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PALLAB (P. 8.) Icones Insectorum præsertim | BAY'S (Thos.) American Entomology, or Descrip

Rossiæ, Sibiriæque, 4to. 6 coloured plates, hf. bd. tions of the Insects of North America, 3 vols. calf gilt, very neat, 16s

Erlange, 1781 royal 8vo. with 54 beautifully coloured plates, PANZER, FAUNÆ INSECTORUM GERMANICÆ Initia, (pub. at 15 dollars) bds. £i. 16s cum Indice Systematico, 118 fasciculi, containing

Philadelpia, 1827-28 1742 coloured plates, in pasteboard cases, £16. 168 SCHÆFFERI (J. C.) Elementa Entomologica,

Nürnberg, 1797-1832 (Germ. et Lat.) royal 4to. 135 plates, con• the same, arranged in 36 vols. oblong taining many hundred coloured figures, neat, 12mo. coloured plates, hf. bd. green morocco,

£1. 88

Regensburg, 1766 £16. 16s

ib. 1797, &c.

the same, royal 4to. coloured plates, hf. bd. the same, the first 31 fasciculi, coloured russia, £1.8

ib. 1766 plates, £2. 12s6d

the same, royal 4to. FINE PAPER, 135 PANZER'S Kritische Revision des Insekten-Faune plates, with the Appendix of 5 additional plates,

Deutschlands, 2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. 2 coloured finely coloured, French calt, gilt edges, £2. 2s

plates, hf. bd. calf, neat, 9s Nürnberg, 1805-6 SCHÆFFERI, Icones Insectorum circa Ratis. PAYKULL (Gust.) Fauna Suecica, Insecta, 3 vols. bonam Indigenorum, 3 vols. 4to. with 280 finely 8vo. hf. bd. neat, 16s Upsal. 1798 coloured plutes, neat, £5. 5s

ib, 1779 PERCHERON (A.) Monographie des Passales et SCHÆFFER. Panzeri Enumeratio Systematica

des Genres qui en ont été séparés, 8vo. with Schaefferi Icon. Insect. Ratisbon. 4to. seued, 7 plates, hf. bd. calf, very neat, 10s 6d Paris, 1835 £1.58

ib. 1804 PICTET (F. I.) Recherches pour servir a l'Histoire SCHELLENBERG (J. R.) Genres des Mouches

et de l'Anatomie des Phryganides, 4to, with 20 Diptères, French and German, 8vo. 42 coloured coloured plates, hf. bd. calf, very neat, £1. 11s 6d plutes, hf. bd, neat, £1. 4s Zurich, 1803

Genève, 1834 SCHLESISCHE Schmetterlinge, mit Beschreibung PRESSLER (Jo. Dan.) Verzeichniss Böhmischer und Abbildung, Vol. I. Tagschmetterlinge,

Insecten, 4to. 2 coloured plates, 4s 6d Prag, 1790 4to. 47 coloured plates, containing upwards of 400 RAII Historia Insectorum ; subjungitur Appendix specimens of Silesian butterflies and their descripde Scarabæis Britannicis, autore M. Lister, 4to. tion, hf. bd. 14s

Breslau, (1800?) very neat, scarce, 12s

Lond. 1710 SCHOENHERR (C. J.) Synonymia Insectorum REAUMUR, Histoire des INSECTES, 6 vols. 4to. cum Appendice, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. £1. 4s with 267 plates, original impressions, French calf,

Stockholm, 1806-17 gilt backs, £3.3s

Paris, 1734-42 SCHOENHERR (C. J.) Genera et Species Curcuthe same, 12 vols. 12mo. with numerous lionidum, cum Synonymia hujus Familiæ: speplates, hf. bd. £1. 88

Amst. 1737-48 cies novæ aut hactenus minus cognitæ, descripROEMER, Genera Insectorum Linnæi et Fabricii, tionibus Gyllenhal, Boheman, et Entomologia

Iconibus illustrata, 4to. 37 plutes, containing aliis illustratæ, 8 vols. (called parts,) 8vo. many hundred figures, beautifully coloured, sewed, £3.

