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DE CHAMOUNI, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, KUENSTLER, or “on Works of Art and the plates beautifully coloured, (pub. at 168 Artists," Vols. 1 and 2 contain England

francs), hf. bd. £1. Ils 6d Paris, Didot, 1815 Vol. 3, Paris, together 3 vols. 12mo. half VOYAGE PITTORESQUE AU CAP NORD, bound calf, presentution copy to the Duke of

par A. F. Skjöldebrand, impl. oblong folio, Susser by Dr. Wuagen, with his Autograph with 60 large aquatinta plates of Views of wild letter, £2 2s

Berlin, 1837-39 and romantic Scenery, Manners and Customs, WALES.-See Drawings, pp. 100 & 101–European First IMPRESSIONS, neat in old Swedish calf Sceneries—Grose— Hughes Malkin Pughbinding, £1. 58

Stockholm. 1801-2 Robinson Roscoe-Smith-Views. the same, impl. folio, (bound upright) half russia, WALLIS (CAPT.) AND J.OXLEY'S HISTORICAL fl. 58


WALES, AND ITS INDEPENDENT SETTLEMENTS, par de Cloet, oblong 4to. 202 litho

royal folio, 12 very large folding Views of Sydgraphed plates of the principal Buildings in


Port Jackson, Newcastle, the Hunter's River, Holland and Belgium, with French letter

&c. as they were in 1820, and plan of Port press, (pub. at £5. 15s 6d) half bound calf,

Macquarie, engraved by W. Preston, a convict, £1. lis6d

Brurelles, 1825
(pub. at £2. 2s) bds. £1. 4s

1821 the same, 2 vols. oblong 4to. plates, hf. bd. WALKER'S ANALYSIS OF BEAUTY IN *ussia extra, £1. 16s

WOMAN; preceded by a critical View of the the same, 2 vols. oblong 4to. plates, hf. bd.

general Hypotheses respecting Beauty,by Hume, green morocco, £1. 16s

Hogarth, Burke, Knight, Alison, &c. and followCHATEAUX ET MONUMENS DES Pays-Bas,

ed by a similar View of the Hypotheses of faisant Suite au Voyage Pittoresque par Cloet, Beauty in Sculpture and Painting, by Leooblong 4to. with 119 lithographic plates of Cha. nardo da Vinci, Winckelmann, Mengs, Bossi, teaua, Seuts, and Mansions, half bound calf,

&c. royal 8vo, illustrated by 22 beautiful plates, £l. 10s

Bruxelles, 1830

after drawings from life by H. Howard, by Gauci For other VOYAGES PITTORESQUES-See Boydell's

and Lane, new and improved edition, (pub. at Norway, Daniell's IndiaDaniell's English

£1. lls 6d) gilt cloth, £1. Is

1846 Coast — Denon's Egypte- Dupré, Athènes à WALPOLE'S (HORAĆE) ANECDOTES op Constantinople- Forrest's Ganges- Gardnor's

PAINTING IN ENGLAND; with some AcRhine-Garneray, Cotes de France-Humboldt,

count of the principal Artists, and incidental l'Amerique, &c.—Milbert, Fleuve-Hudson-Rbiné

Notes on other Arts, and Catalogue of Englisla -Rugendas, Brasils—Sauvan, Rhone and Seine

Engravers, 5 vols. 4to. FIRST STRAWBERRY HILI -Turner, Southern Coast-Willyams, Mediter

EDITION, fine impressions of the numerous beau

tiful portraits, very neat in old calf, £3. 13s 6d Voyages SCIENTIFIQUES—Description de l’Egypte

1762-1771 - Dumont, D'Urville, Duperrey et Freycinet,

the same, first Strawberry Hill edition, 5 vols. Voyages autour du Monde- See Class NATURAL

in 3, 4to. WITH A FEW MANUSCRIHT NOTES BY HISTORY, Miscellaneous, pp. 58, 59.

