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SHAH-NAMEH. Episodes from the Shah Nameb, , UPHAM (E.) The Mahávansi, the Rájá-Ratná.

by Weston, with a Persian-English Index, royal cari, and the Rájá-Vali, forming the Sacred 80. bds. 7s

1815 and Historical Books of Ceylon; also Tracts “Firdousee is unquestionably the greatest of the Per

illustrative of the Doctrines and Literature of sian poets, and will be the most popular with European Buddhism ; translated from the Singbalese, readers, on account of the general ease and flow of his

3 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £2. 2s) bds. 14s 1833 diction, his adherence to nature and common sense, the fertility of his imagination, the occasional grandeur and History of Buddhism-See English Books. force of his ideas, and the feeling and pathos of his UYLINBROCK, Iracæ Persicæ descriptio, præmoral reflections, animated and augminted by the inimitable siinplicity of the Language.”—Lumsden.

missa est dissertatio de Ibn Haukali Geo

graphi, Arabice et Latine, 4to. hf. bil. calf, 15s SIHR-OOL-BUYAN or Musnuwee of Meer Hu

Lugd. Bat. 1822 sun, being a History of the Prince Be Nuzeer, V ED A. Translation of the several principal in Hindoostanee Verse, impl. 4to. hf. bd. 9s

Books, Passages, and Texts of the Veds and Calcutta, 1803

some Works on Brabmunical Theology, by the same, 4to. calf, 12s

ib. 1803

Rajab Rammohun Roy, royal 8vo. bds. 78 1832 SINGHASUN Butteesee, or the Anecdotes of Bikr- WAGENSEILII (J. C.) Sota, b. e. Liber Mischmajeet, related by the thirty-two images which

nicus de Uxore Adulterii suspecta, una supported the Throne of that Prince, in Hindoos- cum Libri en Jacob Excerptis Gemaræ, Comtanee, from the Brij-B. Hak. Ka of Scondur mentario perpetuo, in quo multa Sacr. Lit. Kubeeshwur, 4to. bds. 15s Calcutta, 1805

ac Hebr. Script. loca explicantur, etc. thick

4to. vellum, 9s SMYTH, Original Bengalese Zumeendaree Ac

Altdorfii, 1674

Tela Ignea Satanæ, hoc est Arcani, et horcounts, Bengalese and English, 8vo.cloth, wormed,

ribiles Judæorum adversus Christum Deum et 58

ib. 1823 SOORAH; an Arabic Dictionary in Persian, by

Christianam Religionem Libri ANEKAOTOI:

additæ sunt Latinæ interpretationes et duAbool Fuzl Moohummud bin Omr bin

plex confutatio, 2 vols. in 1, thick 4to. vellum, Khalid, 2 vols. in 1, thick royal 4to. slightly

£1. Is

Altdorfi, 1681 wormed, neat, £2, 12s 6d

ih. 1812

“A collection of the execrable blasphemies written SOUSA, Documentos Arabicos para a Historia by the Jews against Christ and the Christian Religion,

Portugueza, copiados dos originaes dos Torredo accompanied by Latin Versions and ample notes in the Tombo, Arabice et Lusitanice, sm. 4to. sd. 12s

way of refutation. A very learned, laborious, and

valuable performance."- Fabricius, Reimmann, etc.

Lisboa, 1790 SUNGSKRIT Historical Books of the Old Testa.

Ward's History of the Hindoos–See Bibliography. ment, Sanscrit, 4to. very neat in calf, £1. 8s

WEIL Mabommed der Prophet, sein Leben und Serampore, 1811

seine Lehre, 8vo. sd. 12s Stuttgart, 1844 SYLBURGII (F.) Saracenica sive Moamethica ; in

Geschichte der Caliphen, 2 vols. royal 8vo.

sd. £1. 45 quibus Ismaeliticæ seu Moametbicæ Sectæ præ.

ib, 1846 cipuorum Dogmatum Elencbus, Gr. et Lat. sm.

