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speech; discipline your articulation ; create a musical and

pow erful voice; improve your health; regulate your gestures and attitude; fortify yourself with confidence; and gain a clear and definite knowledge of the philosophy of reading and speaking.

In the Rhetorical and Classical department for practical delivery, you are furnished with ample means for regulating your style of expression, as well as with the loftiest aspirations of genius. Your deepest affections and tenderest sensibilities will be reached, while you may continually indulge by the way in the noblest inspirations of thought.

In the Comical and Musical part, many a moral is enforced, many a deep impression is given, and many a lesson of wisdom is imparted through the medium of a hearty laugh, or by the smiles and sparkles of wit and humor.

To the youth whose generous and noble natures aspire to happiness, usefulness, and honor, the author tenders this work. They have so universally. met him with kindness and confidence, as their teacher and friend; in the gartois institutions of learning, in which he has given lesspps, and lectures, as to enlist in their behalf his best energies, and male the desire to advance them “onward and upward;a part of his being.

To teachers, public speakers; and : ötkörs of literary and classical taste, the author submits this book, and is cheered with the hope of their kind consideration and generous approval


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Elocutionary Entertainments,

Dr. Channing. 61

Jenny Lind's Greeting to America,

Bayard Taylor. 62

Oratorical Action,

Fordyce. 68

New England I love thee,

Anonymous. 64

Nature and Nature's God,

do. 65

Ladies should study Elocution,

Mrs. Sigourney. 66

Apostrophe to Spring,

Miss M. M. Davison. 67

Importance of the Diffusion of Knowledge, Horace Mann. 69


R. H. Toron send. 73

Ossian's Address to the Sun,


Where is the Spirit-land!

Mrs. Hemans. 75

The Progress of the Mechanic Arts,

Webster. 76



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To Mary in Heaven,
Influence of National Glory,
The Needle,
Evils of Ignorance,
The Ocean's Power,
Tell's Address to the Mountains,
Tribute to the Talents of Chatham,
The Rainbow,
The Moral Effects of Intemperance,
Cato's Soliloquy on Immortality,
The Wife,
The same Subject Concluded,
Hope Triumphant in Death,
The Chamber of Sickness, (two voices,)
Eulogy on South Carolina,
Eulogy on Massachusetts,
The Vulture and the Captive Infant,
Marco Bozzaris,
Character of Clay,
Rienzi's Address to the Men of Rome,
Soliloquy from Manfred,
Bunker Hill Monument,
The Voices at the Throne,

Burr and Blennerhassett,

The Battle Storm,

Satan to his Legions,

The Criminality of Dueling,


Farewell to Hungary,

Pulpit Eloquence,

Tragic Fate of Eliza,

Funeral Oration-Death of Clay,

The Grave, (two voices,)

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