HORACE WALPOLE, very neut in calf, £5.5s

1762-71 VYSES'S (COL.) GREAT WORK ON THE This copy is stated to have been bought at General

PYRAMIDS OF GIZEH, containing a de- Walpole's Sale, at Eccles, Norfolk, October 1st, 1835. tailed account of his extraordinary Operations the same, first Strawberry Hill edition, 5 vols.and Discoveries on the opening of these inte- Also Walpole's Essay on Modern Gardening, resting Monuments of Antiquity, with an ac- Strawberry Hill editiontogether 6 vols. 4to. count of bis Voyage into Upper Egypt; to very neat in old call gilt, Arms on sides, £4. 14s 6d which is added an Appendix, by J. S. Perring, ANECDOTES OF PAINTING IN ENG. Esq. (the Engineer) on the PYRAMIDS AT A BOU LAND, with Catalogue of Engravers, 5 vols. Roase, Thx Favoum, &c. &c. 3 vols, impl. 8vo. 12mo. very neat in old calf, 158

1782 with 125 plates, lithographed by Haghe, (pub. the same, 5 vols. in old green morocco, gilt at £4. 4s) cloth boards, £2. 2s 1840-2

edges, £1. 10s

1782 PERRING'S 58 LARGE VIEWS AND the same, 5 vols. bds. uncut, with several leaves ILLUSTRATIONS of the PYRAMIDS OF Gizeo, ! of MS. additions, £1. Is

1782 Abou Roash, and to the Southward, &c., also ANECDOTES OF PAINTING IN ENGCampbell's Tomb, the Rock at Gizeh, &c., drawn LAND, with some account of the principal from actual Survey and Admeasurement; with Artists, and incidental Notes on other Arts; Notes and References to Col. VysE'S GREAT New Edition, considerably enlarged, by the Rev Work, also to Denon, the great French Work JAMES DALLAWAY, 5 vols, royal 8vo. with above on Egypt, Rosellini, Belzoni, Burckhardt, Sir 150 portraits and plates, eighty of which are beauGardner Wilkinson, Lane, and others ; accom- tifully engraved by Finden, Scriven, Robinson, panied by Remarks on the Hieroglypbics by and Worthington, (pub. at £10. 10s) cloth bds. 8. Buck, Esq. of the British Museum, 3 parts, £4.4s.

1828 elephant folio, (the size of the great French the same, PROOF IMPRESSIONS ON INDIA PAPER, “ Egypte.") (pub, at £15. 158) in printed wrap- (pub. at £15s 15s) cloth bds. £5. 5s

1842 the


5 vols, royal 8vo. INDIA PROOFS, elethe same, half bound morocco (either in full site

gantly bound in morocco, borders, gilt edges, £8.8s or reduced to half the size by folding and guard- “ An admirable publication ; quite a treasure,-beauing the plates,) £4. 14s 6d

fulalikeio paper, printing, and engraving, and truly

P 2


pers, £3, 35


excellent in every thing which depended upon the ta. WARWICKSHIRE.-See Fisher.
lents and exertions of its editor."-Literary Gazette. WATELET, DICTIONNAIRE ARTS, DE

“The Lives of the Painters, by Walpole, with notes
by the Rev. Ms. Dallaway, form five perfectly resplen.

Peinture, Sculpture, et Gravure, 5 vols. 8vo. dent volumes. In the good old times of Bibliomania, sewed, uncut, 158

Paris, 1792 this work would have walked, of its own accord, into -the same, 5 vols. 8vo. neat in old calf, £1. Is the mahogany book-cases of half the Collectors in

the same, 5 vols. 8vo. calf extra, marbled edges, London."- Dibdin's Bibliomania. WALPOLE'S CATALOGUE OF ENGRAVERS,

£1.lls 6d who bave been born or resided in England, 4to.

This is a very comprehensive work, and is full of

practical as well as bistorical information on all subjects first edition, with 12 fine portraits, neat in old connected with Art. Bryan calls it "a very laborious calf, 158 Strawberry Hill, 1763 and ingenious work," and the authors of the Biographie

Universelle say :the same, second edition, 4to. portraits, calf, neat,

“ Watelet a donné dans son Dictionnaire de peinture, 10s hd


de gravure, et de sculpture, la détinition de tous les ESSAY ON MODERN GARDENING, with mots employés dans ces différents arts. A ces définithe French Translation by the Duc de Niver

tions touies exactes et concises sont joints des préceples

et des observalions jusles, solides, et souvent pleines de nois, 4to, red morocco, gilt edges, by Mackenzie,

finesse. Cet excellent livre parat en 5 volumes in 8vo. 18s

Strawberry Hill, 1785 1792. the same, presentation copy from the Author, with WATERLOOS ETCHINGS. Suite de quatre a short Autograph letter, 14s