Biblische Legenden der Muselmänner, small 8vo. vellum, 4s

Heid. 1595
8vo, sd. 6s

Frankf. 1845

WESTON'S Persian Distichs, from various AuTABERISTANENSIS, id est, Abu Dschaferi Mo.

thors, Persian and English, royal 8vo, bds. 58 hammed ben Dscherir Ettaberi, Annales Regum

1814 atque Legatorum Dei, Arab. et Lat. ed. J. G. ZENKER Bibliotheca Orientalis-See Bibliography. L. Kosegarten, 2 vols. 4to. sd. 2. 5s

Gryph. 1831-38

For English Books on Oriental Subjects — See post. TIMOUR or Tamerlane's Institutes, Political and

MANUSCRIPTS. Military, written originally in the Mogul Lan-AKHLAK-I-MOHSUNEE, the Manners of Mohguage, translated into English, by Major Davy,

Bundee, a treatise on good Manners, folio, Persian and English, edited by Joseph White,

Persian MS. finely written on 250 pages, very 4to. bds. 153

Qaford, 1783 TOOTI NAMEH, or Tales of a Parrot, Persian and ANVÅRI SOHAILI: The Lights of Canopus,

legibly written, Oriental binding, £1. 58 English, 8vo. neatly hf. bd. calf, marbled edges,

thick Avo. a Persian Manuscript, beautifully 9s

London, 1801

written, each page surrounded with gold lines, TRANSACTIONS of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 9 parts, forming

and the first pages illuminated in gold and colours,

slightly wormed; in the original Persian binding, 3 vols. 4to. with Catalogue, etc. (pub. at £9. 5s)

sides covered with gold, £2. 58 sd. £4. 10s

London, 1: 24-35

“ This book, very famous throughout the East, is the same, 3 vols. 4to. very neat in calf, £5.

best known in Europe as the FABLES OF PILPAY. It

ib. 1824-35 consists of Dialogues between two animals, similar to the same, Vol. I. in 3 parts, 4to. with Catalogue,

the fox in sagacity and instinct; and is filled with

ingenious fables, in which the morals and policy of the etc. sd. €1. Is

ib. 1824-27

Easterns are completely laid open.”-Herbelot. TYCHSEN (Oluf Gerbard) oder Wanderungen COMMENTARY on the Koran, Persian and durch die Gebiete der Biblisch-Asiatischen

Arabic MS. royal 8vo. 182 pages, indifferent Literatur, von, A. Th. Hartmann, 5 vois. in 3, 8vo. neatly calf, £1. 4s Bremen, 1818-20 DICTIONARY of Terms, explained in Persian,

binding, 5s TYDEMAN, Specimen Philologicum, exhibens legibly written MS. folio, 320 pages, Persian

coaspectum operis Ibn Chalicani de Vitis 11- binding, f.1. 108 lustrium Virorum, Arabice et Latine, 4to. co!!, DIIVAN-I-ASAFI, a Persian MS. 110 pages, 8vo. gilt edges, 10s 6d

Lugu. But 1809 hf. hd. wormed, 10s 6d

Manuscripts - continued.

Manuscripts-- continued. DIWANI Kalim, a Collection of Poems, in Per- KORAN (The), in Arabic, a beautifully illumi

sian, 8vo. written on 368 pages, native binding, nated Manuscript, written on glazed paper, 98

each page surrounded by gold lines, the DIWANI Mulai Rumy; small folio, Persian Divisions of the Suras or chapters richly gilt,

Manuscript, very neatly written, of the Works of small 8vo. Oriental binding, massive gilding on this highly popular Poet. It occupies 560 pages the sides, £5. 58 (with four columns to each page) ruled, and embel- MUALLAKAT ; Assubbuut ool Mooullukutt, lished with Anwams; slightly wormed ; native

an Arabic MS. royal 8vo. 150 puges, hf. bd. binding, £1. 58

russia, 16s DIWAN (The) of Mulai Rumy; a Collection of ROUZ NAMEH.—Calendar of the Persians and Persian Poems beld in great repute, sm. 4to.

