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Bible Prints.

Bible Prints. BLOME'S History of the Old and New Testaments, KRAUSEN'S Historische Bilder Bible, imperial

translated from the French of Royaumont, 2 8vo. 188 beautiful plates, delicately engraved by vols. folio, with upwards of 200 old engravings, Kruusen, and Melchior Küsell, calf, neat, £1. 165 by Kip. Van Hove, Vandergucht, &c. indifferent

Augsburg, 1702 binding, £1. 8 BOY DELL'S Illustrations of Holy Writ, being a

1690 KUSELL (Melchior) Icones Biblicæ Veteris et

Novi Testamenti, 4to, 241 beautiful plutes, fine Series of 100 copper-plate Engravings from

impressions, with Latin and German Verses beoriginal Drawings by Isaac Taylor, Jun. of

neath each, very neut, £2. 2s Ongar, calculated to ornument ull quarto and

Augspurg, 1679 octavo editions of the Bible, India PROOFS, inlaid | LA TROBE'S (J. A.) Scripture Illustrations ; a in folio, 2 vols. in portfolios, £3. 3s


Series of Engravings illustrative of the GeoCALVAIRE Sacré, ou Meditations sur les Mis

graphy and Topography of the Bible, 4to. 77 teres de la Passion, 12mo. with 15 beautiful en

beautiful wood engravings of Scripture scenes, &c. gravings (in the manner of the Wieries) by De

hf. bd. morocco, uncut, 18s

1838 Mallery, green morocco, gilt edges, 14s Paris, 1502 | LOZANO (Pedro) Colleccion de Estampas, que DE MARNE, Histoire Sacrée de la Providence de

representa los principales casos deel Viejo y Dieu, tirée de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Testa

Nuevo Testamento, 2 vols. in 1, oblong 4to. ment, 3 vols. 4to. 500 plates, after Raphael and

250 etchings, by Spanish Artists, not highly other old masters, with descriptions in French and

finished, but curious and instructive, hf. bd, rare, Latin, old culf, neat, £3. 3s Paris, 1730


Madrid, 1771 ENDTER'S (J. A.) Biblische Bilder-Ergötzung, LUYKENS' Works, a very extensive Collection of small oblong 4to. containing 211 fine woodcuts,

the Works of that very clever Artist John Luymarked E. P. accompanied by German Verses,

kens, comprising his numerous Illustrations of old russia, gilt edges, £1. 5s Nurnberg, n.v.

the Bible and Testament, History of the Mar. EVANGELIORUM Dominicalium et Festivalium,

tyrs, History of the Reformation, Troubles in Summa, 12mo. 104 beautiful engravings by

the Low Countries and France ; •Emblems; Weigel, brilliant impressions, 155 Nurnberg

Ceremonies; Landscapes ; &c. &c. in all upEVANGILES (Les) Illustrées, traduction de Le wards of 900 fine engravings, bound in 3 large Maistre de Sacy, imperial 8vo. numerous wood

volumes, imperial folio, old calf, neat, £7. 17s 6d cuts by Frugouard, every page surrounded with en

Amst, 1729-63 graved burders, the title illuminated, sewed, 15s LUYKEN's are undonbtedly the most pictoresqne and

Paris, 1837 effective of all the old Scripture prints. They are nearly FIGURE del Nuovo Testamento, 12mo. 94 beau.

18 inches square, and illustrate only the grand snbjerts,

in which are introduced thousands of figures. The Detiful woodcuts by le Petit Bernard,' with Italian struction of Sodom and Gomorrab is perfectly appalling. quatrains beneath each, olive morocco, gilt edges, The usual impressions do not do justice to the artist.

by Lewis, fine copy, 18s Lione, 1559 FIGURES des Histoires de la Sainte Bible, 2 vols. MARTIN (John) and R. Westall's Illustrain 1, folio, containing 273 curious early wood

TIONS OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, with engravings, calf, very neat, £1. 11s61 Paris, 1681

Descriptions by the Rev. Hobart Caunter, 8vo.

a series of 144 exquisite wood engravings by FINDEN'S (W. and E.) Landscape Illustrations

Branston, Thompson, and others, struck off on of the Bible, from Original Sketches, with de

tinted paper (pub. at £1. ls), elegantly bound in scriptions by the Rev. T. Hartwell Horne, 2

gilt cloth, with gilt edges, 12s

1837 vols. royal 4to. 100 beautiful engravings, In

the DIA PROOFS (pub. at £7. binding £3.), green


whole bound, morocco, gilt edges,

16s morocco, gilt edges, £5.

