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#bat Day will I make a Covenant for them with the Beafts of the Field, and with the Fawls of Heaven, and with the Creeping-things of the Ground, who fhall lose their Malignity, which was employed to scourge and punifh their rebellious Lord; all the Enmity of the Creatures fall cease ; the divided Properties, the discordant Motions of the Elements Thall be intirely swallowed up in universal Harmony, Peace, and Love. And the Glory of the Lord mall endure for ever: The Lord Shall rejoice in his Works. Ps, civ. 31.

Pardon me, Madam; the Nature of my Subject has insensibly drawn me into a greater Length, more ferious Inquiries, and graver Conclusions than I at first intended; for which an indifferent Reader would expect an Apology, and which, to any body but yourself, I should think myself obliged to offer : But your inquisitive Genius, your rational Head, and benevolent Heart, I trust, will easily excuse, if you cannot intirely approve a well-meant Attempt to vindicate the Wisdom of Providence in the Works of the Creation, and rescue fo great a Part of God's Creatures from the rude Censures of weak and ignorant Pretenders to Philosophy. If I have, in any degree, done justice to my Subject; if I have given you any Light and Satisfaction in this momentous Question, your Approbation will give me a Pleasure equal to the Regard I have for your Person, and the Esteem I have for your Judgment: But if the worst I fear should happen ; should you think I have undertaken a defenceless Cause, or betrayed it by an injudicious Management; should you even tell me, I have mistaken the State of the Question, or offered any thing weak or inconclusive in Defence of it, even there

I should humbly hope for your Indulgence, that the Honefty of my Heart may atone for the Weakness of my Head; the Goodness of my Intention, for the Defects of my Understanding: For whatever Cause I may have given you to condemn my Sentiments, or despise my Judgment, I shall never give you any to fufpect my Sincerity, when I profess myself, with the higheft Efteem and Regard,

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