravings are perfect gems." -Courier.

-SCHOOL OF RAPHAEL, or the Student's CARTOONS AT HAMPTON COURT Ex- Guide to Expression in Historical Painting, illusGRAVED BY HOLLOWAY, 6 very large and ex- trated by examples after the most celebrated quisite line Engravings, BRILLIANT PROOF IM- Heads in the Cartoons ; also of the most celePRESSIONS on INDIA PAPER, with two Etchings brated Antique Statues, etc. described by B. extra, viz. The Death of Ananias, and Elymas Ralph, fol. with 57 plates, neat, 15s Boydell, 1782 struck with Blindness, in a portfolio, £24.

Analysis of the PICTURE OF THE TRANSFIGUThis rare series has been sold for sixty guineas and upwards at auctions.

RATION, atlas folio, containing a fine Portrait of -CARTOONS. Pinacotheca Hamptoniana, Sep

Raphael, plate of the Trunsfiguration, and 17

beautiful mezzotinto Heads, the size of the origina. tem de Actis Apostolorum Tabulæ in Palatio picture, traced by Mons. Gaubaud, engraved by Hampton Court conservatæ, 7 large folding Godhy, PROOFS, (pub. at £8.8s) morocco, plates, by Dorigny, very fine impressions. -Ra- £2. 12s 6d

1833 phaelis Planetarium, Opere

musivo elaboratum I MOSAICA DELLA CUPOLA Della Cappella ChigiRomæ in Sacello Chisiorum Templi B.V. Mariæ ana di S. Maria del Popolo in Roma, 10 plates, de Populo, 9 fine plutes, by Dorigny, Romæ, Roma, 1839— The Lawrence Gallery; a Series 1693-Also SEVEN LARGE SCRIPTURAL SUBJECTS of Fac-similes of Original Drawings by Raffa. after Raphael, beautifully engraved by Dorigny, elle da Urbino, 32 plates, mounted on tinted Frey, Poilly, Blæmaert; including the Transfi- druwing paper, surrounded with gold borders, guration, Holy Family, Annunciation, Descent London, 1831-together 42 plates, with de. from the Cross, &c. in all 23 plutes, in 1 vol. atlas scriptive letter-press, in 1 vol. impl. folio, hf.bu. folio, calf, russia back, £5. 58 Roma, 1686 russia, gilt, £6.65


magini dipinteda Raffaelle, nel Vaticano, e nella TEMPEST, 13 plates, with English Transla

Farnesina 12mo. hf. bd. calf, 3s 6d Roma, 1751 tion, 4to. 16s RAPHAEL'S Leben und Werke, von G. C. Braun,

OTHELLO, 13 plates, with English Transla

tion, 4to. 163 8vo. bus. 38

Wiesbaden, 1815

- MERRY WIVES, 13 plates, with English RATHGEBER(G.) Annalen der Niederländischen

Translation, 4to, 16 Malerei und Kupferstecherkunst, von Rubens

GOETHE'S FAUST, 26 beautiful outlines, bis Rembrandt, folio, bds. 7s 61 Gotha, 1839

royal 4to. (pub, at £1. ls)gilt cloth, 10s 6d RAULIN, V’ues d'Auvergne, folio, 16 lithographic

This edition contains a translation of the original plates, 5s

Paris, 1820

poem, with historical and descriptive notes. READ'S '(D. C.) Catalogue of Etchings after his

SCHILLER'S LIED VON DER GLOCKE own designs, 12mo. privately printed, hf. bd. 5s

1832 (Song of the Bell), with German and English RECUEIL D'ESTAMPES, gravées à l'Eau forte

Text and Explanations, 4to, 14s d'après les plus fameux Maitres d'Italie et Fran- FRIDOLIN'S Gang nach dem Eisenhammer çais, lesquelles se trouvent dans les Cabinets (Walk to the Forge), 8 plates, 4to. 5s des Amateurs à Amsterdam, impl. folio, 27

KAMPF MIT DEM DRACHEN (Fight with etchings afier old Masters, by L. Garreau, bds. the Dragon), 16 plates, 4to. Is £i. Is

Paris, Basan, 1788 PEGASUS IM JOCHE (Pegasus in Harness), RELICS OF ANTIQUITY, or Remains of Ancient 10 plates, with German and English Text, and

Structures, with other Vestiges of Early Times Explanations, 4to. 78 6d in Great Britain, with descriptive Sketches, BURGER'S BALLADS, (Leonora, etc.) 15 (many of the subjects not figured in other plutes, with English Translations, bds. 14s collections), 4to. 47 plates after Prout and others,

- THE CHESS-PLAYER, 1 plate, with Text neat, 10s 60


in English, German, and French, 5s 6d. REMBRANDT.-Daulby's Descriptive Catalogue

FANCIES AND TRUTHS (Phantasien und of the Works of Rembrandt, and of his

Wahrheiten), 6 plates, with Text, 7s Scholars, Bol, Livens, and Van Vliet, 8vo. portraits, russia, 15s