Vingt buit Paysages, etc. folio, 88 fine LandHISTORY OF THE ROYAL AND NOBLE

scape Compositions, not mentioned by Brunet, calf, AUTHORS OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND

sare, £4. 4s

Paris, Basan, (1650 ?) IRELAND,

with a List of their Works : WATTE A U'S ORNAMENTAL DESIGNS, enlarged and continued to the present Time by

Lithographed from the Originals by W. Nichol, Thomas Park, 5 vols. 8vo. with 150 fine por- 16 Numbers, or 8 Parts, imperial folio, portruit, traits, original impressions, (pub. at £7. 7s) bds.

and 80 large plates of Decorative subjects, the £3. 58


frontispiece illuminated, (pub. at £4.) £2. 88 the same, 5 vols. 8vo. portraits, half bound russia

Edinburgh, 1841 gilt, uncut, £3. 10s

WATTON'S (J. F.) Amateur's Portfolio of Sketches, the same, 5 vols. 8vo. illustrated, calf, gilt impl. folio, 20 finely tinted lithographic engravedges, £3. 10s

ings, being fac-similes of Original Drawings by the same, 5 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOF IM

different Amateurs, (pub. at £4. 4s) ertra cloth, PRESSIONS, (pub. at £11.) bds. £6. 6s

ornamented sides, £3. 35

1844 the same, 5 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOFs, half Watts' Views of Seats of the Nobility.—See bound russia, uncut, £6. 16s 6d

Views, page 205. the same, 5 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOFS, WEBB'S (DANIEL) MISCELLANIES; containing his richly bound in red morocco, with borders, leather Works on Painting, Poetry, and Music: Reajoints, watered silk lining, &c. FROM THE Erles- sons for thinking that the Greek Language was TOKE LIBRARY, £9. 9s

borrowed from the Chinese, etc. 4to. fine DRAWINGS OF ANTIQUARIAN SUBJECTS AT STRAW.

frontispiece, bds. 78

1802 BERRY Hill-See Drawings, p. 99.

Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting, and the WALTON AND COTTON'S COMPLETE AN.

merits of the most celebrated Masters, Ancient GLER, with Lives of the Authors by Sir John and Modern, small 8vo, neat, 3s

1760 Hawkins, Bagster's second edition, with additional

Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting, 1777– notes and new plates, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, Observations on the Correspondence between 50 plates, calf ertra, gilt edges, £1. 58 1815

Poetry and Music, 1769—2 vols. crown 8vo. Complete ANGLER, with Biographical and Elucidatory Notes by Sir John Hawkins, 8vo. WEBBER'S (Draftsman to Capt. Cook on board Gosden's edition, illustrated by 28 beautiful en- the Resolution) Views IN THE South SEAS, gravings, comprising Portrait, Views, Fish, &c. 16 fine large coloURED PLATEs, with letter-press bound in green morocco, upon carved bds. gilt descriptions, atlas folio, hf. bd, russia extra, £1.7s edges, £1. ils 6d 1822

Bulmer, 1808 -ANGLER, Major's edition, the Series of 13 This is a desirable accompaniment to Cook's Voyages, beautiful Illustrations to, INDIA PROOFS BEFORE

as the drawings were made expressly to illustrate the THE LETTERS, with the Etchings, in all 24 plates,

Jarge edition, but not published with it. 4to. £i. ls

WEBER (G.D.) Epistola ad E. A. Cigogna, intorno COMPLETE ANGLER, Pictorial Edition, with up

alle Colonne 'Akritane e loro Monogrammi wards of 150 beautiful engravings on steel, copper,

esistenti dinanzi la Cappella di S. Marco di and wood, by Cooper, Bewick, Linton, Branston,

Venezia, folio, plates of monograms and ornamented and others, in 1 thick vol. royal 8vo. (preparing)

marble pilasters, sewed, 5s Venezia, 1826 This will be an extremely cheap as well as beautiful


PORUM MEMORATRIX, (in German) folio, with WARD'S Views In Mexico, of the most important Towns and Mining Districts upon the Table

79 large plutes, containing upwards of 900 very Land, witb a statistical account of each, oblong

pretty small engravings, illustrative of UNIVERSAL

HISTORY, fine impressions, morocco, gilt edges, by folio, 6 fine engravings by Pye, 9s