Paris, 1833-38 russia, £1. 78

Vit. Helvet. 1789

the same, 9 vols. in 6, 8vo. hf. bd. calf ROESEL'S INSECTEN-BelustiGUNG, etc. ; i. e. Na- gilt, £3. 10s

ib. 1833-9 tural History of Insects; with Kleemann's SCHOENHERR Curculionidum Dispositio MeSupplement (in German) 5 vols. in 4, small thodica, 8vo. hf. bd. 7s 6d

Lips. 1826 4to. with 400 beautifully coloured plates, an ori. SCHOTT'S (J. J.) Raupenkalender, (Catalogue of ginal copy, boards, uncut, with leather back, £5. 58 all the known German Caterpillars,) 8vo. with

Nürnberg, 1746-61 51 coloured figures on 5 plates, neat, 5s another copy, very neat in calf, gilt backs,

Frankfurt, 1830 £5. 15s 60

ib. 1746-61 SCHRANK (Fr.) Enumeratio Insectorum Austria the same, second edition, by C. F. C. Klee. indigenorum, 8vo. 4 plates, sewed, 4s 6d man, Vol. I. (BEING ALL PUBLISHED) 4to. with

Aug. Vind. 1781 121 coloured plates, cloth bds. £1. 10s

the same, 8vo. calf, 5s 6d ib. 1781 the same, Dutch text, (edited by Sepp) | SCHWARZ (Christ.) Neuer Raupenkalender, ('Trea8 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, the plates finely co- tise on Caterpillars and their subsequent changes loured, hf. bd, uncut, £5.

to Butterflies,) 8vo. calf, 4s 6d ROSSII (P.) Fauna Etrusca, sistens Insecta quæ

Nürnberg, 1791 in Provinciis Florentina et Pisana colliguntur, SCOPOLI (Jo. Ant.) Entomologia Carniolica Meedidit Hellwig et Illiger, 2 vols. 8vo. coloured thodo Linnæana, 8vo. bds. 3s Vindob. 1763 plates( sells £1. 10s), sewed, 18s Helmst. 1795-1807

the same, 8vo. calf, 4s 6d ib. 1763 Fauna Etrusca, edit. orig. 2 vols. 4to. 10 SCRIBA (L. G.) Beiträge zur Insecten-Geschichte, plates, hf. bd. calf, £1. 4s Liburni, 1790 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 18 coloured plates of ButterSAMOU ELLE'S Entomological Cabinet, being a flies and Beetles, 108 Frankfurt, 1790-3 Natural History of British Insects, 2 vols. 12mo.

the same, part 3 only, 4to. 6 coloured with 156 coloured plates, (pub. at £3. 5s.) hf. bd. plates, 2s 6d

ib. 1793 calf gilt, £1. 5s.

1833-34 SE "S NATURAL History Of THE INSECTS OF the same, 26 parts, 12mo. with 130 co- HOLLAND (in Dutch), 5 vols. and all that is loured plates, (pub. at £3. 5s) sewed, £1. ls 1832 published of Vol. 6, 4to. upwards of 250 finely SAMOUELLE'S Entomologist's Useful Compen- coloured plates, unbound, in portfolios, £12. 12s dium, or an Introduction to the Knowledge

Amst. 1762-1836 of British Insects, 8vo. containing 12 coloured Complete copies of this valuable work are to be plates, with a duplicate set pluin, the letter-press found in very few even of the Public Libraries, either interleaved, with MS. notes, (by J. F. Stephens)

in England or France. Percheron in his new Bibliocalf, £1.4s


graphical work on Entomology was enabled to dethe same, 8vo. wrth 'a duplicate set of 12

scribe only about one-fifth of the work, there being no

more in the National Library. lates, cloth, 168



neat, 7s

the same,

SHUCKARD'S (W. E.) Essay on the Indigenous | SULZER (J. H.)

Abgekürzte Geschichte der InFossorial Hymenoptera : comprising a Descrip- secten, i. e. The abridged History of Insects tion of all the British Species of Burrowing according to Linnæus, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. 32 coSand-Wasps, contained in the Metropolitan loured plates, neat, £1. 58 Winterthur, 1776 Collections ; with their Habits, as far as they SWAMMERDAM (Jean) Hist. Nat. des Insectes, have been observed, 8vo. 4 plates, bds. 12s 1837 4to. 36 plates, calf, 5s

Paris, 1770 SIERSTORPFF (C. H.) Insektenarten welche den THORLEY (John) on Bees, 8vo. with 4 plates, Fichten schädlich sind, 8vo. with three coloured calf, 3s

1744 plates of insects injurious to pine-trees, hf. bd. 4s

TIGNÝ (De) Histoire Naturelle des Insectes,

Helmst. 1794 composées d'après Réaumur, Geoffroy, Degeer, SPINOLÆ (Maxim.) Insectorum Liguria Species

Roesel, Linnée, Fabricius, &c. rédigée suivant novæ aut rariores in Agro Ligustico, 2 vols.

la méthode d’Olivier, avec des Figures dessiin 1, 4to. 7 plates, hf. bd. culf gilt, 14s

nées d'après Nature, 10 vols. 18mo. with up

Genua, 1806-8 wards of 100 plates, bds. £l. 58 Paris. 1802 SPIX et MARTIUS, INSECTA BRASILIENSIA, i. e.

