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Count de Medina Pomar's Honeymoon, 47

Branston's (M.) The Carbridges, 606


Brave Little Tom, 381

Cowie's (R.) Shetland, 306


Breton Ballads, by Luzel, 409

Cowper, edited by Griffith, 142

Breton's (A. L.) Correspondence of William Ellery Chan- Cox's (G. W.) History of England, 142

Abbott's (E.) Elements of Greek Accidence, 607

ning and Lucy Aikin, 168

Craik's (G. M.) Theresa, 747

Abbot's (Rev. E.) How to Tell the Parts of Speech, 209

Abraham Ibn Ezra's Commentary on the Canticles, Brewer's (J. S.) Calendar of Carew Manuscripts, 204

Craik's (Mrs.) My Mother and I, 48

Breymann's (H.) French Grammar, 312

Cratiunesco's (J.) Peuple Roumain d'après ses Chants

edited by Mathews, 234

Bridge's (Miss) French Literature, 242

Nationaux, 243

Academica of Cicero, by Reid, 447
Account of the Executors of Richard, Bishop of London, Bridge's (R.) Poems, 209

Coxe's (Rev. H. 0.) Utrecht Psalter, 10, 71, 81

&c, edited by Hale and Ellacombe, 309

Brief Chronicles in Verse, 210

Cozzens's (S. W.) Marvellous Country, 382

Briefe und Acten zur Geschichte des dreissig-jährigen d'Aurevilly's (J. B.) Les Diaboliques, 672
Achard's (A.) Droit au But, 571
Adams's (C. W.) Queen Jane, 274
Krieges in den Zeiten des vorwaltenden Einflusses

Dalling and Bulwer's (Lord) Sir Robert Peel, 569
Adams's (W. H. D.) Hunter and Trapper in North der Wittelsbacher, 175

Dalseme's (A. J.) Le Siége de Bitche, 678
Bright's (J. F.) Thomson's Seasons, 143

Dante, Selections from the Inferno, by Cotterill, 639

Agnes Ingold's Money, by E. C. 8., 373

Brights (H. A.) Glenriddell MSS. of Burns's Poems, 637

Daudet's (A.) Fromont Jeune et Risler Ainé, 672

Agder's (W. F.) Law and Practice relating to Letters Brown's (J.) Scottish Rivers, 202

Davis's (W. M.) Nimrod of the Sea, 607

Patent for Inventions, 374

Browning's (0.) French Literature, 242

Day after the Holidays, 827

A Heart Well Won, 109
Bué's (J.) Le Tartuffe, 142

De Gubernatis's (A.) Romolo, 241

Ainsworth’s (W. H.) Merrie England, 46

Buist's (K, A.) Birds, 377

De Jongh's (A. M.) Flora Cheviot, 273

Aitken's (M. C.) Scottish Song, 415

Bullen's (W.) Calendar of Carew Manuscripts, 204

De Lavelaye's (E.) De la Propriété et de ses Formes

Aldrich's (T. B.) Clath of Gold, 709 ; Prudence Palfrey, Bulwer's (Sir H. L.) Life of Lord Palmerston, 439

Primitives, 105


Burnand's (F. C.) My Time, and What I've Done With

De La Rue's Pocket Books and Almanacs, 713

Allman's English Classics, 607

It, 109

De Saint-Martin's (V.) Histoire de la Géographie, 206

Alos and Estin, 274
Burns's Poems, Glenriddell MSS., edited by Bright, 637

De Vere's (A.) Alexander the Great, 12
American Guide to Europe, 382
Busk's (Miss R. H.) Valleys of Tirol, 74

Deceased Wife's Sister; and My Beautiful Neighbour, 311
Amos's (S.) Science of Law, 342
Cadol's (E.) Rose, 571

Delpit's (A.) La Vengeresse, 571
Ancient Charters in the British Museum, 140, 375, 416 Cambridge Free Library Catalogue, 713

Despard's (Mrs.) Wandering Fires, 273

Ancient Nation, The, 382

Cameron's (G.) Charlie Lufton, 316

Diary of H.M. the Shah of Persia, by Redhouse, 825

Ancketill's (W. R.) Mick Callighin, M.P., 674
Campanella's (G.) My Life, and What I Learnt in It, 233