Mackenzie, £3. 3s WARNER'S Illustration of the Roman Antiquities

Nürnberg, 1698—1722

A very pleasing and useful volume, from the library discovered at Bath, 4to. 14 plates,nt. 7s Bath, 1797

of Mr. Hanroit, and since from Mr. Cotman's. WARREN'S (H.) Lithographic Illustrations of the WEIROTTER'S ETCHINGS.-A Series of 186 River Ravensbourne, Kent, (from Deptford,

beautiful Etchings of Views, Landscapes, and Lewisham, Bromley, &c.) with Topographical

Ruins, in Italy and France, etc. with fine porNotices, atlas 4to. 6 fine plates, very few printed,

trait of the Artist, folio, old green morveco, gilt (pub. at £3.) half bound, neat, 10s 6d 1825 edges, hy Kalthoeber, £7. 17s 6u Vienna, 1760, etc.

neat, 6s



rounding country, 4to. mups and 19 fine plates HAM, AND NORTHUMBERLAND ll. by Middimun and Greig, very neat in calt, 18s lustrated, comprising the Lake Scenery, Seats,

1807 &c. from Drawings by T. Allom, with Descrip“A book that should form part of the travelling tions by T. Rose, 26 parts, 4to. complete, coneqnipage of every visitor to these romantic scenes. The descriptions are accurate, well selected, and enlivened

taining 215 beautiful Views, £2. 2s by judicioos reinarks and anecdotes. The views of the

Fisher, 1833 lake scenery, which constitute uo small part of the Value of the volume, are well chosen, and executed in a

the same, parts 1 to 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, masterly style, both as to drawing and engraving."'- being 12 parts, 4to. with 104 engravings, (pub. Sir Robert Peel's Bibliotheca Hibernicana,'

at £1. 6s) 8s Catalogue of his Irish Books, privately printed.


PLATES, viz. 8 of the Duke of Wellington's Cam- Versions of the Bible, copied from Illuminated paigns in the Peninsula, including the Storming Manuscripts, executed between the Fourth and of St. Sebastian, the Battle of Vittoria, the Pyre- Sixteenth Centuries, royal 4to. 50 beautifully nees, also Waterloo, &c.—8 various, containing the illuminated plutes, red morocco, uncut, top Battle of Leipzig, Death of Moreau, Seu Fights in edges gilt, £4. 45

1843-45 America, &c. £i. Ils 6d

WHITE'S (G. F.) VIEWS IN INDIA, chiefly VICTORIES OF THE Duke of WELLINGTON, from Drawings by Westall, 11 plates, finely coloured,

among the HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS, edited by mounted on card-board, with letter-press (pub. at

Emma Roberts, 2 vols. in 1, impl. 4to. 30 beauti

ful line engravings by Finden, Cooke, &c. Proofs,

1819 £5. 5s) hf. bd. uncut, £1. Ils 6d

plain brown morocco, stamped sides, gilt edges, - BATTY'S (Capt.) CAMPAIGN of the Left Wing of £1. 8s

1836-38 the Allied Army, in the Western Pyrenees and South of France, in 1813-14(under Wellington)

the same, LARGE PAPER, Artist's India

Proofs, 2 vols, atlas 4to. only 12 of this kind royal 4to. plan and 26 plates of Mountain und

printed, half bound, gilt tops, (pub. at £6. 6s) River Scenery, etched by himself, (pub. at

£3. 38 £2.) hds. £l. ls

1823 WERNER'S VIEWS IN ITALY, principally in WIGHTWICK'S (Geo. Architect) Select Views of

Bologna, Florence, Turin, and Venice, oblong Roman Antiquities, atlas 4to. 20 fine lithographs folio, 158 curious and fine old engravings of on India paper, calf, 10s 60 1827 Palaces, Churches, Public Buildings, &c. ht: bd. WILD'S (CHAS.) FOREIGN CATHEDRALS; rare, £3. 3s

Augsburg, 1732

a Selection of choice Examples of the EcclesiVIEWS IN PRAGUE, Delineatio et Repre- astical Architecture of the Middle Ages, chiefly sentatio Prospectuum Regiæ Bohemicæ Metro

in France : all drawn on the spot, from actual polis Pragæ, 3 parts in ) vol. oblong folio, with

admeasurement, impl. folio, 12 splendid plates, 53 curious old Views of Squares, Temples, and

exquisitely coloured in imitation of the original Public Buildings, hf. bd. £1. 4s ib. (1720 ?) drawings, and mounted on tinted curd-board, (pub. WEST'S (BENJAMIN) GALLERY OF PIC- at £12. 12s) in a handsome morocco portfolio, let