1835-36 the same, 3 vols. royal 8vo. 100 fine views, This most elegant volume deserves a place on the

table or every Christian family. It is peculiarly attractive morocco, gilt edges, .£2. 12s6d

to the youthful mind, and at the same time that it must the same, parts 1 to 11, royal 4to. con

inevitably lead to the reading of the Scriptures, cannot taining 44 plutes, India PROOFs, sd. 15. 1834 fail to form the taste in drawing and design much more HOLY BIBLE (in Dutch), 2 vols. folio, illustrated

correctly than any similar work, the pencils of Martin

and Westall being the most perfect of the day in scripwith the fine series of 212 engravings by Hoet,

tural illustration. Houbraken, and Picart, brilliant impressims, in rich old red morocco, gilt edges, £4. 188 MERIAN (Mat.) Bybel Printen in Koper gemaeckt

La Haye, 1728 door P. II. Schut, folio, 196 neat engravings by HOUBRAKEN, Picart, &c.— Figures de la Bible,

Merun, Schut, and Visscher, to the Old and New 3 vols. imperial folio, containing 212 fine large

Testament, with descriptive verses beneath euch engravings by Hoet, Houbraken, and Picart, some

in five Languuges, vis. Dutch, Latin, Gerinan, after the old masters ; with descriptions to each in

French and English, old calf, £l. Is

Amst. N. Visscher sir languages, vis. Hebrew, Lutin, English, German, Dutch, and French, besides a Dutch letter- MONACO (P.) Raccolta di Pitture della Storia press, calf, £4. 4s La Haye, 1728

Sacra, fedelmente copiose degli originali isisICONES Novi Testamenti, oblong 4to. with up

tenti in Venezia, 2 vols. imperial folio, portrait, wards of 90 remarkably fine woodcuts by Jost

and 112 fine large folding plates, after the DrawAmman, brilliant impressions, vellum, £1. ios ings of the old masters, (Titian, Guido, Cnrucci,

Francof. 1571 Paul Veronese, Giordano, Bellini, Tiepolo, BerKATE (L. ten) Leven van Jesus Christus, 4to. ghem, Rubens, and others,) with descriptive letterwith plates illustrating the Life of Christ, designed

press in Italian and Latin, very neat in old colf ena engraved by J. LUYKENS, neat in vellum, 16s gilt, (from the Library of Sir Francis Chantreu, ) Amst. 1732

Venezia, 1763

rare, £13. 138

Bible Prints,

Bible Prints. MORTIER-Histoire du Vieux et du Nouvean WESTALL'S (R.) Illustrations to the Old and

Testament, 2 vols. folio, with upwards of 400 New Testaments, imperial 8vo. 31 fine engrusbeautiful plates, by Picart, und others, brilliant ings by Heath, half hound, 15s

1821 impressions, old red morocco, gilt and marbled edges,

the same, Indra Proofs, on folio paper, £6. 16s 6d

Anvers, 1700 (pub. at £6. 6s) unbound, £1.5s NATALI, Evangelica Historiæ Imagines, folio,

consisting of 153 beautiful engravings illustrative BIE (Corn. de) Gulden Cabinet van de Schilder of the New Testament, by Collaert and the Konst, 3 vols. in 1, 4to. containing 91 anely Wierres, brilliant impressions, bright old calf, gilt engraved portraits of Painters and Engravers, fine edges, fine condition, £3. 3s

Antv. 1596 old impressions, neat in cult, £1. 10s Antw. 1661 QUADRINS Historiques de la Bible, par Claude

the same, 4to. fine copy in vellum, £1. Ils 6d Paradin, Lione, 1558– Figures du Nouveau

ib. 1661 Testament, Lione, 1559- together, 2 vols. in 1,

the same, slightly soiled, very neat in calf, containing 327 pleasing u oodcuts by Bernard £1. Is Salomon, called " le Petit Bernard,” french red BICKHAM'S Universal Penman, or Art of Writ.