Arabians, a small roll, on very fine vellum, A pretty Manuscript, without ornament, written richly illuminated-Containing : 1, the five in a beautiful Taleekh hand, on 672 pages,

Canonical Hours ; 2, the Days of ibe Week; 4 columns on each page, in fine condition, Persiun

3, the Lunar Months ; 4, the Solar Months ; binding. £1.58

5, the Phases of the Moon; 6, the Days DETTAN Naser Ali; Persian Poems by Naser Ali,

of the Solstices; 7, the Days of the Equi4 beautiful MS. ruled in compartments, 8vo. poxes ; 8, the Religious Feasts, etc., 4 feet neatly bound in russia gilt, £1. 16s

5 inches in length, by 4 inches iu breadth, £2. 2s

BURMAN Manuscript, every page illustrated These Poems appear to be of a moral and instructive nature, and the style partakes of the simplicity of the with several singular drawings; 15 feet long, early Poets.

folded up in 28 compartments, by 16 incbes FAFTAZANI, Commentary on Talkhes Almeftab, in width; the drawings are of a very rude

a Persian MS. legibly written, royal 8vo. character, consisting of Deities, Groups of Oriental binding, £1. 5s

Figures, Architectural Ornaments, Idols, etc. FORTY (The) Celebrated Aphorisms of Mo- executed in body colours, the copious expla

hammed, which bave given rise to the in- nations are in the Burman Language, £10. 10s numerable Kadis now extant.

These sen

PALI Manuscript, written on 26 leaves of the tences contain much morality and instruction,

Palinira, measuring 214 inches by 31 incbes in and were probably written in imitation of the

square characters, profusely ornamented with tenth and following Chapters of the Book of

gold, the writing extends to the wbole length Proverbs, 4to. Persian MS. neatly written in

of the leaf and occupies both sides, there are the Nisk character, on 738 pages, a beautifully four lines on each page, the margins are all cleun volume, native binding, £1. 5s

gilt, and the characters are japanned in black. HINDOSTANEE Grammar, in Persian ; an Arabic A hole is passed through each leaf, wbicb

Poem, called Lamryal Alarab, with Scholia, serves by means of string to connect the whole and other short Arabic Poems, royal 8vo.

into a volume, the wooden coverings are japanned, 240 beautifully written pages and blank puper

highly ornamented with gold, £3. 3s besides, Oriental binding, £1. Is

Manuscripts of this description are of exceeding

rarity; the Royal library at Paris contains very few, JAMI, Salsalal Aldtrab, Chain of Gold, a Persian

and those few are imperfect; the Bibliotheca SussexPoem, small 4to. an old MS, of nearly 500 iana mentions three Pali MSS., containing fewer

leaves. pages, Oriental calf, 18s IBN ARABSHAH, Abmedis Arabsiadæ, Life of SADI'S Bostan, the Rose-Garden, a Persian MS,

Timur, a beautifully written Arabic MS. royal large 8vo. 350 pages, beautifully written on 8vo. upwards of 500 pages, culf neat, £1, 5s

glazed paper, surrounded by red, black, and gold KANZULLOGHAT (The), a Dictionary of Arabic lines, the chapters and headings likewise marked

words explained in Persian, folio, unadorned with black and gold lines, in the original red Manuscript, on 582 pages, very legibly written, morocco binding, full gilt sides, the whole executed Persian binding, £1. Is

with remarkable neatness, £5. 5s

AMARA COSHA. A Dictionary of the Sanscrit PANCHARATNA, or the Five Gems, consisting of

Language, written in the first Century before five favourite Poems, beginning with the BhāChrist, with a translation in English by Sir Wm. gavad Gita, a very beautiful Sanscrit Manuscript Jones, containing 790 pages written in a large bold on 744 pages, with gold borders to each puge, illushand, folio, russia, £8. 8s

trated wiih 22 large and erquisite Illuminations, ARABIC and Persian Dictionary in Persian, very in gold and colours, and very numerous smaller

plainly written, with a blauk column for additions, ones, 16mo. silk, £5. 58 or a translation, 6 vols. folio, in the original SIAMESE Manuscript. A very curious Manuscript, native binding, neal, £8. 8s

written in yellow ink, on black paper, 22 feet long BAHĀRA DANISH, Collection of Tales by

by 14 inches wide, bound up in a long Darrow Inayat ullab. Persian Manuscript on 451 pages, volume, £2. 2s small 4to. old red morocco, £1. 11s 6d


Works on the history and Mythology of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lapland,

Finland, Greenland, Iceland, etc.