the same, 10 vols. 18mo. plates, hf. bd. Delectus Animalium Articulatorum in Itinere calf, £1. 10s

ib. 1813-23 per Brasiliam, 1817-20 collect.; curavit D. M. TREITSCHKE (Fried.) Hülfsbuch für SchmetPerty, imperial 4to. 40 plates, containing above terlingsammler, (a Manual for Butterfly Col500 figures of Insects, beautifully coloured, (pub.

lectors), 8vo. with 4 coloured plates, hf. bd. calf, at £15.) hf. bd. calf gilt, £9. 9s

Wien, 1834 Monachii

, 1830-4 VILLERS (G. De) Linnæi Entomologia, faunæ SPRY'S (W.) British Coleoptera delineated, con

Suecciæ Descriptionibus aucta ; Scopoli, Geofsisting of Figures of all the Genera of British froy, De Geer, Fabricii, Schrank, &c. Speciebus Beetles, edited by Shuckard, 8vo, with 94 plates,

vel in Systemate non enumeratis, vel nuperrime (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth bus. £1. 4s


detectis, vel Speciebus Galliæ Australis, locupleSTEPHENS' (J. F.) Systematic Catalogue of Bri

tata, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, neat, £1. 5s Lugd. 1789 tish Insects, being an Attempt to arrange the VILLIERS et GUENEE, Tableaux Synoptiques Indigenous Insects with their Natural Affinities; des Lépidoptères d'Europe, vol. 1, Diurnes, containing also the References to every English

4to. hf. bd. calf gilt, 7s 6d Paris, 1835 Writer on Entomology, and to the principal VOET (J. E.) Catalogus systematicus ColeopteroForeign Writers, with all the published British

rum, 2 vols. 4to. with 105 plates, containing, Genera to the present time, 8vo. ( £1.7s)

several hundred figures of Insects finely coloured new, bds. 16s

1829 (the Descriptions in Latin, French, and Dutch),
hf. bd. calf, very neat

hf. bd. uncut, 31

Hage, 1806 17s 6d


the same, 3 vols. 4to. coloured plates, with STEPHENS' Illustrations of British Entomology, an additional Introduction and Inderes in MS. by or a Synopsis of British Insects; containing

the celebrated Naturalist Van Swinden, hf. bd. their generic and specific Distinctions; with an uncut, £4. Account of their Metamorphoses, Times of WALCKENAER (C. A.) Tableau des Aranéides, Appearance, Localities, Food and Economy;

8vo, with 8 plates, neat, 7s 6d Paris, 1805 (being a complete Description of all the known WALCKENAER, Hist. Natur. des Insectes, vol. 1, British Species, arranged in two great Classes

Apteres, 8vo, bds. 4s 6d

Paris, 1837 of Haustellata and Mandibulata), 85 parts, form- WALKER'S (Francis) Monographia Chalciditum, ing together ]l vols. 8vo. (Haustellata, 4 vols.;

containing a Description of Hymenopterous Mandibulata, 7 vols.) beautifully coloured plates,

Insects, including those by L. Darwin, Esq. (pub, at £21.) unbound, £10. 10s 1828-35

2 vols. 8vo. cloth bds. 14s

1839 the same, ll vols. bound in 6, 8vo. co

WARDER'S (Jos.) True Amazons, or the Monarchy loured plates, neatly hf, bd. calf, £11. 1825-35 of Bees, 8vo. cloth bds. 5s

1716 the same, Haustellata, vol. 3, 8vo. 7 co- WESMAEL (C.) Monographie de Braconides de loured plates, hf. bd. uncut, 10s

1830 Belgique, avec la Suite, 2 vols. 4to. with 3 plates, the same, Mandibulata, vol. 3, 8vo. 4 co


Brur. 1835 loured plates, hf. bd. uncut, 10s


WILKES' (Benj.) English Moths and Butterflies, STEPHENS' Abstract of the Indigenous Lepidop

representing their Changes, into the Caterpillar, tera, contained in Hübner's Verzeichniss,' 8vo.