morocco, gilt edges, rare, £1. 16s Lion, 1558-59 ing, folio, upwards of 200 engraved specimens, RAFFAELLE Historia del Testamento l'etusto ornamented with pleasing head and tail-pieces, some dipinta in Roma nel Vaticano, intagliata in ajter Watteau, hf. bd. cult, 18s

1741 rame da Sisto Badalochii et Giovani Lanfranc, BINET (E.) Vie des Principaux Fondateurs des oblong 4to. 54 plutes, blue morocco, gilt edges, Religions de l'Eglise, représentée dans le £l. Ils 6d

Roma, 1614 Choeur de l'Abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies, the same, two of the plates fine old draw. en Haynaut, sm. 4to. with 40 fine portraits, by ings, limp vellum, 15s

C. and F. Galle, calf, neat, 18s

Anvers, 1634 RAPHAELIS Imagines V. et N. Testamenti, BIOGRAPHICAL Mirror, comprising a Series of

oblong folio, 55 fine plates after Raphael's Pic- ancient and modern English Portraits of emitures in the Vatican, engraved by Rubeis, Aquila, nent and distinguished Persons, with some &c. hf. hd. £1. 16s

Roma, 1674 Account of their Lives and Works, 3 vols. 4to. SCHLEUCHZERI Physica Sacra, Iconibus illus- 126 portraits, fine original impressions, calf eatra, trata ; procurante J. A. Pfeftel, complete in 4 vols. by Hering, £3, 10s

1795-1802 folio, with 750 beautiful engravings, remarkably

the same, 3 vois. in i, russia extra, gilt fine impressions, French murbled calf, gilt edges, edges, £3. 13s 64

1795-1802 fine copu, £8.88

Aug. Vind. 1731-35 This is the best general collection of English Portraits SCHUT (Pieter) Historien des Ouden en des

since the time of Houbraken until the publication of

Lodge. It contains many not to be found in any other Nieuwen Testaments, nitgegeven door Nic.

collection. Visscher, 2 vols. oblong 12mo upwards of BIRCH (W.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne, ob300 neat engravings, (u few wanting in the old long 4to. 36 views, after designs by Sir J. Rey. Test.) vellum, 109 6d

1659 nolds, J. Farrington, T. Rowlandson, &c. with deSTURT.–Old and New Testament, described in

scriptions in English, hf. bd. russia, 10s 6d 1791 near 300 Histories, engraven by Sturt, from de

the same, with a few plates added from signs of the greatest masters, 4to. fine impressions, other works, bds. 108 very neat, scarce, £2. 58


the same, fine copy in old green morocco, VERDIER (François-Peintre du Roy) Histoire

from the Strawberry Hill Collection, with Horace des Actions extraordinaires de Samson. obl. 4to.

Walpole's Arms on the side, £2. 5s 40 plates of the Life of Samson, engraved by Poilly. This volume contains a view of Strawberry Hill. Andran, &c. (soiled) 7s 6

Paris, 1698 BIVERI (P.) Sacrum Oratorium Piarum Imagithe same, fine impressions, with the Auto- num Immaculatæ Mariæ et Animæ Creatæ, 4 GRAPH of Wm. HOGARTH, obl. 4to. old binding, 18s parts in 1 vol. small 4to. with 60 Biblical VERMEHREN (Paul), Jesus und Seine Kirche, Illustrations and Emblems, beautifully engraved

fol. 100 neat engravings illustrating the Liturgy, by T. and C. Galle, Collaert, &c. fine old impreswith Sonnets in the German Language, folio, bds. sions, vellum, £1. 5s

Antverpia, 1634 10s 6d

Dresden, 1713 BLAKE'S (W.) Illustrations of the Book of Job, VETERIS et Novi Testamenti Historiæ, et Apoca- royal folio, 21 beautiful plates, LARGE PAPER,

lypsis S. Joannis, effigiatæ, 3 parts in 1 vol. INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. £2. 12s 6d em. 8vo. upwards of 280 very clever woodcuts,