For Dictionaries of the Northern Languages, and Teutonic Romances, see the class Language. For

the Literary History of the North, see Bibliography; for Coins, see Numismata, and for Laws, see Jurisprudence.

ADLERFELD, Histoire de Charles XII.-See French | COCHLÆI Vita Theodorici Regis Ostro-Gothorum Books.

et Italiæ cum additamentis et Annotationibus AMERICA.- Antiquitates Americanæ, sive Scrip- Peringskiöldi, 4to. fine paper, plates, old calf, 14s tores Septentrionales Rerum Ante-Columbiana

Stockholm, 1699 rum in America, edidit Societas. Regia AntiCrantz's History of Greenland—See English Books. quariorum Septentrionalium, Islandice, Danice, DENMARK. Beskrivelse over Bornholm og et Latine, impl. 4to. vellum paper, maps, and plates Christiansoe: Description of the Danish Island of of Northern Antiquities found in America, (pub. Bornholm and of the Fortress Christiansoe, by at £3. 10s) bds. £2. 108 Hafnie, 1837

Thurske, 4to. map and 30 plates of Runic A collection of Documents, published by the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries, to prove the early

Stones, and other Antiquities, curious Buildings, Discovery of America by the Northmen. The Foreign

etc. hf. bd. 7s 6d

Kiobenhavn, 1756 Quarterly Review calls it " A volume every way worthy EDDA Íslandorum, anno MCCXV, Islandice conof M. Rafn and his coadjutors, (Finn Magnussen, &c.). It contains the original Icelandic Text, accompanied by

scripta per Snorronem Sturlæ, nunc primum translations in Danish, Latin, and English.”

Islandice, Danice et Latine, in lucem edita, ARCHENHOLTZ, Memoires concernant Christine, opera Joan. Resenii, 4 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. Reine de Suède, 4 vols. 4to. portrait and plates

complete, red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 13s 6d of Medals, neat in old gilt calf, (from Horace

Haunia, 1665.73 Walpole's library), £1. 8s Amst. 1751-60 the same, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £3. 38 ARII Thorgilsis Filii cognom. Froda, Libellus

“ Livre très-rare et important pour l'histoire du Nord;

vendu, sans les deux dernières pièces qui manquent de Islandia, Islendinga-Bok dictus; Islandice et

presque toujours, 71 fr. Gouttard, et avec ces deux Latine ; cum Lex. Vocum Antiquarum. Item pièces, 295 fr. Caillard."'-- Brunet. Periplus Ohtheri et Wulfstani Angli secundum

Semundar binns Froda, etc. Edda Rhythmica eorum Narrationes, etc. cura Bussæi; in 1 vol. seu antiquior, vulgo Sæmundina dicta, İslandice 4to. FINE PAPER, old calf, 18s Hauniæ, 1733 et Latine, cum variis Lectionibus, Notis, Glosthe same, 4to, bds. vellum back, 10s 6d ib. 1733 sario Vocum et Indice Rerum, Hafniæ, 1787– another edition, 4to. hf. bd, morocco, gilt edges,

Eddæ Sæmundinæ sive Antiquioris Carmina 16s

ib. 1744 mythico-bistorica de Volsungis, Budlungis, et BENZELII Monumenta Historica Vetera Ecclesiæ Vifungis vel Giukundis, et Rebus gestis DaSueo-Gothicæ, 4to. neat in calf, rure,

norum, Suecorum, Norwegorum, Finnorum,

Upsala, 1709 Suevorum, Fran., Burg., Goth., Hunn., Islandice Beowulf, De Danorum Rebus Gestis, Poema-See et Latine, cum Notis, Glossario Vocum, etc.