TURES, folio, 16 plates beautifully engraved in tered on the side, £5.58
outline, by H. Moses, russia extra, leather joints


Or sold separately at balf-a-guinea each, viz. :-
and gilt edges, £1.10s
the same, only 12 plates, hf. , morocco, 6s

1. West Front of the Cathedral of Strasbourg.

2. Choir of the Cathedral of Cologne. WEST AND TOMS' Perspective Views of all the

3 West Front of the Cathedral of Chartres. Ancient Churches and other Buildings in

4. Choir of the Cathedral of Beauvais.

5. West Front of the Cathedral of Rheims. London and WESTMINSTER, royal folio, 24 plates,

6. Chuir of the Cathedral of Rheims. Jine old impressions, hf. bd, russiu, rure, £2. 2s

7. Sonth Entrance to the Cathedral of Ronen. 1736-39

8. View of the Abbey Church of St. Ouen. WESTALL'S Illustrations to the Arabian Nights,

9. Interior of the Transept of St. Ouen.

10. West Front of the Cathedral of Amiens.
royal 4to. 12 beautiful line engruvings by Charles 11. Nave of the Cathedral of Amiens.
Heath, India Proof's before the letters, (pub. at 12. Choir of the Cathedral of Amiens.
£1.4s) 10s

Illustrations of the Tales of the Genii, royal 4to.

These exceedingly elaborate and beautiful plates have

all the appearance of very highly finished drawings, 8 beautiful line engravings by Heath, India Proofs and make most elegant decorations for the drawingbefore the letters, (pub. at 16s) 7s

1820 room, either in gilt frames or the portfolio. Their size,

including the margins, is 16 inches by 21 inches, bet GREAT BRITAIN ILLUSTRATED, 4to. 118 fine they will frame somewhat smaller. Views, engraved on steel by Finden, with De

“ This splendid work is now complete, and does scriptive Letter-press by E. Moule; (pub. at eqnal honour to the genius of the artist, and the liberal £1. 14s) extra cloth, gilt edges, 16s 1830 spirit of the publishers. It is unequalled in its way,

and will be long without a rival, whether bound as a the same, 4to. hf.od. calf, 16s

1830 volume, treasured in a portfolio, or framed for aniversal Views

admiration. With all our respect for Prout, and some OF COUNTRY Seats of the Royal

others, we must admit that there never was an artist Family, Nobility, and Gentry of England, who touched on Gothic Architecture with the same 2 vols. royal 8vo. with 146 coloured plutes, neatly severe truth and fidelity as Mr. Wild."-Athenæum. hf. bd. russia, marbled edges, £2. 12s 6d 1830

“ A most beautiful and magnificent series of Plates. WESTMINSTER ABBEY See Ackermann Crull

No library of the slightest pretension to elegance ought

to be without this splendid collection."-Literar y Dart-Neale-Smith.





BELGIUM, GERMANY, and France; a Series of, russia extra, Fonthill copy, 10s 6d Twenty-four highly finished Etchings of Ca- Londina ILLUSTRATA.-See London, page 139. thedrals, Palaces, Castles, Mansion Houses, WILLEMIN, CHOIX DE COSTUMES Civils Et Miand Old Buildings; drawn from actual ad- LITAIRES DES PEUPLE8—See Costumes, page 89. measurement, and beautifully engraved by Le WILLIAMS'S SELECT VIEWS IN GREECE ; Keux, and otbers, accompanied by historical a Series of Sixty-four exquisitely beautiful line and descriptive letter-press, impl. 4to. (pub. at Engravings, by Horsburgh, Miller, and other £1. 18s) hf. bd. morocco, £l. 4s

1837 Distinguished Artists, after Drawings by H. the same, INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at £2. 8s) hf. W. Williams and C. R. Cockerell, Esqrs. with a. morocco, £i. Ils 6d

Classical Illustrations, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. (pub. The Architectural Drawings of the late Mr. Wild are at £6. 6s) hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, as remarkable for their fidelity, as for their freedom

1829 and effect, and are highly appreciated by Artists.