1826 with Latin and German descriptions, unbound, 18s

Illustrated Edition of Blair's Grave, with

Francof. 1553 twelve engravings by Schiavonetti, from the origiVISSCHER.-Icones Biblica, a collection of 112 nal Inventions of W. Blake, original impressions,

very large and fine old engravings by Visscher und imperial 4to, bds. (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) bis. Nolpe, after Diepenbeck, Rubens, Martin de Vos, £1. Is

1808 Hondecoutre, Coningslon, l'inckenbooms, l'into

hf. hd. calf, £1.45 1808 retto, Heemskerck, and others, atlas folio, bds.

the same, (first puge a little inked) with vellum back, £5.58

1620-50 188 WEIGELII (Chr.) and Luykens Historiæ cele

Illustrations of Dante, imperial folio, briores Veteris et Novi Testamenti, Iconibus 7 plates, India PROOFs, hf. bd. morocco, £1. 168 representatæ, folio, consisting of 259 fine plates,

1839 engraved by Weigel, afier the Designs of John and BLAEU, Theatrum Italiæ, Pedemontii, et SabauCaspar Luykens, with Latin and German Verses

diæ, sive accurata Descriptio ipsorum Urbium, beneath each, fine impressions, old calf, £2. 12s 6d Palatiorum, Templorum, etc. 4 vols. imperial

Noriberga, 1712 folio, LARGE PAPER, with 275 fine engravings, the same, folio, large puper, fine im- chiefly large Views in Italy, Piedmont, and Savoy, pressions of the plates, old calj, £3. 10. ib. 1712 hj. bd, russia, gilt backs, 14. 4s Haga, 1724

the same,

the same,

calf, i8s

BLOEMA ART'S (A. & F.) DRAWINO Book, a | BOTTARI, Racolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scul

Series of 166 clever Engravings of Heads, tura, ed Architettura, scritte da' più celebri PerFigures, Groups, Cattle, &c. chiefly by Picart, sonaggi che in dette Arti fiorirono, dal secolo

folio, bds. uncut, £1. lls 6d Amst. 1740 XV. al XVII. 7 vols. in 6, small 4to, vellum, BLOOMFIELD Illustrated : a Series of Views in

£1. lls 6d

Roma, 1754-73

7 vols. small 4to.fine copy, vell. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Northamptonshire, with a Memoir of the Poet's Life, 4to. 14 plutes, bds. 55 BOUILLART, Histoire de l'Abbaye Royale de

£2. 8s

Saint-Germain des Prez, avec la Description BLORE’S (Edw.) Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons, comprising the Sepulchral

de l'Eglise, des Tombeaux, et de tout ce Antiquities of Great Britain, with Historical

qu'elle contient de plus remarquable, folio,


plates, including a fine one of the and Biographical Illustrations; royal 8vo. 30 finely executed line engravings, hy Le Keur, (pub.

de Jaque Douglas, Prince d'Ecusse," old French

Paris, 1724 at £3. 15s) hf. bd. russia, uncut, £1. 11s 6d


the same, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, plates, BOISSARDI Varia- see De Bry.

veau fauve, fine copy, £l. lois

ib. 1724 BOISSEREE'S Memorials of the Architecture of BOURDON (S.) Estampes, imperial folio, 7 fine

the Lower Rhine, from the Seventh to the allegorical plates representing Peace, Concord, Thirteenth Century (in German), 12 parts, com- Liberality, Magnanimity, etc. engraved by Drevet, plete, imp. folio, 72 fine tinted lithographic en


Paris, gravings, (pub. at £7.10s) £3. 3s München, 1833 BOURNE'S Drawings of the London and Birming

the same, hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, ham Railway, with an Historical and Descrip£4. 4s

tive Account by Britton, consisting of 37 beautiBONANNI, Templi Vaticani Historia, folio, with 86 ful plates, tinted, and map, (pub. at £4. 14s 6) plates, representing the Interior, Exterior, and half morocco, £3. 3s

1839 Details of the Vatican, the Designs of Michael BOURGEOIS (C.) Vues des Chateaux de France, Angelo and Sangallo for the rebuilding of St. oblong folio, 80 lithographic plates of the oldest Peter's, its Ornaments, Tombs, &c. old velium, 15s French Chateaus, by Delpech, uncut, £2.2s Roma, 1715

