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O'er-shadowing laurels deck,
The living hero's brows;
But lovelier wreaths entwine his neck,
!! is children and his spouse.

£xulting o'er his lot,
The dangers he has braved,
He clasps the dear one, hails the cot,
Which his own valour saved.

DAUGHTERs of ALBioN, weep :
On this triumphant plain,
Your fathers husbands, brethren sleep,
For you and freedom slain.

O gently close the eye
That loved to look on you;
O seal the lip whose earliest sigh,
Whose latest breath was true :

With knots of sweetest flowers
Their winding-sheet perfume;
And wash their wounds with true-love showers,
And dress them for the tomb.

For beautiful in death
The WARRior's corse appears,
Embalmed by fond Affection's breath
And bathed in Wom AN's tears.


--- -
--- --
- -

[blocks in formation]



Song.—The CAWAlier

While the dawn on the mountain was misty and gray,
My true love has mounted his steed and away,
Over hill, over valley, o'er dale, and o'er down;
Heaven shield the brave gallant that fights for the crown!

He has doffed the silk doublet the breast-plate to bear, He has placed the steel-cap o'er his long flowing hair, From his belt to his stirrup his broadsword hangsdown, Heaven shield the brave gallant that fights for the crown!

For the rights of fair England that broadsword he draws,
Her king is his leader, her church is his cause;
His watch-word is honour, his pay is renown,-
God strike with the gallant that strikes for the crown

They may boast of their Fairfax, their Waller, and all
The roundheaded rebels of Westminster-hall;
But tell these bold traitors of London's proud town,
That the spears of the north have encircled the crown.

There's Derby and Cavendish, dread of their foes;

There's Erin's high Ormond, and Scotland's Montrose!

Would you match the base Skippon, and Massy, and Brown,

With the barons of England who fight for the crown

Now joy to the crest of the brave cavalier?

Be his banner unconquered, resistless his spear,

Till in peace and in triumph his toils he may drown,

In a pledge to fair England, her church, and her crown!

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