Chrysalis, and Fly states, and the Plants, sewed, 2s 6d


Flowers, and Fruits whereon they feed, imp. STOLL, Représentation des Cigales et des Punaises,

4to. with 120 finely coloured plates, calf extra, qui se trouvent dans les quatre Parties du

gilt edges, Fonthill copy, £4. 45

1773 Monde, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. 70 finely coloured plates, WILSON'S (J.) Treatise on Insects, General and richly bound in red morocco, with joints and gilt

Systematic, reprinted from the Encyclopædia edges, £6. 6s

Amst. 1788

Britannica, 4to. 20 plates, containing 540 figures, the same, 2 vols. in 1, calf, £4. 14s 6d bds. 12g

Edinb. 1835

4to. plates, hf. bd. calf, very neat, STURM'S Jacob) Deutschland's Fauna, (Insects,)


ib. 1835 14 vols: 12mo. with 287 beautifully coloured plates, WOOD's (w.) Index Entomologicus; or, a com£4. 14s 60

Nürnberg, 1808-21

plete illustrated Catalogue of the Lepidopterous “ Storm is an excellent entomological artist, and an Insects of Great Britain, complete in 1 vol. 8vo. accurate observer of insects."-SWAINSON.

54 plates, comprising 1945 coloured figures of SULZER (J.H.) Die Kennzeichen der Insecten, i.e. Butterflies, Sphinges, and Moths, (pub, at £8.28) The Characters of Insects according to Linnæus, cloth bds. £5. 15s 6d

1839 4t). 24 coloured plates, fine copy in old red morocco,

the same, parts 1-12, 8vo. 31 coloured gilt edges, £1. Ils 6d

Zurich, 1761

plates, (pub. at £4, 13s) unbound, £3. 3s

the same,

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BARBUT—Thirteen coloured Plates of Shells by Ichthyology, Conchology, Mineralogy, Barbut, being the plates to part 2 of the Genera Geology, Reptilia, Crustacea,

Vermium, 4to. mounted, 7s 6u

BARTON'S (Rich.) on the Petrifactions, Gems, Cermes, Mollusca and Corallina.

Crystals, and Sanative Quality of Lough

Neah in Ireland, 4to. LARGE PAPER, plates, calf, AGASSIZ, Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles,

neat, 12s

Dublin, 1751 comprenant la Description de 500 Espèces qui BASALTIC Mountains, Caverns, and Causeways n'existent plus, l'Exposition des Lois de la

in the known World, royal folio, with 50 enSuccession et du Dévelloppement organique

gruvings, (pub. at £10. 10s) hf. od. morocco, des Poissons durant toutes les Métamorphoses

£i. ls

1825 du Globe terrestre, une nouvelle Classification BASTERI (Jobi) Opuscula Subseciva, Observade ces Animaux, exprimunt leurs Rapports

tiones Miscellaneas de Animalculis et Plantis avec la Série des Formations; enfin, des Con

quibusdam marinis, eorumque Ovariis et Semisidérations Géologiques générales, tirées de

nibus continentia, 6 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 29 col'Etude de ces Fossiles, 5 vols. royal 4to, and

loured plates of Shells, Fish, Corals, Zoophytes, two fol. atlasses, COMPLETE,containing upwards of

Fuci, &c. very neat, 12s Harlemi, 1762-65 400 plates, some coloured, £21. Neuchâtel, 1834-43 BELL'S (Th.) British Reptiles, 8vo. with wood-cuts

, This work is completed in 18 parts, at £1. 108 cach,

bds. 8s 6d

1839 making £27.

the same, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, (pub. AIKIN'S (A. H. R.) Dictionary of Chemistry and

at 17s) cloth bds. 13s

1839 Mineralogy, 2 vols. 4to. plates, bds. £2. 2s 1807

BELL'S (Th.) Monograph of the Testudinata, ALLAN'S (Thos.) Alphabetical List of Minerals,

8 parts, folio, with 48 coloured plates, (pub. at £8. 8s) sewed, £7.78

1836-42 Mineralogical Nomenclature, and Syuoptic

Tables of the Chemical Analysis of Minerals, BELLONII (P.) de Aquatilibus Libri duo, oblong 2 vols. 8vo., calf, 12s Edinb. 1808-14

12mo. with numerous fine wood-cuts of Fish, ANDRY, De la Génération des Vers dans le Corps

Shells, &c. calf, neat, 10s 6d de l'Homme, 12ino. with 20 plates, bds. 55

Paris, Car. Stephanus, 1553 Paris, 1741

BELON de la Nature et Diversité des Poissons; ARTEDI Ichthyologia sive Opera omnia de Pis

being the preceding work with French letterpress ; cibus, scilicet : 1. Bibliotheca Ichth. 2. Philo

fine wood-cuts, sq. 12mo. green morocco, gilt edges, sophia Ichth. 3. Genera Piscium. 4. Synony: BENNETT’S (J. W.) Selection of the most Remark


Paris, C. Estienne, 1555 mia Pisc. 5. Descriptiones Specierum ; edidit ć Linnæus, 8vo.old binding, 4s 6d Lugd. Bat.1738

able and Interesting Fishes found on the Coast Idem, editio nova, emendata et aucta

of Ceylon, 6 parts, 4to. complete, containing J. J. Walbaum, 5 parts in 3 vols. 8vo. 4 plates,