Paris, 1818-20 Gabinetto Armonico, pieno d'Istromenti BOXHORNII Theatrum præcipuarum Urbium posisonori, 4to. 148 plates of Musical Instruments, tarum, ad Septentrionalem Europæ plagam Illuswith the Costumes and Attitudes of the Performers, triorum Italiæ Urbium Tabulæ ; cum Appendice Italian calf, 18s

ib. 1722 celebriorum in Maris Mediterranei Insulis CiviOrdinum Religiosorum, Equestrium,

tatum. Together 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, with et Militantium Catalogus, Imaginibus expositus,

132 large and fine old Views and Plans of Towns, (Lat. et Ital.) 4 vols. 4to. 480 plates of Figures

many of them in England, Scotland, and Irein the Costume of the different Religious and Mi

land, including London, Ouford, Windsor, the litary Orders, fine impressions, hf. bd. vellum,

Palaces of Nonsuch, 8c. with Costumes, old calf £4. 4s

neat, £2. 12s 6d Roma, 1738

Amsterdam, Jansson, N. D. BONAVENTURE, Legende des heyligen Vatters BOYDELL'S Picturesque Scenery of Norway, from

FRANCISCI, (Legend of St. Francis by the Eng- Drawings by J. W. Edy, with Remarks made lish monk Bonaventure) in old German, with 57

in a Tour through the Country, by W. fine woodcuts, small 4to. WOODEN BOARDS, 18s

Tooke, 2 vols. in 1, imp. folio, LARGE PAPER,

Nürnberg, 1511 original edition, 80 coloured plates, (pub. at BONINGTON, a Series of Subjects from the

£25. 48) hf. bd. uncut, £3. 3s

1820 Works of, drawn on Stone, by J. D. Harding,

the same, 2 vols. in 1, folio, coloured plates, imp. 4to. portrait and 20 plates, (pub. at £2. 88) morocco, gilt edges, £2. 12s 6d

1820 sd, £1. 88


Scenery and History of the River Thames, the same, INDIA PROOFS, (pub at £3. 4s)

from its rise in Gloucestershire, to its junction sd. £1. 16s

with the Medway at Sheerness, 2 vols. folio, the same, INDIA PROOFS, hf. bd. morocco,

with 76 COLOURED PLATES, an original copy, (pub. gilt edges, £2. 2s

1830 at £15. 15s in boards), very neat in calf, £3. 3s Scottish Sketches, drawn on Stone by

1794-96 himself, foliv, containing 13 fine plutes, illustra

2 vols. folio, COLOURED PLATES, tive of Sir Walter Scott's Novels, India PROOFS,

fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by Staggemeier, 123

£4. 14s 60


BOYDELL'S Collection of Prints, engraved after BOOK OF TRADES.—Luyken Menschelyke Be

the most capital Paintings in England, 2 vols. zichheden, sm. 4to, consisting of 100 fine plates,

atias folio, containing 115 magnificent engravings being representations of all 7 rades and Arts, with a Dutch Rime to each, vellum extra, gilt edges,

after the old Masters, by Woollett, Byrne, Bure

tolossi, Walker, and other eminent engravers, with fine copy, £1. 16

Amsterdam, N.D.

ietter-press descriptions, original and brilliant inBOSSE (A.) Traité des Maniéres de Graver en

pressions, in strong old russia binding, with borders Taille Douce, small 8vo 21 fine plates, vellum,

of gold, fine set, £15. 155

1769-72 (Horatio Walpole's copy) 5s Paris, 1645 BOYDELL'S Collection of 100 Engravings after BOSSI (Benigno) Opere varie Ornamentale, &c.con- the most capital Paintings in England, örilliant

sisting of 193 plates of Vases, Figures, Heuds, impressions, many of them proofs before the Compositions for Pannels, and other 0, naments letters, 2 vols. atlas folio, bus. leuther backs after designs by Parmegiano, 2 vols. folio, hf. bd. £7. 17s 64

1799 scurce, £3. 13s 6d

Parma, 1772 This collection is quite different from the preceding.

the same,

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BOYS 8 Pictui esque Architecture of Paris, Ghent, | BRAYLEY AND Britton`s TopograPHICAL His-