Dickinson's (F. H.) Utrecht Psalter, 10, 71, 81

Anderson's (R.) History of Scotland, 142

Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming, 007

Die Sprache der Etrusker, by Corssen, 540

Animal Magnetism, by Countess C. de St. Dominique, 345 Campbell's (Sir G.) Languages of India, 823

Dixon's (W.) Jacobite Episode in Scottish History, 828
Ashantee War, by Daily News Correspondent, 313 Capitular des Deutschen Hauses in Venedig, 515

Dobson's (H. A.) Civil Service Handbook of English

Ashley's (Hon. E.) Life of Lord Palmerston, 439 Captain Jack, 877

As Innocent as a Baby, 824

Literature, 209

Carew Manuscripts, edited by Brewer and Bullen, 204

Asseline's (A.) Les Délicats, 571

Dog-Life, 877

Carpenter's (J. E.) History of Israel, 308

Asselineau's (M.) Le Livre des Sonnets, 243

Dominique's (Countess) Animal Magnetism, 345

Carr's (E.) Fleur-de-Lys, 877

Assolant's (A.) Fantastic History of the Celebrated

Donaldson's (J.) Apostolical Fathers, 110; History of

Cassell's History of the United States, 789

Pierrot, 877; Rachel, 571

Education in Prussia and England, 173

Cassell's Hlustrated Almanac, 642

Auerbach's (B.) Walfried, 16

Douglas's (G.) Brown as a Berry, 444
Aunt Judy's Christmas Annual, 877
Castaniza's (Dom J.) Spiritual Conflict and Conquest, 269

Dowson's (Prof. J.) History of India, 507

Aurora, 709

Catalogue of the Imperial Public Library of St. Peters-

Dr. Pegge's MS. Alphabet of Kenticisms, by Skeat, 444

Autotype Fac-simile of the Utrecht Psalter, 10, 71, 11
burg, 238

Drayson's (Lieut.-Col. A. W.) Gentleman Cadet, 748
Cates's (W. L. R.) History of England, 142
Aventures Extraordinaires d'un Homme et de crois Chadwick's (H.) American Base-Ball Manual, 112

Driver's (S. R.) Treatise on the Use of the Tenses in
Femmes, by Prince J. Lubomirski, 571

Hebrew, 266
Bailey's (J. E.) Life of Thomas Fuller, 610, 673
Champfleury's (M.) Les Enfants, 243

Droit au But, by Achard, 571
Baker's (Sir S. W.) Ismailia, 601; Rifle and Houd in
Charlesworth's (Rev. E. G.) Ironopolis, 208

Duffus-Hardy's (Lady) Lizzie, 674

Ceylon-Eight Years in Ceylon, 713

Chavette's (E.) La Chiffarde, 571

Dundee Free Library, Report, 789

Ballantyne's (R. M.) Tales of Adventure-Pirate Gty, Church Calendar, 789

Childe's (E. L.) Le Général Lee, 17

Eason's Almanac for Ireland, 713

Ocean and its Wonders, 712
Bancroft's (G.) History of the United States, 671
Christlicb's (T.) Modern Doubt and Christian Belief, 409

E. C. P.'s One Only, 273

E. C. S.'s Agnes Ingold's Money, 373
Chronicon Angliæ, edited by Thompson, 672
Banking Almanac, 789
Bardsley's (C. W.) Our English Surnames, 12

Chumaks, Popular Songs of the, edited by Rudchenko, Edda, by Philojuvenis, 748
Barker's (Lady) This Troublesome World, 877

Eden's (C. H.) An Inherited Task, 827
Barker's (Mrs. S.) With a Stout Heart, 877
Chumatskiya Narodnuiya Pyesni, edited by Rudchenko,

Edwards's (H. S.) Germans in France, 136
Barlee's E.) Good and Bad Managers, 827

Eiloart's (Mrs.) Love that Lived, 77
Barot's (O.) Histoire de la Litterature Contemporaine, 677 Cicely, 141
Church's (L. W.) From the Plough to the Pulpit, 574

Elementary School Series, 209
Bates's (H. W.) German Arctic Expedition, 506

Ella's Rosebud, 381
Becker's (B. H.) Scientific London, 749
Clare's (A.) Carved Cartoon, 877