30 finely coloured plates, (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. fine copy, calf by Kalthoeber, 158

£1. 4s

1830 Gryphiswaldiæ, 1788-93

the same, half morocco, uncut, £1. 8s ARTEDI (P.) Synonymia Piscium, Gr. et Lat.

the same, olive morocco extra, gilt edges,

£2, 2s accedit Disputatio de veterum Scriptorum Hip

1830 popotamo J. G. Schneideri, 4to. plates, bds. 145 BERGEN (C. A.) Classes Conchyliorum, 4to. calf


Norimb. 1760 ARTIS'S (E.T.) Antediluvian Phytology, illus- BEUDANT (F. S.) Voyage Minéralogique et Géotrated by a Collection of the Fossil REMAINS

logique en Hongrie, pendant l'année 1818, OF Plants, peculiar to the Coal Formations of

3 vols. royal 4to. and atlas of coloured plates, Great Britain, selected for their Novelty and

(pub. at £4.) bds. £2. 2s

Paris, 1822 Interest, from upwards of a Thousand Speci- BLAINVILLE, Manual de Malacologie et de Conmens now in the possession of the Author, and

chyliologie, 2 vols. 8vo. with 109 plates, bds. systematically described, with the view of facia £1. 14s

Paris, 1825-7 litating the Study of this important Branch of BLOCH, ICHTHYOLOGIE ov Histoire NATURELLE Geology: including Remarks on the Systems

des Poissons, 12 vols. in 6, royal folio, LARGE of Count Sternberg, Baron Schlotheim, Professor

PAPER, 432 beautifully coloured plates, many Martius, and Mons. Brongniart ; also Commu

heightened with silver, elegantly bound in green nications from Professor BUCKLAND, and other

morocco, gilt edges, £38. Berlin, 1785-97 eminent Geologists, 4to. with 25 plates, (pub. at

the same, 12 vols. in 6, royal folio, LARGE £2. 10s) cloth bds. 15s


PAPER, 432 coloured plates, fine set in French calf,

with borders and gilt edges, £31. 10s ib. 1785-97 “I CANNOT BUT WISH THAT STUDIOUS ATTENTION

the same, 6 vols. folio, 216 beautifully coGURES IN MR. ARTIS'S ANTEDILUVIAN PHYTOLOGY." loured plates, fine set in marhled calf, gilt, Dr. J. Pye Smith's Geology: £7. 17s 6d

ib. 1785-95 BAER (Dr. K. E. von) Untersuchungen über die

the same, o vols. folio, 216 coloured plates, Entwickelungs-geschichte der Fische, 4to. one fine set, russia, gilt edges, £8. 18s 6d ib. 1785-95 plate of bladders, sd. 3s

Leipz. 1835 These six volumes are all that were originally pubBAKEWELL'S Introduction to Mineralogy, 8vo.

lished, and comprebend tbe European Fish, including bds. 14s


all those of our English rivers. the same, 4th edition, 8vo. frontispiece and

the same, 6 vols. bound in 5, 8vo. the 8 folding plates, new calf extra, marbled edges, 18s 216 plates on a reduced scals, finely coloured, neat 1833 in calf, £3. 13s 6d

ib. 1796 BARBUT'S Genera Vermium of Linnæus, 2 parts,

the same, 6 vols. in 4, 8vo. 216 beautifully 4to. with 25 coloured plates, calf, neat, but not

coloured plates,, uncut, £4. 4s ib. 1796 uniform, £1. Jos

1783-88 A desirable edition for illus-rating Wallon's Angler.


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BLOCUIII (M. E.) Systema Ichthyologiæ ; post | BRONN'S (H. G.) System der Urweltlichen

Obitum Auctoris opus inchoatum absolvit Conchylien und Pflanzenthiere, 2 parts, folio, Jo. Gottl. Schneider, 2 vols. 8vo. with 110 co- with 14 plates, containing numerous figures of loured plates, hf. bd. calf, £2. 58 Berol. 1801 fossils, sowed, 15s

Heidelberg, 1824-25 BOASE'S (Dr. H. 3. Sec. Roy. Geol. Soc. of Cornwall) BROWN'S (T.) Elements of Conchology, according Treatise on Primary Geology, being an Exami

to the Linnean system, with Observations on nation, both Practical and Theoretical, of the

Modern Arrangements, 8vo. 9 coloured plates, older Formations, 8vo. cuts, (pub. at 128) cloth; BUCKLAND'S Reliquiæ Diluvianæ ; or, Obser

calf, neat, 78 6d

1816 bds. 5s


vations on the Organic Remains contained in “ An admirable work, involving some of the most refned discussions of which Gevlogy is susceptible."

Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, and on

Literary Gazette. other Geological Phenomena, attesting the BOHADSCH (Jo. B.) Beschreibung einiger min

action of an Universal Deluge, 4to. second and der bekannten See-thiere, 12 plutes of rare ma

best edit. 27 plates, hf. bd. cf. scarce, £2.5s 1824 rine animals, Dresden, 1776-J. H. Chemnitz BUCKLAND'S Geology and Mineralogy, con

the same edition, 4to. plates, bds. £2. 1824 vom Geschlechte vielschalichter Conchylien,

sidered with reference to Natural Theology, 2 coloured plates of Chitons, Nurnberg, 1784, in

2 vols. 8vo. (Bridgwater Treatise) plates, cloth 1 vol. calf, neat, 7s 6d BOITARD, Manuel d'Histoire Naturelle, avec les BURNETT'S (Dr. T.) Sacred Theory of the Earth, 2

bds, £1. Ils 6d

1837 Atlas des Poissons, des Reptiles, des Crustacés, et des Zoophytes, upwards of 250 plates, together

vols.8vo.seventh edition, with Life of the Author, 6 vols. 18mo. gilt, £1. 1s Paris, 1827 BURTÍN (J. X.) Oryciographie de Bruxelles, ou

calf ertra, marbled edges, 12s

1759 BORN (Ign.) Testacea Musei Cæsarei Vindobo- description des Fossiles dans les environs de

nensis, royal folio, 18 plates, comprising above cette ville, folio, LARGE PAPER, 32 beautifully 300 coloured figures of Shells, neat, fl. lls 6d coloured plates, old French red morocco, gilt edges,

Vindob. 1780
fine copy, £2. 12s 6d

Brur. 1784 BORN Testacea : Index Musei Cesarei Vindobo. A desirable accompaniment to Knorr's Petrifactions.

nensis, part 1. Testacea, 2 thick vols. 8vo. illus: CATALOGUE Raisonné des Coquilles et autres trated with several hundred plates from Lister's Curiosités Naturelles, 12mo.calf, 38 Paris, 1736 great work and others, calf eatra, marbled edges, CATLOW'S (A.) Popular Conchology; or the from the late Dr. Goodall's Library, £2. 2s

Shell Cabinet arranged, 12mo. with cuts of ib. 1778 Shells, cloth, 8s 6d

1843 BOSC (L. A. G.) Histoire Naturelle des Coquilles, COLUMNÆ (Fabii) Opusculum de Purpura, cum

des Vers et des Crustacés, 10 vols. 18mo. with Annot. J. D. Masoris, 4to. with numerous wood94 plutes, bds. £1.5s Paris, 1802 cuts of shells, calf, 7s 6d

Kiliæ, 1675 BOTTIS (Gaet. de) Ragionamento dell' Eruzione CONVERSATIONS on Mineralogy, (by Mrs.

del Vesuvio, 4to. with 4 plates, bds. 5s Nap. 1779 Marcet] 2 vols. 12mo. with 12 plates by Lewry, BOURRIT, Nouvelle Description des Glaciers,

bds. 9s

1826 Vallées de Glace et Glaciers qui forment la CONYBEARE and Phillips' Outlines of the Geogrand Chaine des Alpes, de Savoye, de Suisse logy of England and Wales, with an Introet d'Italie, 3 vols. 8vo. 12 plates, calf, 12s

ductory Compendium of the general Principles

Genève, 1783 of that Science, 8vo. bds. scarce, £1. 8s 1822 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, calf eatra, CORALLINES- A Selection of 52 Plates of, from marbled edges, 15s

ib. 1787 the Philos. Trans. &c. with Directions for using BOUSSUETI (Franc.) de Natura Aquatilium Car- the Pocket Aquatic Microscope, as improved

men, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. with numerous wood-cuts by John Ellis, obl. folio, bds. £1. Is of Fishes, Shells, &c. including the Monk Fish and Many of the plates have MS. remarks and observations. the Episcopal Fish, fine copy, limp vellum, 10s 60 CORSI (F.) Catalogo ragionato d'una Collezione

Lugd. 1558 di Pietre di Decorazione forinata in Roma BOWDICH'S (T. E.) Elements of Conchology, con osservazioni, 8vo. sewed, 4s Roma, 1825

including the Fossil Genera and the Animals, CORSI delle Pietre Antiche, 8vo. hf. hd, 4s ib. 1828 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. with upwards of 650 figures, COSTA (0. G.) Catalogo sistematico e ragionato de (pub. at £1.) cloth bds. 12s Paris, 1822 Testacei delle due Sicilie, 4to. uith 2 coloured the same, part 1 only, containing the Uni- plates, hf. bd. 13s