2 vols. Hafniæ, 1818-28—together 3 vols. 4to. BIOERNONIS de Skardsa, Annales Biornonis de bus. £5. 15s 6d Skardsa, Islandice et Latine, cum notis et Indice; the same,

3 vols. 4to., olive morocco, uncut, edid. Olavius et Magn. Ketilson, 2 vols. in 1, top edges gilt, £6. 6s

ib, 1787-1828 4to. hf. bd. morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 18s the same, 3 vols. 4to. calf gilt, by Clarke, £6.6s Hrappesey, 1774

ib 1787-1828 BIOERNERI Introductio in Antiquitates Hyper- the same, Vol. I. separate, 4to. bds. 18s ib. 1787

boreo-Gothicas, præsertim prærogativam Lin. the same, Vol. I. 4to. writing paper, bds. £1. 8s guæ, et cognitionem Historiarum Gothicarum,

ib. 1787 Suecice et Latine, folio, calf, 18s

den ældre, en Samling of de Nordiske Folhs

Stockholmia, 1738 ældeste Sagn of Sange, vel Sæmund Sigfussön CHRONICA Duo Rythmica de Rebus Gestis vete- kaldet Hinc Frode, oversat og forklared ved

rum Sueciæ Regum, cura J. Hadorph, accedunt Prof. Finn Magnussen, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. £l. 8s Variæ Regum, Sueciæ Diplomaticæ Trans

Kopenhagen, 1821-23 actiones (in Swedish) 2 vols. in I, thick 4to. of Sæmund, translated into English Verse, by

vellum, rare, £1. 5s Stockholm, 1674-76 A. S. Cottle, 8vo. bds. 7s Bristol, 1797 CHRONIKA, Konung Johann III.-Cbronica Regis the same, 8vo. yellow morocco, 10s 6d ib. 1797

Jobanni III., a Ægidio Girs olim collecta, nunc EGILS-SAG), sive Egilii Skallagrimii Vita, Isprimum ab A. A. von Stiernman edita ; accedit landice et Latine, cum Notis, 4to. sd. stained, Historia Liturgica cura Raimundiiet Stieroman, 10s 6d

Havni«, 1809 ( in Swedish ) in 1 vol. 4to call, 10s 6d

the same, 4to. fine paper, hf. bd. olive morocro, 10 1743 uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 25

ib. 1809


page 346.

rare, £1. 8s

EYRBIGGIA-SAGA, sive Eyranorum Historia, | HIRD-SKRAA, Jus Aulicum Antiquum Norve

Islandice et Latine, Var. Lect. et Indice auxit C. gicum, Norvegice, Danice, et Latine- WITHERJ. Thorkelin, 4to. fine paper, olive morocco, LAGH's RAETT, Canuti II, Angliæ. Regis Auliuncut, top edges gilt, £1.11s6d Harniæ, 1787 cum Antiquum Danicum, in Anglia circa 1035

“ of the various records of Icelandic history and conditum, Islandice, Danice, et Latine, edid. Reliterature, there is none more interesting than the

senius—in 1 vol. 4to. old calf, 15s Haffniæ, 1673 Eyrbiggia-Saga."-See Weber's Northern Antiquilies, pp. 477-521.-where these annals of the Feuds, HUITFELDT (Arrild) Danmarckis Rigis KroHabits, Superstitions, Laws, and Customs of the IceJanders, are very minutely described, and in part

nicke, fra Kong Dan den Forste, oc indtil Kong translated by Sir Walter Scott.

Christian den Tredie (A. D. 1559) 2 vols. folio, FÆREYINGA-SAGA,oder Geschichte der Bewoh

portraits and genealogical tables, very neat in calf, ner der Färöer, mit Färöischer, Dänischer und

Kiobenhaffn, 1652 Deutscher Uebersetzung, herausgegeben von “ Cet auteur, qui écrit en Langue Danoise, est un des C. C. Rafn und G. C. F. Mobnike, 4to, with plus considérables et des plus exacts historiens de cette Chart, and fac-simile of the Manuscript, sd. 165

nation.”-L. du Fresnoy. Kopenph. 1833

HUNGURVAKA, sive Historia primorum quinque FANT (E. M.) Scriptores Rerum Suecarum Medii Skalholtensium in Islandia Episcoporum ; Pals

Aeri, 2 vols. folio, bds. £4. 4s Upsalæ, 1818
This collection is to be completed in 3 vols., but only

Biskups Saga, sive Historia Pauli Episcopi ; two have yet appeared.

