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In what concerns the text of this edition of the de Amicitia I desire to acknowledge gratefully my obligations to Dr J. S. Reid.

I have purposely abstained from consulting his explanatory notes, feeling that they were too recent to be the common prey of Editors; although I know how much I might have gained from them. I have consulted throughout C. F. Müller's edition of Seyffert's bulky commentary, and frequently the notes in Nauck's edition; and sparingly (for a reason similar to that which kept me from Dr Reid's book) the notes of Mr A. Sidgwick.

I have tried, with what success I cannot say, by a running analysis to shew a boy that there is some meaning in what he reads, and that Cicero did not write merely to puzzle English schoolboys; and by a Biographical Index, somewhat fuller than usual, I have aimed at rousing some interest in the persons alluded to in the text. I have placed the analysis with the text, as I have done in other books of mine, because my experience as a Schoolmaster has taught me that what is relegated to Preface or Appendix has little chance of being read at all.

APRIL, 1885.

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