LER illustrated, oblong 16mo. containing 67

outline engravings, reduced from Retzsch by Audot, RENVERSEMENT de la Morale Chretienne par

with descriptive letter-press, bus. 5s les désordres du Monachisme, 2 parts in 1 vol. small 4to. with 51 very grotesque portraits of REVILLE ET LAVALLEE, Vues Pittoresques et Monks, finely engraved in rich messotinto, original

Perspectives des SALLES DU MUSÉE DES Monuedition, neat, in old calf, £2. 5s

MENTS Francais, et des ouvrages d'Architec

ture, de Sculpture et de Peinture sur Verre, This very rare book was published in Holland, at the

atlas folio, 20 very fine line engravings, after end of the 17th Century; a copy produced at Caillard's sale 140 francs. A new and much inferior edition was the designs by Vaucelle, with descriptive letterafterwards published in Switzerland.

press by Roquefort, PROOFS, (lettres grises), RENVERSEMENT de la Morale Chretienne, par (pub. at 300 francs) hf. bd. calf, £3. 13s 6d les désordres du Monachisme, en Hollandois, et

Paris, 1816 en François, 4to. embellished with 50 engravings,

the same, atlas folio, PROOFS BEFORE THE LETbds. £1. Is

Hollande, sine anno et loco. TERS, (pub. at 400 francs) bds. £4. 14s 6d This is a later edition of the preceding work, but

ih. 1816 with an entirely different set of engravings, and etchings

the same, PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, hf. bd. instead of mezzotints. The figures are besides full red morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 6s ib. 1816 length, while in the other they are ball length.

This beautiful volume is a very desirable accompaREPTON'S Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton, niment to the Musée Français, Musée Napoleon, Musée to wbich is appended an Essay on the Intro

des Antiques, and other engraved works of the French duction of Hindoo Architecture in England,

National Collection, as it shews the arrangement of all

the Sculpture, the Halls, Gardens, &c.
impl. folio, illustrated by 13 coloured plates, and
accompanied by moveable slips, shewing the original

REVOLUTION FRANCAISE.-TABLEAUX Hisand proposed states of the building, (pub. at


Bensley, 1808

des Discours par l'Abbé Fauchet, Chamfort, on Landscape Gardening-See ARCHITECTURE.

Ginguené, et Pagès, 3 vols. royal folio, with RERESBY'S (Sir John) Memoirs and Travels, in

222 beautiful engravings, of which 66 are Porthe time of Oliver Cromwell, royal 8vo. Il

traits, mostly by the celebrated Duplessi-Bertaur, LUSTRATED with 40 portraits and views, many co

fine early impressions, very neat in French calf, loured, red morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s 1813

gilt edges, £10. 10s

Paris, 1804

the same, russia extra, gilt edges, fine set, An ainnsing work, for an account of which, see

£14. 14s

ib. 1804 the Retrospective Review. RETZSCH'S OUTLINES TO SHAKSPEARE'S

- the same, 3 vols. VELLUM PAPER, ENGRAVER'S

MACBETH, 13 plates, with Explanations in

BEFORE THE LETTERS, in the original

French binding, hf. red morocco, gilt edges, ExCFSEnglish, French, German, and Italian, 4to.

SIVELY RARE, £31. 10s

ib. 1804 cloth, 15$ HAMLET, 13 plates, with Explanations, 4to.

The plates in this almost unique copy being in the

artist's state, before all the letters, ihe inscriptions Tos

1833 have been neatly added in pencil. ROMEO AND JULIET, 13 plates, with Text “On recherche surtout les exemplaires qui renferin English and German, 4to. bds. 15s 1836

meni les premieres épreuves des gravures. Un exemKING LEAR, 13 plates, 4to. 15s

plaire précieux, avant la lettre a éle vendo 1003 francs." 1838



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des Personnages qui ont le plus figuré dans la of, comprising original Anecdotes of bis ContemRévolution Française, 18 parts, royal folio, poraries, a brief Analysis of his Discourses, and 54 fine mezzotinto portraits, with vignette en- varieties on Art, 4to. with portrait and fac. gravings of scenes in the Revolution, by Duplessi- similes, (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) bds. 10s 6d 1813 Bertaur, (pub. at 108 francs) unbound, £2. 28

RHEINISCHE BILDER, herausgegeben von N.

Paris, 1800 - the same, royal folio, 60 plates, hf. bd. russia,

Vogt, atlas folio, with 24 bold and fine Illustra£2. 10s

ib. 1800

tions of the popular Legends of the Rhine, hf. bd. - HELMANN, Quinze Estampes sur les princi


Frankfurt, 1821 pales Journées de la Révolution, 15 fine large RHINE.-COLLECTION DE CINQUANTE VUES DU plates of the principal scenes of the French Revolu- Rhine, depuis Spire jusqu'à Dusseldorf, par tion, from 1789 to 1800, engraved by Helmann, L. Janscha, impl. folio, 50 fine large coloured after Designs by MONNET, with descriptions in plates, views on the Rhine from Speyer to DüsselEnglish and French, impl. folio, hf. bd. £1.58 dorf, with Descriptions in German and French, Paris, (1801) neatly hf. bd. £3. 13s 6d

Wien, 1798 See Napoleon— Portraits.