et Pattr af Thorvalldi Vidforla, sive Narratio FOSTBRAEDRA-SAGA, edr Sagan af Porgeiri

de Thorvalldo Peregrinatore, Islandice et Havarssyni ok Pormódi Bersasyni Kolbrúnar

Latine, cura Subm, Erichsen, etc. 8vo. hf. bd. skalldi, 8vo. hf. bd. brown moroccn, uncut, top

morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 10s 6d
edges gilt, 12s
Kaupmannahöfn, 1822

Hafnia, 1778

ICELANDIC SAGAS. Olafs Trygovasonar, Saga GRAGAS. Codex Juris Islandorum Antiquissi

i, e. Olai Trygonis Regis Norvegiæ Vita, Islanmus, qui nominatur Grágás, ex MSS. Bibl.

dice, a Thorlacio edita, 2 parts and an appendir, Arnæ-Magnaani nunc primum editus : Islandice

woodcut portrait. Skallholte, 1689 - SAGAN et Latine, cum Comment, ab J. F. G. Schlegel, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. brown morocco, top edges gilt,

LANDNAMA om fyrstu bygging Islands af NordHavniæ, 1829

mannum Islandice, woodcut portrait, ib. 1688– GRIMM'S Deutsche Mythologie, second edition,

CHRISTENDOMS Saga Hliodande, etc. i.e. Chris2 vols. 8vo. sd. £l. 4s Göttingen, 1844

tianismi in Islandia, Historia (ab Hauco ErAltdänische Helden-Lieder, Balladen und

landsen) woodcut portrait, ib. 1688—SCHEDE Märchen, 8vo. sd. 13s 6d Heidelberg, 1811

Ara Prestz Froda um Island, ib. 1688—GronDeutsche Runen, 10s6d Göttingen, 1821

LANDIA edur Graenlands Saga, Islandice, woodcut GUNNLAUGI Ormstungu ok Skalld-Rafni Sagan,

portrait, ib. 1688-together in I thick vol. 4to. sive Gunnlaugi Vermilinguis et Rafnis Poetæ

old calf, fine copy, excessively rare, £4. 4s Vita; Islandice et Lat. cura Langebeck, Suhm, ISLANDS LANDNAMABOK : hoc est liber Ori. etc. 4to. fine paper, plates, hf. bd. morocco, gilt

ginum Islandiæ, Islandice et Latine, ex Versione edges, £1. 11s 60

Hofniæ, 1775 et cum Notis Indicibusque Job. Finnæi, 4to. GUTA-LAGH: das ist, der Insel Gothland Altes

neat, 165

Havnie, 1774 Rechts- Buch, in Swedish, Teutonic and German, idem, acc. Sciagraphia Horologii Islandici with Notes by Dr. Schildener, 4to. hf. bd. mo

veteris et novi ; Horologium Islandicum ; rocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £1, Is

Somnium Oddi Astronomi ; et TalbyrdingusGreifswald, 1818

in I vol. 4to. hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, rare, HALLENBERG, de Nominibus in Lingua Suio-gothica,

£1, 4s

Havnia, 1774 etc.—See Language“ Sueo-Gothic."

« The Landnamabok is an account of the most reHENDERSON'S Iceland, the Journal of a Resi

markable events connected with the first settlement of dence there in 1814 and 1815, containing Ob- Iceland, its revolutions, and the introduction of Chris. servations on the Natural Phenomena, History,

tianity. This history commences in the 9th and extends Literature, and Antiquities of the Island; and

to the 19th century. It was begun by Are Frodi, and

continued by other hands. It is remarkable as being the Manners and Customs of its luhabitants, the earliest bistorical composition written in the old second edition, with map and 15 plates, extra cloth,

Danish or northern tongue, which still remains the 5s

Edinb. 1819

living language of Iceland."-Bosworth's Scand. Lit. HERVARAR SAGA: Historia Hervaræ, Lingua JOHANNÆI (Finni) Historia Ecclesiastica Islan

Veteri Gotbica, cum Notis Olai Vereli, folio, diæ, ex Historiis, Annalibus, Legibus, aliisque fine paper, very neat in calf, rare, 18s Upsal. 1672 Rerum Septentrionaliam monumentis congesta,

Les exemplaires de cet ouvrage sort rares : vendu 4 vols. 4to. portrait, bds, scarce, £2. 2s 84 francs La Vallière."-Brunet.