Antwerp, Rouen, &c. &c. imperial folio, TORY OF SURREY, the Geological Section by Dr.
containing 29 beautiful Drawings, EXECUTED Nantell, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS,
in Oil Colours, by ihe new process of Chroma extensively illustrated with original Drawings
lithography, (pub. at £6. 6s) hf. bd. mor. £3. 3s ( upwards of 100) mostly in colours, by Hassell,
the same, retouched by hand, and mounted

Shepherd, and others, and a profusion of additional

Portraits and Plates ; the Coats of Arms richly emon cardboard, in a hund some po tfolio, (pub. at

blusoned by Tho. Dowse, 25 parts, (from the library £10. 10s) £5. 58

of the late John Morice, Esq.) £20.5s 1840, &c.

This work is published at 10s. per part, making

112. 10s. The Drawings, Illuminations, and additional Remains of the old Church Church of St. Severin, pl les bave cost at least 175.

of the Madelaine, Rue Pauis.

de la Licorne, Paris. Porte Runge, Notre Dame, BRICE. Description de la Ville de Paris, 4 vols. Fish-market, Antwerp. Paris.

12mo, numerous neat engravings of Public Build-
Hospice des Vieillards, Doorway of Hotel, Rne des

ings (some of which no longer remain) old binding,
Marinousets, Paris.

Beliry, Ghent.
La Sainte Chapelle, Paris.

Paris, 1725
Byloke, (Hospital) Ghent. Rue Notre Dame, Paris. BRISBANE'S Anatomy of Painting, or a short and
Tourde Remi, Dieppe.

Church of St. Etienne du
Hotel de Ville, Arras.
Mont, Paris.

casy Introduction to Anatomy, for Painters,
Laon Cathedral.
St. Etienne du Mont, with folio, with 12 plates, bds. 8s

Rue de Rivage, Abbeville. the Pantheon.
St. Laurent, Ronen. Pavillon de Flure, Tuileries BRITISH MUSEUM.– Description of the Collec-
Rue de la Crosse Hor- Hotel de la Tremouille,

tion of Ancient Marbles in the British Museum,
loge, Rouen.

by Combe, Hawkins, and Cockerell ; with a
L'Abbaye St. Amand, Vielle Rue du Temple,

Description of the Ancient Teracottas, by
Hotel Cluny, Paris. The Institue, Paris.

Combe, together 10 vols. imp. 4to. LARGE
Notre Dame, Paris.

PAPER, (pub, at £29.) bds. £14. 14s 1810-42
Hotel de Sens, Paris. Notre Dame, Charires.
St. Andre, Chartres.

the same, 7 vols. imp. 4to. (pub, at £18.)
The present work is unique of its kind, and the pro-

bds. £7.17s 64
cess entirely new to the Public. Every tonch is the
work of the Artist, and every impression the product

Description of the Collection of Ancient
of the press; printed entirely in colours precisely as

Teracottas in the British Museum, by Combe,
they now appear, without the addition of any subse- roy. 4to. with 40 fine plates, ( £1. 1 ls 6d)
qnent touches whatever. One distinguishing advantage bds. 18s

of this process is, that these printed Drawings obtain
all the force of Oil Colour, with the brilliancy and liglit

the same, imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER, (pub.
of Water Colour, an effect not to be produced by any at £2. 12s 6d) bds. £1.8s

other method than that here employed. The extra-
ordinary perfection attained has esciled general as-

Les principaux Monumens Ægyptiens du

Musée Britannique, et quelques autres qui se “ Our recommendation of it to all who love and can

trouvent en Angleterre, expliqués d'après le appreciate art cannot be given in terms too strong; it is worthy of the highest possible praise. The Work is Systéme Phonétique, par Ch. Yorke et Martin of exceeding beauty."-Art-Union.