Napoli, 1829 valves, with upuarus nf 500 figures, 4s

CRAWFURD'S (J.) Journal of an Embassy to the BREISLACK, Voyages Physiques et Lythologiques Court of Ava, with an Appendix, containing a

dans la Campanie, 2 vols. 8vo. 6 folding plates DESCRIPTION OF Fossil REMAINS, BY PROFESSOR

and maps, hf. bd. morocco, 9s Paris, 1801 BUCKLAND, 2 vols. 8vo. second edition, with 13 BREMSER (J. G.) Icones Helminthum Systema maps, plates and vignettes, (pub, at £1, lls 6d) Rudolphii Entozoologicum illustrantes, folio, cloth bds. 12s

1834 18 coloured plates of Intestinal Worms, bds. 158 CUBIERES (S. L. P.) Histoire des Coquillages de

Vienna, 1824 Mer, de leurs Mæurs, et de leurs Amours, the same, folio, coloured plates, hf. bd. mo- 4to. with 21 fincly engraved plates, calf gilt, 14s rocco, £i. Is ib. 1824

Versailles, 1801 BRONGNIART (Alex.) Traité élémentaire de CUVIER (G.) Recherches sur les Ossemens Fos

Minéralogie, avec des applications aux Arts, 2 siles, 4ème édition, revue et complétée par un

vols. 8vo. with 16 plates, cf. neat, 14s Paris, 1807 supplément laissé par l'auteur, avec l'éloge de BRONGNIART, Tableau des Terrains qui compo- Cuvier, par Lainlard, 10 vols. 8vc. and 2 atlasses sent l'Ecorce du Globe, 8vo. hf. bd. culf, 78 6d in 4to. containing 278 folding plates and maps,

ib. 1829 (pub. at £7, 10s) sewed, £5. 58 Paris, 1834-36

at 128 each.

CUVIER, Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire et a DE LUC'S Geological Travels in some parts of

l'Anatomie des Mollusques, 4to. with 35 plates, France, Switzerland, and Germany, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, scarce, £2. 165

Paris, 1817 with 2 maps, red morocco, gilt edges, fine copy, 158 CUVIÈR'S Essay on the Theory of the Earth, with

1813 Mineral Notes, and an Account of Cuvier's DESHAYES (G. P.) Description des Coquilles Geological Discoveries, by Prof. Jameson, 8vo. Fossiles des Environs de Paris, avec Atlas, 3 5 plates, reat, 8s

Edinb. 1817 vols. 4to. complete, with 172 plates, russia extra, CUVIER et Valenciennes, Histoire Naturelle des marbled edges, £12. 12s Paris, 1824-37 Poissons, 13 vols. 4to. LARGE' PAPER, numerous

from the library of the late Provost of Eton. coloured plates, sewed, £15. 158 Paris, 1828-39 DESHAYES Traité de Conchyliologie, avec l’ApThis work will be complete in 20 vols.

plication de cette Science a la Géognosie, DA COSTA'S (E. M.) Elements of Conchology, 8 parts, royal 8vo. with 64 beautifully coloured 8vo. with 7 large coloured plates, calf gilt, 8s

plates, £4. 4s

ib. 1838 1776 This exqnisite work is to be completed in 12 paris, the same, 8vo. with plain plates, calf gilt, forming 2 vols. 8vo. The remaining 4 will be sapplied 58

1776 DA COSTA'S British Conchology, with Descrip

DESMAREST, Considérations générales sur la

Classe des Crustacés, et Description des Espètions in English and French, 4to. 17 plates, some coloured, wanting plate 6, sewed, 6s 1778

ces de ces Animaux, qui vivent dans la mer,

sur les Côtes, ou dans les Eaux douces de la DANDOLO'S (Count) Art of Rearing Silk-Worms,

France, 8vo. 56 plates, ethibiting 140 Genera, 82O. bds. 3s

1825 DARBES (Franc.) Istoria dell'Incendio del

calf, extra, marbled edges, £1. 155 Paris, 1825 Vesuvio, Maggio 1737, 12mo. 2 folding plates DEWHURST'S (Hen. Wm.) Natural History of of Eruptions, culf gilt, 58

Nap. 1740

the Order Cetacea, and the Oceanic Inbabitants D'ARGENVILLE (Desallier) La Conchyliologie,

of the Arctic Regions, 8vo. with lithographic and ou Histoire Naturelle des Coquilles de Mer,

wood engravings, (pub. at £1. 10s) bds. 10s 6d

1834 d'Eau douce, Terrestres et Fossiles, avec un

DILLWYN'S Descriptive Catalogue of recent Traité de la Zoomorphose, Paris, 1757, with 38