£2, 12s 6d "The subjects are well chosen ; the architecture is

- or 2 vols. in 1, whole morocco, super extra, gilt grand and rich almost to redandancy; the artist has edges, £2. 12s6d represented them with great exactness, but with spirit, and they are beautifully correct.”—Times.

INDIA PROOFS, 2 vols. royal 4to. in 12 parts, “This is a most interesting work. None knew

(pub. at £12. 12s) £5. 5s better tban the late Mr. Charles Wild bow to select and the same, 2 vols. royal 4to. elegantly hf. bd. delineale the beauties of Gothic Architecture.''

morocco, gilt edges, £5. 15s 6d


the same, 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to. whole bound Architecture, Ornaments, and Sculpture, 12

morocco, richly gilt, £6. 6s highly finished line engravings by Woolnoth,

the same, folio, LARGEST PAPER, ARTIST'S

INDIA PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, OF WHICH Hollis, Lee, etc. after drawings made from uctual udmeasurement, with historical and descriptive

TAKEN OFF, (pub. at letter-press, atlas 4to. (pub. at £4. 4s) bds. 14s

£18, 18s) in 12 parts, rare, £9.98

This exquisite work has called forth the admiration 1823

of all lovers of the fine arts. It was got up withont This fine volume contains some very grand views limit to expense, by a well known traveller of laste, of the interior; and several details not given in any and is thought by engravers to be the finest work of other publication. The scale is double that of Mr.

acenery ever prudaced in this country. Owing to the Brinton's illustrations of the same cathedral.

demise of the author, it has been for some time loched LINCOLN CATHEDRAL, its Architecture, up from the public, and bad become so scarce a book as Ornaments, and Sculpture, 16 very highly finished scarcely to be known in the trade. It completes the line engravings by Le Keur, Finden, and Pye,

sceneries of Capt. Batty, Cockburn, and Mr. Brocke

don, and is the only pretty set of Views in Greece pabajter druwings made from actual admeasurement, lished in this country: with historical and descriptive letter-press, impl. * Well entitled is Mr. Williams to call these views folio, INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at £10. 10s) bds

select ; for they are so in every fine and high sense of

1819 £2. 2s

the word. The choice of subjects, the exquisite beauty

of the execution, and above all, the poetical feeling VIEWS AND DESCRIPTION of the CATHEDRALS

displayed, reoder them truly fascinating. Art seems OP CANTERBUKY AND York, atlas 4to. 26 to be carried bere to its highest extent."

LITERARY GAZETTE. fine plates, (pub. at £5. 15s 6d) bus. £l. Is


· DORSETSHIRE Coast, from Lyme to Lulworth, Wild SPORTS OF THE East-See Field-sports, page

impl. 8vo. with 9 etchings by himself, 9s 108.

Exeter, 1828 WILKIE (SIR DAVID) LIFE OF, with his WILLIAMSON'S Oriental FIELD-Sports. —See page

Oxonia DEPICTA-See page 159. Journals,Tours, and Critical Remarks on Works

108. of Art, &c., by Allan Cunningham, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait, bds. £l. 16s


WILLYAMS'S (REV. COOPER) VOYAGE UP THE WILKINS, Vues Pittoresques des Ruines de

MEDITERRANEAN, under the Command of Lord Pompeii, et des Objets les plus interessants,

Nelson, with a Description of the Battle of the royal oblong folio, with 30 fine plates in aqua

Nile and subsequent Events, royal folio, tinta, hf. bu, iellum, £l. lls 6d Rome, 1819

LARGEST PAPER, a splendid volume with 43 fine the same, bus. £1. 4s

COLOURED PLATE5, chiefly Views, superbly bound ANTIQUITIES OF Magna Græcia, impl. folio,

in red morocco, emblematically tooled, broad gold with 87 fine engravings, (pub. at £10. 10s 1 hf.

burders, leather joints, and gilt edges, by Staggebd, russiu, estra, £3. 13s 6d Cambridge, 1807

meier, £3. 3s

Bensley, 1002

Published at £10. 10s in boards, the binding cost ATHENIENSIA.-See English Miscellanies.