Hauniæ, 1772-8 ok Heidrekskongs, h. e. Historia Hervöræ JOHNSTONE'S ANTIQUITATES Certo-NORMANet Regis Heidreki, Islandice et Latine, Lect. NICÆ, containing the Chronicle of Man and the Var. Indicibus Notis, etc. illustravit S. Biör- Isles, now first published complete; also the nonis : additus est Comment. geograph. Submii, Annals of Ulster, Icelandic and English.-AN4to. very neat, 16s

Hafniæ, 1785 TIQUITATES CeltO-SCANDICÆ; sive Series Rerum the same, 4to. LARGE PAPER, hf. bd. morocco, gestarum inter Nationes Britannicarum Insu. uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 4s

ib. 1785 larum et Gentes Septentrionales, ex Snorrone, HOLBERG'S (Ludvig) Udvalgte Skrifter, (com- etc. Islandice et Latine-2 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. bd. plete works, in Danish) ed. K. L. Rahbek,

russia, 155

Copenhagen, 1786 21 vols. sm 8vo. hf. bd. £6. 6s

the same, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf extra, marbled Copenhagen, 1804-1814


edges, 185

JOHNSTONE'S Icelandic Tracts, viz. Norwegian

of Denmark. It is said that the present venerable and

learned Dr. Thorkelin, principal librarlan of the Royal Account of Haco's Expedition against Scotland,

Library at Copenhagen, seldom pronounces the name A.D. 1263; Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Langebek, without passing his hand across his eyes, of Man, and the Hebridian Princes; Eulogies on or placing it on his heart This is as it should be." Haco ; Lodbrokar.Quida, or the Death-Song

Dibdin's Lib. Comp. of Lodbroc, all Icelandic and English, in 1 vol. LAESNING (T.) Blandade Aemnen, 50 parts in sm. 8vo. fine paper, very neat, 10s 6d

7 vols, small 8vo. hf. bd. 10s 6d Copenhagen, 1782-88 Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Man, LAXDELA-SAGA.

Stockholm, 1797-1801

Historia de Rebus gestis &c. 1780; Norwegian Account of Haco's Ex

Laxdölensium, Islandice et Latine ; cum tribus pedition against Scotland, 1782 ; History of

Dissertationibus adjectis et Indicibus tam the Feuds and Conflicts among the Clans of

rerum quam nominum propriorum, 4to. fine Scotland, from 1031 to 1619, Glasgow, 1764 ;

paper, hf. od. olive morocco, £1, 5s Erici Observ. ad Autiq Septen. Hafnia, 1769;

Hafniæ, 1826 Fragment of Antient History, 12mo, neat, 8s. JOMSWIKINGA-SAGAN, eller Historia om Käm- LEEMIUS (Canut.) de Lapponibus Finmarchiæ, parne frän Jomsborg, Islandice et Suecice, cura

eorumque Lingua, Vita et Religione pristina,

cum Notis J. E. Gunneri ; et E. J. Jessens de Adlerstam et Hammarsköld, 4to. hf. bd. morocco,

Finnorum Lapponumque Norvegicorum Reuncut, top edges gilt, 155 Stockholm, 1815

ligione Pagana, Danice et Latine, 4to. with JONÆ (A.) Crymogæa, sive Rerum Islandicarum

100 plates, representing the Costume, Religious Libri 111. 4to. vellum, 7s 6d Hamburgi, 1610

Ceremonies, Diversions, Buildings, 8c. of the KONGS-SKUGG-SIO, h. e. Speculum Regale, Laplanders, neat, rare, £2. 125 60 Islandice, Danice, et Latine, edidit et Notis

Kiobenhaun, 1767 illustravit H. Einersen, thick 4to. calf, LITERARY History of the North-See Bibliography. 18s

Soroe, 1768 LOCCENII Historia Rerum Suecicarum, a primo the same, 4to. very neat in calf, £l. Ís