Shells, arranged according to the Linnæan fine plates,-L'Oryctologie qui traite des Terres, Minéraux, Fossiles, &c. Paris, 1755, 26 fine

Method, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £1. 18s) hf. bd. neat, marbled edges, £1. ls

1817 plates, 2 vols. 4to, calf gilt, £1. 165

DONOVAN'S Natural History of British Shells, D'ARGENVILLE, la Lithologie et la Conchyliogie, 4to. Paris, 1742, 33 plates-L'Oryctologie, &c.

5 vols. royal 8vo. 180 finely coloured plutes, (pub. at £7. 158) bds. £3.

1804 ib. 1755, 26 plates, 2 vols. 4to. ca.f gilt,

5 vols. bound in 3, half morocco £i. 168 D'ARGENVILLE, L'Oryctologie, qui traite des DONOVAN'S Natural History of British Fishes,

estra, gilt edges, £3. 13s 6d Terres, des Pierres, des Métaux, Minéraux,

5 vols. 8vo. with 120 beautifully coloured plates, et autres Fossiles, royal 4to. with 26 plates, neat,

(pub. at £10. 10s) bds. £3.

1802-8 155

Paris, 1755 D'ARGENVILLE, la Conchyliologie, augmentée

the same, 5 vols. bound in 3, half morocco de la Zoomorphose, royal 4to. 38 plates of Shells, DUCLOS, Histoire Naturelle générale et particu

ertra, gilt edges, £3. 13s 6d containing several hundred figures, neat in calf,

lière de tous les Genres de Coquilles Univalves £1. 10s

ib, 1757 DAUDIN (F. M.) Hist. Natur. des Rainettes, des

Marines à l'état vivant et fossile, (Genre Olive)

2 parts, folio, consisting of 11 plates, comprehendGrenouilles, et des Crapauds, folio, 38 most

ing upwards of 200 beautifully coloured figures of beautifully coloured plates, calf, neat, £2. 2s

Shells, (pub. at £2.) 18s

Paris, 1835 ib. 1804 DUGES (Ant.) Recherches sur l'Ostéologie et la DE LA BECHE'S Sections and Views, illustrative of Geological Phenomena, 4to. 40 plates, some

Myologie des Batraciens à leurs differens Ages,

4to. with 20 plutes of the anatomy of frogs, coloured, £2.

1830 DE LA BECHE'S Researches in Theoretical Geo- EHRENBERG (C. G.) das Leuchten des Meeres,

lizards, 8c. calf, neat, 158

Paris, 1834 logy, 12mo. plates, cloth bds. 7s 6d 1834 DE LA BECHE'S How to Observe: Geology, sm.

4to. with two plates of phosphorescent Sea fish, and

Animalculæ, 7s 6d 8vo. calf, neat, 5s 1835

Berlin, 1835 the same, 2nd edition, sro. (pub. at

ELLIS'S Natural History of many curious and un

common Zoophytes ; systeinatically arranged 10s 6Q) bds. 6s

1836 DE LA BECHE'S Selection of the Geological

and described by Solander, 4to. with 63 plates,

bds. £1. 4 Memoirs contained in the Annales des Mines, ELLIS'S Natural History of the Corallines, and

1786 together with a synoptical Table of Equivalent

other Marine Productions of the like kind, Formations, and M. Brongniart's Table of the Classification of Mixed Rocks, translated, with

commonly found on the Coast of Great Britain

and Ireland, 4to. 40 plates, bds. £l. 88 1755 Notes, by De la Beche, 8vo. 11 large folding

the same, 4to. plates, calf, £1, 8s 1755 plates, including a Geological map of France, ELLIS, Delineations or beautiful sketches from rare coloured, (pub. at 188) hds. 7s

1824 DE LA BECHE, Report on the Geology of Corn

varieties of Landscape Marbles, also Drawings

of singular Dendritical Mineral Productions, wall, Devon, and West Somerset, 8vo. with 12

English and Foreign, 4to. exquisitely erecuted on plates, bds. £1.48

1839 Pablished by order of the Lords Commiss. of Her

52 pages, curious and unpublished, calf, neat, Majesty's Treasury:

£2. 12s 6d DE LUC'S (J. A.) Élementary Treatise on Geology,

From the collection of the late Provost of Eton, the

intimate friend of Ellis, as appeared from presentation 8vo, red morocco, gilt edges, 9s


copies of his works on Corallines and Zoophytes,

the same,

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