Ellacombe's (Rev. H. T.) Account of the Executors of
Beckett's' (Sir E.) Rudimentary Treatise on Cocks,

Clarke's (J. B.) Autobiographical Recollections of the Richard, Bishop of London, &c., 309
Watches, and Bells, 382
Medical Profession, 238

Elliot's (Sir H. M.) History of India, 507
Belcher's (E.) Cramleigh College, 109
Clarke's (M.) His Natural Life, 175

Elliott, Charlotte, Leaves from the Unpublished Journa's

Belfast, Programme of British Association, 199

Clarke's (M. C.) Rambling Story, 824

of, 512

Belot's (A.) Hélène et Mathilde, 571; Les Mystères Cléry's (J. B.) Faithful Servant, 827
Clergy Directory, 878

Elze's (Dr. K.) Essays on Shakespeare, 641

Mondains, 747

Énault's (L.) La Vie à Deux, 571

Benedict's (F. L.) Mr. Vaughan's Heir, 635; Ninety. Cohn's (

br. G.) Zur Beurtheilung der Englischen Eisen-

Cobbe's (F. P.) Hopes of the Human Race, 710

English School Classics, 143

Three, 112

Erckmann-Chatrian's Le Brigadier Frédéric, 672

Benisch’s (Dr. A.) Judaism Surveyed, 604
bahnpolitik, 713

Erskine's (Mrs. T.) Wyncote, 674
Berlepsch's Switzerland and Southern Germany, 48
Colchester, Guide to, 313

Eugene's (Capt.) Railways and Telegraphs, 545
Bernard's (B.) Life of Samuel Lover, 509, 548
Cole's (H.) Works of Thomas Love Peacock, 875

Evans's (Mrs.) Over the Hills and Far Away, 410
Bewicke's (A. E. N.) Lonely Carlotta, 141
Collet's (Miss) Services and Prayers, 348

Evans's (M. J.) Christian Dogmatics, 139
Collins's (M.) Frances, 208

Every Boy's Annual, by Routledge, 877
Bibliothèque Impériale Publique de St. Pétersbourg,
Collins's (W.) Frozen Deep, 674

Ewald's (H.) History of Israel, 308

Catalogue, 238

Colman's (J. F.) Knightly Heart, 209

Explorers, by M. C., 709

Birds of Aristophanes, translated by Kennedy, 137
Comte de Paris Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amérique, Fac-similes of Ancient Charters in the British Museum,

140, 375, 416
Concise Diary, 512

Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare, by Hazlitt, 677
Congreve's (R.) Essays, 9

Farjeon's (B. L.) Jessie Trim, 574
Contanseau's (L.) First French Exercise Book, 209; Farmers' Almanac, edited by Johnson, 642

Middle-Class French Series-Conversation Book, 142 Farmers' Almanac, 749
Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, by Lafontaine, 80

Faute du Mari, by Rivière, 635
Continental Literature : Belgium, 855; Bohemia-Den- Fawcett's (M. G.) Tales in Political Economy, 708

mark, 857; France, 858 ; Germany, 862; Greece-- Fervacques's Mémoires d'un Décavé, 571
Holland, 867; Hungary, 869; Italy, 870; Servia and Féval's (P.) Le Chevalier de Keramour-Fontaine aux
Croatia-Spain, 873;

Perles-Le Loup Blanc, 571
Cook's (W.) Synopsis of the Chess Openings. 745

Finette, by Borys, 571
Cooper's (J.) Spelling and Dictation Class-Book, 143 Fishwick's (H.) History of the Parish of Kirkham, 272
Cooper's (T.) Old-Fashioned Stories, 381

Fitzgerald's (P.) Life of Samuel Johnson, 79, 145
Correspondence of William Ellery Channing and Lucy Flint's (R.) Philosophy of History in Europe, 103
Aikin, by Le Breton, 168

Floating City, and Blockade Runners, by Verne, 641
Corssen's (W.) Die Sprache der Etrusker, 540

Fontaine aux Perles, by Féval, 571
Cotterill's (H. B.) Dante, 639

Ford's (C. L.) Lyra Christi, 209

Cotton, by S. W., 827

Forrest-Grant's (Mrs.) Magic of Love, 46

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