Tapé, Thaba, &c., from actual Surveys, (mea- with Remarks on bis Landscapes, 4to. fine porsuring 5 feet by 42) mounted on canvas, in a Trait, (pub. at £1.78) bds. 9s

1824 hundsome calf case, lettered as a book, presenta- WILTON GARDEN, by Isaac de Caus, a Series tion copy, with autograph letter, £1. 58 1830

of 29 Etchings of the Gardens, Fountains, StaARCUITECTURAL REMAINS of the Ancient

tues, Porticos, &c, including a very large geTown of THETFORD, In the Counties of Nor- neral View, oblong 4to, hf. bd. morocco, Exfolk and Suffolk, 2 parts, 4to. contuining 24 TREMELY RARE, £10 10s highly finished etchings by H. Davy, (pub. at This is the very rarest of the Books of English £1. 12s) as

1822 Topography and is the only copy recorded by Lowndes the same, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, INDIA

as having been previously sold, being the identiral

one which he qoutes as having sold for £56 145 al ibe PROOFS, (pub. at £2. 2s) sewed, 12s

Bindley Sale. It was then bought by Mr. Evans, for ANTIQUE REMAINS from the Parish Church the laté B. H. Bright. E-9. of St. Martin Outwicb, London, (pulled down

Twenty-six plates is supposed to form the complete

set, the present is extended to 29 by baving curious in 1796) impl. 4to, with 13 engravings, sewed, 5s variations of 3 of the plaies, viz. 20, 24 and 25.


N. D.


ex dono



and Curiosities in, with the Anecdotes and GRAVÉES DU CABINET DU BARON DE STOSCH, 4to. Remarks of Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, who uncut, scarce, 168

Flor. 1760 collected them, (by James Kennedy) 4to, with the same, with Manuscript Notes written on 25 plates of the Statues, Bustos, and Relievos, the margins, by Chas. Towneley, Esq. the colo very neat, gilt, 12s

Sarum, 1781 lector of the celebrated marbles, bearing his name, the same, hf. bd. uncut, 8s

ib. 1786 now in the British Museum, old calf: £1.58 WINCKELMANN, MONUMENTI ANTICHI the same, 4to. with 8 large plates of the principal

INEDITI, 2 vols. folio, originul and hest editim, gems inserted ; a MS, note on the title,
with 208 plates, £2. 2s. Roma, 1767 Baronis Stosch." half bound, £2. 2s
“Ouvrage trés recherché.”- BRUNET.

“ Les exemplaires de cet excellent ouvrage ne se This is the complete original work before the Supple. trouvent pas facilement.'-Brunet. merits were published by Raffei.

" Cet ouvrage

est un compliment necessaire de the same, with the Supplementary Tracts, by l'Histoire de l'Art, la classification en est parfaite et les Raffei, 3 vols. folio, original edition, 225 plates,

descriptions fort exactes.''--Biographie Universelle. hf. bd. russia, £4, 14s 61 Roma, 1767-79

LETTRES FAMILIÈRES, 2 vols. portrait, Amst. the same, with the Supplementary Tracts, 3

1781-Recueil de Lettres de Winckelmann sur vols. folio, hf. bd. UNCUT, (rare in this state)

les Découvertes faites à Herculanum, à Poin25. 58

ib. 1767-79

peii, à Stabia, à Caserte, et à Rome, Paris, the same, with the Supplementary Tracts, 3

1784— together 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. neat, 6s

John Wilkes's copy, with bis autograph, aod a few vols. in 2, folio, elegant in tree-marbleil calf MS. Notes. extra, by Clarke, £6. 6.

ib. 1767, &c. REFLECTIONS ON THE PAINTING AND SCULPTURE These copies have the scarce tracts of Raffei, which

of the Greeks, translated by H. Fuseli, 8vo. constitute the third of supplementary volume. Colonel Stanley's copy, in the old binding, sold for neat, 7s 6d

176) £20.58 0d.

SAEMMTLICHE WERKE, herausgegeben the same work, second edition, including the von Eiselein, 12 vols. in 6, 12mo. with a folio Supplementary Tracts, 3 vols. folio, with 225

atlas of 70 plates, sewed, £2. 8s plates, cloth bds. £3. 13s 6d Roma, 1821

Donauöschingen, 1825-29 the same, complete in 3 vols. folio, 225 plates, “Winckelmann bas pointed out the true source of sewed, £3. 13s 6d

Neapoli, 1820-25 the study of Antiquity, which is the knowledge of Art and MONUMENS INEDITS DE L'ANTI.

which no writer bad befure successfully accomplished.”