Leake, 4to. 21 plates, bds. 5s

1827 BRACCI (D. A.) Commentaria de Antiquis

Bröndsted's (P. O.) Bronzes of Siris, Scalptoribus in Gemmis et Cammeis, 2 vols.

now in the British Museum, with an Archæoroyal folio, 160 fine plates of celebrated Gems in logical Essay, (published by the Society of Dillevarious Collections, some in England ; sewed, (the

tanti) imp. folio, 7 beautiful engravings, bàs. £1. ls title and preface damaged by a nail) £2. 2s

1836 Florent. 1784-6

Thirty-two Plates, with Descriptions

of the principal Antiquities and Natural BRADFORD'S Sketches of the Country, Character, Curiosities in the, by Van Rymsdyk, second and Costume, in Portugal and Spain, royal

edition, revised by Boyle, folio, 78 6d 1791 folio, 56 tine coloured plates, with letter-press descriptions, (pub. at £2. 12s 6d in bds.) russin,

ARUNDALE AND Bonomi's Gallery OP £3. 38


EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES, selected from the Bri

tish Museum, 4to. plates, containing interesting BRANDT (Sebastian) Stultifera Navis, small 4to. subjects, mostly printed in tints or colours, with

with numerous spirited and droll woodcuts, fine historical and descriptive letterpress, by S. Birch, copy, russia, gilt eriges, £1. 108

of the British Museum, (pub. at £2. 2s) extra cloth Paris, Badii Ascensii, 1507

boards, with emblematical devices elegantly gilt BRANNON'S Views of the Picturesque Beauties on backs and sides, £1. Is

1844 of the Isle of Wight, with a Topographical BRITTON'S ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES OF Great Description, and Tourist Guide, oblong 4to. Britain, in a Series of Views of Ancient Eng49 plates, neatly etched, hf. bd. 18s 1829

lish Edifices, with the Chronological History of BRAUN (Geo.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum, 6

English Architecture, 5 vols. 4to. an original 2, royal folio, with upwards of' 600 curious old set, with fine old impressions of the numerous Views of Cities, mostly accompanied by the Cos- beautiful plutes, (pub. at £27. 12s) bds. £11. 11s tumes of the periods, including many English, en

1809-26 graved by HOGENBERG, in old gilt vellum, tine

the same, LARGE PAPER, 5 vols. imp. 4to. copy, l from the Strawberry Hill Collection)

ORIGINAL PROOF IMPRESSIONS, (pub. at £43. £6. 16s 6d

Cologne, 1572, &c unbound) hf. bd. russia, uncut, £19. 190


BRITAIN,—the same, 5 vols. LARGE PAPER, PROOF of English Cities, 4 parts, royal 4to. complete, IMPRESSIONS, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £18. 188 LAROE PAPER, 32 extremely beautiful engravings, another copy, LARGE PAPER,

5 vols. imp. by the first artists, INDIA PROOFS (pub. at £8.8s) 4to. PICKED PROOF IMPRESSIONS, with some ETCII- £2. 58

1828 INGS, hf. bd. russia entra, uncut, top edges gilt,

another copy, LARGE PAPER,

INDIA very choice set, £24.


PROOFS AND ETCHINGS, of which only 12 copies

were executed (pub. at £16. 16s) in a portfolio, BRITAIN, with Historical and Descriptive Ac

£4. 4s

1838 counts, 6 vols. 4to, with 311 beautifulengravings, (pub. at £33.) neatly hf. bilo morocco, full gilt

This formis a desirable sequel to Britton's Picturesque

Antiquities of English Cities. bucks, £11. Ils

1814-36 the same, 6 vols. imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER, BRITTON'S Beauties of Wiltshire, 3 vols. royal PROOF IMPRESSIONs, an early subscriber's copy, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, many plates, bds. £l. lls 6d complete in 53 parts, (pub. at £55.) £21.

1801-25 1814-36

the same, 3 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, BRITTON'S LINCOLN CATHEDRAL, its Architecture, Ornaments and Sculpture, 16 very

calf estra, gilt edges, by Lewis, from Watson Tay. highly finished Line Engravings, by Le Keux,

lor's Library, £2. 5s

1801-25 Finden, and Pye, after Drawings made from

the same, 3 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, actual admeasurement by the late Charles Wild, vols. 1 and 2 interleaved for illustrating, and hf. edited by John Britton, Esq. F.S.A. medium bd, russia, vol. 3 in bds. all uncut ; from Ben 4to. (pub. at £3. 3s) cloth, £1. 5s 1837 tham's Library, £1. 16s

1801-25 the same, royal 4to. (size of the large BRITTON and Godwin's CHURCHES of London: Paper of Mr. Britton's Cathedrals), £1. 11s 6d History and Description of the Ecclesiastical the same, atlas 4to. (to match Mr. Brit