- the same, richly hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, REYNOLDS' (Sir Joshua) GRAPHIC WORKS,

£4, 14s 6d consisting of 300 beautiful copper-plate engrav- -Vues Pittoresques, &c. d'après les Dessins de ings of portraits and fancy subjects, after this de- General Howen, folio, containing 36 beautiful lightful painter, engraved by S. W. Reynolds,

lithographic Views on the Rhine, from Francfort 3 vols. folio, (pub. at £36.) elegantly hf. bd.

to Cologne, PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, £1.5. morocco, full gilt backs, and gilt edges, £12. 12s “Iu taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention,

Paris, 1830 and in the richness and harmony of colooring, he was

These plates are as highly finished as those in any equal to the greatest masters of the renowned ages.

similar work executed in this country. Jo portrait he went beyond them; for he commoni

- The Beauties of the Rhine, Drawn and EnCáted to that description of the art, in which English artists are most engaged, a variety, a fancy, and a dig.

graved by R. Mackreth, 3 parts, impl. 4to. nity, derived from ihe higher branches, which even containing 12 fine lithographic engravings, INDIA those who professed them in a superior manner did

PROOFS, (pub. at £l. Ils 6d) 10s 6d not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His portraits remind the spectator of the it

RHINE.-See Boisserée - Gardnor Lasinsky vention and the amenity of landscape."-Burke.

Tomblesor.. Designs for the Celebrated Painted Window, in New College Chapel, at Oxford : A collec: RHODES' (E.) Peak ScenERY, or Excursions in tion of Engravings taken from Reynolds' Os

Derbyshire, made chiefly for the purpose of ford Window, with all its compartments, as

Picturesque Observation, 4 parts, forming 2 the Seven Allegorical Figures of the Cardinal

vols. royal 4to. with 29 fine engravings, after and Christian Virtues, the Nativity, etc. (en

designs by Sir Francis CHANTREY, etched by G.

and w. B. Cooke and Blore, PROOF IMPRESgraved (on a large scule) by Fucius, PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, ETCHINGS, AND VARIATIONS, sions, (pub. at £6. 16s) old boards, £1. 165 in all 32 plates, (some measuring 3 feet by 21)

1818-23 £2. 2s

Boydell, 1785

The Set of Plates separately, ORIGINAL INDIA LITERARY WORKS, containing bis Dis- PROOFS, on folio paper, (one of the Sets reserved courses, Idlers, Journey to Flanders and Hol- by Sir Francis Chantrey for himself,) hf. bd. calf,

£2. 23 land, Commentary on Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting ; with Life by Malone, 2 vols. 4to. RICHARDSON'S Sketches in Italy, Switzerland, fine portrait, very neat, in calf, marbled edges,

France, &c. impl. folio, 26 beautiful tinted plates, £1,45

(pub. at £4. 48) hf. bd. £2. 15s

1837 - the same, second edition, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait, RICHARDSON'S Book of Ceilings ;-Architeccalf gilt, 188


tural Remains ;-See Class ARCHITECTURE. the same, fourth edition, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, RICHARDSON'S ICONOLOGY.-See Emblems. £i. Is

1809 RICRAFT’S (J.) Survey of England's Champions, -LITERARY WORKS, comprising bis Dis- (with a secoud title as “ Civil Warres of Engcourses, delivered at the Royal Academy, on the land, collected by John Leicester”), 8vo. 20 Theory and Practice of Painting, also his Jour- portraits, (pub. at £1, 1s) bds. 7s ney to Flanders and Holland, with Criticisms

1647,(Reprinted, 1818) on Pictures—Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, in the same, LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo. (pub. at English Verse, with the original Latin texts, £1. 10s) bds. 9s subjoined, and Notes- A Tabular View of

The original edition of this work has sold as high Painters, from the revival of the Art to the begin. ing of the last Century-To which is prefixed a

RIDINGER'S ENGRAVINGS OF ANIMALS. Memoir of the Author, with Remarks on his

A most extraordinary, and perhaps unique set Professional Character, illustrative of his Prin

of the Works of this celebrated Artist, consistciples and Practice, by Henry William

ing of 697 large and spirited Engravings of AniBEECHEY, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. new edition, with

mals, Wild Sports, Horsemanship, &c. original portrait, (pub. at 18s) gilt cioth, 10s 1846

and very fine impressions, also ONE FINE DRAWING, Seven Discourses, delivered in the Royal mounted in 4 very large volumes, elephant Academy, 8vo. calf, neat, 5s

1778 folio, hf. bd. green morocco, the backs emblematiDiscourses, illustrated by Explanatory Notes cally gilt, £50.

Augsburg, 1738-70 and Plates, by John Burnet, F.R.S., 4to. with 12 Thirty various Plates, in folio and smaller engravings, executed in bistre and aquatint, cloth, size, of Stag Hunting, Forest Animale, Eagles, £2, 2s

1842 Ostriches, Fables, &c. £1. 1 ib. 1743, &c


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