Chalmers. QUITE, (Statues, Peintures Antiques, Pierres WINDSOR. ZIEGLER's ROYAL LODGES in Gravées, Bas-Reliefs, ) traduits par A. F. Déso. Windsor Great Park, impl. folio, 16 fine lidoards, 3 vols. 4to. with 225 plates, engraved by thographic views, tinted by Haghe, including all the David, some tinted, sewed, £2. 8s Paris, 1808-9

ground plans, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £1.5s 1839 “ Cette vaste collection mit le sceau a sa réputation, et le plaça parmi les savants, encore plus haut que

See Pyne, page 177 l'histoire de l'Art ne l'avait placé. C'est là qu'il WINKLES'S ENGLISH CATHEDRALS, Arétale par milliers les Vases, les Bas-reliefs de Marbre, les Pierres Gravées, les ouvrages d'Ivoire et d'Argile,

chitectural and Picturesque Illustration of the, les Bronzes, et que par une classification rigoureuse,

3 vols. royal 8vo. containing 178 highly finished une argumentation lucide, il établit les principes des engravings, cloth lettered, £2.5s 1835-42 differentes manières des nations et des âges. Sor the same, LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS, 3 vols. chacun des objets précieux qu'il fait passer sous ses yeox, il accumule les recherches les plus exactes, et y

royal 4to. (pub. at £6.) cloth lettered, £4. 10s joint une explication détaillée du sujei, en tirant toutes

1835-42 les preuves relatives à la connaissance de l'Antiquité. the same, in 56 parts, complete, £4. 10s L'édition Italienne est fort rare en France."

FRENCH CATHEDRALS. lllustrations of

Biogr. Univ.

the Cathedrals of Amiens, Notre Dame, Cbarpresso gli Antichi, tradotta, corretta e aumentata tres, Beauvais, Evreux, and Rouen, with an da Carlo Fea, 3 vols. 4to, with fine portrait and

historical and descriptive account, 12 parts, 4to. 126 plates, in the Italian half binding, £1. Ils 6d

complete, containing 50 highly finished engravings,

1837 Roma, 1783-84 (pub. at £1. 6s) 165 the same, 3 vols. 4to. plates, neat in Italian WINTER DE RE EQUARIA: Traité nouveau vellum, £1. 168

ib. 1783-84

pour faire Race de Chevaux, folio, first edition, the same, 3 vols. 4to. plates, very neat in old gilt

with 36 fine and curious plates of Horses, Mules, calf, marbled edges, fine copy, £2. 12s 6d 1783-84

&c. (the letter-press in four languages, viz. French, “Libro che ha fatto acquistare alle Belle Arti una

Lutin, Italian, and German,) old linding, 12s nuova vita in tutta la colta Europa.”—Gamba.

Nuremberg, 1672 HISTOIRE DE L'ART CHEZ LES ANCIENS, the same, second edition, with a few additional traduite par Huber, 3 vols. 4to, with 58 vignettes, plates, folio, old vellum, 18s

ib. 1687 half bound, £1. Is

Leipsig, 1781

From the Library of the Duke of Snssex.

in old Germunt bourds, 14s ib. 1687 daite avec des Notes historiques et critiques, (par | WOBURN MARBLES. Outline Engravings and Huber et Jansen) 3 vols. 4to. fine portrait & 139 Descriptions of the Marbles at Woburn Abbey, plates, sewed, uncut, £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1793-1803 (the seat of His Grace the Duke of BEDFORD),

the same, 3 vols. 4to. plates, half bound calf, from Drawings by Henry Corbould, the letter£2. 15:

ib. 1793-1803 press written by the Duke himself, with an Apthe same, 3 vols. 4to. plates, very neat in Itulian pendix on the Lanti Vase by Christie, impl. vellum, Jull gilt bucks, £3. 58 ib. 1793-1803 folio, 48 fine plates, engraved by Moses and Fine

without the 3rd or supplementary den, India PROOFs, half bound, uncul, privately volume, 2 vols. 4to. 135 plates, very reat in calf printed, and extremely rare, £15. 158 1822 £1, Ils 6d

ib. 1793-94

This fine collection of Scolpinres contains 28 engravings from the Antique and 20 from warbles by Cban.

the same,

the same,

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