Edifices of the Metropolis, with Biographical ton's crown folio edition) £2. 2s

Anecdotes of Eminent Persons, Notices of ReThis volume was published to complete Mr. Britton's Cathedrals, and is wanting in most of the sets.

markable Monuments, &c. 2 vols. in 1, royal Winchester Cathedral, 30 engravings,

8vo. with 60 beautiful engravings by Le Keur, crown folio, LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £6. 6s )

and numerous woodcuts, (pub. at £1. 12s) ertra bds. £l. 10s 1817 cloth boards, 16s

1838-9 Norwich Cathedral, 24 engravings, crown BRITTON'S FINE ARTS OF THE ENGLISH School; folio, LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. illustrated by a series of Engravings from £1. 10s

1818 York Cathedral, 47o. 36 plates, (pub. at

Paintings, Sculpture, and Architecture of Emi

nent English Artists, with descriptive Essays, £3, 158 ) old bds. 18s

1819 atlas 4to. LARGE PAPER, 24 beautiful engravings, Peterborough Cathedral, imp. 4to. LARGE PROOFS, (pub. at £11. 11s) hf. bd. russia, PAPER, 16 plates, (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. £1. Is

£2. 12s 6d

1812 1828 History and Antiquities of Bath Abbey

the same, atlas 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOFS, Church, 4to. fine plates, (pub. at £1. lls 6d) bds.

hf. bd. green morocco, uncut, £2, 16s 1812 leather backs, 128


the same, atlas 4to. LARGE PAPER, History and Antiquities of Redcliffe PROOFS, red morocco, gold borders, leather joints, Church, Bristol, imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOFS,

with Sir Simon Taylor's arms on the sides, £4. 8s (pub. at £1. lls 6d) bds. £l. Is 1813

1812 the same, imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER PROOFS, BRITTON'S Memoirs of Sir John Soane, royal elegantly moroccn, gilt edges, £1.78 1813 4to. portrait, cloth, 7s

1834 BRITTON'S edition of Ferrey's Antiquities of the

Memoirs of Sir Jeffery Wyatville, royal Priory of Christ Church, HAMPSHIRE, con

4to. portrait, cloth, 7s

1834 sisting of Plans, Sections, Elevations, Details, and Perspective Views, accompanied by His" | BRITTON'S Catalogue raisonné of the Pictures of torical and Descriptive Accounts of the same,

the Marquis of Stafford, 8vo. plates, bds, 7s 1808 by E.W. BRAYLEY. Second edition, revised by BRITTON and Pugin's Illustrations of the Public John BRITTON, 4to. 20 fine engravings, (pub. at Buildings of London, with Accounts of each £2. 2s) cloth bds. £l. Is

1841 Edifice, 8vo. with 138 plates, 2 vols. (subthe same, LARGE PAPER, PROOFS, imp. 4to. scriber's copy in 20 parts, pub, at £5.) £1. 5s (pub, at £3.3s) cloth bds. £l, lls 6d


2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, INLISH Cities, illustrated by a series of Engrav

DIA PROOFS, purple morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at ings of Ancient Buildings, Street Scenery, &c. £14. 14s in bds.) scarce, £7. 17s 6d 1825 with historical and descriptive accounts, imperial 4to. 60 fine engravings, and 24 woodcuts, BRITTON'S History and Description of CasLARGE PAPER, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, (pub. at £12.)

siobury Park, Hertfordshire, the Seat of the original subscriber's set, in 6 parts, £2. 12s 6d

Earl of Essex, imperial folio, 22 fine plates 1830 (pub. at £3, 38) cloch, £1. lls 6d

1837 the same, imperial folio, LAROEST PAPER,

the same, atlas folio, LARGEST PAPER, the INDIA PROOFS and ETCHINGS (pub, at £31. 108 plates coloured and ornamented like drawings, with unbound) beautifully bound in green morocco er- an additional portrait of the Earl of Esser, (pub. tra, leather joints, broad gold borders, and gilt at £10. 10s, and very few printed) cloth, scurce, edges, a superb volume, £10, 10s

1830 £7, 78

the same,

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