Rege Sueciæ usque ad Caroli Gustavi obitum, ib. 1768

small thick 8vo. (more than 860 pages) culf the same, 4to. fine paper, old calf, £l. Is

extra, marbled edges, 9s

Upsalia, 1662 ib. 1768

Sueciæ Leges Provinc.-See the same, THICKEST PAPER, (not printed for


331. sale) a handsome book; presentation copy from MAGNI (Jo.) Historia Metropolitanæ Ecclesiæ Prof. Thorkelin to Dr. Jamieson, neat in old Upsaliensis, in Regnis Suetiæ et Gothiæ, small calf, £l. Ils 6d ib. 1768 folio, old calf, rare, 15s

Roma, 1560 Like most similar productions of the ancient Ice

Historia Gothorum et Olai Magni Historia landers, this Chronicle carefully preserves the remem- de Gentibus Septentrionalibus - See page 140. brance of every remarkable event that happened among their neighbours, the Norwegians, Danes, MAGNUSSEN, Priscæ veterum Borealium My. Swedes, Greenlanders, and others. Its peculiar value, thologiæ Lexicon: acced. Septentrionalium however, consists in the very curious and circum- Gothorum, Scandinavorum aut Danorum gene stantial account which it gives of the STATE OF IRE

tile Calendarium ex Asia oriundum, jam priLAXD IN THE ELEVENTH CENTURY-its Saints and their Miracles--and the manners and customs of the mum expositum et cum variis cognitarum

Gentium, Fastis, Festis, et solemnibus Ritibus KORMAKS-SAGA, sive Kormaki Oegmundi filii vel Superstitionibus collatum, 4to. hf. bd. calf, Vitæ, Islandice et Latine; dispersis Kormaki £1. 16s

Hafnia, 1828 Carminibus; cum Indicibus Personarum, Lo- MAGNUSEN'S (Finn) Edda-læren og dens Opcorum ac Vocum rariorum, 8vo. bds. 9s

sindelse, 4 vols, 12mo. Kjöbenhaven, 1824 Havnie, 1832

MALLET Histoire de Dannemarc (avec l'IntroKRISTNI-SAGA, sive Historia Religionis Chris

duction sur les Antiquités du Nord :) 9 vols. tianæ in Islandia; necnon Pattr af Isleifi

small 8vo. neat, £1, ls

Geneve, 1787
Biskupi, sive Narratio de Isleifo Episcopo,
Islandice et Lutine, cura Subm, Langebeck, etc.

Antiquités du Nord, (Introduction à l'His

toire de Dannémarc, et Monumens de la My8vo. LARGE PAPER, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, top

tbologie et de la Poesie des Celtes), 2 vols. edges gilt, 14s

Hafniæ, 1773

in 1, 4to, map, neat, 7s 6d Copenh, 1755-56 LACOMBE, Histoire du Nord, ou des Etats de

Northern Antiquities; or a Description of Dannemarc, de Russie, de Suede, de Pologne,

the Manners, Customs, Religion, and Laws de Prusse, de Courlande, etc. 2 vols. 12mo.

of the Ancient Danes, Saxons, and Northern French calf, 14s

Paris, 1762

Nations, with a Translation of the Edda, &c. LANGEBEK et SUHM, Scriptores Rerum Dani.

translated, with additional Notes, by Bp. carum Medu Ævi, 7 vols. folio, hf. bd. calf,

Percy, 2 vols. 8vo. very neat, £1. Is 1770 £4. 14s 6d

Hafniæ, 1772-92 the same, 7 vols. folio, very neat in calf,

another edition, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 9s Ed. 1809 £5, 15s 60

ib. 1772-92 a new and much enlarged and improved edi. the same, with an 8th vol. by Werlauff

and tion, edited by J. A. Blackwell, Esq., complete Engelstoff, 8 vols, folio, hf. bd. calf, £7. 178 6d in 1 vol. post 8vo. cloth, 5s

1847 ib. 1772-1834 MEMOIRES de la Societé Royale des Antiquaires All preceding collections of Northern Antiquities were exceeded equally in splendour, utility, and ex.

du Nord, 1836-38, 3 parts 8vo. (containing tent, by the meritorious labours of LANGEBEK, whose Essays and Papers in Danish, French, and collection has now become a work of uncommon

English) sd. £
The editor was doubtless the Bouquet

Cop.nhayer, 1838



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